@@color:green;Everything is wonderful.\n\n[[>Kill yourself|599]]@@
@@font:50px arial,sans-serif;color:red;''DOES THE\nSNEAKER\nHAVE TO\nMATTER''@@\[email protected]@font:25px arial,sans-serif;color:red;''by Richard Goodness''@@\n\n[[>Start|22A]]
@@color:blue;"Hey," Charlie says. "I'm ''talking'' to you. Don't you want to know what's happening, bitch?" \n\n[[>Sigh, turn back dramatically. "Spill."|212]]\n[[>Ignore him|244]]@@
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@@color:blue;He refuses to meet your eye. "There's...an attack on the city. He wanted to check up. Make sure you were okay."\n\n[[>"I'm okay now--you're gonna guard my room right?"|221]]\n[[>"Who's attacking?"|222]]\n[[>"Yeah, I'm certainly okay sealed up in here where I can't escape."|223]]@@
@@color:blue;Charlie stiffens. "Ugly words from a pretty mouth. Watch your tone. I'm the one who's gonna be taking the bullet for you."\n\n[[>"Listen--I'm sorry, but I'm really freaked out. What's happening?"|222]]\n[[>"From your mouth to the LORD's ear."|223]]@@
@@color:blue;Charlie blushes. "It's not really a good day out there," he says. "Can we leave it at that? Eat your breakfast. You'll be safe."\n\n[[>"But you'll protect me, right?"|221]]\n[[>"Charlie, have you ever known me to not question something? What's happening?|222]]@@
@@color:green;You wrap your lips around the trigger.\n\n[[>Shoot|66]]@@
@@color:orange;You slam your weapon into the cop's face; it stabs into his eye, piercing his cornea. A milky-white fluid spatters out.\n\n[[>Y|321]]@@
@@color:blue;The phone continues to ring.\n\n[[>Answer it|111]]\n[[>Put the pillow over your head|124]]@@
@@color:orange;You swing your weapon and further pervert the man's face into an abomination. His last thoughts are not of family or God but of pain.\n\n[[>Y|341]]@@
@@color:blue;You hear him sigh; it's a moment before he responds. "Don't do anything stupid. This'll hopefully turn out to be nothing."\n\nHe hangs up. The phone has no buttons: You cannot call him back.\n\n[[>Next|title]]@@
@@color:blue;He laughs once, sharply. "You know exactly who it is. You're a smart girl. I'm--I'm gonna take care of it. I just...you needed to know."\n\nHe hangs up. He's never wordy when he talks to you.\n\n[[>Next|title]]@@
@@color:blue;"Don't worry, honey, I've got my men on it. I just wanted to talk to my little blessing for luck. Good bye, little Lamb. I love you."\n\nHe hangs up; he calls so rarely and never talks for long.\n\n[[>Next|title]]@@
@@color:blue;"Oh, Praise the LORD." It's your father. "It's so good to hear your voice."\n\n[[>"Hi, Daddy. It's good to hear from you too."|121]]\n[[>"Dad--something's wrong, isn't there?"|122]]\n[[>"All right, what do you want?"|123]]@@
@@color:orange;You burst into the room. She's standing there, looking at you, talking.\n\n[[>X|611]]
@@color:blue;You're back to sleep within a minute.\n\n[[>Next|titlea]]@@
@@color:blue;You bring the breakfast tray back to your bed where he can't see you. Whatever's happening, you'll find out soon enough.\n\n[[>Next|33]]@@
@@color:blue;"I'll be right outside the door and he won't be able to get through," he says. "Trust me, I'll protect you. No one's getting through me."\n\n[[>"I'm in the hands of the best, then."|241]]\n[[>"Charlie--be careful, okay? Don't get cocky."|242]]@@
@@color:blue;He laughs. "There are all these weird reports. One guy who's--look, he'll never get this far, and I've got a bullet with his name on it." He pats his gun.\n\n[[>Laugh and blow a kiss through the bars.|241]]\n[[>"You need to be careful, Charlie. I shouldn't distract you any longer."|242]]\n[[>"And you and Billy are the last line of defense. Wonderful."|243]]@@
@@color:blue;"Not necessarily," he says. "I can very easily be bribed if things aren't going the right way."\n\n[[>"Don't joke, Charlie."|242]]\n[[>"Fucking coward."|243]]@@
@@color:red;You look around but see no one. There is an [email protected]@ @@color:green;sense of euphoria and well-being [email protected]@ @@color:red;through your body.\n\n[[>Next|551]]@@
@@color:black;copyright 2013 richard goodness\[email protected]@
@@color:blue;"Hey, Pretty Bird," Charlie says. He speaks through the bars on your door. A slot on the door opens and a tray of breakfast is slid through.\n\n[[>"Hey, Handsome dog. I got the strangest call from my father."|211]]\n[[>"Not not, Charlie. What's happening? My father called."|212]]\n[[>"Listen, asshole, what the hell is happening today?"|213]]\n[[>Say nothing; take the tray and leave.|214]]@@
String.prototype.unDash = function()\n{\n var s = this.split("-");\n if(s.length > 1)\n for(var t=1; t < s.length; t++)\n s[t] = s[t].substr(0,1).toUpperCase() + s[t].substr(1);\n return s.join("");\n};\n
@@color:red;Shit, Charlie, he was your best friend,@@ @@color:green;and though it's hard to feel regret, you know you do, and it's probably best to not have to live with that, isn't it?\n\n[[>Next|591]]@@
@@color:blue;You are re-awakened by an insistent pounding on the door. You shuffle over and see Charlie behind the bars. He relaxes. "Your father sent me here," he said. "He called you this morning but you didn't answer--is your phone okay?" A slot on the door opens and a tray of breakfast is slid through.\n\n[[>"My father? Charlie, what's happening? Is everything okay?"|211]]\n[[>"Why would my father call?"|212]]\n[[>"Like the phone is the only way he has of checking up on me."|213]]\n[[>Say nothing; take the tray and leave.|214]]@@
@@color:red;"Fuckin' greenhorn," Billy says. "I //am// on the top of my game right now."\n\nYou [email protected]@ @@color:green;an odd sensation [email protected]@ @@color:red;through you.\n\n[[>Shoot Billy|531]]@@
@@color:red;"Hello!" you call out. Not that you expect an answer, but who knows? There's [email protected]@ @@color:green;wonderful sense of warmth and [email protected]@ @@color:red;that's overwhelming you.\n\n[[>Next|551]]@@
@@color:orange;You tear off a section of skull, punching into the cop's brain. Blood and a brownish-greyish oatmeal spatters into the air.\n\n[[>Y|331]]@@
@@color:orange;One final punch. Your shirt is stained with bits of blood and brain matter. Fluids have gone up your nose, in your mouth.\n\n''Achievement unlocked: Lost Weekend, 10G''\n\n[[>Next|55]]
@@color:red;"Hell yeah, buddy," Billy says. He rubs the back of his fist against his teeth. "Let's show that motherfucker what-for."\n\nYou [email protected]@ @@color:green;an odd sensation [email protected]@ @@color:red;through you.\n\n[[>Shoot Billy|531]]@@
@@color:red;"Of one guy? Please. You and I'll look out for each other."\n\nYou [email protected]@ @@color:green;an odd sensation [email protected]@ @@color:red;through you.\n\n[[>Shoot Billy|531]]@@
@@color:green;Why fight it, you begin to wonder? It doesn't matter [email protected]@ @@color:red;the girl's in there, [email protected]@ @@color:green;just feels so nice.\n\n[[>Look at Billy|581]]\n[[>Kill yourself|599]]@@
@@color:red;"Woah, now," Billy says. He rubs the back of his fist against his teeth. "Keep him alive. The Boss will want to see him, you know?"\n\nYou [email protected]@ @@color:green;an odd sensation [email protected]@ @@color:red;through you.\n\n[[>Shoot Billy|531]]@@
@@color:red;You look around for somewhere to hide but there's nowhere near. You don't know if you're being attacked; you [email protected]@ @@color:green;know that you feel more [email protected]@ @@color:red;less fantastic.\n\n[[>Next|551]]
@@color:red;You've got your gun and you've got your bullets,@@ @@color:green;but much better to just kick off your shoes and take a walk [email protected]@ @@color:red;no you've got to fight it.\n\n[[>Next|571]]@@
@@color:red;"I think someone's here!" you shout into your radio, but there's [email protected]@ @@color:green;response, but that's okay, because it's a beautiful day outside and the sun is [email protected]@ @@color:red;and you realize they're probably all dead.\n\n[[>Next|571]]@@
@@color:orange;She comes with you.\n\n[[>Open your office door|11]]\n[[>Acknowledge that a game has made you cry|end]]@@
@@color:blue;"Little Lamb, I'm so glad you're safe. Listen. You need to be very careful today. Some...things are happening."\n\n[[>"But I'll be okay, right? You'll protect me?"|131]]\n[[>"Dad, what's going on? Is someone attacking the city?"|132]]@@
@@color:blue;"I guess I only call when there is. Listen. I'm gonna keep you safe."\n\n[[>"Is someone trying to hurt us?"|131]]\n[[>"What's happening? Safe from who?"|132]]\n[[>"Great details. Great plan. I guess I'll just stay put."|133]]@@
@@color:blue;"We can't do this today. It's bad. I...owe you the warning. I owe you that much."\n\n[[>"Talk to me. Level with me. We're being attacked?"|132]]\n[[>"You owe me a lot more."|133]]@@
@@color:blue;The phone continues to ring.\n\n[[>Answer it|111]]\n[[>Yank out the cord|134]]@@
@@color:blue;He shrugs. "Hey, I ain't the one who thinks you're worth being protected. That's your father. Me, I woulda let you on the streets long ago. Enjoy your fucking breakfast." He walks off.\n\n[[>Next|33]]@@
@@color:blue;He barks out a single laugh. "This isn't exactly my idea of an ideal day." He grins at you and walks away.\n\n[[>Next|33]]@@
@@color:blue;He leans in close to the bars. "He gets through me, he's gonna come in here and who knows what he'll do to you."\n\n[[>"Wait--he? There's--it's only one guy?"|232]]\n[[>"Then I'll see you in hell, I guess."|233]]@@
@@color:blue;He shakes his head. "I don't know who's attacking. It--it appears to be one man."\n\n[[>"One man? Charlie, certainly you can stop one man."|231]]\n[[>"What do you mean, one man? Charlie--I don't understand."|232]]\n[[>"Makes sense that a bunch of idiots like you can't stop one guy."|233]]@@
@@color:blue;"Yup," he says. "Me and your father. And a lot of other guards."\n\n[["Are you still gonna be posted here?"|231]]\n[["Other guards? Are we being attacked?"|232]]@@
@@color:blue;You are awakened by the ringing phone.\n\n[[>Answer it|111]]\n[[>Ignore it|112]]@@
<<display "11">>
@@color:orange;A police officer is in front of you.\n\n[[>Y|311]]
@@font:50px arial,sans-serif;color:red;''DOES THE\nSNEAKER\nHAVE TO\nMATTER''@@\[email protected]@font:25px arial,sans-serif;color:red;''by Richard Goodness''@@\n\n[[>Start|22]]
@@color:red;"Okay," Billy says. He cups his left hand over the side of his closed right fist. "It's not too windy, but lean in."\n\n[[>Do so|511]]\n[[>"Nah, not today."|512]]
@@color:green;You raise your gun and pull the trigger,@@ @@color:red;instantly sending a bullet through Billy's skull. He falls to the ground.\n\n[[>Look around|541]]\n[[>Hide|542]]\n[[>Call out|543]]\n[[>Kill yourself|599]]@@
@@color:red;You lean in; Billy removes his cupped hand and you snort deeply. You cough. He smiles. "All right, now we're fucking ready for anything."\n\n[[>"I'll tear his fucking face off!"|521]]\n[[>"Get him alive. I wanna beat the shit out of him."|522]]
@@color:blue;He hangs his head and grins. "Aw, you flatter me, Pretty Bird. Seriously, stay in your bedroom. You'll be okay." He walks off, giving one lingering look.\n\n[[>Next|33]]@@
@@color:red;Your head is spinning and you gag a bit,@@ @@color:green;but then you catch yourself and you feel fucking [email protected]@ @@color:red;Shit, Charlie, get yourself together.\n\n[[>Ready your gun|561]]\n[[>Call for help|562]]\n[[>Kill yourself|599]]@@
@@color:red;"Suit yourself," Billy says. He uncups his hand, snorts, coughs, rubs the back of his hand against his gums. "Shit! You're missing out."\n\n[[>"Aren't you worried?"|523]]\n[[>"We should be on the top of our game today."|524]]