Shawn decides to stay home in order to spend time with his dad. They sit down to have dinner and discussion turns to an old game they used to play when they would guess what their presents were.\n\n*[[next|Call]]
<b>The Hero Earns His Position</b>\n\n<<if visited("carol")>> Quickly, to try and save face, Shawn deduces that the man was not at all a suicide, that he was murdered. He announces this leading the police to discover that there is indeed signs of a struggle. Reluctantly, they agree to take him aboard.<<elseif visited("village")>> Shawn catches up with the detectives as they reach their car. They did not even realize he had witnessed the event and so when he divines that they are at the village for an assault charge (and because they don't want the case) they agree to let him take over.<<else>> His father is doubtful that it is even fair because Shawn is hardly ever around to even know what he is thinking. Shawn then uses clues from around the room to deduce his father's shopping habits for the past month. The stakes are raised and the challenge is accepted.<<endif>>\n\n[[next|wrong]]
<b>The Hero is Vindicated</b>\n\n<<if visited("carol")>> Shawn calls the detectives to meet him at the victim's estate sale where he confronts the murderer leading to a full confession. Gus' parents are released and they praise Shawn for his talents. Christmas is back on schedule.<<elseif visited("village")>> Upon Shawn's suggestion, the detectives take the pick pocket into the interogation room where they are able to get a full confession. Santa is released in time to get back to the kids at the village and Christmas was saved for a little girl.<<else>> Shawn guesses that his father got him personalized golf balls. His father's expression is all shock and he admits that he is correct. Shawn opens his present and his father continues to tell him how proud he is. They then retire to the porch to and spend a nice Christmas evening together.<<endif>>\n\n
Psych: Morphology
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<b>The Hero Recieves Some Enlightenment</b>\n\n<<if visited("carol")>> After further investigation at the man's house Shawn discovers some medication in the trashcan leading him to belive that the man was going senile. He also discovers that the victim had caught his neighbor's wife in an affair. Coupled with evidence that the victim was not carried up the stairs but dragged by someone not quite strong enough, he knew he had his murderer. The woman next door would always move the man's trash cans, she must have seen he was going senile and become worried he would let spill her secret.<<elseif visited("village")>> As Shawn walks around the police office gathering his wits he walks outside the holding cell where he sees Santa and his friends. He spies one of the men is passing a coin between his fingers in a dexterity drill. He realizes the man is a pickpocket and must have been trying to steal the victim's wallet.<<else>> Shawn looks over his father's shoulder and sees his golf bag is out from it's usual spot. A receipt is hanging out of the side pocket. With his recent success at his detective agency he knew his father was proud of him. He gave his present one good shake to make sure.<<endif>>\n\n*[[next|vindicated]]
Its Christmas time in Santa Barbara and Shawn is all excited to find some holiday fun.\n\n*[[Go caroling with the Gusters|carol]]\n*[[Go with Gus to the Christmas village|village]]\n*[[Hang out with Dad|dad]]
<b>The Hero is Wrong or Makes a Mistake</b>\n\n<<if visited("carol")>> Shawn and Gus remain in the house as the police leave to search for clues. Soon, while examining the study, they discover that the man had been spying on the whole neighborhood, taking pictures when neccesary and black mailing half of them. After divining this information, however, Shawn leads to the arrest of both of Gus' parents who were both on the black mail list. Distraught and humiliated at this backfire, Shawn and Gus go back to square one.<<elseif visited("village")>>As Shawn and Gus return to the scene they see a new shift of elves coming in. Gus see finds a wallet on the ground with blood on it. When Shawn recalls the victim had buttoned pockets he is convinced that it fell off the assailant, Shawn gets the name off the license and later on divines the name as the actual criminal. He is rather embarassed when he is told that the wallet indeed did belong to the victim.<<else>> Shawn's father brings out a small rectangular present and hands it over. He says Shawn can have one shake. Cocky, Shawn immediately guesses that his father got him small screw driver set that he had seen his father check out before, his father always told him he was unprepared. His father laughs and says he is not even close.<<endif>>\n\n*[[next|idea]]
<b>The Hero Finds a Mission</b>\n\n<<if visited("carol")>> Shawn, eager to impress his best friend's parents immediately offers his assistance as the police arrive, but always the ney-sayer, Detective Lassiter declines saying they don't need him getting in the way.<<elseif visited("village")>> As they arrive they see a hear rucus over by Santa. When they get to the scene they see a man passed out on the ground and the detectives on the scene carting off Santa a couple of other characters. A little girl is in tears crying for Santa asking someone to bring back Santa. Sticken by the girls tears and his belief that Santa would never hit someone Shawn resolves to figure this out.<<else>> Things quickly get competitive when Shawn's father says he would always be able to beat Shawn. Naturally Shawn challenges his father to guess their presents right now.<<endif>>\n\n*[[next|earn]]
Shawn meets up with Gus at his house. Together with Gus' sister, Joy they head to the Christmas village. \n\n*[[next|Call]]
by Williamrobert Green\n
Shawn arrives at the Guster's house just as they are walking out the door. He jumps in line and Gus hands him his sheet music. Later, as they approach the third house owned by a notoriously ill-spirited man they open the door to find he has hanged himself by the banister in his foyer.\n\n*[[next|Call]]