@@color:Peru;My friend, I am just a salesman who cares deeply about my clients. I want to sell them whatever will make them happy.\n\n"Ah! Here is my shop! You're welcome to come in.@@\n\n[[You follow The Merchant into his shop|The Dream Shop]].\n\nOr\n\nYou thank The Merchant for his time and go to [[The street]]
@@color:Aqua;The girl@@ doesn't acknowledge you as you sit down. You watch her awkwardly. You're not very good with kids.\n\n[[You pick up her panpipe]].
@@color:Peru;The Merchant@@'s face breaks into a great big smile as he sees you step back into his shop.\n\n@@color:Peru;So, are you ready to dream?@@\n\n[[Yes|Dream]].
That got her attention.\n\nShe turns her head and looks at you. You see a scar on her right cheek that stretches from her eye to her ear. She stares at you, eyes as cold as ice.\n\n@@color:IndianRed;Yeah, I know The Author. What is it to you?@@\n\n[[I'm looking for her]].
<<display "Dream begins">>\n\n[[A pounding in your chest]].
You are on a ship.\n\n<em>The Naoma</em> sways back and forth and you are afraid you might spill the jam sandwich you ate on the plane.\n\nBut that would be silly, because it is a dream.\n\nExcept it's not. Not really. It can't be.\n\n[[It feels too real]].
<<barrel>>\n\nYour gaze shifts to the pirate ship. Two girls run down from the forecastle deck, @@color:Aqua;a twelve-year-old child@@ and @@color:Red;a young woman@@. You squint, trying to see what they're doing. They try to escape the battle into the forecastle, but the door is locked.\n\nAcross the deck, you see @@color:MidnightBlue;the captain of the pirate ship@@ raise his cutlass and shout orders. [[This is your new target]].
<<display "Take room">>\n\n@@color:Orchid;Do you have any bags?@@\n\nYou look around for your bags and then realize you left them at @@color:Peru;The Merchant@@'s shop.\n\nWell, that was stupid. You'll have to go back to get them later.\n\n[[You go back to the street|The street]]\n\n[[You step into the lounge|Lounge]]
You think you see a smirk on his face. You might be wrong. Then again, you're never wrong.\n\n@@color:DarkGoldenRod;Listen, if you need anything, you let me know, okay? I mean, I'm not the most well-liked joe on this block, but I have connections.@@\n\n[[Why should I need your help?]]
<<display "Alex Tait">>\n\n@@color:DarkGoldenRod;Random guess. I see you've come from the Dream Shop. How did you like it?@@\n\n[[Sketchier than a waffle house]].
<<display "Nice car">>\n\n@@color:DarkGoldenRod;Allenal may be a big city, but this burough is real tight knit, if you know what you mean.@@\n\nHe wipes his right hand off on his jeans, then reaches out to shake your hand, though it's still filthy.\n\n@@color:DarkGoldenRod;The name is Jules Nagrassa. You?@@\n\n[[Alex Tait]].
<<display "Under attack">>\n\n@@color:BlueViolet;The Captain@@ steps forward, lifting a hand in greeting to the nearby ship. @@color:BlueViolet;Ahoy, friends! Under whose colours do you sail?@@\n\nA <em>crack!</em> rings through the air and @@color:BluViolet;the captain@@ stumbles back, red mist spraying from his chest. He moans and tries to stand but falls on his side. He tries desperately to keep breathing, blood pooling under him.\n\nYour hand reaches for your cutlass and you unsheathe it, giving a cry.\n\n[[PIRATES!|Pirates!]]
<<display "The Dream Shop">> \n\nAnd then you see the beds.\n\nThe shop stretches on past the first room. Through a doorway behind the counter you see rows of beds. At least a dozen.\n\n[[What is this place?]]
<<Going>>\n\n@@color:Peru;You don't have many secrets around here, my friend. Sorry about that. Sucks to be you.\n\nAs it turns out, we both have the same employer. Or should I say, client. \n\nYou offer a specific service; the murder of The Author. Am I right?@@\n\n[[And what service do you offer?|Service]]\n\n[[My clients are no concern of yours|My clients]].
The shop is cluttered and cramped. At first it looks like an oldschool icecream parlour, with a counter with stools and an old cashregister. There are antique model airplanes hanging from the ceiling and an upright piano on the left wall.\n\nThere's no icecream though, just bottles and bottles. Maybe this is an old [[pharmacy]].\n<<set $shop to "yes">>
<<display "I'm Alex">>\n\n@@color:Aqua;Cyline@@ finally gives a little smile. @@color:Aqua;Aye, I know The Author. I've been givin' her some fensin' lessons. Nothin' too complecated, mind ye. She ain't too quick on her feet.\n\nTruth be known, I was sort of waitin' for her to stop by, but she hasn't come by yet. She be probably at school or somethin'.@@\n\nYou listen to @@color:Aqua;Cyline@@ talk and try to understand her accent. Her skin is darker, the color of walnut shells. Her hair is black and filled with dreads. She looks like she hasn't brushed her hair in months. Her eyes are small and grey. \n\nHer accent still puzzles you.\n\n[[Where are you from?]]
@@color:Peru;Of course they're a concern of mine. This is my city. Your clients are my clients. My people.\n\nYou are here to murder The Author. Don't expect that to be easy. You are going to need help. You are going to need friends.@@\n\n[[Friends like you?]]
@@color:BlueViolet;Stand alive, sailor!@@, a voice calls behind you. @@color:BlueViolet;The Captain@@ gives you his hand and helps you stand up. @@color:BlueViolet;We need every man alert and alive. @@\n\nYou look across the deck. Another ship is approaching, only a couple dozen metres away. It waves no flag.\n\nThe sailors around you are silent and tense. An eerie silence lies over both ships.\n\n[[Are we under attack, Captain?|Under attack]]
<<Cyline>>\n\nThat got her attention.\n\nShe stops playing her game and watches you. Her face has a sneer of unbelief. That panpipe appears to be very precious to her. Bad move.\n\nYou set it down. [[Sorry]].
@@color:Peru;Is that right? Well then, go ahead and find your client by yourself. You certainly don't seem to need my help.@@\n\n[[I don't|Dont need help]]
<<display "you don't have a chance">>\n\nAnother pirate swings over to <em>The Naoma</em>, near where you are hiding. As he lands you shoot him with your revolver. You grab his rope and [[swing over to the other deck|swing]]\n
<<display "I just moved to town">>\n\nNot the most talkative person. You decide to take a chance.\n\n[[You reach out and touch her shoulder|Touch Erica]]\n\nOr\n\nYou ask, [[Do you know where I could find The Author?|Ask Erica]]
That got her attention.\n\nAs your fingers reach her sleave, she grabs your hand and stops running. She twists your left arm until you think it will snap.\n\nYou swing your right fist. It meets her face and makes contact with her nose. Blood starts pouring from it. She kicks you in the knees and you fall. [[You grab her shoulder|Grab]] and bring her down with her.
<<Sorry>>\n\nFor an awkward minute you stare at each other. She takes the panpipe and strings it around her neck.\n\n@@color:Aqua;I be Cyline@@, she finally says.\n\n[[Do you know The Author?]]
<<display "I'm looking for her">>\n\nHer eyes scan your body.\n\n@@color:IndianRed;For real? You don't look like much of a killer@@.\n\n[[Neither do you]].
@@color:Aqua;I be a 'lil from everywhere. Me father be a sailor, ye see. I spent most of me life at sea, sailin' between Port Royal, Hispaniola, The Virgin Isles. I ain't got no home, nowhere to go, ye see.@@\n\n[[So where is your father?]]
You watch @@color:SpringGreen;the kid@@ running up and down the slide. You hear him call out to @@color:OrangeRed;the boy@@.\n\n@@color:SpringGreen;Hey Dad! Check this!\n\nThe kid@@ does a summersault as he falls down the slide. When he reaches the bottom he twists around and poses like a breakdancer. @@color:OrangeRed;The boy@@ gives a cheer. He doesn't seem too concerned that the kid will fall off the slide and break his neck, but genuinely seems to be proud of his son.\n\n[[Is that your boy?]] you ask. This guy looks way too young to have a son.
<<display "strike">>\n\nYou feel a cold burn behind your knees as @@color:Aqua;Cyline, the pirate lass@@, swings her sword and slices your legs from behind you. She came out from the room while you were fighting.\n\nYou lose your balance and fall forward.\n\n[[As you fall]], @@color:MidnightBlue;the captain@@ stabs you in the chest.
@@color:OrangeRed;Hell, no. That's the thang, see. Most the folks here don't hate her. The pirates, they're tight with her. Pretty much treat her like family, which ain't right. It's same with the folks at the B&B. \n\nThang is, Erica don't let go of no grudge. Cynthia hurt her, and just keeps pourin' more salt in the wound.\n\nBut then again, Erica can never seem to let go of anythin'. That done gonna destroy her.@@\n\n[[What did Cynthia do to make Erica so angry?|Cynthia and Erica]]
<<display "the first glance">>\n\n<em>CRACK!</em> The doorframe explodes in splinters, inches in front of your face. You spin around to see @@color:MidnightBlue;the pirate captain@@ standing in front of you, gun smoking. You turn to each other. The chaos around you fades away as you two murderers stare at each other. [[Face to face]].
Within seconds there is [[a rushing in your ears]].
<<display "How did she get one?">>\n\n@@color:OrangeRed;I think you should leave@@, he says. You rise to your feet, stepping back.\n\n@@color:IndianRed;That girl@@ is way too high strung.\n\nYou put your knife away and [[return to the street|The street]]
<<display "stabbing it in the chest">>\n\nA shudder of pain rips through your back.\n\nYou look down to see the tip of a sword jetting from your chest.\n\n[[You have been stabbed]].
<<display "Hi. I'm Alex">>\n\n[[I just moved to town]]
<<Start>>\n<<silently>>\n<<set $shop to "no">>\n<<set $metcyline to "no">>\n<<set $street == "no">>\n<<set $metdamian to "no">>\n<<endsilently>>\nAn unnamed employer will pay you $50,000 to [[murder]] @@color:Red;The Author.@@
@@color:Peru;The Merchant@@ finally emurges from the front room shaking a sealed bottle.\n\n@@color:Peru;This is a Dream Elixir. Drink this.@@\n\nHe hands you the bottle and a straw. This seems like a bad idea.\n\nYou gulp down the drink. Before you have even finished the bottle your head feels too heavy to hold and you fall back onto your pillow.\n\n@@color:Peru;Close your eyes.@@\n\nYou don't have a choice. You can hardly keep them open.[[Your eyes close|Dream begins]].\n
<<display "Do you run here often?">>\n\n[[Do you have a name?]]
You walk into the Bed & Breakfast. @@color:Orchid;A young woman@@ walks by carrying a stack of towels. She gives you a great smile.\n\nYou see she has one arm. She still manages to carry a whole stack of towels, using the stump on her left shoulder to keep the towels balanced.\n\n@@color:Orchid;Would you like a room?@@ she asks.\n\n[[Why not?|Take room]]\n\n[[No thanks|Lounge]]. You go into the lounge.\n\n<<set $street to "yes">>
<<display "Is that your boy?">>\n\nHe shakes his head.\n\n@@color:OrangeRed;Cynthia? She don't come down here much.@@ \n\nHe gestures to the trail where @@color:IndianRed;the girl@@ is running.\n\n@@color:OrangeRed;Last time Erica and Cynthia was up in the same place and same time, things got ugly. Erica tried to kill her. And I'm a thinkin' that if The Author shows her grill again, Erica will for reals.@@\n\n[[Bad feelings, huh? Does everyone hate The Author?|Hate]]
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CHAPTER ONE\nWelcome to Allenal\n\nThis town is really paranoid\n\n[[www.cynthiadawn.net|http://www.cynthiadawn.net]]\n\n[[HOME|http://www.targetcynthia.weebly.com]]
<<display "Touch Erica">>\n\nAs you are falling you reach in the back of your pants for your dagger. \n\nSo does she.\n\nYou roll away from her. She holds an automatic switchblade in front of her, crouching, ready to cut you. You recognize her knife. That brand is only available to those in law enforcement and active military duty. [[How did she get one?]]
<<display "So where is your father?">>\n\n@@color:Aqua;Aye, I may be able to do that for ye.\n\nYe might also find her at Bishop's University.@@\n\nYou decide to visit Bishop's University when you get the chance.\n\n[[Go back to the street|The street]]
<<display "You go for a jog">>\n\n[[Do you run here often?]]
<<if $street == "no">><<Blabbing>><<endif>>\nThe sun is shining, heat radiating off the pavement. You see skyscrapers in the distance, but the neighbourhood that @@color:Peru;The Merchant@@ led you to seems to be a sketchier burough.\n\nTo your right is an old [[Bed & Breakfast]].\n\nTo your left you see a sign pointing to [[Robertson Park]].\n\nAcross the street from you is an [[appartment building]].\n\nBehind you is @@color:Peru;The Merchant@@'s shop.\n<<if $shop is "yes">> [[Return to shop]] <<else>> [[The Merchant's shop|The Dream Shop]] <<endif>>
You land on <em>The Eclipse</em> and pause to get your bearings.\n\nThe two girls scream as you land on their deck. @@color:Aqua;The younger one@@ unsheathes her cutlass. \n<<if $metcyline == "yes">> \nYou know her! This is @@color:Aqua;Cyline@@, the pirate girl you met in the Bed & Breakfast. Why is she in your dream? \n<<endif>> \n@@color:Red;The older girl@@ grabs your attention. You think she looks to be about twenty years old. She doesn't look like a pirate. Her hair is shaved on one side of her head, and while she is dressed in ragged pirate clothes, she has no sword.\n\n@@color:Aqua;The pirate lass@@, instead of charging you with her cutlass, turns to the locked forecastle and smashes the doorknob with the hilt until it breaks. \n\n@@color:Aqua;Quick, Cynthia! In here!@@\n\nThe girls dissappear into the forecastle. \n\nAnd you realize that was [[the first glance]] at your target.
<<display "Pirates!">>\n\nThe pirate ship, known as <em>The Eclipse</em> gets closer. There is a rumble and <em>The Naoma</em> shudders. A cannonball strikes the poopdeck, the deck cracking and splintering on impact. Ducking behind a barrel, [[you fire the musket]] at the helmsman of the pirate ship. Your musketball strikes him in the neck and he falls over the helm, another pirate taking control of the ship.
@@color:Peru;What is your name?.@@\n\n[[Alexander|Alex]]\n\nOr\n\n[[Alexandra|Alex]]
Chapter One: Welcome to Allenal\n\nThis town is really paranoid.
<<display "You attack the pirates">>\n\nThe pirate collapses at your feet, gasping and screaming.\n\nA second pirate looks down at his dead companion and cries "Anton!"\n\n[[You lift your cutlass to fight him|Lift cutlass]].
The lounge is a long, casual room with couches, a piano, and a series of card tables. A door on the back wall leads to a bar. On the left there is a dining room.\n\nSitting at one of the card tables, with a big cup of iced tea in her hands, is @@color:Aqua;a teenaged girl@@. She is playing a game of solitaire by herself. On the table is a panpipe. \n\n[[You decide to sit down and talk with her|Cyline]].\n\n<<set $metcyline to "yes">>
Name: Alex Tait\n\nOccupation: Assassin\n\nDestination: An undisclosed city refferred to as "Allenal." \n\nTarget: [[Cynthia Dawn|Target]]. @@color:Red;The Author.@@
<<Alex>>\n\n@@color:Peru;We are going to my shop. I figured that would be the best place to start on your mission.@@\n\n[[I don't have a mission]].\n\n[[How do you know my mission?]]
<<display "You pick up her panpipe">>\n\n[[I'm Alex]].
<<display "Ask Erica">>\n\n@@color:IndianRed;What, is she your bestie, your homegirl, your BFF?@@\n\nShe's making fun of you. You don't like that.\n\n[[Nah. I'm going to kill her|Kill]].
@@color:Peru;This is my Dream Shop. I sell dreams.\n\nPeople come here and pay for whatever it is that they want most. And I give it to them.@@\n\n[[But none of it is real]].
@@color:Orchid;Awesome@@, the girl grins. @@color:Orchid;I'll just set these down and get you your keycode.@@ The girl walks back to get rid of the towels and returns to the counter to sign you in.\n\n@@color:Orchid;I'm Lynn. It's a pleasure to meet you.@@ You shake her hand. She starts clicking on the computer to sign you in. @@color:Orchid;Alright, you'll have room five. Your keycode is 5095.@@\n\n[[You commit the keycode to memory|Memorize]].
<<display "Face to face">>\n\nYou slide your blade against his, then swing to the right and step forward.\n\n@@color:MidnightBlue;The pirate@@ steps to the side and you follow suite, [[ducking]] as his cutlass swings at your face.
@@color:Peru;By the way, I wouldn't go telling people about your mission. Or your target. There are some folks here who are good friends with The Author. Telling people you're here to kill her could go really bad for you.@@\n\nAs if you would go blabbing about your job. You're no amateur.\n\nPeople in this town already seen to know more than you are comfortable with.\n\nYou step out onto the street
<<Target>>\n\nYou fly to the city of Allenal, where you are certain to find her.\n\nThe plane is small. Hardly any passengers. Half-full. You don't complain.\n\nIt is not until you land at the airport that you begin to suspect something strange about this city. [[Especially about the people.|Plane]]
You cross the street and approach the parkinglot of the appartment building.\n\n@@color:DarkGoldenRod;A black man@@ is washing his car, an old boxy DeLorean, with rust around the wheels.\n\nHe's wearing reflective lenses, and before you even step into the parkinglot, you get the feeling that [[he's watching you]], though you can't see his eyes.\n\n<<set $street to "yes">>
<<Hate>>\n\n@@color:OrangeRed;Damian@@ is about to answer your question, but @@color:SpringGreen;Jackson@@ finally flipped off the slide and fell on his back. He gives a gasp, then a sob, then sits up and makes a short choking sound, like he is trying not to cry.\n\n@@color:OrangeRed;Damian@@ jumps off the bench and helps the boy stand up. @@color:SpringGreen;Jackson@@ is just winded from the fall. It takes him a moment to catch his breath, and as @@color:OrangeRed;Damian@@ insists it's time to go home, @@color:SpringGreen;the kid@@ is begging to climb the slide again. Tough kid.\n\n@@color:IndianRed;Erica@@ jogs past the bench again.\n\n[[You go for a jog]]\n\nOr\n\n[[You go back to the street|The street]].\n\n<<set $metdamian to "yes">>
The Author
<<display "Where are you from?">>\n\n@@color:Aqua;Dead. And good riddance.\n\nCyline@@ continues to play her game of cards. You decide to head back to the street, but first you ask her a favour.\n\n[[Listen, if you see The Author, would you be able to introduce me?|Introduce me]]
You begin to cough up blood as you fall into his arms. As you die, @@color:MidnightBlue;the captain@@ whispers to you.\n\n@@color:MidnightBlue;Get yarself out of Allenal. Ye've got no business there.\n\nStay away from lil Cyline and The Author.\n\nIf ye e'er so much as look at them again, I swear I will cut yar throat, and ye won't be wakin' up at The Merchant's shop.\n\nI be watchin' ye.@@\n\nHe is watching you. [[Even when you're not dreaming|Watching]].
<<display "Lift cutlass">>\n\nA voice whispers in your ear, @@color:DeepPink;This is what you get for killing my friend@@.\n\nYou fall to your knees.\n\n[[A shadow passing over and you pass out of the dream|Wake up from stabbing]] wondering, What was the point?
@@color:IndianRed;Can't help you, but I'll keep that in mind.@@\n\nShe makes a fist and you bump it.\n\n@@color:IndianRed;I'm Erica.\n\nErica@@ gains speed and keeps running. You veer off the path and slow your pace until you return to the main park.\n\n<<if $metdamian == "yes">>[[Return to street|The street]] <<else>>[[Talk to boy sitting on bench|You talk to the boy]]\n\nOr\n\n[[Return to the street|The street]]<<endif>>
You unsheathe the cutlass and charge the nearest pirate, [[stabbing it in the chest]].
You approach @@color:DarkGoldenRod;the man@@. He pretends not to notice, scrubbing rust off the hood, but you know he is looking at you behind his lenses.\n\n[[That's a nice car you've got.|Nice car]].
Major characters\n\n@@color:Peru;The Merchant is Peru@@\n\n@@color:Maroon;The Author is Maroon@@\n\n@@color:Aqua;Cyline is Aqua@@\n\n@@color:DarkSlateGrey;Anton is DarkSlateGrey@@\n\n@@color:DeepPink;Rocco is DeepPink@@\n\n@@color:DarkKhaki;Phillip is DarkKhaki@@\n\n@@color:DarkGoldenRod;Julian is DarkGoldenRod@@\n\n@@color:IndianRed;Erica is IndianRed@@\n\n@@color:SpringGreen;Jackson is SpringGreen@@\n\n@@color:OrangeRed;Damian is OrangeRed@@\n\n@@color:Yellow;Shaell is Yellow@@\n\n@@color:Indigo;Lukan is Indigo@@\n\n@@color:Orchid;Lynn is Orchid\nLynn is also the innkeeper@@\n\n@@color:Green;Tison is Green@@\n\n@@color:LightSkyBlue;Logan is LightSkyBlue@@\n\nMinor characters (Dreams)\n\n@@color:BlueViolet;Captain is BlueViolet@@\n\n@@color:MidnightBlue;Cairo is MidnightBlue@@\n\n<<set $password1 = prompt("Enter password to continue")>>\n<<if $password1 eq "DangerousDream">>\n<<display "PasswordSuccess">>\n<<else>>\n<<display "PasswordFailure">>\n<<endif>>
You go running on the path, pushing yourself to catch up to @@color:IndianRed;the girl@@ ahead of you. She's fast. She wears a grey sports jacket and long pants, though it's hot and you see she's sweating like a pig.\n\n[[Hi. I'm Alex]], you say.
You unsheath your cutlass, ducking low and pulling a revolver from the belt of your captain, still trying to breathe. You slip the revolver into your own belt. \n\nThe first-mate resumes the captain's role of calling the men to arms, preparing the guns for battle. A boy runs across the deck with a musket, which you grab. You kneal on the deck to [[check if it is loaded.|Check musket]]
<<display "Friends like you?">> \n\n[[So what's this business you run?|Service]]
<<display "It feels too real">>\n\n@@color:BlueViolet;Let's hope not, sailor@@, the captain mutters. You see his pale face and the pulsing of his throat as he swallows. This is a man who is has lived through many attacks, many battles, many storms. Much like yourself.\n\nAnd you see that he is terrified.\n\nYou wrap a hand around the hilt of a sabre hanging from your waist. [[And you wait]].
<<display "You talk to the boy">>\n\n@@color:OrangeRed;Better believe it\n\nHis name's Jackson. We call him Jack-Jack, J-Rock, or CrackerJack. Whatever fits.\n\nThe name's Damian.@@\n\n[[I'm Alex. I was wondering if you've seen The Author|Damian]].
<<display "Wake up from stabbing">>\n\n@@color:Peru;How about I send you back to the dream? Try again.@@\n\n[[Screw that!|The street]] you cry, jumping to your feet. You stumble out of the shop. You've had enough of this dreaming nonsense.\n\nOr\n\n[[You settle back for another dose of dreams|Dream begins]]. You know you're missing something. @@color:Peru;The Merchant@@ didn't give you this dream for nothing, and you won't stop searching until you've found it.
<<display "My clients">>\n\n@@color:Peru;You need contacts. Someone you can trust. Someone who's connected. Trust me, Alex, there ain't nobody in this town more connected than me.@@\n\n[[Thanks. I'll keep that in mind|Keep in mind]]
You have seen @@color:Red;The Author@@. You now know who your target is.\n\n@@color:MidnightBlue;The Pirate@@ is watching you. Even when you are not dreaming.\n\nAs you pass away from <em>The Eclipse</em> and the dream, you understand why @@color:Peru;The Merchant@@ gave you this dream.\n\nThere is more to Allenal then you thought.\n\n@@color:Red;<center><strong>END OF CHAPTER ONE\n\nPASSWORD FOR CHAPTER TWO: DangerousDream </strong></center>@@\n\nDon't forget this password! You will need it to play chapter two!\n\n[[Replay|Start]]
<<display "Check musket">>\n\nFour of the pirates swing over to your deck, firing pistols and swinging their cutlasses, slashing at defending sailors. You duck behind the barrel, watching them.\n\n[[You attack the pirates]]\n\n[[You keep hiding behind the barrel|barrel]]
<<display "you can't get in">>\n\n@@color:MidnightBlue;The pirate@@ raises his cutlass, swinging it up and to your left. You lift your own blade. The swords vibrate and ring as they [[strike]].
<<murder>>\n\nAs soon as you step off the plane you are met by @@color:Peru;a tall, thin man.@@ Short beard. Fedora. Dark glasses hide his eyes.\n\nHe takes your bags without asking and walks through the airport, to the street beyond.\n\nYou don't ask questions. You just follow him.\n\n[[Nobody speaks.|Speak]]\n\nAt first.
<<Grab>>\n\n@@color:OrangeRed;Erica!@@ You see <<if $metdamian == "no">>@@color:OrangeRed;the teenaged boy@@ from the bench<<else>> @@color:OrangeRed;Damian@@<<endif>> running toward you.\n\n@@color:OrangeRed;What's going on here?@@ he demands, pulling out his own blade.\n\n@@color:IndianRed;Leave it alone, Damian@@, she spats.\n\nYou keep your knife pointed at @@color:IndianRed;Erica@@ but hold one hand up, a plea for peace.\n\n[[I don't want any trouble|NoTrouble]].
@@color:Peru;Nice to meet you.\n\nI am the Merchant.@@\n\n[[Where are we going|Going]]?
You awaken in @@color:Peru;The Merchant@@'s shop.\n\nYou roll over to see @@color:Peru;The Merchant@@ watching you while you sleep. Creepy.\n\n@@color:Peru;So, what happened?@@\n\nYou tell @@color:Peru;The Merchant@@ what happened. He listens patiently, but you can tell he's not impressed.\n\n[[I thought this dream was supposed to help me find The Author|The Author not found]], you grumble.
<<Kill>>\n\nBut that's a lie. @@color:IndianRed;This chick@@ looks every bit like a killer. She cocks an eyebrow. She knows it.\n\n[[If you know where Cynthia is, let me know. We'll take her down|Down]].
You charge the forecastle and try to twist the broken doorhandle. The girls have wedged something in front of the door and [[you can't get in]].
<<display "I don't have a mission">>\n\n@@color:Peru;That's just fine, but I'm warning you, this mission may be harder that it looks. I might have something you want.\n\n[[Whatever. Leaves the shop|The street]]
<<display "What is this place?">>\n\n@@color:Peru;And who cares?\n\nWhen you're ready to escape this world and go into another, then anything is good enough. \n\nEven a dream. Or a lie.\n\nWould you like to dream?@@\n\n[[Absolutely|Dream]]. You hand The Merchant your money\n\nOr\n\n[[Thanks, but no thanks|The street]] You go to the street.
@@color:Peru;The Merchant@@ fiddles around his shelves for a moment, looking for a specific bottle. @@color:Peru;Trust me@@, he says, @@color:Peru;I've got the perfect dream for you here. A dream that will help you accomplish your mission.@@\n\nYou can't wait. Or maybe you can.\n\nYou're intrigued. And a little freaked out.\n\nBut this is just part of the adventure, right?\n\n@@color:Peru;The Merchant@@ tells you to go ahead to the back room. You select [[a clean bed]] and crawl into it.
<<display "go talk to the man">>\n\n@@color:DarkGoldenRod;It's a rust bucket, but it's got a good engine and that's all that matters.\n\nAre you new to town?@@\n\n[[How did you guess?]]
What's the big idea? Why would this guy be watching you? There's nothing about you that really stands out.\n\nThis town is really paranoid.\n\nYou decide to [[go talk to the man]] and see what his deal is.
<<display "a rushing in your ears">>\n\nAnd you think you're going to be sick.\n\n[[Your eyes flash open]].
You follow the signs until you reach the park.\n\nIt's a nice place, with green grass, a soccer field, a bicycle path and a jungle gym for kids.\n\n@@color:SpringGreen;A little kid@@ is running up and down a slide. @@color:OrangeRed;A teenaged boy@@ is watching him on a bench while flipping a magazine. @@color:IndianRed;A teenaged girl@@ jogs past on the path.\n\n[[You talk to the boy]]\n\n[[You go for a jog]]\n\n[[You return to the street|The street]]\n\n\n<<set $street to "yes">>
<<display "Why should I need your help?">>\n\n@@color:DarkGoldenRod;Jules@@ laughs.\n\n@@color:DarkGoldenRod;You've got that right! But it works. Trust me, The Merchant is legit. Trust the dreams. You'll find what you're looking for there.@@\n\nA ringtone goes off. @@color:DarkGoldenRod;Jules@@ reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone.\n\n@@color:DarkGoldenRod;Got to run@@.\n\nHe disappears into the appartment building, leaving his wet car in the lot.\n\n[[You return to the street|The street]].
You watch as the pirates fight your crewmembers, stabbing and cuttingdown men with no pity. Your grip tightens around the sabre, hardly able to stop yourself from jumping up and defending <em>The Naoma</em>, but you stop yourself. There are too many pirates flooding the ship now, and you know [[you don't have a chance]].