You wake up on a beach by your home. You see some driftwood and a metal bat. Which do you choose to pick up, the [[metal bat]] or the [[driftwood]]?
[[Cook the fish]] or [[throw it back into the water]].\n
You see a pretty big piece of seaglass. You break it up into a few small pieces, maybe you can use it to make windows for your house. You can go out and look for [[more seaglass]] or collect a [[bucket of sand]].
Written on the driftwood, you find words that tell you there is a treasure hidden and that the animal has the map. Do you choose to go to the animal or walk away
You take a piece of the driftwood and a piece of string you see lying on the beach and you make a fishing pole to see if you can get some food for yourself and the cat. [[Walk out into the water]].
The animal is a domestic short-haired cat that is rubbing your legs, following you around as you collect driftwood. The cat is clearly hungry. Do you start searching for [[food for the cat]] or continue to [[build your home]].
You stumble on some more seaglass that is obviously antique. There are plates, glass bottles, beautiful gems that were a part of an older civilization that was drowned. [[Take the gems]]
Global Kids Adventure
You see an umbrella. There is someone underneath the umbrella reading a [[book]].
A spider crawls out of the bottle and bites you on the hand. All of a sudden, you feel like you can fly. Fly up to the mountain or fly to a nearby island.
You take it back to a boathouse. You thought it was a snapping turtle but it isn't, its a new species, unidentified. [[You go to lunch]].
You pick up the irredescent scales.
You see the lobster and try to catch it to cook it for some food. [[You can look for another coconut]] for some water or [[cook the lobster]].\n
You pick up the driftwood. You start to build a house. You look for more pieces of driftwood around. You see an [[animal]] and [[even more driftwood]].
You throw it back into the water and the fish jumps back out again and says thank you! He swims away. You turn around and see a bottle that says "do not open." Do you [[open it]] or [[walk away]].
You hit the lobster into the water. Two fish jump on the shore. One is a ginormously [[large one]] and the other one is a miniscule-ly [[small one]]. Which one do you pick up?
You use your piece of driftwood to poke into the bucket of sand. You spot a [[snapping turtle]]. You get scared and put the bucket down and run off to [[another part of the beach]].
You pick it up. Go look for some coconuts to play softball. You see a coconut and a lobster, which do you pick up, the [[Coconut]] or the [[Lobster]]
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You pick up the coconut. You throw it in the air and you bat it with your bat and watch it fly fifty feet across the beach. Do you [[chase after the coconut]] or [[turn around and look for the lobster]].
Pick up the big fish. It says "Please don't eat me. I'm a magical prince. If you throw me back in the water, I'll let you take some of my magical scales." [[Take the scales]] [[Cook it]] or [[throw it into the ocean]].
You pick up the driftwood. Go looking for another piece to see if you can make something with it. You find another piece of driftwood and a large piece of seaglass, which do you pick up. [[more driftwood]] or the [[seaglass]].
You pick up the bucket of sand and it is even heavier than you thought it would be. You look down and see the sand [[moving]].
You pick up the Lobster. You try to play softball with the Lobster. You want to hit the lobster into the [[water]]
MakerFaire participants and Global Kids youth leaders
It starts to swim away, but it then turns around and tells you one simple phrase: "find The Man with a hat, He will Show you the box." do you [[look for the man]] or [[ignore the fish]]?
You walk out into the water with your fishing pole. You cast your line and wait. You get a bite and pull in the fish. Do you [[try to catch other fish]] or [[cook the one you found]].