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try {\n version.extensions['worldBakerRelationshipsMacro'] = { \n major:1, minor:0, revision:0 \n };\n macros['worldBakerRelationships'] = {\n handler: function(place, macroName, params, parser) \n {\n\n //--------------------Culture\n\n var relationship = "";\n var relationshipList = new Array("genocidally hate", "owe a massive favor to", "were once enslaved and ruled by", "preach that the promised land is", "live in a symbiotic relationship with", "dismiss as a myth", "trade with, while secretly scheming to destroy,", "are at the mercy of", "are currently allied with", "used to be the same nation as", "are cut off from", "pretend to be enemies with", "give charity and aid to", "are at war with", "refuse to deal with", "are in a cold war with", "protect", "trade weapons with");\n var RN = (Math.floor(Math.random()*(relationshipList.length)));\n var relationship = relationshipList[RN];\n\n new Wikifier(place, relationship);\n },\n init: function() { },\n };\n} catch(e) {\n throwError(place,"worldBakerRelationship Setup Error: "+e.message); \n}\n
''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 8:]]
''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 11:]]
try {\n version.extensions['worldBakerRegionNameMacro'] = { \n major:1, minor:0, revision:0 \n };\n macros['worldBakerRegionName'] = {\n handler: function(place, macroName, params, parser) \n {\n\n //--------------------Region Name\n\n var regionName = "";\n var regionNameList = new Array("Abregado-rae", "Adascopolis", "Agao", "Alater-ka", "Aldera", "Algarine", "Alvorine City", "Amma", "Ananuru City", "Andobi Exa", "Anoat City", "Apatros", "Argovas City", "Äslajä", "Azure", "Bailee", "Balderdash", "Bandor","Baroo","Basbik","Belgar","Bilios","Bin Prime","Brella","Bridis City","Bukeen","Byblos City","Cadriell","Calius saj Leeloo","Calna Muun","Caluula City","Cambar","Cartann City","Carthas","Chaleydonia","Chofin","Ciran","Cormond","Coronet City","Csaplar","Cuipernam","Curamelle","Daekun","Daplona","Doolis","Dora Prefecture","Dorum","Draeo-Kax","Drev'starn","Elesa","En'Tra'Tal","Forard","Gandalom City","Glastro","Greccia","Greenton","Hanna City","Heg","Imperial Citadel","Iritsa","Karren","Kattellyn City","Kearleonis","Kiidan","Kikorie City","Lumchugger's Hub","Mailor","Muracie","Murmamn City","New Atraken City","New Escrow","New Nozho","Newlife Point","Old City","Oroboro","Plawal", "Pols Anaxes","Prosperity","Qua'Tahc","Quori City","Ramsees Hed","Reithcas","Royal City","Salis D'aar","Saskapeg","Satikan","Senta","Stonia","Talerakia","Tecave City","Thokis","Tun Aduban","Tun Wala","Tylcarros","Ussa","Utare","Vlarnya","Weogar","Xenvaer");\n var RNN = (Math.floor(Math.random()*(regionNameList.length)));\n var regionName = regionNameList[RNN];\n\n new Wikifier(place, regionName);\n },\n init: function() { },\n };\n} catch(e) {\n throwError(place,"worldBakerRegionName Setup Error: "+e.message); \n}\n
try {\n version.extensions['worldBakerCultureMacro'] = { \n major:1, minor:0, revision:0 \n };\n macros['worldBakerCulture'] = {\n handler: function(place, macroName, params, parser) \n {\n\n //--------------------Culture\n\n var culture = "";\n var cultureList = new Array("Islamic, super-advanced.", "European barbarian tribes constantly squabbling.", "Civilization broken down due to plague of attacking skeletons.", "Anarchy. Surprisingly peaceful. Love pheremones in water.", "Anarchy. It’s a bloodbath. Water from the region can catch on fire and burn.", "Everyone is secretly under the control of a massive organism. Some like it, some conspire to kill it.", "Run-down rural peasant hamlets. Secretly ruled by Crows.", "Totalitarian government. Holds region-wide orgies all the time.", "Peaceful hippy nature commune. Loves human sacrifices.", "Worship 400 gods on a roster system. Each has contradictory commands.", "Communist Hive-mind. Stockpiling massive reserves of salt for unknown reasons.", "Half-destroyed remains of a rough analogue of the roman empire. Emporer fights to re-establish rule.", "Anyone good at their job disappeared last year, nation is floundering in their absence.", "Classic feudal England society. Token king: Region ruled by rich aristocratic women.", "Everyone in region forgets everything once a year, changes alliegance and government. Currently democracy.", "Everyone's station in life - friends, job, family, living quarters - is assigned by a yearly lottery.", "New-World utopian compound established by religious fanatics. Intolerant. Believes hair is sacred.", "Ruled by incompetent God-King that’s killed and replaced every year. Has rich deposits of gold underground.", "Everyone is divided into a precise rank by number. The ruler is Number 2. No-one has ever seen number 1.", "Dictator imposes massive taxes, most of nation travels around constantly to avoid them.");\n var CN = (Math.floor(Math.random()*(cultureList.length)));\n var culture = cultureList[CN];\n\n new Wikifier(place, culture);\n },\n init: function() { },\n };\n} catch(e) {\n throwError(place,"worldBakerCulture Setup Error: "+e.message); \n}\n
''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 3:]]
try {\n version.extensions['worldBakerRegionMacro'] = { \n major:1, minor:0, revision:0 \n };\n macros['worldBakerRegion'] = {\n handler: function(place, macroName, params, parser) \n {\n\n //--------------------Region\n\n var region = "";\n var regionList = new Array("Alpine Tundra: Everyone lives in magical bubble of warmth.", " Taiga: Cold coniferous forests. Snows. Canada. Forests are evil, ruled by child-eating witches.", "Temperate broadleaf forest: Deciduous trees, long droughts, warm year-round. Faces the ocean.", "Marsh and Swamplands: wet, bedraggled trees. It’s waters are a link to the realm of the dead.", "Tropical jungle. Amazon. Ruins of ancient mayan-like civilization everywhere.", "Mediterranean vegetation: The mediterranean basin. Birds all recite poems, plays, histories constantly.", "Monsoon rainforest: rainy, prone to gigantic monsoon rains, lots of life. All it’s plants are sentient, some carniverous.", "Arid desert: Hot, dry, sandy. Sandstorms. Inhabited land made fertile by nile-like river.", "Mountain forest: Cold and rocky, high altitude. Bears domesticated.", "Grass savanna: Hot by day, freezing at night, vast grassy plains. Africa. Grass eats unwelcome intruders.", "Marsh and Swamplands: never stops raining, inhabitants constantly besieged by horrible insects. No-one’s ventured far enough into marsh to find insect rulers.", "Desert. Everyone lives in secret oasis hidden by constant sandstorm.", "Tropical jungle. River is sentient, must receive constant sacrifices to avoid floods.", "Mountain forest. Inhabitants must ritually burn sleepy incense drugs all the time to stop mountains from waking up.", "Desert. Inhabitants live on fertile lands next to nile-like river.", "Exists secretly on underside of hollow earth. Paradise.", "It’s a giant ancient creature with the region built on it's back.", "Floats in the air. Alpine climate.", "It’s underwater, in an air bubble.", "It's underwater. The inhabitants are fish.", "It’s underground.", "It’s unfit for habitation: It’s inhabited anyway.", "It’s transparent, half-real. Fae world.", "Tundra, inhabitants are hardy and hairy. Anything created there cannot be killed by old age/wear, but is always incredibly weak.", "Valley. Rocks from the region can speak under special circumstances: What they say depends on the type of rock.", "Mediterranean. It’s trapped in a time-loop.", "It’s heaven.", "It’s hell.", "Temperate tree savanna. It’s apparently totally normal. Once a year, it disappears. Residents refuse to say where it goes.", "Has only one season ( roll d4 to determine which).", "It’s entirely man-made.");\n var RN = (Math.floor(Math.random()*(regionList.length)));\n var region = regionList[RN];\n\n\n new Wikifier(place, region);\n },\n init: function() { },\n };\n} catch(e) {\n throwError(place,"worldBakerRegion Setup Error: "+e.message); \n}\n
''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 10:]]
''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 12:]]
''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 4:]]
''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 9:]]
try {\n version.extensions['worldBakerPlanetMacro'] = { \n major:1, minor:0, revision:0 \n };\n macros['worldBakerPlanet'] = {\n handler: function(place, macroName, params, parser) \n {\n\n //--------------------Planet\n var planet = "";\n var planetList = new Array("The world was created yesterday.", "Only 40% of the world is water.", "Night does not exist.", "Day does not exist.", "The sun is much weaker than ours: Cold planet.", "It’s the moon of some larger planet.", "The world is the size of jupiter: Stronger gravity.", "World is the size of pluto: Weaker gravity.", "The world is sentient, and constantly conspires against it’s inhabitants.", "The moon is sentient, and constantly tries to attack earth.", "The Sun is sentient, and constantly defends the earth from invaders.", "The World is a prison for a giant fire-beast trapped inside it, which provides it with heat.", "The seasons last for years.", "The world is flat. Water rushes over the side and forms an expanding ice ring around the planet.", "The world is a cube. The continents constantly rearrange themselves like a Rubik’s cube.", "The sun rotates around the earth.", "The moon is habitable.", "The world is constantly losing energy, faster than our own.", "There is only one super-continent.", "The world is on the back of a serpent.", "The world is on the back of a whale.", "The world is on the back of a man.", "Only atheists die.", "Weather is much more powerful than ours in every way.", "Massive tides: High tide swallows half the planet, leaving the other half dry.", "Gravity can be subverted by an effort of will.", "Day/Night cycle takes a year. People shelter in bubbles of twilight created by powerful scientist-wizards.", "There is no moon, and no tides.", "Sun is much bigger/closer, world is full of fire.", "Planet exists in a shell, with the moon and stars painted on.", "You are giant in relation to the environment.", "You are tiny in relation to the environment.", "Humans are the only species on the planet.", "The older you grow, the more Magic you forget. Children are all-powerful.", "The laws of physics change every year at the same date.", "God created the world on a whim. He's changed his mind, and is about to destroy it.", "Ruled by 4000 gods who constantly hold committees, never do anything.", "The apocalypse happened yesterday. Rapture, four horsemen, the whole bit.", "There is no heaven. Everyone goes to hell.", "Jesus is Satan. Mankind is sacrificed for his sins.", "There is only one non-human animal in the world. Luckily, it is huge. Appears as multiple forms like mushroom.", "The continents are alive, hate each other.", "All animals can talk.", "The ocean is evil.", "There is no day or night, only a constant dappled twilight.", "There is no rain, but the world’s core is water.", "This is an asteroid belt.", "Half of earth is exposed to the vacuum of space. Strange animals live there.", "The planet is organic. It bleeds.", "The world is a giant mechanical ring around a desolate planet.");\n var PN = (Math.floor(Math.random()*(planetList.length)));\n var planet = planetList[PN];\n\n new Wikifier(place, planet);\n },\n init: function() { },\n };\n} catch(e) {\n throwError(place,"worldBakerPlanet Setup Error: "+e.message); \n}\n
You zoom towards the planet ''<<worldBakerPlanetName>>''.\n\n''Your sensors indicate:'' <<worldBakerPlanet>>\n\n''Local region:'' <<worldBakerRegionName>>. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 2:]] \n\n(Planet names from [[here|]]. Region names from [[here|]].)
@import url(;\n\nbody {\nfont-size:0.9em;\ncolor:black;\nfont-family: 'Poiret One', cursive;\nbackground: white;\n}\n\n.passage {\nbackground-color: transparent;\n}
''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 6:]]
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''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 5:]]
try {\n version.extensions['worldBakerPlanetNameMacro'] = { \n major:1, minor:0, revision:0 \n };\n macros['worldBakerPlanetName'] = {\n handler: function(place, macroName, params, parser) \n {\n\n //--------------------Culture\n\n var planetName = "";\n var planetNameList = new Array("Diffa", "Obang", "Shara", "Ucorg", "Xenon", "ilanei", "Nuock", "Othake 6", "Etedaude", "Smient", "Ushialoth", "Eartala", "Joecka", "Ortang", "Noosu", "Illaet", "Artuoteng", "Rieffle", "Aeress", "Outofaffle", "Agash", "Exesoeso", "Plexerg", "Hiesheca", "Argecell", "Azelol", "Menae", "Thaleng", "Zengou", "Goumne", "Ersatz", "Tralu", "Effart", "Chaexeste", "Onellal", "Proole", "Krena", "Oumamoth", "Plaite", "Naengone", "Inage", "Deare", "Cange", "Zegou", "Oemathor", "Lass", "Aejertrack", "Chesselet", "Tracke");\n var PN = (Math.floor(Math.random()*(planetNameList.length)));\n var planetName = planetNameList[PN];\n\n new Wikifier(place, planetName);\n },\n init: function() { },\n };\n} catch(e) {\n throwError(place,"worldBakerPlanetName Setup Error: "+e.message); \n}\n
''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> [[a nearby region...|Region 7:]]
''<<worldBakerRegionName>>''. <<worldBakerRegion>>\n\n''Local Culture:'' <<worldBakerCulture>>\n\nThey <<worldBakerRelationships>> region 1.