As you enter Magus World, you notice two groups. One is roughly five or six people chasing each other in a large, concentric circle, firing popguns, under the watchful eye of the bartender, who is standing on a balcony. \n\nThe second is a larger group casually lounging at the bar, having a casual discussion about dick sizes and videogames.\n\nDo you [[join the shootout]], or [[see what the guys at the bar are doing]]?
Taking a seat at the bar, you're welcomed by several friendly faces, and quickly grab a mug of delcious Misdreavus World Beer.\n\nYou ask them why the bartender is allowing the shootout in his own bar, and why no one has thought to stop it. They just shrug, and carry on their conversation.\n\nYou're almost certain someone in the massive kerfluffle just yelled your name, blaming the seated group for some slight against him, but you're having too much fun chilling with these guys to care, and continue to do so well into the night, essentially ignoring the fight.\n\n[THE END]
Grabbing a popgun of your own, you join the circle, mindlessly shooting at the other runners. A few manage to nearly hit you, but as far as you can tell no one is accomplishing much of anything.\n\nAs you finally begin to ponder why this is even taking place, the bartender suddenly grabs you by the collar and throws you out of the building.\n\nAh well. You'll be back in a week for more.\n\n[THE END]
Shootout at the Minority World Corral