You don't really have to go right now.\n\nAnyway, if you want to goof off you don't need to do it in here. There's nobody else in the office.\n\n[[Back|previous()]]
This bathroom is a one-person affair, making it effectively your auxiliary break room.\n\nThe bathroom is spotless. There's a [[sink]], [[toilet]], and [[mirror]], as in most bathrooms, but little else.\n\nBehind you, the door leads [[back to the hallway|going][$dest to 'North Hall']]
A month later, your family calls off the search.\n\nYour body is never found.\n\n<h1>You have died.</h1>
There's nothing on top of the desk, but <<if $drawer>>there is a badly damaged metal drawer stuck open. Wonder who did that.<<if not $poison>>\nLooks like there's [[something inside]] the drawer.<<endif>><<else>>there is a single [[dented metal drawer]] on it, currently closed.<<endif>>\n\n[[Leave it alone.|a room with a metal desk]]
You are in an empty, dingy hallway. There's dirt all over the floor.\n\nThere's [[a maintenance closet]] right behind you. Across the way is [[a bathroom]] that smells terrible.\n\nAnother open door nearby leads to [[a room with a metal desk]].\n\nThere are more doors [[further down the hall]].
Just as strong vines seize your limbs from behind, you reach forward and tear the brainlike object to pieces. It is velvety soft and gives way easily under even your weakened grip.\n\nThe vines on your back -- and all over the room -- go slack. The flower's remaining petals wilt.\n\nIt's dead.<<set $killed to true>>\n\n[[Leave the room|further down the hall]]
You don't know what these were for. The labels have worn away.\n\n[[back|a maintenance closet]]
You peer into the drawer.\n\nThere's a bottle of some kind of thin, bright blue liquid. Most of the label on it is worn away, but you are able to make out a poison control warning.\n\nYou grab the bottle and tuck it under your arm.<<set $poison to true>>\n\n[[back|a room with a metal desk]]
It's stuck open worse than it was stuck closed.\n\nGood going, asshole.\n\n[[Oops.|help desk]]
Your desk, a minimalist plastic-and-metal affair, is strewn with paperwork that you can't file because you have no filing cabinet.\n\nYour [[computer]]'s aging CRT monitor sits atop it, screen displaying the build clock. Still about an hour and a half to go.\n\n[[Back|Your Office]]
<<if visited() < 2>>You pour out a cup of coffee, raise it to your face, and without stopping to smell it, take a long swig.\n\nYou realize your mistake moments later. Something tastes distinctly wrong about this coffee, like swamp water badly impersonating coffee.\n\nYou dump the rest of the coffee. You're not sure whether you feel more annoyed or queasy.<<set $corruption to $corruption + 1>><<set $defiance to $defiance + 1>><<else>>No. The coffee already betrayed you.<<endif>>\n\n[[Back|Break Room]]
a horror game
As usual, you don't get the e-mail until 7pm.\n\nExactly 14 hours before the sprint review, Manny from the California office has finally fixed the bug you've been bothering him about for weeks. He kicked a new build, which will take about an hour and a half thanks to his awful spaghetti code. You need to verify the bugfix before you go home.\n\nLong story short, it's another late night in the empty office.\n\n[[Continue|Quit Your Job Simulator 2014]]
Your [[supervisor's office|going][$dest to "Supervisor's Office"]] is about midway down the hall on the right.\n\nAt the end of the hall and to the right, the hall turns toward the [[entrance hall|going][$dest to "Entrance Hall"]].\n\nOn the left, an always-open door leads into the [[break room|going][$dest to "Break Room"]]. <<if $time > 7>>Something smells really good in there, some kind of rich fruity aroma.<<endif>>\n\nBack the way you came is the [[North Hall|going][$dest to "North Hall"]].
You drop down into your chair, scoot forward, and wiggle the mouse.\n\nRight now you're looking at your computer's build clock. It's still got about an hour and a half to go.<<if $time > 10>> Really feels like it should be further along by now.<<endif>>\n\nDo you want to [[check social media]]?\n[[Get some work done]]?\nOr ... [[well]].\n\nMaybe just back to [[Your Office]].
You pad slowly into the stinking, dark room. After a moment of adjustment, your eyes manage to discern a great mound. A moment later, you realize what it is: a pile of bloated, rotting corpses.\n\nVines snake between the bodies, and atop them, a stem the size of your torso bears bright fruit.\n\nYou [[back away|further down the hall]], your mind reeling at the implications.
Holding your breath, you carefully toe your way to the root ball. You unscrew the cap to the bottle, then upend it, drenching the roots in thin, acrid-smelling liquid.\n\nYou are rewarded immediately with a sharp hissing sound. The root ball convulses and shrinks. You think you hear a long shriek from another room.<<set $poisoned to true>>\n\n[[back|a bathroom]]
<h1>Quit Your Job Simulator 2014</h1>\n<h2>a horror game</h2>\nBy <a href="http://www.patreon.com/colinsandel">Colin Sandel</a> (<a href="http://twitter.com/inurashii">@inurashii</a>) initially written for the <a href="http://pathofnowandforever.tumblr.com/post/72468667237/naked-twine-jam-lets-make-games-together">Naked Twine Jam</a>.\n\n<font size=-2>Content Warning: This game contains descriptions of disturbing and violent imagery.</font>\n\n[[Continue|In Your Office]]
You stare at your face for a few seconds in the mirror. You've looked better, honestly. You've been getting almost 8 hours of sleep a night but you're still tired all the time. Must be this job.\n\n[[Back|previous()]]
Black and white photos of nature and architecture, carefully handpicked out of the //Least Threatening Landscapes// collection from Ansel Adams's "Bland Period". Or so you imagine.\n\n[[Back|Entrance Hall]]
Your little office's entrance plays at hospitality it doesn't follow up on. A trio of [[photo prints]] hang just above the cautiously-decorated [[front desk]].\n\nYou can [[leave the office]] from here, or head back to the [[South hall|going][$dest = "South Hall"]]
You poke around in your bug queue, then in the most recent complete build.<<if $defiance > 0>><<set $defiance to $defiance - 1>><<endif>>\n\nAfter a few minutes your eyes start to glaze over. With sprint review tomorrow, there really isn't anything to do.\n\nAt least you killed a few minutes, you think? The build clock still says an hour and a half or so.\n\n[[Ugh.|computer]]
You brace your foot against the desk and yank as hard as you can. With an ear-splitting squeal, the drawer emerges from the desk at a distinctly awkward angle, bending even further.\n\nOh man, you're going to have a hard time explaining this.\n\nAlso, the drawer was empty after all. Are you happy now?<<set $drawer to true>><<set $defiance to $defiance + 1>>\n\n[[Um, close the drawer]]?\n[[Back away as if nothing happened.|help desk]]
You dump the used grounds, load up some new ones, and start the coffee maker.\n\nIt'll be ready in a bit.<<set $coffee to 1>>\n\n[[You should kill some time elsewhere.|Break Room]]
You think this might be a vine. It's slightly slick on the outside, and some of your blood covers the end that was buried in your arm.\n\nIt runs down to an open drain in the bottom of the floor whose cover is nowhere to be seen.\n\nFeeling nauseated, you [[set it down|a maintenance closet]].
The smell is even worse in this room, whose floor is lined with feces. A dilapidated toilet and sink stand nearby, broken and useless.\n\nFrom the pipe behind the shattered toilet, a vast [[root ball]] extends tendrils into the filth.\n\nYou can't stand to stay here.\n\n[[back to the hallway|dingy hallway]]
50-pound bags of fertilizer. The edges have finger-sized divots, like someone was dragging them around.\n\n[[back|a maintenance closet]]
This microwave has gotten you through some hard times.\n\nIt also desperately needs a cleaning.\n\n[[Back to the break room.|Break Room]]
Yeah the drawer is pretty well stuck.\n\n[[Ok.|help desk]]\n[[Open the drawer]].
... yeah.<<if $defiance > 0>><<set $defiance to $defiance - 1>><<endif>>\n\n[[Back|computer]]
<<set $time to $time + 1>><<if ($corruption + ($time / 10)) > (Math.random() * 6 + 3)>>Suddenly dizzy, you slump against the nearest wall. You feel ... strange. You should have quit this job ages ago; it's killing you.\n\nYou slide down into a crouch on the floor. You'll just rest for a moment. Then you'll be good as new.\n\n[[Rest|Death]]<<else>><<if ($defiance > 4) and (Math.random() < .5)>><<print either("Your jaw tightens.","Something is very wrong.","Is somebody playing a sick prank on you?","Why are you still at this job?","You should've put in your two weeks' notice ages ago.","This place is awful. You should send that resignation letter.","Seriously fuck this place.","You need to get the hell out of here.","Was your job always this bizarre, and you just didn't notice before?")>><<else if (($corruption + ($time / 10)) > 3) and (Math.random() < .5)>><<print either("You feel unwell.","You feel like you're walking through something thick.","A wave of exhaustion passes over you.","You are wracked, for a moment, by nausea.","You think this job is literally killing you.","Something is happening to you.","You think you hear a sliding noise behind you as you walk, but when you turn back, you see nothing.","Your arm itches, and you scratch it idly.","You feel a sudden stabbing sensation in your arm, but it looks fine.")>><<else>><<print either("Your shoes make a rhythmic, muted thumping noise against the thin carpet of the office.","You hear a gust of wind whip through the foliage outside.","Something creaks in the architecture of the building.","You are briefly startled at the sound of the building's climate control fans starting up.","The building's fans cut out, leaving the office eerily quiet.","A chill runs through you in spite of the warm, controlled climate.","A sweet scent, like overripe fruit, wafts through the air.","Your ear itches. You scratch it and it stops itching.","Somewhere in the distance, a wolf howls.","One of the hallway fluorescents makes a pinging sound for no discernible reason.")>><<endif>><<if $coffee is 4>>\n\nYou hear a beep from the coffee maker.<<endif>><<if ($coffee > 0) and ($coffee < 6)>><<set $coffee to $coffee + 1>>\n<<endif>>\n\n[[Continue|$dest]]<<endif>>
<<if $defiance < 2>>You really shouldn't leave until the build is done.<<else if $defiance < 4>>You really just shouldn't leave the office right now.<<else>>You can't leave. You don't know why but you can't.<<endif>>\n\n[[Back to the office.|Entrance Hall]]
The giant plant is weakened now, but <<if $corrupted > 2>>something about those spores makes your skin crawl.<<else>> so are you.<<endif>> Still, this might be your only chance to destroy it.\n\n[[Attack the plant]]\n[[Flee|further down the hall]]
Quit Your Job Simulator 2014
Your supervisor's office is significantly larger than yours, and he has an [[actual desk]]. It's still plastic and metal, but bigger and with more features.\n\nHe's not here, of course.\n\n[[Back to the hallway?|going][$dest to "South Hall"]]
You yank a bit harder on the drawer, which rattles but does not open.\n\nCome on, it's not even your desk.\n\n[[Yeah, this is pointless.|help desk]]\n[[Open the god damn drawer.]]
You open up a social media account in a spare tab and complain about your office.<<set $defiance to 1>>\n\nThere, that felt good. If you had a more coveted position you might be worried about endangering it by whinging about work publicly, but nobody is fooling themselves into thinking that QA is glamorous.\n\n[[How much longer on that build?]]
A collapsed desk decays in the corner of this hallway. Nestled in the desk rubble is some kind of [[spore pod]]<<if $killed>>, shriveled and unmoving.<<else>>, pulsing gently and covered with a fine yellowish mist.<<endif>>\n\nThe [[front door]] has some kind of viney growth over it.\n\nDo you want to go [[back?|further down the hall]]
You are in a broom closet. <<if visited() < 2>>You are sitting on <<else>>Squatting on the floor is <<endif>>a [[wet box]].\n\nThe [[ropy thing]] you pulled out of your arm snakes down into an open drain in the floor.\n\nThere are a bunch of [[empty bottles]] and [[bags of fertilizer]] and a [[door leading out|dingy hallway]].
Exactly.<<set $defiance to 0>>\n\n[[How much longer on that build?]]
This game was written by <a href="http://www.patreon.com/colinsandel">Colin Sandel</a> (<a href="http://twitter.com/inurashii">@inurashii</a>).\n\nIt was initially titled 'Harvest' and was written for <a href="http://twitter.com/m_kopas">@m_kopas</a>'s <a href="http://pathofnowandforever.tumblr.com/post/72468667237/naked-twine-jam-lets-make-games-together">Naked Twine Jam</a>.\n\nTo see further releases, please follow <a href="http://twitter.com/inurashii">Colin's twitter account</a> and consider donating to <a href="http://www.patreon.com/colinsandel">his Patreon page</a>.\n\n[[Back|previous()]]
<<if visited() < 2>>You reach out to move the keyboard closer to you, only to discover the hard way that the gunk is covering more of it than you thought -- you jerk your sticky hand away in disgust.\n\nYou're able to wipe it off onto your slacks, but now your hand smells like syrup.<<set $corruption to $corruption + 1>><<set $gunk to true>><<else>>You glare at the goo-covered keyboard. Fool me once.<<endif>>\n\n[[Best leave it alone.|front desk]]
This is your office.\n\n<<desk>>\n\nThere's a door right next to you that leads to [[the hallway.|going][$dest to "North Hall"]]
--let the player undo moves? (on / off)\n--in sugarcane, this enables the browser's back button.\n--in jonah, this lets the player click links in previous\n--passages.\n\nundo: on\n\n--let the player use bookmarks? (on / off)\n--this enables the bookmark links in jonah and sugarcane\n--(if the player can't undo, bookmarks are always disabled.)\nbookmark: off\n\n--obfuscate the story's html source to prevent possible\n--spoilers? (swap / off)\n\nobfuscate: off\n\n--string of letter pairs to use for swap-style obfuscation\n\nobfuscatekey: qcnhdloeagxrbijpuytmszkvfw\n\n--include the jquery script library? (on / off)\n\njquery: off\n\n--include the modernizr script library? (on / off)\n\nmodernizr: off\n
The only thing in this room is a [[battered metal desk]] with nothing on it.\n\n[[out|dingy hallway]]
Your aching, bare feet carry you away from the building as fast as you can go in your weakened state.\n\n<<if not $killed>>You don't have the answers, but you are free, at least, for now.\n\n<h2>You have escaped, but the nightmare is still alive.</h2><<else if $corruption > 1>>You are relieved to be free. Your body is weak, but your mind is at ease at having destroyed the monster tormenting you. Now it won't bother anyone ever again.\n\nIf only your stomach would settle.\n\n<h2>You have escaped to spread the nightmare.</h2><<else>>As you walk, you slowly feel your strength returning. You find a stream, and though the water is cold, you leave it feeling cleaner than you ever have.\n\nYou don't know how the plant trapped you or whether there are any more, but those answers can come later. You have yourself to see to, and the rest of your life ahead of you.\n\nAlso, you're going to need to find a new job.\n\n<h2>You ended the nightmare.</h2><<endif>>
You don't make any coffee. Instead you walk away, grinding your teeth a bit.\n\nYou're supposed to feel good about yourself for turning things down. This just makes you feel cranky.<<set $defiance to $defiance + 1>>\n\n[[Ah well.|Break Room]]
<<if $defiance < 4>>You ... really just can't work up the nerve. Maybe if you felt a little more confident. Angrier, maybe.\n\n[[Back|computer]]<<else>>\s\nYeah, fuck it. This place is driving you crazy.\n\nYou finish off the letter with a flourish and send it off to management. You grin broadly as a wave of triumphant relief washes over you. You enjoyment of the relief is short-lived, however, quickly replaced by nausea and dread. Something is terribly wrong.\n\nYou look down at your arm and are horrified to see some kind of green ropey appendage buried in it, like some an organic IV drip. You hold in a shriek as you tear the ropy cord out from under your skin. As it leaves you, so does your strength; your limbs feel rubbery and weak.\n\nThat's about when it dawns on you that you aren't wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Or any shirt. Or anything else.\n\nYou look up and [[everything is different and horrible|a maintenance closet]].<<endif>>
You tap the surface of the drawer and it rattles a bit. There's something in there.\n\nYou try to open the drawer, but it's stuck. You brace yourself against the desk with both feet and pull as hard as you can.\n\nNo good. You're just too weak.\n\n[[back|a room with a metal desk]]
You give the drawer a tug, but as you suspected, the dented aluminum surface catches on the desk's frame. It's [[stuck]].\n\nThis explains why the IT guy doesn't put anything in it, at least.\n\n[[Ah well.|help desk]]
<<if visited() < 2>>You open the fridge, less out of hunger than boredom.\n\nYou are stunned and livid to find that the fridge is completely empty. No condiments, no lunches, no leftovers, nothing.\n\nYou open the freezer to check on your frozen, ready-made lunches and find it empty as well.\n\nThis is unacceptable. Someone will pay for this.<<set $defiance to $defiance + 1>><<else>>Your food is still gone. Not cool. Not. Cool.<<endif>>\n\n[[You close the fridge.|Break Room]]
You already tried opening the drawer. You tug on it again.\n\nYeah, it's still stuck.\n\n[[Fair enough.|help desk]]\n[[Try harder.]]
Is this ... your chair? What?\n\n[[back|a maintenance closet]]
... a while, looks like.\n\nYou sigh. With the sprint review this close, there's literally nothing for you to do until that build finishes. \n\n[[Your Office]]
<<if $poisoned>>A great, pulsating flower blooms in the center of this room. It quivers as though in pain, and occasionally coughs small, colorful spore clouds.\n\nGiant vines creep toward you, but slowly; it seems as though your poison [[weakened]] it.\n\nThe [[vines]] are getting close. Perhaps you should [[flee|further down the hall]] while you still can.<<else>>A great, pulsating flower blooms in the center of this room, gently breathing out clouds of what you assume are spores. Its [[vines]] slide across the room, some of them reaching toward you.\n\nYou have mere moments to [[flee|further down the hall]] the monstrosity.<<endif>>
<<if visited() < 2>>... huh.\n\nThe page is loading, but status messages and user pics aren't. There's just ... interference and gibberish.\n\nYou never ran into an error like that when you were on web QA. Reloading the page doesn't seem to help. What the hell is going on?<<set $defiance to $defiance + 1>><<else>>\s\nYou click over to your social media site again, but everything's still unreadable.<<endif>>\s\n\n[[Back|computer]]
<<set $time to 0>><<set $defiance to 0>><<set $coffee to 0>>You are sitting in your desk chair, in front of your narrow desk in your tiny office.\n\nYou suspect that the little room was a closet at one point, since you scarcely have enough room to push your chair back from the desk. Also, there's no window; when the door is closed, a little vent is all the airflow you get. Instead of the fluorescent lights of a normal office, a shielded incandescent glows.\n\nBut hey, testers rarely even get their own offices, so you can't really complain, can you?\n\n* [[Complain]]\n* [[Don't complain]]
You're at the end of the hallway.\n\n<<if not $killed>>You experience a surge of intense fear about the [[nearby doorway|vines room]], through which you can hear a sliding noise.<<else>>The door to the plant's room is nearby, but you don't want to go back in there..<<endif>>\n\nA ghastly stench comes from an open door leading to [[a dark room]] at the end of the hall, where the hallway [[turns the corner|decaying foyer]].\n\nYou can also go [[back up the hallway.|dingy hallway]]
<<if $coffee < 1>>Blessed coffee maker. Renderer of caffeine.\n\nCoffee would probably help you get through this.\n\n[[Make some coffee]]\n[[Don't make some coffee]]<<else if $coffee < 5>>The coffee is still brewing. Go kill some time.\n\n[[Aw.|Break Room]]<<else>>The coffee is ready!\n\n[[Have a cuppa]]?\n[[Nah, no coffee.|Break Room]]<<endif>>
Your office's front desk doesn't see a lot of action, since the company's clients have no reason to visit a satellite office. Nonetheless, a rotating suite of low-paid administrative folk come in for part of the workday, just in case.\n\nObviously, no one is here now, and the computer is off.\n\n<<if visited() < 2>>Ugh, whoever was here last didn't clean up very well. There's [[some kinda gunk]] on the keyboard.<<else>>Ugh the computer keyboard still has [[some kinda gunk]] all over it.<<endif>>\n\n[[Back to the hall?|Entrance Hall]]
You try to yank open the door, only to find it stuck. Desperate now, you scrabble at the vines. It takes several minutes and leaves your hands bloody, but you tear away enough of the vines to yank the door open.\n\nThe blast of fresh air that hits you is the best thing you've ever smelled.\n\nYou couldn't say how you know, but you suddenly realize that this is the first time you've seen [[the outside]] in months.
The thin metal surface of the drawer is pretty badly dented. You tap on the front, and the hollow sound indicates that there's probably nothing inside.\n\n[[Open it anyway]].\n[[Never mind then|help desk]].
You pick up a fruit and bite into it. It is as delicious as you expected, and you polish it off quickly.<<set $corruption to $corruption + 1>>\n\n[[Back|Break Room]]
Some kind of massive root ball, <<if $poisoned>>shrunken and rapidly browning<<else>>green and fresh<<endif>>. Its tendrils snake down into the feces on the floor of the room. It may just be your imagination, but you think you notice it <<if $poisoned>>quivering a bit.<<else>>pulsing slightly, like a beating heart.<<endif>><<if ($poison) and (not $poisoned)>>\n\nYour hand tightens around the bottle of [[poison]].<<endif>>\n\n[[back|a bathroom]]
<<if visited() > 2>>You don't immediately recognize the fruit. It's sort of reddish-orange and round and smells really good.<<else>>The bowl of fruit beckons silently.<<endif>>\n\nWould you like to [[eat one]] or [[leave it alone|Break Room]]?
<<if visited() < 2>><<set $defiance to $defiance + 1>>You launch a word processing program and open the resignation letter you've been not sending for the past few months.\n\nIt's not that your job is //bad//, it's just not //good// and there's no future in it and and and. But the job market is so bad, and you're secure here and you're good at it and and and. Ugh.<<else>>\s\nYou open your resignation letter again and stare at it for a while.<<endif>>\n\n[[Send it]]\n[[Don't send it]]
Your boss's desk isn't made of real wood or anything, but it does have a lot more space. Not that he needs it, since for some reason he has flatscreen monitors and you don't.\n\nThere are also [[drawers]] that you really shouldn't be looking through. No sir. Best to [[walk away|Supervisor's Office]].
You hesitate a moment too long. The vines seize you.\n\nYou feel a tearing sensation in your limbs, then intense pain, then [[everything goes dark.|Death]]
Bar none the saddest IT office you've ever seen. The head office in California has the bulk of the company's servers, so only one guy works here.\n\nWhen people in this office talk about the [[help desk]], they mean a physical desk.\n\n[[Back to the hallway?|going][$dest to "North Hall"]]
<<if visited() < 2>>Doot dee doo. Just a harmless little look around, not gonna kill anybody. You open a drawer and sift through its contents.\n\n... what the hell?\n\nYour supervisor's drawers are full of papers, but they're just covered in gibberish. Nonsense words and characers. Some are blank.\n\nClosing the drawer, you look through another, only to find the same thing.\n\nYou're not sure what you expected but it wasn't this.<<set $defiance to $defiance + 1>><<else>>Wondering if perhaps you were overtired before, you open your supervisor's desk drawers again.\n\nStill full of gibberish. Unsettled, you shut the drawer again.<<endif>>\n\n[[Back|Supervisor's Office]]
You are not going to touch the spore pod.\n\n[[ok|previous()]]
You scramble forward as wall-hugging vines close over the doorway. The thick appendages around your feet snake upward to try to catch you, but you barely manage to evade them.\n\nYou draw and hold your breath just in time, plunging through a cloud of spores as you fall upon the giant flower. You tear at it savagely with bloody hands and all the strength you can muster. \n\nAs your overgrown nails tear through the bulging pod below the flower, a thick fluid bursts out. You blink in surprise: an oversized brainlike object sits in a puddle of fluid within the compartment that would be a normal flower's ovary.\n\n[[Destroy it.]]
The stainless steel sink gleams, shining and clean. You are relatively certain that someone has turned it on at some point but you'd be hard-pressed to recall when.\n\nThere's also a toaster oven, showing few more signs of having been used.\n\nYou are not inclined to disturb this peace.\n\n[[Back to the break room|Break Room]].
The hallway looks the same as it did when you were moved to this office two months ago, since management asked that no decorations go up in it.\n\nThe long corridor has grey walls and a dull red carpet.\n\nYour office door is [[on the left side of the hall's end|going][$dest to "Your Office"]].\nRight next door is [[the bathroom|going][$dest to "Bathroom"]].\nAlso, right [[across the hall from the bathroom|going][$dest to "IT Office"]] is the IT guy's office.\n\nThe rest of the office is [[further down the hallway|going][$dest to "South Hall"]].
Colin Sandel @inurashii
The break room is well-furnished, but with so few employees in this office it looks perpetually unused.\n\nOn the counter close to you, the sacred [[Coffee Maker]] sits.\n\nThe far corner counter has a pristine [[kitchenette]], unsullied by human hands. Next to it is the [[microwave]] and [[fridge]].\n\nUsually the long dining table has nothing on it, but today, a [[bowl of fruit]] sits on it, giving off an enticing aroma.\n\n[[Back to the hallway?|going][$dest to "South Hall"]]
The IT guy's desk is pretty clean. No papers or anything, just a pair of flatscreen monitors. <<if $drawer is true>>He has an empty, broken drawer that's stuck open because you're a nosy jerk.<<else>>His desk has a [[metal drawer]], but you don't think he keeps anything in it.<<endif>>\n\n[[Back|IT Office]]
A clean office sink.\n\n<<if $gunk is true>>You wash and scrub your hands thoroughly, trying as hard as you can to get all the residual gunk off.\n\nAfter a minute or two, you figure your hands are as clean as they're going to get, but they still feel tingly and a bit slick. \n\nAdding insult to injury, there aren't any paper towels. You wipe your hands on your pants instead.<<set $gunk to false>><<set $defiance to $defiance + 1>><<else if visited() < 2>>You give your hands a quick wash, because why not.\n\nMoments later, you are annoyed to realize that there are no paper towels left. You dry your hands on your khakis instead.<<else>>\s\nYou briefly consider washing your hands again but remember the paper towel thing.\n\nNot this time, sink.<<endif>>\n\n[[Back|previous()]]