The gust of wind is impressive this morning. In fact, it is all you can do to hold on to your hat as you brace yourself against the Autumn winds. But you glance up and notice something floating by. It's a little mirage out of the corner of your eye. It's a seed, shaped like a helicopter. You remember your childhood days, of laying on the grass of the front yard, sun on your face, and the Maple tree dropped its seeds in slow motion on you. You're late for a meeting. But the seed beckons. Do you continue on to the [[job]] or do you take a detour and follow the [[Seed]]?All day long, you sit and stare out the window, wondering. The seed ... it is probably now long gone. The wind has no doubt taken it miles away. Yet, in your mind, you still see it and you still wonder ... should you have followed it? Yes. You should have. The End (or rather, one possible ending. You can always slip out and try to find the [[Seed]]. Go on. Do it.)You follow the seed, watching as it lifts and loops and dances in the air. You feel almost giddy about this -- about skipping work and following your whim of childhood memories. You can't resist, though. It's as if you are being pulled along, as if some invisible thread were connecting you to the seed. And so you go forward. At the playground, you notice the swings and the slides and the seed swoops over the heads of children. Some notice, too, and begin to follow. Should you come to your senses and go back to your [[job]]? Or should you follow the [[children]] and the seed?The laughter lightens your spirit as nothing has before. You realize, as you skip along with the growing flock of kids, that your job is doing little to nurture your spirit. What you needed is right here -- this seed in flight. Of course, doubt kicks in. But then a child -- a small girl with rosy cheeks and blue eyes -- takes your hand, and pulls you forward. Do you let go of her hand and worry about losing your [[job]]? Or do you take her [[hand]] and allow her to help you find yourself again?The seed lands. This surprises you. You thought perhaps the seed would float forever, but no ... it lands, and you realize you and the children are on the edge of the community garden. A young boy kneels, and others follow, and then the children slowly bury the seed. You lean in to help. No one talks. They just dig, gently, and imagine the possibilities of the future. Go here to follow the story further: <a href=""></a>