<<if $days < 1>>Today's the day of the [[Hero Contest!]]<<else>><<$days>> days left until the competition! Let's do this!\n\nChoose your activity for the day:\n[[Hit the Gym|Train][$training to "gym"]]\n[[Practice Sparring|Train][$training to "sparring"]]\n[[Preen|Train][$training to "preen"]]\n[[Volunteer at the Puppy Orphanage|Train][$training to "orphanage"]]\n[[Visit the Tchelorisium Mines|Tchelorisium]]\n[[Call the Temp Agency|Temp Work]]\n[[Go shopping|Store]]\n[[Go hero-ing!|Hero-ing]]\n\nYour stats:\n<<stats>><<endif>>
You do some temp work. You can practically feel your awesome hero-ness atrophying, but at least you've got some extra scratch now.<<set $money += Math.ceil(Math.random() * 3 * $xm + $xm)>><<atrophy>>\n\n[[Tomorrow's another day!|Regimen][$days -= 1]]\n\n<<stats>>
Physique: <<$physique>>\nSkill: <<$skill>>\nCoolness: <<$coolness>>\nHeart: <<$heart>>\nWeirdness: <<$weirdness>>\nMoney: <<$money>> Herobuxx\nReputation: <<$reputation>>
Hero Contest
Your <<$testing>> is tested! <<if $testing is 'physique'>><<set $number to $physique>><<endif>><<if $testing is 'skill'>><<set $number to $skill>><<endif>><<if $testing is 'coolness'>><<set $number to $coolness>><<endif>><<if $testing is 'heart'>><<set $number to $heart>><<endif>><<if $testing is 'weirdness'>><<set $number to $weirdness>><<endif>><<if passage() is 'The moment of truth'>><<if $number > 300>>Phenomenal! You come in first!<<set $heropoints += 5>><<else>><<if $number > 200>>Not bad! You take 2nd!<<set $heropoints += 3>><<else>><<if $number > 150>>You come in 3rd. Could be worse.<<set $heropoints += 2>><<else>>You don't even place...<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>
You set off to do some heroic deeds!\n\n<<if (Math.random() * 4) < 1>>Fortunately, you accomplish them without incident and bask in glory!<<set $reputation += Math.ceil(Math.random() * 5 * $xr + $xr)>><<else>><<set $testing to either("physique","skill","coolness","heart","weirdness")>><<tested>><<set $threshhold to ((100 - $days) * (Math.random() + 1))>><<if $number > $threshhold>> Luckily, it succeeds!<<set $reputation += Math.ceil(Math.random() * 5 * $xr + $xr)>><<else>> Sadly, it fails.<<endif>><<endif>>\n\n[[Tomorrow's another day!|Regimen][$days -= 1]]
You go to the Hero Contest. The front desk guy looks you up and down.\n\n<<if $reputation < 200>>"Get outta here, kid," he says dismissively. "We don't let nobodies into the competition."\n\nIf only your reputation were better!\n\n<h2>Game over.</h2><<else>>"Oh, it's you," he waves. "Go on in."\n\nYou go to the Hero Waiting Area, about to be tested of your heroic mettle.\n\nFinally, the time comes and your name is called.\n\n[[The moment of truth]]<<endif>>
You are a super amazing hero! People love you and you do heroic stuff all the time! You're a shoo-in for the Hero of the Year awards!\n\n<h2>But wait.</h2>\n\nThere's a new rival in town, and they're poised to take your hero crown. Are you ready to train like crazy and become the best hero ever?\n\n[[HELL YEAH]]
<<set $testing to 'physique'>><<tested>> \n<<set $testing to 'skill'>><<tested>> \n<<set $testing to 'coolness'>><<tested>> \n<<set $testing to 'heart'>><<tested>> \n<<set $testing to 'weirdness'>><<tested>> \n\n... the judges give you your final hero score:\n<h2><<$heropoints>>!</h2>\nThe result: <<if $heropoints > 9>><h2>You did it!</h2>\nYou beat your rival and took your place as the best hero in the universe! Congratulations!<<else>><<if $heropoints > 5>>You did well, but you weren't able to beat your rival. You'll have to live with the shame of only being the 2nd best hero in the universe.\n\nUntil next year...<<else>>You thought you had it in you. You were wrong.\n\nYou have a long way to go before you can be counted as a real hero. Keep training and come back next year.<<endif>><<endif>>\n\n<h2>The End</h2>\n\n(game by Colin Sandel. Tchelorisium concept stolen from Samantha Allen and Maddy Myers's [[Block Party|http://s3.amazonaws.com/bmo_quiltbag2/submissions/games/000/000/002/original/BlockParty.html]].)
<<if $training is "gym">>Lift that barge! Tote that bale! Glute those abs!<<set $physique += Math.ceil(Math.random() * 3 * $xp + $xp)>><<set $skill += Math.ceil(Math.random() * $xs + $xs)>><<endif>><<if $training is "sparring">>Duck and weave! A good hero knows how to scrap.<<set $physique += Math.ceil(Math.random() * $xp + $xp)>><<set $skill += Math.ceil(Math.random() * 3 * $xs + $xs)>><<endif>><<if $training is "preen">>A hero is nothing without a good image. You've gotta practice that look.<<set $coolness += Math.ceil(Math.random() * 4 * $xc + $xc)>><<set $skill += Math.ceil(Math.random() * $xs + $xs)>><<endif>><<if $training is "orphanage">>You spend some of your valuable time playing with homeless veteran puppies. Good you.<<set $heart += Math.ceil(Math.random() * 4 * $xh + $xh)>><<set $physique += Math.ceil(Math.random() * $xp + $xp)>><<endif>>\n\n[[Tomorrow's another day!|Regimen][$days -= 1]]\n\n<<stats>>
They say that the mysterious element known as Tchelorisium is capable of inducing special powers, if it doesn't kill you.\n\nYou go stand near some all day. That tingling is probably nothing to worry about.<<set $weirdness += Math.ceil(Math.random() * 5 * $xw + $xw)>><<atrophy>>\n\n[[Tomorrow's another day!|Regimen][$days -= 1]]\n\n<<stats>>
Then let's get training, you heroic beast you!\n\nTo be a proper hero, you gotta get a combination of self-driven practice and real-world experience. A hero with no rep isn't a hero, but a hero with no practice gets no rep.\n\nYou wanna be specialized, but not //too// specialized.\n\nLet's get [[Training!|Regimen][$physique = 100; $skill = 100; $coolness = 100; $toughness = 100; $heart = 100; $weirdness = 100; $money = 50; $reputation = 100; $days = 30; $xp = 5; $xs = 5; $xc = 5; $xh = 5; $xw = 5; $xm = 5; $xr = 5; $heropoints = 0]]
<<set $statloss to either("physique","skill","coolness","heart","weirdness")>><<if $statloss is "physique">><<set $physique -= Math.ceil(Math.random() * 5 + 5)>><<endif>><<if $statloss is "skill">><<set $skill -= Math.ceil(Math.random() * 5 + 5)>><<endif>><<if $statloss is "coolness">><<set $coolness -= Math.ceil(Math.random() * 5 + 5)>><<endif>><<if $statloss is "heart">><<set $heart -= Math.ceil(Math.random() * 5 + 5)>><<endif>><<if $statloss is "weirdness">><<set $weirdness -= Math.ceil(Math.random() * 5 + 5)>><<endif>>
Colin Sandel
<<if $money < 50>>You are turned away from the store due to lack of funds.\n\n"Come back when you've got some currency, fella!" the storekeep taunts.\n\n[[You find something else to do with your day.|Regimen]]<<else>>Oh boy, shopping! These wondrous heroic items will increase your ability to be a better hero. You can buy more than one and wear 'em all at once.\n\n[[Buy a muscle shirt (physique+)|Regimen][$xp += 5; $money -= 50]]\n\n[[Buy some fingerless gloves (skill+)|Regimen][$xs += 5; $money -= 50]]\n\n[[Buy a pair of cool shades (coolness+)|Regimen][$xc += 5; $money -= 50]]\n\n[[Buy a hat with puppy ears (heart+)|Regimen][$xh += 5; $money -= 50]]\n\n[[Buy tchelorisium underwear (weirdness+)|Regimen][$xw += 5; $money -= 50]]\n\n[[Buy a lucky cat backpack (money+)|Regimen][$xm += 5; $money -= 50]]\n\n[[Buy a TV station (reputation+)|Regimen][$xr += 5; $money -= 50]]\n\n[[Don't buy anything.|Regimen]]<<endif>>\n\n<<stats>>