The idea of him inside Rabbit makes you sick.\n\n[[return|No one believes him.]]
Ever since The Incident. When you came home. When you found a sticky stain on the armchair, where your lover used to be.\n\nMaybe, just maybe, some trace of his personality remained, trapped within the nano-scale substrates of the amber goo. You know it's a long shot. But it's a long shot that's consumed your life these past few years.\n\n[[It's a long shot you'll give your life for.]]
Rabbit says he doesn't have any. There isn't any. It's all [[gone]].\n\n[[Liar]]
The biggest depository of Honey you've ever seen. \n\nIf he's anywhere in this godforsaken place, he's here. You dip a paw in, then another paw. Then your entire head. The viscous fluid clogs your lungs, lapping over your face in waves. You don't care. You have to find him. The pain is unbearable. You have to find him.\n\n[[You have to drink it all.]]
You open your third [[jar]] of the morning.
You wander down the beaten path, winding through the trees. The landscape here is positively idyllic. You'd never think what had happened just a few scant years ago.\n\nThe memory snaps you back to the matter at hand. [[Honey.]]
You make your way to the Forbidden Zone. It is here the sins of the past are left dormant. [[Pretend they're dead]], seal them off. \n\nThis is where the [[bees]] lay sleeping. This is the largest depository of Honey in the sector. This is where you'll find your answers.\n\n[[Make your way to the Hive]]
You scoff it down in his yard. The taste makes you want to throw up. It always does.\n\n[[Nothing|Nothing2]]
Nothing.\n\n[[Look around for more]]
Your lungs cry out for air. Still no taste of him, still no blossoming recognition. No second soul in your body, no second voice in your head.\n\nAs you drown in the bowels of the Hive, you wonder if maybe this is how you should have done it from the start.\n\nNot trying to take him into yourself to save him. Letting yourself dissolve into what he's become.\n\nYour body fills with a tingling warmth. You watch in curiosity as your vision starts to fade.\n\n[[Dissolve|dissolve]]
There was some fancy acronym there once. Now everyone just calls them bees. Small, barely-intelligent, self-sustaining. They keep to themselves if undisturbed.\n\nBut once they were the biggest [[Grey Goo Crisis]] on the planet. They still are in the history books.\n\n[[return|Strike at the problem at its source]]
You feel uncomfortable without some to hand. Like you're wasting precious time. \n\nYou make your way to Rabbit's house. It's a beaten up shack, with a ruined mess of land marring the countryside. The local council have tried getting him to clear it up. He says he's growing vegetables. [[No one believes him.]]
Empty jars lay scattered around your apartment. Surfaces covered in sticky pawprints. You could try licking at those again, but.. Nothing. You know there'll be nothing.\n\n[[You need to go out.]]
You can't go on living like this. You can't go on without him. You need a more permenant solution.\n\n[[Strike at the problem at its source]]
You can dimly hear cries from behind you. The scavengers have vanished; The threat of authority following like a stormhead in your wake. They keep track of you. You don't have much time.\n\nYou ignore their calls. There's only one call you care about.\n\nYour last honeypot.\n\nYou climb up the massive artifice, your hands cut to ribbons by sharp hexagons. Worker bees sting at your face, your hands, your flesh. You don't care. You climb inside a tight tunnel, [[making your way to the center]].
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After a tense confrontation with a violent climax, you emerge with Honey.\n\n[[Eat it]]
The problem is, you can't.\n\n[[return|Strike at the problem at its source]]
When a robotic swarm decides everything else would look much better as more of itself, instead.\n\n[[return|bees]]
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