You just save yourself because you are not much of an altruist. You step out of the door and get lost in the maze of passageways. Eventually you are found exhausted and dehydrated by the clones. They bring you to the emperor and he puts you into a carbon block for his museum. Enjoy the rest of the ride!\n\nLIFE AS YOU KNOW IT HAS COME TO AN END.
You decide to help Han and Leah out. It seems they are a dynamic duo. They know where the central power source of the death star is and help you destroy it. Han Solo has a sweet ride and takes all of you out of their on his Millenium Sparrow. \n\nYou return to your home planet as a great hero.\n\nCongratulations, this is the end of the story!
You decide to hide and fall into a garbage chute. You fall into a trash heap that is also filled with water and a serpent. You meet a guy named Han Solo and a Princess name Leia. The walls start to close in and you find a key to the door. \n\nIf you decide to help Han and Leia out, see [[page 16]]\n\nIf you save just yourself, see [[page 17]]
You decide to ask the droids for help and they politely tell you no and shoot you with their blasters.\n\nTHE END\n\nIf you would like to go back, see [[page 12]]
You decline and Obi Wan says, "Sorry, to disappoint you but I've shared top Jedi intelligence information with you so you will have to be put into exile." You are exiled onto a tropical planet where their main export is purple fuzzy fruits. You live to the ripe old age of 143 and die in a hammock strung up between fuzzy fruit palms. \n\nTHE END\n\nTo go back, see [[page 10]]
You happen upon a lone TIE fighter and knock out the guy while he is doing some shopping in the city. You take his ID and use his info to fly the TIE fighter into the death star. Once inside you need to open the air lock but there are droids coming around the bend. \n\nIf you decide to ask the droids for help, see [[page 14]]\n\nIf you decide to hide, see [[page 15]]
You decide to go with Obi Wan. He gives you a light saber and he takes you to a different planet. He says that you have real potential but wants to send you on a lone mission. \n\nYour mission is to disable the death star. Alone...\n\nIf you agree, go to [[page 12]]\n\nIf you decline, go to [[page 13]]
You decide to leave the robot named C3P0. Of course, you are still wondering about him when you trip and get swallowed whole by a large 42-toothed earth worm.\n\nYou've died. End OF STORY. \n\nReturn to [[page 4]] if you'd like to try again.
Obi Wan frequently is found in a certain cave but he is not always there. He can be a little grouchy sometimes but you decide to risk stopping in. He happens to be in and tells you that the robot is a special robot. He also tells you he wants you to join him on a mission. \n\nIf you decide to go, see [[page 11]]\n\nIf you decline, see [[page 12]]
You decide to help the golden colored metallic robot but, alas, you remember that you are directionally challenged!\n\nIf you decide to go back to the farm go to [[page 9]]\n\nIf you decide to ask your the old hermit named Obi Wan go to [[page 10]]
In a galaxy far, far away...\n\nYour name is Luke Skywalker. You work on your uncle's farm and you are discontented.\n\nIf you decide to run away go to [[page 2]]\n\nIf you decide to stay on the farm go to [[page 3]]\n\n
You decide to keep going and accidentally crash into a barrier. END OF STORY\n\nIf you would like to continue return to [[page 2]]
You decide to stop and talk to the robot. The robot's name is C3PO. He is lost. \n\nIf you decide to leave him, go to [[page 6]]\n\nIf you decide to help him go to [[page 7]]
You decide to stay at the farm but it is still really boring. The next day you go for a ride on your skimmer. You see a robot. \n\nIf you decide to stop and talk to the robot go to [[page 4]]\n\nIf you decide to keep going, go to [[page 5]]
You decided to run away. You happen to come across a robot.\n\nShould you stop and talk to the robot?\n\nIf you decide to stop and talk, go to [[page 4]]\n\nIf you decide to keep going, go to [[page 5]]
Victor Eby
A Star Wars Adventure
You decide to go back to the farm. Unfortunately, nothing eventful happens ever again. You marry a martian and settle down to live long and prosper. May the force be with you.\n\nTHE END.\n\nTo go back see [[page 7]]