The innoculation takes no time at all. Doctor Hammond, the 67 year old Doctor was waiting for you. He gives you a pill and sticks a needle in your arm before briskly sending you out of the room.\n\nYou make it to the briefing, where the crew, including Prinn, Kincade, Smith, Colonel Andrews, Engineer Mckinley, and Nicole Manning are ready to start.\n\nYou sit and watch the briefing, which entails the scouting of the planet in the system, DCS-516. The briefing seems simple enough. Scout the planet for the arrival of the terraforming ship, Ark II. You've got nine months, which is just enough time to get things done.\n\nYour turn comes to comment on the briefing:\n\n[[I don't have anything to add. It seems pretty clear cut to me.]]\n\n[[So, I just fly circles around the planet, make sure we don't crash, and when the Ark II arrives, I fly us back home, right?]]
On your way to the Situation Room, you feel a sharp pain in your head. Your blood vessels pop inside your body and your heart beats faster and faster. You collapse on the floor. Luckily, Manning finds you and helps out, but you are immobile for the remainder of the mission. Next time... See the doctor...\n\nTry again?\n\n[[Change into your uniform]]
This is just as clustered a board as the Reactor Room. Defintiely an engineering thing, which you do not do. Back track.\n\n[[Go to Stellar Navigation]]\n\n[[Go to Operations]]\n\n[[Go to the Command Table]]\n\n[[Go to Tactical]]
You slide up to her, ignoring her nudity. You breach her personal bubble and stop when you're close enough that your breaths mix.\n\n"I can assure you that I am nothing but all man, darling," you say. \n\nShe squeaks in surprise before regaining her composure. She squints her eyes, now unfazed by your close proximity. "That remains to be seen."\n\n"I'm sure you'll change your mind soon," you say.\n\nYou back off and turn to your bunk, shedding your shirt and not caring that she's still watching.\n\nShe makes her escape, back into the bathroom, and shuts the door.\n\n[[Change into your uniform]]\n\n[[Go to bed]]
My buddy of 12 years works at this station. It's as cold as he is. I wonder if he ever hooked up with that girl from... What am I talking about? He's a walking robot. I'm checking his veins for circuitry.\n\n[[Go to Stellar Navigation]]\n\n[[Go to Engineering Station]]\n\n[[Go to Operations]]\n\n[[Go to the Command Table]]
Your shuttle picks up some speed, but less pressure is placed on the engines. Good move.\n\nAn alert at Manning's station. She lets you know that the shuttle is about to enter another layer of the atmosphere, but the thermal layer is twice as thick as Earth's. You---\n\n[[Adjust the shuttle's course 2 degrees to port in an attempt to smooth the entry.]]\n\n[[Adjust the shuttle's speed up, by 20 knots to spring-step the thermal layer.]]
You activate the computer and make a note of your heroic actions in the face of certain death... by comet.\n\nCaptain Prinn, Tactical Officer Kincade, and Executive Officer Smith enter the Command Center.\n\nThey are all about the business. The Captain goes to his command table with Smith. Kincade, your buddy for over 12 years barely nods at you.\n\nThe captain calls over: "What's our position, Mr. Sullivan?:\nYou reply:\n\n[[Not to worry captain, I've got everything under control.]]\n\n[[The ship's in position, sir... Just like I expected.]]
Smith gives you the look that says shut the hell up. Kincade shakes his head.\n\nThe crew gets up and leaves you alone With Captain Prinn. He just looks at you and says, "I know you're the youngest in the crew, and you're really good at your job here. That's why I hand-picked you, kid. Right now, I need you to do your job a little more seriously. Can you do that?"\n\nYou respond---\n\n[[Aye, captain. I'll try.]]\n\n[[No way! I am the way I am, and you wouldn't have it any other way.]]
So, that's it for you. The captain and First Officer immediately confine you to quarters. It's one thing to be a smart-ass. It's another to completely disrespect the captain.\n\nTry again?\n\n\n[[So, I just fly circles around the planet, make sure we don't crash, and when the Ark II arrives, I fly us back home, right?]]
She steps right up beside you with a snide smile. You frown, realizing what she's up to.\n\n[[Turn to face her with your own conceited smile]]\n\n[[step away]]
Whoa, this is the captain's spot. Can't be here. Gotta go. Just leave. Just... Leave.\n\n[[Go to Stellar Navigation]]\n\n[[Go to Engineering Station]]\n\n[[Go to Operations]]\n\n[[Go to Tactical]]
She looks confident in her stance and says, "So, Danny, do you mind if I'm on top?"\n\nYou reply:\n\n[[Not if you don't, and nobody calls me Danny.]]\n\n[[Lady's first, but no body calls me Danny.]]
She smirks, grabs her uniform bags, and walks into the bathroom.\nYou---\n\n[[Change into your uniform]]\n\n[[Go to bed]]
No one answers. Oh, that's right, you and Manning are the only one's awake and you haven't secured the situation yet. You take a breath. Get back to it, Lieutenant.\n\n[[Check the Engine Power Levels]]
The shuttle turns for the derelict ship in deep orbit. You are about to break into the ionosphere and the shuttle starts to shake. You are not at the right entry angle. You--\n\n[[Adjust the shuttle on a down angle of 20 degrees]]\n\n[[Adjust the shuttle on an upward angle of 20 degrees]]
First Officer Smith looks at you with a glare in her eye. She tells you, "I expect better than 'nothing' from you, Lieutenant."\n\n[[So, I just fly circles around the planet, make sure we don't crash, and when the Ark II arrives, I fly us back home, right?]]
Nice station. You can control almost everything from this station, but it feels like it's cluttered with too many operations, even for... Operations. You don't recognize half of the functions.\n\n\n[[Go to Stellar Navigation]]\n\n[[Go to Engineering Station]]\n\n[[Go to the Command Table]]\n\n[[Go to Tactical]]
That was such a bad move. You feel your lungs fill up with air until a harsh pain shoots through your body. Your eyes cross and become bloodshot. Your heart stops beating. You die.\n\n[[I'm Daniel Sullivan]]
She says, "I take it, you're Danny Sullivan. What's the matter? Never seen a naked woman before?"\n\nYou reply--\n\n[[Yes! No! I mean yes, but I'm trying to be polite.]]
The Major smirks at you and replies, "Go back to your station, Lieutentant. Let me know when you're serious about ANYTHING."\n\nShe dismisses you and looks back at Tactical.\n\nTry again?\n\n[[Major. I'm volunteering myself as shuttle pilot.]]
She looks to Kincade. He nods to her. She looks back at you and takes a breath. She says to you, "Have the shuttle prepped and ready for launch in 20."\n\nYou reply---\n\n[[Yes, ma'am.]]\n\n[[20? That crap takes at least 45 minutes to prep.]]
Manning brushes by you to get to her duffle bag off the top bunk.\n\n[[I thought the roster said NICK Manning.]]
The computer beeps and all the systems on the bridge come to life with lighted switches and buttons. The navigation display pops up on the computer station, as well as the engine power status. What do you want to do next?\n\n[[Open the front window]]\n\n[[Check out the Navigational Display]]\n\n[[Check out the Engine Power Status]]
This was definitely the right way. You end up in a room full of computer stations and a large, covered window. There is the command table at the center of the room, tactical on the right, operations on the left, an engineering station by the back door, and the Stellar Navigation station at the very front of the room:\n\n[[Go to Stellar Navigation]]\n\n[[Go to Engineering Station]]\n\n[[Go to Operations]]\n\n[[Go to the Command Table]]\n\n[[Go to Tactical]]
The strain of it seems unbarable, until the liquid in your lungs pushes through your body and out through your mouth, into the grated flooring. Air rushes in to replace the liquid. You look to your left and see Nicole Manning there. She looks like she's in bad shape, even though she's breathing:\n\n[[Hey. Are you okay?]]
The engine power reads a bit above normal. Good thing you looked. You lock down the engines to ensure you're at a full stop.\n\n[[Check the Engine Power Levels]]\n\n[[Call down to Engineering]]
She says, "Well, I'm sorry. Maybe it's just best, since we're going to be roommates, I should think of you as a little boy named Danny."\n\nYou reply:\n\n[[Maybe I should call you NICK. Being that we're going to be roommates, I can think of YOU as a MAN.]]\n\n[[That's cute. Would that make you my mom, or just my really old sister?]]\n\n[[A little Boy? Really Are you sure about that?]]
She smirks and says, "Too bad, it doesn't help me think of you as more of a man."\n\n[[Maybe I should call you NICK. Being that we're going to be roommates, I can think of YOU as a MAN.]]
Both Manning and Kincade look over with great surprise in their eyes. Manning steps up to you and looks you right in the face. \n\nShe says, "Lieutenant, I have no room for heroes."\n\nYou reply---\n\n[[Major, you need the best pilot available. Ask anyone on the ship, and they'll tell you who that is.]]\n\n[[Why not? You seem to be fresh out.]]
You get up and walk over to Tactical to talk to Manning. She barely looks at you before saying, "I don't have time. What is it?"\n\nYou reply--\n\n[[You've got a half-wit for a shuttle pilot. I'm the best. Take me.]]\n\n[[Major. I'm volunteering myself as shuttle pilot.]]
This just doesn't feel right. The Captain gave an order. You look over to Kincade. He looks confused. After a minute of hearing the bickering by the Captain and Colonel Andrews, you decide to--\n\n[[Set the Navigational Chart to orbital insertion as ordered by your captain.]]
Except for a few small jerks, a groan, and a squeak, the elevator ride down to the Hangar Bay is fairly smooth and short-lived.\n\nWhen the doors slide open, the bright fluorescent lights flood into the darkened room. After suffering through the constant buzzing of what you were sure was a short circuit, you welcome the soothing darkness.\n\nIt's so dark, however, that a few feet from the elevator, it looks like a [[dark void]].
The shuttle heads for the docking port, but hits a thermal pocket, that explodes on impact. The shuttle explodes into a ball of flames.\n\nI guess the Starboard side was too deep into the planet's atmosphere. Who knows. Let's try again. From the top...\n\n[[Set course for the Derelict Ship]]
The captain replies with a serious gaze, "Excuse me? Who's worried?"\n\n[[The ship's in position, sir... Just like I expected.]]
The shuttle flies around the huge space craft. There is scorching and a lot of wear and tear from a low orbital insertion, but the ship is completely intact. It's built to last.\n\nFinally, the search lights find the name plate for the ship, it's the United Earth Vehicle Constellation. Manning notes, \n\nBut this ship was out of service at least 4 years ago. What's she doing way out here?\n\nYou remark, "Let's go ask them."\n\n[[Then, set a course for the docking port on the Constellation's port side.]]\n\n[[Then, set a course for the docking port on the Constellation's starboard side.]]
The shuttle cuts right through the thermal layer like a knife through warm butter. Manning looks over and says, "You fly better than you flirt, Lieutenant."\n\nThe proximity alert sounds. The derelict ship is close by and you're speeding toward it. Manning looks at you and says, "I take it back!"\n\nYou---\n\n[[Hit the brake and hope for the best.]]\n\n[[Reach for the thrusters and put them on full reverse with the braking system on full power.]]\n
Manning shakes her head. She doesn't like it. It's too unknown for her. She turns to you with that look of unceratinty and says, "Maybe we need a flyover, instead?"\n\n[[Flyover with the search lights]]
Manning shakes her head. She says, "Get back to your station. You aren't ready, Lieutenant. I'll call you when I need a half-wit."\n\nGive that another shot, Lieutenant. Get serious.\n\n\n[[Major, you need the best pilot available. Ask anyone on the ship, and they'll tell you who that is.]]
There isn't a whole lot of space in your room, but the double bunk is definitely meant for two officers. There's already a duffle bag on the top bunk, and uniform bags hanging from the end of the bed. You just finished a granola bar as you enter the room and see the bags.\n\nThere's a voice from behind you, where the bathroom and shower are, "I like it on top."\n\nYou turn and see Nicole Manning, dripping wet and wrapped in a towel. You say---\n\n[[You're not a guy.]]\n\n[[Are you sure you have the right room?]]
The braking system alone doesn't do the trick. The shuttle slams into the massive hull of the derelict ship. Although the derelict isn't damaged, the shuttle is crushed like a bug against a windshield...\n\nGo back and get this right pilot!\n\n[[Set course for the Derelict Ship]]
The captain nods to you and says, "There's a briefing in one hour. Get cleaned up."\n\n[[Get up and head to your quarters]]\n\n[[Don't need to get cleaned up. I'm good, as-is.]]
Sleeping on the job? The captain finds out and decides to keep you out of the mission. Later, you discover that a shuttle mission could really have used your help. The shuttle has crashed into the planet due to pilot error and killed about 15 crew members. Guess who is not getting that promotion...\n\nSleep is for other people!\n\nTry again...\n\n[[Maybe I should call you NICK. Being that we're going to be roommates, I can think of YOU as a MAN.]]
This was a really bad idea, the friction on the ship completely strips away the hull plating and the shuttle burns up in the atmosphere.\n\nTry again--\n\n[[Set course for the Derelict Ship]]
Captain Prinn snaps, "I don't remember making a suggestion, Lieutenant".\n\nLast time he snapped at an officer, that officer was not seen in the Command Center again.\n\n[[Get up and head to your quarters]]
You shake your head and tell Manning, "You know, I just remembered, I can't leave my post to some half-wit pilot. Who will fly the Intrepid if I'm gone?"\n\nLater, you discover that the shuttle's pilot made a big time error that results in the destruction of the shuttle. The loss of personnel is too great to continue the mission...\n\nAre you kidding? You didn't really just do that after making such a serious effort.\n\n\nTry again...\n\n[[Yes, ma'am.]]
You turn the head of the flashlight toward your face, jiggle it, and give it a good, 'ol smack to the butt of the handle. And suddenly, without warning, the flashlight turns on.\n\n"Yep, it works," you say, wincing as you turn it away from your face. \n\nYou won't be trying that again.\n\nFinally, curiosity overtakes you and you turn the flashlight toward the back of the Hangar Bay. Except for some strewn paperwork, probably from the engineers and mechanics on board, everything pretty much looks the same as you saw it last time before hyper-sleep. No one's touched this place in ages though.\n\nYou walk around, inspecting the vehicles and the lockers. Again, nothing too interesting, but at this point, you'll do anything to keep moving and stretch your legs a bit before the real work begins.\n\nAfter your short survey of the Hangar Bay, you remember your post—or think you do, at the very least—and return to the elevator and back to the sleeper bay.\n\n[[Go striaght to the Command Center]]\n\n[[Go left to the Security Center]]\n\n[[Go right to the Main Reactor Room]]
Of course the computer doesn't lie, but the comet itself is not the only problem. A large chunk of crystalized debris breaks off of the comet. Before you can do anything, you are hit. The ship's reactor breeches, sending plasma and reactor coolant into space.\n\nA reactor alarm sounds, but since the crew isn't awake yet, there is no one to aid in the Reactor Room. The Reactor, even on minimal power, overheats and explodes... The ship goes up with it... The End\n\n\n[[Check the Engine Power Levels]]
Space... Quiet... The stars twinkle all around. A bright flash of light just as quickly disappears. The 350 meter winged space ship, Intrepid, come to a stop.\n\nAhead of the ship, in the distance, a greenish planet, DCS-516.\n\nInside the large sleeper bay of the Intrepid, several man-sized tanks hold the crewmembers of the ship in orange colored liquid oxygen. Two of the tanks, side by side, flush into the grated floor. The doors swing open, revealing the crewmembers: Nicole Manning, a fit looking, dark haired, mid-twenties female, and Daniel Sullivan, a 20-year-old light-haired male. They are both in sleeper suits that hug the body.\n\n[[I'm Daniel Sullivan]]\n\n
The computer beeps angrily. That is not acceptable.\n\n[[SullyRocks 8-1-3]]\n\n[[CaptainPrinn 4-6-3]]
BEEP BEEP! The entire front end wall lifts up and reveals a three section window. The stars shine bright as ever behind it. There is a greenish planet, way out there, and directly ahead.\n\n[[Check the Engine Power Levels]]\n\n[[Call down to Engineering]]
Manning doesn't let you off that easy. She stays close, pretending to need the space directly behind you. You start to realize what she's doing.\n\n[[Turn to face her with your own conceited smile]]
She smiles and replies, "I bet you say that to all the girls."\n\n[[You're not a guy.]]
The mission suffers critical loss. The shuttle pilot was not able to navigate to the derelict ship. The mission can not continue without the 15 members that were lost. Time to go home...\n\nTry Again?\n\n[[Set the Navigational Chart to orbital insertion as ordered by your captain.]]
As soon as the shuttle hits the Thermal Layer, you spin out of control and explode.\n\nTry again?\n\n[[Set course for the Derelict Ship]]
You reverse the thrusters at full power. The sudden reversal shoves everyone forward. You apply the brakes and the ship comes to a stop about 50 meters away from the hull of a massive Earth Ship that is 100 times bigger than the 15 passenger shuttle.\n\nYou and Manning look at each other with awe.\n\nManning scans but can't detect the name of the ship on regular scanners.\n\n[[Flyover with the search lights]]\n\n[[Head for the docking port]]
Manning looks over, completely confused. She scowls in her cool demeanor, "Aren't you suuposed to head toward the ship, Lieutenant? Don't make me regret this."\n\n[[Set course for the Derelict Ship]]
You are getting the ship underway, when Nicole Manning steps in and makes the suggestion that she take a shuttle team in to find out the danger level and check out the derelict Earth Ship in low orbit. It's a dangerous play, but no more dangerous than bringing the Intrepid in. You hear the argument. The captain agrees to the shuttle mission with Andrews reluctant to agree. The captain orders you to forget the previous order. Nicole Manning heads to the tactical station with Kincade to stratgize the next move. \n\nYou have doubts about the on-duty shuttle pilot running the mission in alien space, and you have a sinking feeling about not taking the reigns---\n\n[[It's okay, the shuttle pilot is ready for this. Let them take care of it.]]\n\n[[I can't let this go. Talk to Nicole Manning]]\n\n
She replies, "Half-wit? I'd rather have half-wit, rather than conceited and witty. Go sit down, Lieutenant."\n\nTry again?\n\n[[I can't let this go. Talk to Nicole Manning]]
This is one hell of a big room. There's way too much steam and power pumping through this place. You feel like if you touch anything, it'd explode in your face, on contact. Good Lord... Get out of here and leave this for the engineers.\n\n[[Go striaght to the Command Center]]\n\n[[Go left to the Security Center]]
You step outside the elevator, your hands flailing around for some sort of light switch to no avail, but you do manage to step on something and nearly slip, grabbing onto the elevator for support. Luckily for you, it closes automatically, and only when its occupants have stepped at least five feet away.\n\nCrouching down on the ground, you realize that someone has either purposefully left or dropped a flashlight on their way out of the Hangar Bay. You pick it up and slide the switch, expecting a beam of light to emanate from the black tube.\n\nNothing happens.\n\nStruggling in vain, you frustratedly slide the switch back and forth, trying to will the flashlight into functionality.\n\n[[Finally, you use the caveman method]]
Um. Where the heck did I end up. Hey, that woman is in here from the Sleeper Bay. I think I need to back track here.\n\n[[Go striaght to the Command Center]]\n\n[[Go right to the Main Reactor Room]]
You have prepped the shuttle. The Major, her team of Marines, Doctor Hammond, and Engineer McKinley are all in the passenger cabin. Manning sits right beside you.\n\nAs soon as you get the greenlight, you take the shuttle out of Intrepid and zoom toward the planet. You read the derelict ship on the radar. You---\n\n[[Keep flying striaght]]\n\n[[Set course for the Derelict Ship]]\n
[[Intrepid - Episode 1: Boldly They Rode]]
The captain nods and pats you on the shoulder. An alarm sounds, summoning both of you to the Command Center. You get to your post at Navigations. The crew goes on about a derelict ship in deep orbit of the planet. That means it's inner atmosphere. You hear what's going on. \n\nThe captain eventually calls over, "Lieutenant Sullivan, prepare to take the ship into low orbit of the planet."\n\nWhile Andrews and Prinn argue over the order, you---\n\n[[Set the Navigational Chart to orbital insertion as ordered by your captain.]]\n\n[[Do nothing, the command is being questioned by a colonel.]]
She nods and smiles, "See? That wasn't so hard, was it?"\n\nYou head out\n\n[[Wink at Manning and go to the Hangar Bay]]\n\n[[Change your mind]]\n\n
Yes! It's an all too familiar design for the computer station. It's like being at home from the moment you sit down. The computer beeps at you, \n\nIdentified, Lieutenant Daniel Sullivan. U.E.V. Intrepid. Please enter your pass code.\n\nYou enter:\n\n[[Manning 1-1-4-1]]\n\n[[SullyRocks 8-1-3]]\n\n[[CaptainPrinn 4-6-3]]
The engine power reads a bit above normal. Good thing you looked. You lock down the engines to ensure you're at a full stop.\n\nNow, all systems look normal to you. You see a large mass moving across the bow of your ship. It's a comet with a long, long tail. It looks too close for comfort, even though the computer says it's a good 100 miles out. You---\n\n[[Reverse engines to be sure. Besides, it's a better view.]]\n\n[[Hold position. The computer never lies... Does it?]]
Her smile drops completely off her face. You may have just struck the wrong chord. Think of something quick.\n\n[[Maybe I should call you NICK. Being that we're going to be roommates, I can think of YOU as a MAN.]]
You, Daniel Sullivan, fall to the grated floor on your hands and knees. You can't breathe. Air seems foreign, but you remember your training, and you've done this a half-dozen times. Breathe!\n\n[[Breathe in hard?]]\n\n[[Breathe out hard?]]
Navigation shows that the ship is in position, just as it should be, but there is slight movement for some reason. Confused, you decide to:\n\n[[Check the Engine Power Levels]]\n\n[[Call down to Engineering]]
She replies, "Nice of you to notice. There wasn't anymore room, I guess. I'm Nicole Manning."\n\nYou reply--\n\n[[I thought the roster said NICK Manning.]]\n\n[[I'm Daniel Sullivan. Nice to meet you.]]
You get into a brand spanking new uniform and groom your hair with space gel. You're smashing. You're dashing, and ready to to, but you know something is missing. You remember that innoculation from Doctor Hammond that you must get after a long hypersleep. You know that brifeing is coming up soon. You---\n\n[[Go get the innoculation.]]\n\n[[Skip it. The briefing is too important to risk being late.]]
By Michael Andrew Arscott
The computer beeps angrily... \n\nAuthorization not accepted\n\n[[Manning 1-1-4-1]]\n\n[[SullyRocks 8-1-3]]
The shuttle swings around to the port side without incident. You dock the shuttle safely. Manning looks over at you and takes a breath. \n\nShe remarks, "I'd kiss you if you didn't think of me as a man." She unbuckles herself from the seat and heads out to the cabin. \n\nYou look to the pilot console in front of you and think to yourself, 'She likes me.'\n\nExcellent job pilot. You head back into the cabin area.\n\nManning has her Marine Team assembled and they are about to breech into the Constellation. You fold your arms and mock salute Manning before she turns and opens the door to the Constellation's docking port.\n\nYou watch as her team enters the docking port and take a deep breath, wishing them luck in your mind.\n\nTo Be Continued...
INTREPID: Boldly They Rode
She looks over to you and nods. She gets up and breathes normally. You get up as well and start to breath. You watch her walk out of the room. You follow her, but enter a junction with three major directions to go in. You know you're the pilot of the ship, but which direction do you go in?\n\n[[Go striaght to the Command Center]]\n\n[[Go left to the Security Center]]\n\n[[Go right to the Main Reactor Room]]\n\n[[Go to the Hangar Bay]]
You put this baby in reverse and hit the gas. The ship reverses. A large chunk of debris breaks off of the comet and swings right by your former position. If you hadn't moved, that would have been the end.\n\nYou park the ship an extra hundred meters from the comet and breathe a sigh of relief.\n\nIn a few moments, you hear the computer sound off, "Attention, security systems are now online. Phoenix systems active. Reviving all crew."\n\nIf only they all knew what a hero you were. You---\n\n[[Make a Pilot's log]]\n\n