You lick again, slowly. The Count sighs, moans while he strokes his [[cock|Cock]].\n\n[[Draw small circles, clockwise, around his asshole with your tongue|Clockwise]]\n\n[[Draw small circles, counter-clockwise, around his asshole with your tongue|Counter-Clockwise]]\n\n[[Slide your tongue into his asshole|Tongue]]\n\n[[Slap his ass|Slap]]
//Eating Dracula's Ass//\n\n❦\n\n[[Begin|Intro]]
You draw a small circle around the Count's asshole with your tongue, gently, going counter-clockwise. \n\nHe likes that. You like it, too.\n\n[[Lick again|Lick Again]]\n\n[[Draw small circles, clockwise, around his asshole with your tongue|Clockwise]]\n\n[[Slap his ass|Slap]]\n\n[[Slide your tongue into his asshole|Tongue]]
You slide your tongue in and out of Dracula’s ass, stopping to lick and kiss and see which new kinds of moans and whimpers you can get out of the Count as he squirms under you, tugging at his cock. \n\nYou are successfully playing this game, for you are eating Dracula’s ass. And it’s fucking great.\n\n[[What do I win for playing the game correctly?|Cum]]
The Count cums on his hands and knees with your face buried in his ass, his asshole pulsing tight against your tongue through the spasms of his [[undead orgasm.|Orgasm]]
“Ah, sir,” he says when you mention the wolves outside, still howling mournfully for the coming dawn. “you dwellers of the city cannot enter into the feelings of the hunter.” \n\nIt doesn’t answer your question at fucking all, but he’s cute so you don’t really mind. Cute //and// weird. What a find.\n\nYou try not to think of your fiancé back home, whose hobbies include shorthand and memorising train schedules. That shit has never made your cock hard, and God help you if it ever does.\n\n[[You want Dracula to make you cum.|Orgasm]]
What else is there to say except he is beautiful? To pin down his beauty would be a disservice, so I whisper in your ear while you close your eyes that he is //beautiful// (can you see it?) //beautiful// (is the image of him caressing you yet?) //beautiful// (are you yet dizzy with lust, unable to move, to speak, for the beauty fixed in your mind’s eye?)\n\n[[beautiful|Intro]]\n
Thank you for playing my small twine game, Eating Dracula's Ass, in which you eat Dracula's ass. I made it as a joke and because I am a piece of gothic trash.\n\nIt was written and designed by me, Soren Häxan. Some of the text was lifted from Bram Stoker's //Dracula// and gently revamped to fit my horridly gay needs.\n\nIf you liked it, feel free to donate a dollar or two to me via PayPal. \n\n<form action="" method="post" target="_top">\n<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">\n<input type="hidden" name="hosted_button_id" value="B3GDS93UWCP4S">\n<input type="image" src="" border="0" name="submit" alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!">\n<img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1">\n</form>\n
This is not a game about sucking Dracula’s cock. This is a game about eating Dracula’s ass. Please [[go back and start eating Dracula’s ass.|Lick]]
You’re ready to cum just at the thought of your cock sliding over the Count’s tongue and disappearing into his mouth, just narrowly evading those two glistening fangs. He looks up at you, you run your hands through his hair and then--\n\nhe’s gone. \n\nA bat flaps in the air instead, wildly flitting about the bed curtains in the growing light of dawn. You think you hear something--what the fuck was that? Did he honestly just say “//Fangs// a lot?”\n\nThe Count--in the form of a small ratty looking vampire bat--flaps out the window of your room through a broken pane of glass. \n\nYou’re left the your cold, creepy prison of a room in the castle of Count Dracula with a raging hard on.\n\n//Again.//\n\nYou sink down on the bed. You’ve really got to stop playing this game. Dracula really is the only one that ever wins.\n\n[[End Credits|Credits]]\n
You spread his cheeks gently with your hands and slide your tongue into his asshole. He arches his back again, the movement thrusting your tongue deeper into his ass.\n\n[[Lick again|Lick Again]]\n\n[[Slap his ass|Slap]]\n\n[[Draw small circles, clockwise, around his asshole with your tongue|Clockwise]]\n\n[[Draw small circles, counter-clockwise, around his asshole with your tongue|Counter-Clockwise]]\n\n[[Tongue fuck that wiggling ass|Tongue Fuck]]
His cock is like his ass: it’s perfect. What kind of cock do you like best? That’s what he has. Fuck, right? [[Fantasies are so good.|Lick Again]]
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Maybe like three wolves, tops.\n\n[[Okay thanks|Intro]]
You slide your tongue over Dracula’s asshole. He likes that. \n\n[[Lick again|Lick Again]]\n\n[[Draw small circles, clockwise, around his asshole with your tongue|Clockwise]]\n\n[[Draw small circles, counter-clockwise, around his asshole with your tongue|Counter-Clockwise]]\n\n[[Flip him over and suck his cock|Suck]]\n\n[[Slap his ass|Slap]]
Your face buried between the perfect cheeks of the Count, you slap his ass. The smack of your hand against the pale flesh is followed by a small moan; he presses himself into you, eager. \n\n[[You lick his ass|Lick]]
Speaking of which, it’s time for yours, isn’t it? You’re undoubtedly incredibly turned on, especially at the sight of the Count’s flushed face, sublimely pleased with that good as hell rim job you just gave him, and that ass, glistening with your spit. \n\n(If you wanted to [[ask about the wolves|Wolves]], now would be a good time.)\n\nYou rub your cock through your trousers. The Count slides to the edge of the bed and [[replaces your hand with his.|Bat]]
The Count is beautiful, [[as he must be|The Count]], for you will be fucking him soon. The night is cold, as it must be, the wind howling, the stones of the castle beneath your feet, of the walls beneath their limestone wash hung heavy with tapestry, are cold--chilled--quivering in the mouth of the night. \n\nThe Count leans over [[you|You]], touches you, and you cannot repress a shudder of lust. He notices and smiles as if it is just the right time to show you his fangs, glistening white and sharp over the ruby bed of his lips.\n\nThen, in the silence, as if from down below in the valley, you hear [[the howling of many wolves|Wolvess]]. The Count leans back in, nestling against your ear, and whispers:--\n\n“Listen to them--the children of the night. What music they make!”\n\nThe sound of the wolves and the Count’s silken voice in your ear makes you:\n\n[[horny|Horny]]\n\n[[suuuuuper horny like you are so turned on right now it’s kind of hard to hide|Horny]]\n\n[[interested in wolves, but not more interested in wolves than you are horny (you decide to ask about the wolves later)|Horny]]
The Count is spread out naked on his stomach against the linen of your sheets, the coverlet, one of his knees perhaps kisses the fine fur of a lustrous throw on the corner of the bed. \n\nHis ass is perfect. You have never seen such an ass before. It is likely you never will again. \n\nHe watches you over his shoulder, eyes glistening in a lustful anticipation, and arches his back ever so slightly.\n\nYou have no choice but to bury your face in his ass.\n\n[[Lick his ass|Lick]]\n\n[[Slap his ass|Slap]]
written by Soren Häxan\nwith some text gently lifted and reconfigured from Bram Stoker's //Dracula//
You draw a small circle around the Count's asshole with your tongue, gently, going clockwise. \n\nHe likes that. You like it, too.\n\n[[Lick again|Lick Again]]\n\n[[Draw small circles, counter-clockwise, around his asshole with your tongue|Counter-Clockwise]]\n\n[[Slap his ass|Slap]]\n\n[[Slide your tongue into his asshole|Tongue]]
You grab his hand--cold and white like marble, as it must be. Is he undead? Do you know or do even you care? \n\nYou press your lips against his red mouth; he is cold and tastes like ash and spiders crawl under your skin under the layers of your clothes, pinching and tingling at the taste of his tongue in your mouth, at the line of his body against yours. His hands roam over you, and he wants you.\n\n[[You want him.|Bedroom]]\n
You are Jonathan Harker, a young solicitor from London. You don't want to be Johnathan Harker? Well then fuck you\n\n[[okay fine I'm Jonathan Harker, it's fine|Intro]]\n