{ (mouseover-replace: ?m0)[$fadeinout[breathing]] (mouseover-replace: ?m1)[changing into the face of a labrador, huge and friendly with a long snout and a huge mouth that you can see the tongue inside of] (mouseout-replace: ?m1)[completely normal] (mouseover-replace: ?m4)[shifting streets. It is and isn't your neighbourhood. Yesterday, you knew it like the back of your hand. Today, it is a strange place and you are afraid of it.] (mouseover-replace: ?m11)["Noi non shoulds essere troppo tardi."] (mouseout-replace: ?close)[ ] (set: $blink to (text-style: "blink")) (set: $shadow to (text-style: "shadow")) (set: $emboss to (text-style: "emboss")) (set: $condense to (text-style: "condense")) (set: $expand to (text-style: "expand")) (set: $blur to (text-style: "blur")) (set: $blurrier to (text-style: "blurrier")) (set: $smear to (text-style: "smear")) (set: $mirror to (text-style: "mirror")) (set: $upsidedown to (text-style: "upside-down")) (set: $fadeinout to (text-style: "fade-in-out")) (set: $rumble to (text-style: "rumble")) (set: $shudder to (text-style: "shudder")) (set: $link to (colour:red)) } The ceiling is [breathing]<m0| so you decide to go for a walk around the neighbourhood. “We should take supplies,” says Moshen, ever the pragmatist. His face is [changing]<m1| so it is hard to take him seriously, but nonetheless. You load a bag, the three of you, with the essentials: a bottle of water, a family bag of Ghost Pops, a giant puzzle ball, gum. Mark wants to take the cat but it seems reluctant to get into the bag. It is nearing dusk, and the sky is already turning green. [“We’d best not be out too late,”]<m11| you suggest, and the boys gaze at you blankly, without understanding the words you are saying. Mark leads the way, up through the [streets. It is your neighbourhood. You know it like the back of your hand.]<m4| [[You'll get lost.]](set: $blink to (text-style: "blink")) (set: $shadow to (text-style: "shadow")) (set: $emboss to (text-style: "emboss")) (set: $condense to (text-style: "condense")) (set: $expand to (text-style: "expand")) (set: $blur to (text-style: "blur")) (set: $blurrier to (text-style: "blurrier")) (set: $smear to (text-style: "smear")) (set: $mirror to (text-style: "mirror")) (set: $upsidedown to (text-style: "upside-down")) (set: $fadeinout to (text-style: "fade-in-out")) (set: $rumble to (text-style: "rumble")) (set: $shudder to (text-style: "shudder")) (goto: "Start")$blink["This is blinking"] $shadow["Shadow"] $emboss["Emboss"] $condense["Condense"] $expand["Expand"] $blur["Blur"] $blurrier["Blurrier"] $smear["Smear"] $mirror["Mirror"] $upsidedown["Upside down"] $fadeinout["Fading in and out"] $rumble["Rumble"] $shudder["Shuddering"] Pick a flower You picked $countFlowers flowers. How does that make you feel? Your heart is beating. (transition:)/(t8n:): This macro (and its abbreviation) applies a transition CSS animation to the hook. Some transition names that are available are "dissolve", "shudder" and "pulse" with more on the way (hopefully). This works well within a hook revealed by the (click:) macro. (live:): This macro renders attached hook after the given time passes - write (live: 2s) to make the hook appear after 2 seconds, for instance - but then continues to re-render it every 2 seconds after that, until or unless a (stop:) macro appears inside the hook. This macro can be used in tandem with a number of other macros to create "events" - for instance, you could write {(live:100ms)[ (if: $var is true) [Hey! (stop:)]]} to make the text "Hey!" appear only after the variable $var becomes true (which could be performed by another sensor macro such as (click:)). You realise that the world is going to end in thirty seconds.[You pull the wallet from Mark’s pants and walk up to the counter, doing, you think, a good imitation of how humans walk. But the man knows.]<close1| [You brace your knees to flee, but manage to say, “Hello. I would like to buy seven bags of apples.”]<close2| [“One hundred twenty six ninety three,” he says. His face is unhappy and that might be about you, or it might be an unhappiness inside of him and there is no way to know which it is.]<close3| [You think about telling him about the green sky outside, to cheer him up, but you are distracted finding exactly six rand ninety three cents in Mark’s coin pocket. The one hundred twenty is easy but coins are a ridiculous idea. You find six rand ninety cents but you can’t find a three cent coin at all. You look at him and smile, hoping that he will take pity on you.]<close4| { (set: $breathe to (text-style: "fade-in-out")) (mouseover: ?close2)[(replace:?close2)[ ]] (mouseover: ?close3)[(replace:?close3)[ ]] (mouseover: ?close1)[(replace:?close1)[ ]] (mouseover-replace: ?close4)[And suddenly, you have no idea how you got here. [[Keep breathing.]]] }[“Get out of here,” the man grunts. The boys have already fled outside the store and are waiting for you at the edge of the park wilderness. They both embrace you for your courage, dropping apple bags all over the floor. [ ]<timed-append| (live: 3s)[(stop:)(append: ?timed-append)[ “We don’t need the apples,” you say, holding them, “we are brave and so we are immortal.” ]]]<timed-replace| (live: 8s)[(stop:)(replace: ?timed-replace)[ You leave the apples, taking each others’ hands and marvelling together at the colours in the neighbour’s white wall. ]]{ ["We'll]<timed-append| (live: 1s)[(stop:)(append: ?timed-append)[ get]] (live: 2s)[(stop:)(append: ?timed-append)[ lost,” you say.]] (live: 3s)[(stop:)(append: ?timed-append)[ They giggle at you with their labrador faces.]]} { (live: 5s)[(stop:)(display:"Lost")] } { (mouseover-replace: ?m8)[bin. You stop for a moment and look at the bin. You feel you need to [stroke it.]<m9| It glistens like the egg of some deep sea creature.] (mouseover-replace: ?m9)[stroke it. [Its surface slips]<m10| underneath your fingers.] (mouseover-replace: ?m10)[It is made of metals drawn up deep from inside the earth. Like you are, too. Its surface slips] (mouseover-replace: ?m20)[$shudder[comfortable]] } They look at you strangely and you know your offering is rejected and that you should leave. “It is a kindness,” Mark mutters. “We must be kind.” Enraged, he drops the bag into a [bin.]<m8| Moshen takes your hand and it is a [strange]<m20| feeling, the architecture of his fingers, but in that moment you realise that you love him. And you love Mark too, though you just met that morning. And you love the world that allows for such strange things as hands and Ghost Pops and smooth metal bins. (live: 8s)[(stop:)(display:"The shop")] { (mouseover-replace: ?m6)[a place that is sometimes the park around the corner and is sometimes a wild place filled with trees the height of mountains and whispering birds.] (mouseover-replace: ?m7)[marvel at the strange customs of the people of this place. They live on blankets in the forest and make music out of small electronic boxes and eat out of baskets.] } And soon you do get lost. You find yourselves in [the park around the corner.]<m6| You sit and [watch the families picnicing under the trees.]<m7| You should offer a token of friendship: [[The Ghost Pops->We need food]] [[The puzzle ball->We need food]] [[Some gum->We need food]]{ (click-replace: ?c1)[objects] (click-replace: ?c1)[boxes of tampons for plugging up gaps and holes that are bleeding, like bullet wounds or menstruating vaginas or bloody noses,] (click-replace: ?c1)[plastic bags filled with fruit,] (click-replace: ?c1)[floor cleaner that could kill you if you drank enough of it,] (click-replace: ?c1)[bags of sour worms that slither amongst each other in an orgy of sugar and colour,] (click-replace: ?c1)[tins of tomoatoes that would last for fifty years before you couldn't eat them any more,] } “We have to get more food,” says Moshen. “The human body must eat or it will die.” None of you want to die, because the world is so beautiful. There is only one thing to do: you need to go to the shop. [ ]<wallet| (live: 5s)[(stop:)(append: ?wallet)[ Mark finds that his wallet is inside of his pants, and that it contains currency that will be accepted at a shop in this neighbourhood. Emboldened by this stroke of luck, you walk into the shop next to the park. It is filled with [objects]<c1| that a person could buy. Some of them seem pointless, but some of them are edible.]] [ ]<hunger| (live: 8s)[(stop:)(append: ?hunger)[“Are you hungry?” Mark asks you. This seems like an impossible thing to know about one’s self, so you load your arms with seven bags of apples to be safe.]] [ ]<link| (live: 8s)[(stop:)(append: ?link)[ [[Behind the counter is a man.]]]]{ (mouseover-replace: ?m11)[He is staring at you threateningly. He might be able to look at you and know that you are a different type of life-form than he is. He might be violent. He might grab your throat and squeeze the life out of you.] (mouseout-replace: ?m11)[He is no threat to you.] } [He is no threat to you.]<m11| You need to exchange currency with this man in order to have the bags of apples. This is how things are done, you remember from your life before today. You look behind you, and see the two boys, your brave companions, huddled in a corner of the shop, clutching the apples, staring at the man behind the counter, trying to make themselves invisible. You will have to [[gather your courage]], because although you are a girl, you are the bravest of all of them. [[Keep breathing.->breathe3]][[Keep breathing.->breathe4]][[Keep breathing.->Final]]