However things change, Sony is still primarily a hardware company and Microsoft is primarily a software company. Both sets of strengths and weaknesses those identities bring with them still apply. The PS4 packs more powerful hardware for less money but with stripped out media features. The Xbox One has a better interface, deeper online services, and an operating system with more cool features, but the box itself is big and bulky to just to make sure it runs cool and quiet. Hopefully they won’t break as often as the 360, but apparently there are still hardware issues plaguing the machine like discs being eaten. It’s not that the systems have problems, all technology has problems, but rather both systems have problems that still just scream out which company made them.\n\n[[But what's changed?|Things Change]]\n\n[[But which one should I buy RIGHT NOW?|Wii U]]\n\n[[How should I feel about this?|End]]
The pleasue is all mine. Now how about checking out what I have to say about the history of this console war?\n\n[[That's only fair.|History Intro]]\n\n[[No I'm good.|End]]\n\n
Ultimately, it looks like video games will keep on being pretty cool. Sometimes we just need to refresh the cycle so everyone remembers how cool they can be. Thanks for reading!
Okay fine, get a Wii U. It’s got the most interesting games on it right now compared to either the PS4 or Xbox One launch line-ups, and if you’ve got a decent PC you can just use that to play the third-party stuff you’re going to miss. If you want something else, wait for it to get games you actually want.\n\n[[Sounds reasonable, thanks!|You're Welcome]] \n\n[[Screw that noise!|Black Box]]\n
But if you absolutely must have one of those other big, black, boxes right now, I say the Xbox One has better launch games and the TV stuff is pretty neat in practice. The voice controls still feel half-broken though and the PS4 has both the price and raw power advantage. It’s really a toss-up until meaningful exclusives comes out. \n\nNow do you have time for my historical thoughts?\n\n[[Sure do!|History Intro]] \n\n[[The answer is still no.|End]]\n
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Hey you! Those fancy new video games machines are all out now. Are looking for some next-gen console buying advice from a kinda journalist-type person like me?\n\n[[Sure why not?|Advice or History]] \n\n[[Ha! No.|End]]\n
Even though the PS3 and 360 both ended up being really successful, I think Sony and Microsoft are learning curiously opposing lessons from them, and have both ended up with really diverging, reactionary consoles.\n\n[[The more things change.|Things Change]] \n\n[[The more they stay the same.|War Never Changes]]\n
Come on, really? \n\n[[Okay you got me. |History Intro]]\n\n[[I really don’t have time for this.|Wii U]]\n\n
I Have No Console, and I Must Buy One
Sony- The PS3 was the embodiment of Sony’s extreme arrogance following the unprecedented success of the PS1 and PS2. It was super expensive, used this needlessly complex, custom processor, and even had an arrogant shape with a rounded top so nothing could be placed on top of it. However, that attitude that told Sony they could do no wrong also had them stuffing the box full of every cool trick they could think of including extensive media server features they’ve now stripped out of the PS4. Between that and the new system’s humble, simple focus on pure gaming (and game sharing), it feels like a more reactionary machine. While the PS3 did well, it sold substantially less than either of its predecessors, which could explain Sony’s desire to course correct. Instead of insane hubris, here are better controllers.\n\nStrained analogy: PS4 : PS3 :: Xbox 360 : the first Xbox.\n\n[[What about Microsoft?|Microsoft]]\n\n[[Are things really that different?|War Never Changes]]
An Interactive Opinion Article by Jordan Minor\n\[email protected]
[[For Sony|Sony]]\n\n[[For Microsoft|Microsoft]]
Microsoft- The Xbox 360 did basically everything Microsoft wanted it to do for them after testing the console waters and kind of failing with the first Xbox. It made them a major player in the space, sold well, and planted the idea in consumers head that a game console could be more like a set-top box for consuming all sorts of content beyond just games. The Xbox One is just taking those same ideas even further. Kinect is even more integrated, media consumption is an even bigger focus, and the box itself dominates whatever entertainment spaces it’s put in even more with its huge footprint. Like Sony of the past, Microsoft used the success of the 360 as a mandate to somewhat arrogantly continue their crazy ideas. \n\nStrained analogy: Xbox One : Xbox 360 :: PS3 : PS2.\n\n[[What about Sony?|Sony]]\n\n[[Are things really that different?|War Never Changes]]
Okay, but before we get to that, are you interested in reading about how, from a historical context, I find this console war particularly fascinating?\n\n[[Yeah I guess.|History Intro]] \n\n[[What? That sounds boring and no good.|Come On?]]\n