Restart Story

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<<if $hungCloak>><b>Bar</b>\n\nThe bar, much rougher than you'd have guessed after the opulence of the foyer to the north, is completely empty. There seems to be some sort of [[message]] scrawled in the sawdust on the floor.<<else>><<display "Darkness">><<endif>>
<b>Darkness</b>\n\nYou can't see a thing! Not even the door you entered by—was it [[north|Foyer]], [[south|blunder]], [[east|blunder]] or [[west|blunder]]?
It's just a small brass hook, <<if $hungCloak>>with a [[cloak]] hanging on it.\n\nYou could [[pick it up|Cloakroom][$hungCloak = 0]] again.<<else>>screwed to the wall.\n\nYou could [[hang|Cloakroom][$hungCloak = 1]] your [[cloak]] here.<<endif>>
Shaking the rain from your [[cloak]], you step gratefully inside.\n\n<<display "Foyer">>
A handsome cloak, of velvet trimmed with satin, and slightly spattered with raindrops. Its blackness is so deep that it almost seems to suck light from the room.
A basic IF demonstration
<<set $blunderCount += 1>><<if $blunderCount eq 1>>Blundering around in the dark isn't a good idea! You can't tell [[left|blunder]] from [[right|blunder]], let alone [[east|blunder]] from [[west|blunder]] or [[north|Foyer]] from [[south|Foyer]].<<else if $blunderCount eq 2>>No, this isn't getting you anywhere... Let's see, the door was [[south|blunder]], wasn't it? So the exit must be [[north|escape]], unless you've gotten [[turned around|blunder]].<<else>>Oops, this is just a blank wall! But perhaps if you [[follow it around|escape]]...<<endif>>
<b>Cloakroom</b>\n\nThe walls of this small room were clearly once lined with hooks, though now [[only one remains|hook]]. <<if $hungCloak>>It holds your [[cloak]]. <<endif>>The exit is a door to the [[east|Foyer]].
<<set $blunderCount to 0>>Hurrying through the rainswept November night, you're glad to see the bright lights of the [[Opera House|inside]]. It's surprising that there aren't more people about but, hey, what do you expect in a cheap demo game...?
Whew, found the exit! What a relief.\n\n<<display "Foyer">>
You've only just arrived, and besides, the weather outside seems to be getting worse.
Cloak of Darkness
<b>Foyer of the Opera House</b>\n\nYou are standing in a spacious hall, splendidly decorated in red and gold, with glittering chandeliers overhead. The entrance from the street is to the [[north]], and there are doorways [[south|Bar]] and [[west|Cloakroom]].
<<if $blunderCount gt 2>>The message has been carelessly trampled, making it difficult to read. You can just distinguish the words...\n\n<center><em>You have lost</em></center><<else>>The message, neatly marked in the sawdust, reads...\n\n<center><em>You have won</em></center><<endif>>