The Queen buzzes her wings dismissivley.\n\n\n[[keep dancing|dance again]]
The Queen buzzes her wings, staring at you intently with diamond-segmented eyes \n\n<<set $dance = $dance +1>>\n\n[[keep dancing|dance again]]
The Queen places her two front legs together and nods. You must be doing something right, [[keep it up|last dance]].\n\n<<set $dance = $dance +1>>
The Queen lets out a low hum of dissaproval. You only have [[one more chance|last dance]] to get this right.\n
<<if $dance gte 2>>The Queen beams at you, striding up to you on her powerful insectoid legs. She strokes your face with her antenae, rubbing the bee-fuzz on your cheeks and covering you in delicate bee kisses. "Well done, my daughter. This discovery will give us the means to fuel ourselves through the Cold Times."\n\nThe Queen has been pleased. She will remember you. \n\nWIN\n\n<<else>>The Queen's face forms a fierce frown, mandibles clicking in displeasure. With a snap of her wings, she turns from you. "Perhaps another of my daughters will be able to understand you; your movements do not please me."\n\nYou leave, blushing yellow in your bee-cheek fuzz. Maybe you'll get another chance someday.\n\nFAIL<<endif>>\n\n
You are almost done with your explanation. Take a deep breath, and...\n\n[[perform three tight loop-de-loops in the air|almostdone2]]\n\n[[turn a half-circle to the left, ending in the exact same spot you began|almostdone1]]
The Queen nods in your direction.\n\n<<set $dance = $dance +1>>\n\n[[How did you do?|please the Queen]]
The Queen stops examining her finely manicured stinger, and nods in your direction.\n\n[[How did you do?|please the Queen]]
You stumble slightly. The anxiety of finally speaking with the Queen is making it hard to concentrate, but you so desperately want to impress her.\n\nYou have no choice but to keep dancing.\n\n[[shuffle your stinger and take 36 insectoid steps back|good2]]\n\n[[zigzag rapidly while walking on your two back legs|fail2]]
The queen ignores you, choosing instead to pay particularly close attention to her delicate mandibles and untangling hairs atop her triangular insectoid head.\n\n[[nervously clear your throat and place the nectar at her feet with a tiny bee-squeak|smile]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $dance = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>You fly home, feeling the gentle buzz of your wings. Your knee-pockets are full of nectar, and you are proud. \n\nYou can't wait for everyone in your hive to know about the new flowering tree you discovered.\n\n[[bzzzzz|page2]]
You attempt to calm and compose yourself in her intimidating presence. Words will do you no good here - to convey the massive space that you traveled to collect this bounty, you can only express yourself through dance. \n\nYou think back, remembering the path you flew to find the great flowering tree. \n\nYou...\n\n[[travel in a figure-8, then waggle to the left along 3 lines|good1]]\n\n[[stick your fuzzy butt in the air and do a summersault|fail1]]
Pleasing the Bee Queen
The Queen tilts her head up, asphysiating you with a calculating multi-faceted stare. You gulp. \n\nYou offer the nectar you collected and lovingly stored against your body. She begins to snack luxuriously. \n\n[["Where did you get this lovely nectar, little bee?" she humms.|begin to dance]]
Your sisters welcome you home with gentle nudges of their antenae. \n\nYou're supposed to deliver lunch to the Queen, but you're feeling nervous.\n\n[[Crawling through honeycomb, you make your way towards the Queen.|page3]]
You enter the Queen's chamber. The corpses of males she recently mated with lie in the corner, along with a body of another female who attempted an uprising.\n\nShe rubs her fuzzy head with two of her six long legs, paying close attention to her crystaline eyes. \n\n[[shuffle nervously in the doorway|ignore]]\n[[flutter into the room and offer the nectar you collected|smile]]