Once Upon a [[Time]] there was a beautiful princess from a land far, far [[away]]. Her name was Ella and she was the [[only]] child of the beloved king and queen. Long before then the king, Tyrion and the queen had [[arranged]] a marriage with their daughter and the prince of a near kingdom. They had only met a few times but the princess was sure it was [[love]]. One day, Ella was entertaining her parents and their guest, Prince James from the near kingdom who was engaged to the princess, when a terrible wind came from the mountain behind the castle. The evil witch, Cersei, who had been [[banished]] from the kingdom by the king had a large chip on her shoulder and had sworn to make the kings life miserable. So, the witch appeared out of what seemed to be thin air right in front of the king, his queen and their guest. While her parents seemed to be frozen with shock, Ella was taken by surprise as the witch [[grabbed]] her. Prince James launched himself towards his fiance and the witch, but just before he reached them they dissapeared, leaving black [[smoke]] in the spot where they previously stood. The prince demanded to know where the witch had taken his [[beloved]]. The king stuttered as he directed him to the Unreachable Mountain where if someone enters they are never seen or heard from again. The brave prince mounted his stead and promised the king and queen he would bring their daughter back to them and took off towards the witch's [[layer]]. As James rode through the mountain the weather began to change and became bleak and [[depressing]]. Though his voyage was long, he knew it would be worth it to rescue his princess. As the prince arrived at the layer, he said a [[prayer]] and got the strength he needed to continue on. Before he even made it inside, there was a horrible shriek and James looked up just in time to see a horrific [[dragon]] with 100 feet of fire spewing from it's mouth. He jumped put of the way just in time for his life to spared. Taking his sword from his belt, James stabbed the beast until there was no way possible for it to continue to [[live]]. After the dragon was slayed James made hi way inside the small opening of the layer. The hallway seemed to last forever, but the faint light at the end continued to grow as he walked toward it. The opening at the end became [[bigger]] and James took a moment to take in his surroundings. He could see the princess looking at the Cersei with a strange expression. Was it fear, anguish or boredom? James couldn't tell. He was just about to walk in when he saw Ella approach the witch as if she was going to strike her. Just as her hand raised it came down gently on Cersei's forearm, as if the princess was comforting her. To the princes surprise, Ella and Cersei then embraced each [[other]]. They continued to embrace each other, and the prince finally realized what was going on. He left the layer and took the journey back to the castle of his future in-laws, where he told the king and queen that their daughter couldn't be [[found]]. And some lived happily ever after.Not really sure as to what time exactly, but it really brings a reader in.I'm almost positive everytime that line is used, there is no knowledge of the actual time of the story, it's used a space creator and puller. Besides, what kind of [[fairytale]] would it be if that wasn't the introduction?Where exactly? No clue, but it sounds exciting and the reader has to be kept on their toes even if they're completely ignorant to the exact location because it really doesn't matter that much.By "only", I mean completely spoiled and sheltered from the world. Where she doesn't want for anything and if unhappy with something, no one will question the amount of beheadings that have to be performed until satisfied. To force someone to marry another based on what it will do for their communities completely dumbfounds me. First of all, if anyone told me to do anything against my will or wishes I wouldn't even consider walking into it with an open mind. I'd go in kicking and screaming. Second, I can't believe that some stories have arranged marriages in it with no one questioning it. The princesses are basically being used like a piece of property.YOU CAN'T LOVE SOMEONE WITHOUT KNOWING THEM. This is the number 1 place, where any [[fairytale]] is messed up and ass backwards.Most likely all the kick ass women tried to one-up the men and they felt emasculated and had to force them away before anyone questioned how a woman could commit an act better than a man.This is where some knowledge of self defense would probably help, but being a damsel in distress is all the rafe in this fictional time period. So instead of learning things like, I don't know, RUNNING, all women know is how to sit there poisely.Okay, this would be so cool if it actually worked.99 percent sure he's getting some sort of dowery. Like, you're about to go rescue a girl you don't even know, risk your life, and take it as a casual Sunday. What? No way. There has to be some sort of perk.*Insert some stereotypical creepy, rock-like thing where this women makes potions and casts spells and has a cauldron waiting to boiling something alive in. Super original and creative.*Well it's not gonna be a happy place..You know, the classic damsle in distress, has to be saved by the prince that she doesn't even know who she thinks she's in love with. Then proceeds to marry and spend the rest of her life completely oblivious to the outside world.Ha. Ha. Like a prayer could help.C'mon, every [[fairytale]] needs a horrible beast for the heroin to slay.RIP.Because that's what happens, things get bigger the closer a person gets to it. Isn't the way eyes work just fascinating?SURPRISE. THEY'RE THE ONES IN LOVE, HAHAHA.This is the kind of ending more of these stories should have, a man not afraid of a little change and a "defensless" girl who gets what she wants.