You hike up from behind the jaw breaker to attempt to reason with the Candy Corn. Without hesitation or even a change in gait, the frontrunner impales you on his candy cane and continues on his way. \n\nTHE END
You hold onto the stalagmite and the ooze of half-melted Candy Corn people, still thrashing in agony, creeps toward you. Once the puddle reaches your anchor, it begins to give way. The heat quickly burns through your suit and you can hear the searing of your flesh. You try to let go, but the cool top layer has hardened enough that you can't. Just when the bottom layer reaches touches your face, at burns to you and hardens. You are left there in agony until you eventually starve to death. Great idea, genius.\n\nTHE END
Once you get to the base of the volcano, an insasable hunger takes over and you decide that some Cotton Candy would really hit the spot. You trek up the mountain, all the while thinking how delicious some bubblegum Cotton Candy will taste. Memories of your childhood bubble to the surface. You remember when you saw the ice show with your mom. It was the first time you had shaved ice, the cool thought comforting you as you climb the warm crumbly crags of this cookie mountain. \n\nWhen you reach the top, the uncontrollable urge to jump into the gaping whole takes you and before you even realize what's happening, you've jumped down into the heart of the volcano. Passing through layers of Cotton Candy, the rancid taste awakens you to the situation. The bodies of other candy creatures being digested makes you realize what this monstrocity truly is. Like a Venus Flytrap, you've been lured to your ultimate demise. When you land on the hard compacted sugar, every part of you broken, you feel the burn of your own body beginning to be digested.\n\nTHE END
Not wanting to burn alive is enough of a motivation to take your chances with a fall. You survived the crash, so who's to say this will be so terrible. You let go of the rock pillar and the last bits of light fade above you as you plummet to your uncertain end. Your landing is surprisingly soft and familiar. You've managed to land shoulder-deep in a large pit of Jello. While this could have been a rushing river or a pit of spikes, you still feel no relief. You are now stuck in an amorphous, viscous substance. You take a moment to laugh at the unusual circumstances that brought you to this dark, jiggly pit. After a bit of futile thrashing (and even an attempt at swimming) you decide the only option is to eat your way out. After an hour or so, you've barely gotten as deep as your belly. Your soft prison begins to shudder rythmically. A loud thump in the distance grows louder and closer as the shaking becomes more vigorous. As the diabetic coma begins to take its affect, you hear the unmistakable sound of lips smacking together. You pass out.\n\nIn your slumber, you're totally eaten alive. You taste so sweet.\n\nTHE END
You sidle up to an unsuspecting lollipop, surreptitiously sticking out your tongue. Hmm. Well, it appears to have the same sugary sweet taste you remember...\n\nWith a voracious chomp (you don't know how long you were passed out after crashing, but tiny taste of sugar has awakened your stomach something fierce), your teeth tear off a piece of the tiny lollipop tree.\n\nThe difference between these trees and lollipops on your home planet is immediately apparent - what you swallow is not completely solid hard candy as you suspected from their outsides, but soft, raw flesh, dripping with multicolored juices. \n\nTiny candy-coated bugs, like skittles with wings, immediately swarm the open wound your bite mark created, crawling and burrowing into the exposed soft insides of the lollipop. \n\nUnnerved, you keep walking. There appears to be [[some sort of clearing up ahead|Forest 2]].
Realizing that the idea of dying from a large Candy Corn impaling you on a candy cane spear just seems too silly a death for you, you flee along with the Gummy Bears. Ahead of the Gummy Bears, you can see the opening to a cave. The mouth of the cave is eerily dark given how bright the surroundings are. \n\nAs the Red and Green run into the cave, Orange and Yellow scale the sides of the opening. While they aren't all that nimble, their size makes it a task you couldn't complete. You run into the opening of the cave where you run right into the belly of Red. You bounce of off him, then off of Green's butt, and get flung deeper into the cave. \n\nYou land just short of what feels like a deep drop off. Holding on to a Rock Candy stalagmite, you gaze up from your near doom to see Green cup his pudgy little arms near his mouth and let out a loud "Gloop" bellow. \n\nA flash of steam and a sickly sweet smell of swamp your senses. The gurgling sound of Candy Corn tribespeople being melted alive furtherers the sensory overload. By the time the steam clears, you see a flood of molten orange goo mulching toward you. Do you [[let go|Let Go]] and see where the drop will take you, or [[hold on|Hold On]] run the risk of being melted yourself?
As you approach the unknown planet, the last vestiges of hope escaping your panicked mind, instict kicks in and you begin your descent protocols. The few options you have given the damage to your ship hasten the worries running through your thoughts. As you ship breaks the atmosphere of the unknown planet, the sudden and unmistakable waft of fresh baked cookies is somehow calming. Can it be you're completely losing it, your life flashing before your nose? The comforting aroma allows you to let go enough and just relax as your ship plummets to the ground. \n\n[[Pass out.|Look Around]]
The lollipop trees give way to a new kind of shrubbery: a series of round cylinders, only slightly taller than you, sticking out of the ground at off-kilter angles. They are situated aong the edge of a large brown, bubbly lake. \n\nAs is your habit, you walk up to touch this strange new floral find. It's cool, and slightly wet to the touch. Inside, you can see tiny bubbles rising to the top of the container. Ah, you think. This must be a soda pop spring! \n\nAs you approach the lake, you hear a strange fizzing sound coming from the edge of the liquid. The red sand surrounding the soda lake appears to be causing some kind of chemical reaction! As you think back to your experimental days in college, you get an idea. \n\nYou rush back to the bottle sprouts, just barely managing to wrap your arms around it. With a hefty tug, fueled by desperation and fear of being forever stranded on this candy-flesh planet, you pull the bottle free of the loamy soil. \n\nTossing the bottle plant sideways over your shoulder, you rush to the pop-rocky edge of the lake, jamming the bottle into the carbonated candy soil. In the few spare moments you have before the reaction takes effect, you reach into your pocket for the collapsable emergency space helment that comes standard with all exo-suits. Just as you settle it onto your head, the bottle begins to rumble - you cling to the fizzy bottle with your entire being, entrusting yourself to the belevolence of space travel by carbo-combustulation.\n\nTHE END
You walk towards the towering lollipop trees, your upturned face hanging agape. On YOUR planet, lollipops don't even grow, much less get this big. Some of these trees must be over 200 feet tall! \n\nHeading into the forest, you crush through ganache blooms and ring pop flowers, the jelly bean gravel squishing softly beneath your space boots. Your fingers trail across the trunks of some of the larger lollipop trees, admiring their unnervingly smooth stems. \n\nOccasionally, you come across a shorter lollipop that appears to have sprouted recently. You [[could take a bite|Bite]], if you want.\n\n[[keep walking. you wouldn't eat trees at home|Forest 2]]
Candy Gore
You follow the smell of slightly-burnt chocolate to a bubbly hot spring. It gloop, gloops pleasantly at your approach. Surrounding the slow ooze of chocolate are a series of rather beautiful rock candy sculptures in slightly-humanoid shapes. \n\nYour thrist urges you closer to the spring, walking right past some beautiful crystaline rock sculptures without much pause. But as you go to cup your hand into the delicious looking liquid, the heat scorching your exposed palm causes you to hesitate. Bubbling USUALLY means boiling, and that would do you more harm than good right now, without any first-aid gel. \n\nSuddenly, hard knobbly fingers grasp your arms from behind! Flailing your arms does no good, but you twist your neck to catch a glimpse of what's holding you - the rock candy creature was actually a golem, who's now staring at you with a ferocious jagged grin!\n\n"Oh, what a squishy morsel," it coos, vocal chords grinding together in a low grumble. Apparently your universal translator survived the crash, but you're not sure if that's something you're grateful for right now. \n\n"Hah. What a puny looking fool!" another one rumbles, coming up to peer over the other's shoulder. It eyes you distastefully. "I bet it's soft skin can't even survive the Choco Choco Bubbly Hot. Stick it in. I want to see."\n\n"Hrrr. Alright, but only because I think it'll taste better cooked," the one holding you says. It doesn't even appear to notice how hard you're wriggling, but sugar is seeping into stinging cuts sustained from its sharp-edged fingers. \n\n"WAIT!" you try to yelp, but before you can say more, the golem submerges you into the boiling vat. Your attempted scream results only in a seared throat as you are instantly cooked inside out in the boiling hot spring. \n\nAfter a few moments, they pull you out, savoring your body and it's chocolate candy coating, bite by bite. \n\nTHE END\n
Bee and Dr. Dork
You wake up with a jolt, gasping for breath - shocked that you're still breathing. Shocked that there is air to breathe at all! And despite all common logic, the smell of cookies has persistantly permeated your cockpit. \n\nYou give yourself a quick, astounded pat down. Head, slightly bloodied; arms, legs, butt - everything's there, and working. Unforunately, when you go to test the propulsion systems of your ship, you discover that not everything made it to the surface of this strange, delicious-smelling planet intact. None of your screens are responding beyond a series of repetitive pastel glithces. \n\nHoping for the best but fearing for the worst, you pull on your space boots and kick out dented doorway, taking your first steps onto the pink surface of a planet no one thought existed.\n\nTurning to look back at your ship, it's no surprise that the ship's screens were unresponsive - you groan as you observe fins and engine parts scattered in a wider radius than you would have liked. You kick in frustration at a nearby thermo-propulsion ring, realizing this ship isn't going to be getting you home anytime soon. \n\nSighing in resignation, you turn to look around. Time to pick a path and start walking. \n\n[[Walk towards the wafting stench of hot chocolate|Hot Springs]]\n[[Head into the Lollipop Forest|Forest]]\n[[Start off towards the towering volcano spewing cotton candy clouds|Volcano]]\n[[Go "South"|South]]
You start walking "South" (because who really knows) when you see colorful figures in the distance. They are barreling toward you. The fear of these creatures push you beyond your fatigued limits and you begin to run from them. Despite your efforts, they are still gaining on you. You hide behind a large jawbreaker, and you hardly believe your eyes when you see red, green, orange, and yellow Gummy Bears run past you, all the while peaking over their shoulders in fear. You look over the jawbreaker at what appear to be Candy Corn with sharpened candy canes screaming at the gummy bears. Do you [[take your chances|Take Your Chances]] with the Candy Corn, or [[follow the gummies|Follow the Gummies]]?