Good morning! I know you feel like complete ass right now. Your eyes are dry and heavy; you can barely keep them open. You don't feel like you got enough sleep -- not even close. You want to go directly back to sleep. Your bed feels really nice and warm. But here's the bad news: you need to get up. [[I really, really don't want to.]] [[Okay, fine.]]I know. This is the worst. Are you dreading work? [[Yes. | Dreading work]] [[Actually, no. I'm good.]]Okay. So you've resigned yourself to the fact that you should probably get up. It's time to actually do that. Ready? I know it's really hard. I'm sorry. Stand up and walk to the bathroom. [[Okay, I'm in the bathroom. | Entered bathroom.]]I know. It feels like you barely went to sleep and work is already here. It sucks. I totally understand. But once you're in the shower and you feel the nice warm water on you, you'll feel so much better. I promise. Just give it a try. [[Okay, fine.]] (But let the record show I'm suffering right now.)Great. Let's get you moving and keep that momentum going! [[Okay, fine.]]CONGRATULATIONS! Seriously, I know how fucking bad you feel. It is awful. I am super proud of you for getting this far. Now, turn on the water. [[I turned it on. | Water on]]Sweet! Good job! Now once the water is warm, get into the shower. Check back in here when you're done, okay? And try not to shower too long. I know it's super-duper tempting and it feels AMAZING to stand under the hot water. I really get it. It's pretty much the only thing you want right now, besides going back to bed. But just try to keep moving, even if you're moving slowly. You can do this. [[Okay, I'm out of the shower. | Out of shower]]Nice! Do you feel orders of magnitude better than when you got in? You probably do. You're off to a good start now, so I'm going to let you take it from here and continue getting ready for your day. [[Okay, I'm gonna finish getting ready. | Getting ready]] Cool! When you're done getting ready and about to leave, click below. [[I'm ready to leave.]]Great! Let's check and see if you have the following: Phone ID Card Charger [[Yep, I have them. | Have everything]]Great! You're ready to head out. Drive safely, and don't forget to close the garage door. :)