your entire body freezes and you can't focus on anything anymore\n\nthere are words being said and all you can feel is the instantaneous nausea in the pit of your stomach rising up to your throat and his hand is so horribly warm on your leg and his fucking thumb is stroking your thigh with a terrifying level of intimacy that you don't fucking waNT\n\n[[STOP|Stop]]
your nerves jitter again, more out of excitement than fear this time. you introduce yourself and you look around the restaurant and as you look at the menu you have a tiny panic attack as you wonder how you're going to be able to afford anything on the menu that isn't a single drink or an appetizer\n\ngod damn this is the nicest place you've ever been in hoooo wee let's [[talk|Talk]] about games huh
<<timedgoto "hands" 2>>\[email protected]@color:#FF3399;font-size:72pt;[email protected]@
<<timedgoto "off" 2>>\[email protected]@color:#FF3399;font-size:72pt;[email protected]@
@@color:#FF3399;it is time to unleash your true form onto this fucked up world burn it all down\n\nwhat will you [email protected]@\n\n[[channel your inner mahou shoujo and purge this earth in a hailstorm of pink and sparkles|Mahou]]\n\n[[birth yourself again in flames and become a goddamn dragon|Dragon]]
[[IF A CREEP HITS ON YOU, YOU HIT THAT FUCKER BACK|Begin]]\n\n//[[{content warnings}|cw]]//
it is so overwhelmingly fun but holy living fuck is it scary and your little autistic brain feels like it's going to explode because how are you supposed to balance all of these things? how can you pay attention to the big loud music blasting everywhere and the LIGHTS WOW THE LIGHTS and the free tshirt you got rubbing against your skin\n\nit's a lot to manage\n\n[[return|Begin]]
hand trauma, violence, men being assholes\n\n[[back|Start]]
<<timedgoto "fucking" 2>>\[email protected]@color:#FF3399;font-size:72pt;[email protected]@
@@color:#FF3399;but not too nice because god knows you can't show off your awesome tits unless you want people to simultaneously leer at them and disparage [email protected]@\n\n[[return|Mahou]]
@@color:#FF3399;you tear across the city with your knuckles and your magic and it's really all you need\n\nno words and no breath wasted on debates and you don't even have to worry about not trusting people because you can //see// the evil in their hearts and it's everything you ever could have asked for\n\nas you look out across the sparkling expanse of what used to be a hellscape you still know your work isn't done but it energizes you, it's exciting, and now you know you aren't alone\n\nyou and your shoujo squad hop on your harleys and get right the fuck out of this [email protected]@
you're a bubbly excited thing and you're at [[THE BIG VIDEO GAME CONVENTION|Convention]] and wow holy hell this could be a big deal for you\n\nmaybe you will make a [[friend|Friend]]
String.prototype.unDash = function()\n{\nvar s = this.split("-");\nif(s.length > 1)\nfor(var t=1; t < s.length; t++)\ns[t] = s[t].substr(0,1).toUpperCase() + s[t].substr(1);\nreturn s.join("");\n};\n
hey\n\nthis is my video game and i'm going to tell you [[what i wish happened|Wish]]
@@color:#FF3399;in a matter of seconds the table before you is flipped over and you've become an unstoppable purification machine using the power of your bare fucking hands and FEMINIST MAGIC\n\nyou can see it in their souls, see the ugliness and the sexist garbage and as your fist collides with their sternum you force all of it out and away so thoroughly it dissolves into nothing and there is nothing left but [email protected]@\n\n[[you are a fearless warrior and you're going to make this world a better fucking place if it's the last thing you do|Warrior]]
@@color:#FF3399;SNAP\nSNAP\n\nYOU ARE SO [[DONE|Done]]@@
@@color:#FF3399;the night is yours and before it is out you will have the skull of every misogynist asshole who thinks women's bodies are public property on a pike around this convention center\n\ntonight, boston\n\ntomorrow, the [email protected]@
time flies by and everything is going well and holy shit you think these people might like you, they might think you're cool? how did you trick them into thinking this? you're not sure but fuck it let's just keep rolling\n\nyou have a big smile on your face and you feel wonderful and in the middle of a cool new acquaintance telling a story you feel a hand on your thigh under the table\n\n[[what|What]]
you love people but they scare you so much\n\n[[return|Text]]
@@color:#FF3399;your deafening cries split the sky and you take off into the night, perching on the convention center roof as you leave a trail of billowing smoke and flames in your [email protected]@\n\n[[conquer|Conquer]]
<<timedgoto "your" 2>>\[email protected]@color:#FF3399;font-size:72pt;[email protected]@
@@color:#FF3399;the heat feels so good as it curls its way around your entire body\n\nyou can feel your skin melting off, dropping to the ground with intermittent heavy thumps as people run screaming, but you don't need it any more\n\nas each piece falls it gives way to shimmering golden scales that warp and twist to accompany your rapidly reforming bone structure and with a single flick of your tail you smash half of the [email protected]@\n\n[[hell yeah|Yeah]]
heck yeah you are going to [[socialize|Social]] the hell out of these people. be so damn charming they won't know what hit em\n\nwhat wow okay it's time to [[leave|Go]] already!
you even put on a pretty shade of lipstick called "Sociable" just for good luck\n\n[[return|Dinner]]
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@@color:#FF3399;font-size:72pt;[email protected]@\n\[email protected]@color:#FF3399;[[BREAK HIS FUCKING FINGERS|Break]]@@
<<timedgoto "me" 2>>\[email protected]@color:#FF3399;font-size:72pt;[email protected]@
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ah yes this is a cool friend. he is also a video game enthusiast and he's pretty smart! he talks about sexism in games a bit which always makes you feel better and he's even got some [[social anxiety|Anxiety]] too.\n\nhe wants to know if you want to go to dinner with him and some other cool video game people! [[HELL YEAH VIDEO GAME PEOPLE|Dinner]]
@@color:#FF3399;your new mouth forms into a toothy grin and you feel your own rage and heat blowing out of your nostrils and mouth\n\nyour wings stretch out to their full size and you let out a deafening roar into the cold [email protected]@\n\n[["DON'T FUCKING TOUCH PEOPLE WHO DON'T GIVE THEIR EXPRESS CONSENT WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU"|Roar]]\n\n[["MY KINDNESS IS NOT AN INVITATION FOR YOU TO TOUCH ME"|Roar]]
@@color:#FF3399;in a flourish of lights and ribbons and glitter you shed everything - the dress you painstakingly selected to look [[nice|Nice]], the earrings and necklace that match your hair, the leggings he put his filthy hands on\n\nyou are resplendent and beautiful and your crystalline knuckles sit heavy across your [email protected]@\n\n[[it's time to fuck everything up|Fuck Up Everything]]
@@color:#FF3399;somewhere distantly you can hear him shrieking at his mangled fucking idiot fingers and it sends a euphoric shiver down your spine as goosebumps rise on your arms\n\nyour anger is building stronger and stronger you are almost dizzy with power\n\n[[transform|Transform]]@@
the walk is cold and the wind is biting at your nose and cheeks but you're too happy to let the weather get you down\n\nthe company is nice and he talks to you about his own social difficulties and you feel so much better and you [[relax|Mistake]]\n\nyou're at the restaurant WOW THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE AND THEY MADE A GAME THAT'S AMAZING [[LET'S SIT DOWN|Sit]]