You are over thirty years old, and you have been playing video games your entire life. Your first console system was an NES, a Sega Master System, or maybe even an Atari 2600.\n\nYou have owned one of (if not all of) the consoles in the console generations which have followed.\n\nYou are now over thirty years old, and you have many responsibilities and relationships. \n\nOr, perhaps even more tellingly, you do not.\n\nYou are not able to lie to yourself any further about the fact that everything gets more realistic except the //people//. \n\nAt best, this is a stunning analog to the jadedness you see in the other adults around you - at worst, it is gradually melting you into a bitter, unfixable creature.\n\nAlso, attempts to make exceptions to this evolution are usually rooted in empty sentiment, string sections, or empty choices about which one of two things should suffer a violent and irrational death slightly more than the other one should.\n\nYou know this. You know all of this.\n\nWill you purchase a PlayStation 4 or an X-Box One?\n\n[[Playstation 4|PS4]]\n\n[[X-Box One|XB1]]
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Why? The PS4 is better.
Yeah, me too.
30+ Next-Gen Console Decider