The midday is coming near. The work flows like a river full of smallfolks’ blood. Coffee is still good. So you write – if not you, then who?\n\nYou have created a god among men. The character that can be called Prince Rhaegar reborn again. As graceful as he is, as smart as he is, and as handsome as he is. Truly, everybody expect the worst will happen. But the twist here is that you are not going to kill him. Oh, no. Not this time. \n\nWhen people from HBO read your outline about the character they want him naked. Obviously. Naked all the time. Girls will be content and men will be angry about him. The charts are going to rise. Good.\n\n''How you’re going to destroy it?''\n\n#[[He is gay.]]\n\n#[[He is secretly a woman.]]\n\n#[[He does not exist. Only a part of imagination of Bran.]]\n
Broken hearts. Tears of sadness. HBO re-writes. A massive protest.\n\nGood. Your fans did not disappoint you. Let the hate flow through them. The hate is a fuel for your coffee-making machine. Good. Just like your coffee. It tasted best after The Red Wedding. \n\nYou take another sip and proceed to the next character. There are fewer of them every hour, but you are not afraid. \n\n\n…\n\n\n[[You always have some Starks left to do.]] \n
Good. It’s not that millions of people are waiting for your books. You have time. Plenty of time. As a matter of fact, you have all the time in the world. Good. Good like your coffee. \n\n''Go take a second cup.'' \n\n[[You have time.]]
You see Arya as a sexy lady fighting bad templars and shouting that god is dead. She is sex- and killing-machine with a lovely voice. The Others are presented as a mix between angels and aliens. [[You feel dirty|Bad choices.]].
Yeah, a game where you can fuck almost anybody (anything?) and choices are colors is [[what your career needs the most|Bad choices.]].
It will be great. You chuckle [[just like Varys.|pain]]
You weren’t afraid of death. \n\nYou weren’t afraid of fighting. \n\nYou weren’t afraid of starting to be a writer ages ago. \n\nBut now you are terrified. You have seen plots of many video games. \n\nEnding of Mass Effect 3. \n\nPlot points of Assasin’s Creed series. \n\nDavid Cage’s works. \n\nDragon Age. \n\nFinal Fantasy XIII.\n\nThe debate about feminism in video games. \n\nYour mind is scared. \n\nFUSE. Crysis series. Final Fantasy X-2.\n\n''He ask you a question:\n\n"So what will you choose?"''\n \n# [[An Assasin’s Creed game in Bravos?]]\n\n# [[Maybe an open-world bugfest by Bethesda?]] \n\n# [[Bioware RPG about Others?]]
Ah! Dying for the cause!\n\nA fantastic thing. A classic motive. Very much enjoyed. Very touching. \n\nThe moment when the hero sacrifices even his own heart of gold, even his own great life to set things right, and after that everything is alright. The price was grave, but the result is worth it. \n\nBut not in this case. He will die for the cause but his death won’t change anything, and what is worse, his beloved one will die because of his sacrifice. Yes, it will be a much better outcome. Hate is the fuel for literature. \n\n[[You are very happy.]]
"If you won’t I will have to send you to edit one of Rothfuss’s books. Or to Forgotten Realms". "Or" – you see a great smile on his face – "to work in the video games industry".\n\n''Your reaction to the offer of work in video game industry is rather normal.''\n\n#[[You scream.|Oh horror.]]\n#[[You cry.|Oh horror.]]\n#[[You die a little inside.|Oh horror.]] \n
After a long speech you finish with words: “Man choose, slave obeys. [[So you know, you should choose wisely!|Taste of Win.]]”
“What?” He asks with a puzzled expression on his face.\n\n“Before I choose, I want to talk about your favorite chapter in the whole saga, ok?” you explain. \n\n“Hmm…” – he seems to be lost in thoughts – “It’s the one where Tyrion counts to three. You know, when he comes to Kings Landing and tries to find out who works for Cersei. One for Pycelle, two for Littlefucker, three for Varys”.\n\n“Oh, yes!” – you are happy. He is in your pocket. – “So… don’t you think that it is a great piece?”\n\nThe faceless man is almost daydreaming. – “Yes. It is really a disturbing feeling that I almost experience a sexual orgasm about dwarf counting to three…”\n\n[[“EXACLY! If you set me free I’m going to write a chapter where he counts to four!”|Taste of Win.]] \n
Clever and cruel. He would be Bran if Bran wouldn’t fall. Maybe in this case some people would hate Jaime again? As a matter of fact the emotional rollercoaster is [[your favorite theme park attraction|pain]].
Created by: Pita\nEdited by: Diligent Monster\n\nA parody game, dedicated to those who are waiting.\n\nWe love You George.
“But… aren’t you a villain? You kill your characters! HBO public said…”\n\n“No. I’m the good guy. You see, that’s the twist. Like with Jaime.”\n\n“Oh. I like Jaime since the…”\n\n“I know you like him. But listen to me, man. There will be more stuff like that. But to see this you must wait for books six and seven. And maybe eight if I can’t compress it good enough.”\n\n“Oh” the faceless man turns into a man without any hope. He is really sad and full of understanding. “I will be going then. You have to work.”\n\n“Yes, you should. I have something to write. Just tell my readers and watchers that everything is going to be alright.” \n\nIt is your favorite response. As a matter of fact you don’t lie. It is your favorite, yet cruel, response. \n\nThe electricity is on again. The faceless man disappears in almost the same manner he appeared – under your bed. [[In the end it always comes to the bed.]]\n
It would be good, if it would be Obsidian with budget and time. [[Impossible, unfortunately|Bad choices.]].
You feel someone is under your bed. \n\n“Fucking fans” you would have thought if you wouldn’t be able to form as beautiful sentences as you actually can. \n\nSo, instead you think “Someone is under my bed, and it is a week off giving autographs”.\n\nYou try to reach it or him or her with your Needle, but it is not a mere fan. It is not even un-mere fan. He jumps onto your bed and grabs your sheets. He smiles. \n\nIt is a faceless man! That is – he is not faceless at all – his face is rather more uncommon than a good novel by Patrick Rothfuss. You would shake if you would be a lesser man, but you are fucking ''George Martin, Father of Dragons, Fevre Dreamer, Master of a Song for Lya''.\n\nYou are calm. Really calm. But he isn’t. He is looking at you with his eyes wide open and he says with a lovely, and yet deadly voice:\n\n“Here we are George. You shouldn’t have sold the license to HBO. You should have known better than that when you did it. You should have known that when millions of men lesser than you and I are going to watch it there would be trouble after Red Wedding. Red Wedding this, Red Wedding that. Have you ever read hashtags about it on twitter and facebook?”\n\n(Indeed you have. With a bowl full of popcorn. But it is better not to say this to him).\n \n“I am a part of this trouble. As a matter of fact, I’ve been sent to change you. Some of your fans demanded it…and paid for it.”\n\n[[What are their demands?]] – you ask. \n
Pita & Diligent Monster
After a long speech you finish with words: “So do you want to see Ned in the mall shouting JON! JON! at the end of the series?”. He looks rather sad, based on his expressions. [[“So I have thought”.|Taste of Win.]]
ZZZ.\n\nDragons. \n\nMummer’s Dragon!\n\nZZzzzzzz. \n\n7 is not enough! 8 books must be written!!!\n\nZzzzzz. \n\nI hate fanfics!\n\nZzzzzzz. \n\nMaybe 9 books?\n\nZZZzzzzz. \n\n''[[BOOM!]]''
Someone could have said that they could expect only one constant from your writing. That nothing would ever be done the way people want to see it done. Someone could have said that you are harsh. But you have thought once about proceeding with the story according to your original plans for all the characters. \n\nThen, someone whispered to your ear [[“not today”.]]
“You see, if I, George Martin, would disappear in the hell of video games industry the series would be continued just as well. With or without me”.\n\n“Hmmm” – he thinks.\n\nIt is the best time for an attack! \n\n“Think – if I would transfer to video game industry, there is a chance someone from there could finish my series”. \n\n(You know it doesn’t make any sense, but the night is dark and full of terrors and you hope he would fear this vision.)\n\n#[[You tell him about Hideo Kojima.]]\n#[[You tell him about David Cage.]]\n#[[You tell him about Bioshock.]]\n
He grabs the Needle, jerks it off your hand and breaks it. \n\n“George, for devil’s sake! You are not Sam, and I’m not the Other! [[You don’t stand a chance!]]”
Every choice is a bad one. \n\nYou know about every bad thing that working in video games industry includes. And you are even not interested in it. \n\nHe shouts:\n\n"Ludonarrative dissonance!"\n \nYour hearts is pounding. \n\n“Heavy Rain.”\n\nYou have almost surrendered inside. \n\n“Damsel mechanic!”\n\nYou are sweating. \n\nWorking in this industry would be worse than hell. Worse than everything that comes to your mind (even working with television!), and you know that you have a great mind and vast imagination.\n\nHe takes your paralysis as a NO answer. He starts to chant. You try and shout WAIT! There is something that you can do. \n\n''You are George Martin.'' \n\n#[[Let’s talk about the future of the series!]]\n\n#[[Let’s talk about your favorite chapter!]]\n\n
The day is slowly coming to an end. The crows are sleeping. The readers are crying. There is no more coffee. \n\nWith an hour of daylight left you decide to write a short story. A man cannot live by bread alone, as a writer cannot live only by his unfinished epic! \n\nYou are not a slave! You are a free man! A free writer!\n\n''It will be a story about…''\n\n#[[A pair of people destroyed by jelly on top of their heads.|Trouble.]]\n\n#[[Lesbian space-witches.|Trouble.]]\n\n#[[A sequel to a forgotten story about vampires and rivers.|Trouble.]]
You start your work. It is coming really fast, and is really good. A change of the genre is always a fantastic and exciting thing.\n\nUnfortunately, the electricity in the house is shut off. You can’t continue your work today, so you go to sleep. \n\nElectricity malfunctions are not usual, but it seems to be an ordinary thing when you try to write something very, very good. All the bad things always happen to the good people.\n\nYou have been teaching this the unsuspecting readers since 1996. \n\nSo you do the best thing that can be done. [[You go to sleep.]] \n
“The work must be done!” – you say to yourself.\n\nYou spend many hours describing a lovely character full of charm. He has every feature of a great character – he is a hero. He is interesting, have a deep personality, and he is a man of actions and a man of his words at the same time. \n\nBut you are the master of literature – so he is no cliché. \nHe has some defects, and is a very well-thought human being. He has his ungodly passions, his own desires and secrets that he is not willing to share – even with the readers. \n\nIn the end he is one of the greatest and most loved characters in the history of fantasy novels.\n\n''How are you going to kill him?''\n\n# [[He will be betrayed by his best friend.]]\n\n# [[He will die trying to set things right.]]\n\n# [[He is going to die in some stupid and unnecessary way.]]
We all are only men. You can always trip on your own shoes. Or fall from your horse. Kick the bucket during the passage through the mountains. Choke on an apple. As a prologue character or an epilogue one. \n\n[[You are very happy.]]
Yes. Being George Martin is good. You have time. You have knowledge. You have power. \n\nAnd you have one more thing that even the greatest living writers do not have - ''your own inner dragon''.
You are George Martin. You are an unbelievably popular writer with an epic but not-so-finished book series. You are godly. There has never been anyone who put that much work into one saga. \n\nThe titan of work. The creator of the world. The king of the kings. This is you. \n\nThe day of your work has just begun. You are sitting in a chair and thinking about distant lands and stuff. About the work left to do and the work that has to be done. \n\n\n''What will you do?''\n\n*[[Sip coffee.]]\n\n*[[Read some other fantasy series.]]\n\n*[[Write something.|You have time.]]
The next morning is beautiful. You come to your office and start your computer.\n\n''What will you do?'' \n\n[[Sip coffee]]\n\n[[Write.]]\n
Yes. Being George Martin is good. You have time. You have knowledge. You have power. \n\nAnd you have one more thing that even the greatest living writers do not have - ''your own inner dragon''.
Loras is out of the game, so why not? Let other people feel like Sansa, but let them know [[what Sansa didn’t.|pain]]
After a long speech you finish with words: “Nanomachines, son. It is his ultimate plot device. [[Is this what you want?|Taste of Win.]]”
Backstabbing 101! \n\nThere is so much backstabs in your literature that you should work on next Dark Souls PvP components. \n\nWhen readers start to believe that they found their new favorite characters, a pair of great adventurers, two great heroes, you show them your way.\n\nYour character dies a painful death while his ex-friend tells him what he is going to do to his family, beloved ones, name and honor. In the end everybody in Westeros thinks him a traitor, a bad guy and a coward. There are going to be tears.\n\n[[You are very happy.]]\n
We are living in the golden age of fantasy series. Maybe it is a good idea to start wearing T-shirts with labels of other writers? \n\nSo you read some funny, unknown books that are liked in general, but never will be as successful as your not-so-finished series. You read some more recent stuff like Riyria Revelations (good, but only a few deaths!). You read some great classic stuff like Conan, that is one of the best of the bests (but people will always think Conan = Schwarzenegger movies, you think with sadness in your heart). Maybe they are not even worthy to see the end of your book? Wouldn’t it be funny to see how HBO would end the series without you? \n\nLike, you know, Dany as a main hero who conquers, saves and rules all the Westeros. There are a great number of her fans among the watchers. They will be sad when you finish her. But HBO…\n\n“Khaleesi-Shmaleesi”, you think. Nah. \n\n[[Time to get back to work.|You have time.]] \n
“The Starks must survive. \n\nI don’t care how you are going to do this. You will rewrite the whole book if need be. Try to be gentle to them. Pack a bazillion of clichés. We do not care. The Starks must survive. People want to see Brandon as a great knight, Sansa as a good queen, Jon as one of the dragons and Arya as a greatest assassin ever. \n\nOh, and the little brat a NED 2.0. of course. \n\nThere must be a retribution, a change of souls, some great promises and the peace in the end.\n\n\nAnd more tits in HBO adaptations.”\n\n''You are reaching to your Needle.'' \n\n#[[You attack him.]]\n\n#[[And what if I won’t do this?|You don’t stand a chance!]]