Just when you're in the thick of grooving, the train moves unexpectedly (because you were dancing like a fool instead of paying attention) and out of time with your rhythm.\n\nYou fall face-forward ungracefully to the floor of the train, your legs flying up high behind you in the air spectacularly.\n\nYou are covered in germs.\n\nA bear quickly offers their paw to help you up.\n\n[[Take bear's paw.|Bear Helps You up]]\n[[Don't take bear's paw.|Stand up on Your Own]]\n[[Quickly turn the fall into a dance move.|Breakdancing on the Q-Line]]
You start doing a funny little dance. People walking down the street side-step widely to give you berth.\n\n[[The light rail is arriving. Stop dancing and get on.|Board Q-Line]]\n[[The light rail is arriving. Dance onto the train.|Dance onto Q-Line]]\n[[Ignore the light rail and keep dancing.|Dance into the Streets]]
You are in a Different City, standing on Market St. A light rail train rumbles by. A small flock of rats with wings hop around the sidewalk.\n\n[[Mess with rats.|Rats with Wings]]\n[[Wait for light rail.|Board Q-Line]]\n[[Walk instead.|Walk down Market St]]\n[[Do a little dance.|Dancing in the Streets]]
They are literally rats with feathery wings. They are not as gigantic as other city rats you've seen. Their bodies are more pigeon-sized.\n\nThe rats are mottled gray, black, white, sometimes brown. They hop around more like kangaroo rats than common rats, picking up crumbs of food in their forepaws and eating them.\n\n[[Walk slowly towards winged rats.|Follow Rats with Wings]]\n[[Run at winged rats full-tilt, waving your arms wildly in the air.|Startle Rats with Wings]]
You embarassingly shake your head and say, "No, thanks," and push yourself up from the floor and rise shakily to your feet as the train slows to a stop light.\n\n[[Ride the train.|Stand on Q-Line]]
The unicorn cusses you out and yells at you for dancing like a fool and not watching traffic, then gallops away with its rider.\n\n[[End of demo.|Write more story]]
More meandering coming soon.
You run full-tilt at the winged rats, waving your arms in the air wildly and yelling, "Rats with wings! Rats with wings!!", gleefully.\n\nIn a burst of wing-rush noise, the rats hop up and flutter, landing several feet away.\n\n[[The Q-Line light rail arrives.|Board Q-Line]]\n[[Walk away instead of boarding.|Walk down Market St]]\n[[Stalk rats with wings quietly to catch them off-guard.|Follow Rats with Wings]]
You walk down Market St. Down is a euphemism because no matter which direction you turn you're walking uphill. You get to choose between a gradual, steep, or vertical incline.\n\n[[Walk up the gradual incline.|Gradual Incline]]\n[[Walk up the steep incline.|Steep Incline]]\n[[Walk up the vertical incline.|Vertical Incline]]
The sidewalk goes straight up from here. Cars and unicorns are parked parallel, but you don't see how that helps them defy gravity.\n\nThe sidewalk has petons to help you climb. You climb, pant, and sweat past vertical stores and houses that are all sideways. Someone floating down the street with an open umbrella shakes their head at you and mutters, "Tourists."\n\n[[End of demo.|Write more story]]
Different City
You shake your fist at the asshole unicorn and cuss them and their rider out for running the red light.\n\n"Whatever!" the unicorn shouts as it gallops away, turning left at the next intersection on a red and making traffic screech to a halt. A small herd of less assholey unicorns waiting at the red light in the unicorn lane shake their heads as they chew their rainbow cud. The riders are all busy looking at their smartphones.\n\n[[Want your own unicorn.|Want a Unicorn]]\n[[End of demo.|Write More Story]]
Figuring your hands are already dirty, you clutch on to the handrail for balance. The Q-Line runs down Market St., carrying you further into the Different City up some steep hills into the Shiny District.\n\nA bear wearing a suit is standing next to you, holding on to the handrail. They look kind of like a grizzley bear. An ostrich with a small personal shopping cart full of grocery bags sits in the seats near the front of the train. Behind you, a zebra is head-banging to some music on their headphones.\n\n[[Try not to make eye contact.|Ride the Q-Line]]
You step and twirl across the ped-xing into the pedestrian island, leaping grandly onto the train and swiping your transit card in time to the music in your head.\n\n[[The train lurches forward with a start.|Fall on Q-Line While Dancing]]
As soon as you belly-flop on the ground, the wind knocked out of you as you make a dopey "off" sound, you begin flopping your body like a big fish and turn the fall into a breakdance move. The bear pulls back their paw as you spin and twirl on the floor of the Q-Line.\n\nNo one seems to appreciate your sweet dance moves except maybe the zebra who's also rocking away to music on their headphones. At the next stop, the driver kicks you off the train. You meekly hop off the train and scurry away, hands tucked in your pockets.\n\n[[Walk dejectedly down Market St.|Walk down Market St]]
An old light rail train rumbles to a stop, bell ringing cheerily, and you realize you're standing in the wrong spot. You dash across the ped-xing to the island where you can board and hop on, fumbling with your transit card and managing to swipe it just as the train lurches foward, bells chiming.\n\n[[Grab onto the handrail above your head.|Stand on Q-Line]]\n[[Don't grab the handrail.|Fall on Q-Line]]
You really want a unicorn of your own. Then, you won't have to wait for the smelly transit and instead get to ride your own personal smelly transit animal. And smell like a smelly transit animal after you ride it, too.\n\n[[End of demo.|Write more story]]
You gently grasp the bear's paw and they grip your hand firmly, mindful of their claws.\n\nYou thank the bear and awkwardly regain balance.\n\n[[Ride the train.|Stand on Q-Line]]
You open the door to the polski sklep. A tiny bell jingles. It's very hot inside the small shop where cooks are making fresh pierogi for the customers. Different City is famous for these giant, stuffed pierogi made in their Cathedral District.\n\nYou have a few choices on the menu.\n\n[[Buy a classic pierog.|Buy Classic Pierog]]\n[[Buy a duzy pierog.|Buy Duzy Pierog]]\n[[Buy a pelny pierog.|Buy Pelny Pierog]]\n[[Buy a polish sausage instead.|Buy Kielbasa]]
You're really getting into it. You waltz into the ped-xing past the paused light rail train and continue jigging across the street. A unicorn running the red light almost hits you.\n\n[[Look bewildered at the unicorn.|Bewildered at Asshole Unicorn]]\n[[Shake fist and cuss out the unicorn.|Cuss out Asshole Unicorn]]
Who needs a handrail? They're covered in germs.\n\nYou lose your balance and fall flat on your face on the aisle of the Q-Line train.\n\nYou are covered in germs.\n\nA bear offers their paw to help you up.\n\n[[Take bear's paw.|Bear Helps You up]]\n[[Don't take bear's paw.|Stand up on Your Own]]
You slowly walk towards the rats with wings and they slowly hop back from you, not really afraid. You continue this dance a few blocks and realize that you're now standing in front of a pierogi shop (polski sklep). Lots of rats with wings are bobbing their heads and eating fallen pierogi.\n\n[[Go get a pierog.|Inside the Polski Sklep]]\n[[Keep following the rats with wings.|Follow Rats with Wings Some More]]\n[[End of demo.|Write more story]]