Fuck it. Let's be honest here, you're already fucking a werewolf hardcore. What's the point of having sex with a weird dick if you don't get the full experience?\n\nYou shift your stiff legs against Izzy's grinding hips, trying to shift your own to let yourself relax enough. It's a bit of a trial; in the end, what helps the most is pulling your legs up more towards your torso and purposefully relaxing your insides.\n\nThat's about the time Izzy's able to slide it home.\n\nAnd fuck, yeah, it's kinda big, and it sort of hurts, but weirdly enough you're pretty sure you're totally fucking into this, too. You clench around it involuntarily with a strangled gasp, arching your spine as your thighs press in.\n\nThat basically seems to do it for Izzy. She begins panting loudly and grows sort of still against you. You can feel her throbbing inside of you, quickly at first and then more and more slowly as time passes.\n\nYou're pretty sure she came, but it's hard to tell for sure. [[For the moment, at least|KNOT 2]].\n\n
"Class is dismissed. Make sure you read the excerpt I've posted on the site for next week," the professor says as you notice other students packing up their laptops and notebooks.\n\nShit.\n\nYou don't remember a single word of that lecture.\n\nAnd even worse, Izzy is putting her things away and getting ready to leave.\n\nIt's now or never. Or at least, now or next week.\n\n[[Now! Do it now!]]
As tempting as it is, you're pretty sure having something like that inside of you would hurt, and probably not in a good way.\n\nYou figure it's best not try.\n\nInstead, you opt for bringing your lips up and murmuring words of encouragement in Izzy's ear, urging her to relax and let it happen.\n\nTo accentuate this suggestion, you begin to roll your hips up against hers, ignoring the [[protests of your aching muscles|NO KNOT 2]].
You take a deep breath. Your heart is pounding like you just ran half a mile and you're pretty sure your hands are shaking a little, but whatever.\n\nHere goes nothing.\n\n"Doyouwannagooutorsomethingsometime?" you ask in a nervous rush of breath.\n\nSmooth moves. Real seductress, you are.\n\nShe's staring at you and chewing her lower lip in a way that you're pretty sure means she's actually thinking about it.\n\n"Sure," she says with a grin.\n\nYou sigh. Of course not. Why did you even b- wait what\n\n"What," you say.\n\n"I said sure. Let's do it."\n\nHoly //shit//.\n\nYou realize you didn't actually plan for this. Daydreams don't count.\n\n"Oh," you say, rather quieter than you intended.\n\n"Though you should probably tell me your name first," she adds.\n\nWow.\n\n[[Good job, idiot.]]
What is your name, anyway?\n\n<<textinput $Name>>\n\n[[Okay, cool.]]
@@color:magenta;letter-spacing:3px;font-size:3.0em;some of us have sharper teeth@@\n\nan erotic twine\n\nby sophie "bishoujowerewolf" smith\n\ndedicated to ally and frost\n\nnote: contains extremely graphic sexual content\n\n[[Let's begin.]]
"Let's go inside," she says, staring at you in a way that sends a thrill down your spine. You notice that her eyes look sort of golden, which is weird.\n\n"[[Okay|inside 2]]," you say. You don't think you could have said no.
She practically drags you upstairs, though she hardly needs to. Your legs move with eager energy past the living room and up the narrow staircase, seeing [[others]] in the house out of the corner of your eye.\n\nShe pulls you into the bedroom and pushes the door shut, locking it with a click. You realize, somewhere in the back of your mind, that you've lost your coat somewhere along the way.\n\nAnd then she's [[on you|sex 1]].
The weather is overcast and cool, even for late October. You're glad for your hoodie and jeans.\n\nThe walk to the coffee shop is agonizingly short. You keep glancing over at her as she walks alongside you, smiling but not really making conversation.\n\nYou think she might be waiting for you to start, but every topic you can think of just sounds trite and boring. You dismiss each one in turn.\n\nGod, she's pretty.\n\nAs you approach the main library on campus, she finally breaks the silence.\n\n"So what's your name?"\n\n[[Uh.]]
yeah that's all\n\nhope you had fun\n\n[[I wanna restart.|Start]]
Like, for real.\n\nYou're going to ask her out. You're pretty sure she isn't straight, though that could just be wishful thinking again. Like in high school. What a disaster that episode was.\n\nYou try not to [[think about it|Ugh. High school.]].\n\nHer name is [[Isabelle|Her hair was the first thing you noticed.]], you think, but everyone just calls her Izzy. That might be her actual name. You aren't quite sure. What you are sure of is that she sits directly in front of you in your Medieval Literature class, just as she sat in front of you last semester in Theory and Philosophy of Queer Studies.\n\nIt's three days after the midterm you're pretty sure you bombed (again) because you kept getting distracted by how cool she looks, like, all the time (again).\n\nAlso by how she [[smells|She smells like dogs.]], which you figure is kind of creepy.\n\nYou'd never tell anyone that, of course.\n\n[[Well, you might tell her, if she asked.|Class is dismissed.]]
You imagine her touch on your body, her fingers drawing across your belly and thighs as her kisses press hotly against your throat. Your slickness meets your fingers as they press inward, drifting across your entrance and drawing that slippery moisture upwards to the sensitive nub of your clit.\n\nThat first touch makes your breath hitch; your excitement is palpable today, the nervous energy making your arousal that much more potent. You start slowly at first, drawing two fingertips slowly against that nub as you imagine Izzy's fingers doing that particular work.\n\nYou catch yourself breathing her name on ragged exhalations as your left hand runs idly along your body. It slides up beneath your shirt, running fingertips over sensitive nipples. You press your thighs together as your fingers start to increase their tempo, the first beads of sweat forming on your skin as your breath becomes interspersed with gasps.\n\nJesus. It's been awhile since things have felt this good. Your imagination focuses on her and her body, those brief glimpses of curves beneath clothes and what may lay beneath. You bite down on your lip as you reach that shuddering plateau, feeling that [[climax|masturbate 3]] coming on already.\n\n
Your imagination brings forth vivid images of Izzy, ephemeral and ever-shifting, making you ache for the chance of a concrete reality. Fingers shift, then, slipping downwards as you feel a small rivulet of juices drip between your cheeks.\n\nFingers slip inside smoothly, parting slightly to press your clit between them as they move. You shudder as your toes curl, those tendrils of gut-churning pleasure winding their way into a growing tension in your groin.\n\nWhen it comes, your climax is intense. You shudder and breathe in heaving gasps, heart pounding in your chest and muscles so tense that they quiver. Waves of clenching pleasure erupt from your groin, making your hips buck against your hand. And during all of it, your mind is filled with her face and name.\n\nIn the aftermath, you're left with an intense feeling of bone-deep satisfaction. You slowly relax as your hand slips from between your legs, the smell of sex permeating the room.\n\nYou'll open the window before you [[leave|DATE]].\n\nAnd take another shower. Maybe just a rinse. No need to spend more time in there than necessary.
Yeah, it's probably not the best time for that.\n\nThe showers are communal and, frankly, a little gross. Best not to be there more than you need to.\n\nStill, that leaves you to figure out what to do for the next two hours.\n\nEh, you'll [[figure something out|DATE]].
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She smells like dogs.\n\nWhich you're totally cool with, of course. You love dogs.\n\nIt reminds you of being back home. It especially reminds you of Gambit, who you named during your 9-year-old X-Men phase.\n\nHe's back home with Mom and probably misses you even more than you miss him.\n\nIt makes you feel homesick.\n\n[[In a good way.|You're going to do it this time.]]
Izzy pushes you back against the wall as her lips press in against yours once more, sliding against yours hungrily. This time, however, her hands do not stay chastely on your back. They begin pressed against your belly even as your own slide back around her shoulders.\n\nYou can't believe this is happening.\n\nShe pants against you as she suckles your lower lip; her hands slide around from your belly to press against your sides, slipping upwards beneath your shirt. That familiar flush of warmth appears in force between your thighs, making your knees quiver. Izzy's fingers slide along your skin and up to your breasts, cupping them in her grasp.\n\nYou shudder at her touch, your heart pounding in your chest so fast that your breath comes ragged and strained. She releases your lip, allowing you to suckle hers in turn. You bite down gently with your teeth and tug, making her shudder and press against you more. You feel the pads of her thumbs sliding against your nipples, making you gasp.\n\nHer fingernails seem [[longer than you thought|sex 2]].
some of us have sharper teeth
Her hands are on you again almost instantly, but this time you're able to return the favor. As her fingers slide down your hips and onto the fabric of your jeans, drawing fingertips against the button and zipper, yours follow suit.\n\nYou dip your fingers past the waistline of her leggings, rejoicing in the feel of her skin against your fingertips. She's warm against you - really, really warm, in fact. You slip your hands over Izzy's hips, slipping backwards to press your hands against the curve of her ass.\n\nShe undoes your jeans quicker than you anticipated, though it's hard to keep track of things when you're this turned on. You roll your hips forward as her hands hook into the fabric, pulling them down - along with your underwear.\n\nOkay, so you weren't expecting that.\n\nNot that you mind, of course.\n\nNot even when she pushes you onto the bed and takes off her boots, tossing them with a loud thump against the wall before shimmying out of her leggings.\n\nYou do your best to get your [[shoes off, too|sex 4]].\n\n
Then you notice that her arms are changing angle. They push up beneath the fabric of your shirt, urging your arms up as she pulls it off. This has the unfortunate side effect of breaking the hungry kiss, though you are able to take advantage of the opportunity to reach behind your back and undo your bra. Izzy follows suit, tugging it off of you and tossing it aside.\n\nBefore you can react, she's wrestling her own shirt off and tossing her bra away. You get a glimpse of her chest before she presses back against you. The curve of her breasts push against yours, a haven of smooth warmth in the cool air of the room.\n\n"I want you," she breathes as she leans up to resume the kiss.\n\n"Yeah," you mumble before being silenced by her lips once again.\n\nYou realize something about the glimpse of her bared chest you got earlier: her tattoo really is a [[wolf|sex 3]].
Each drag of her tongue against you is almost electric, making her back arch and your hips roll against her mouth. Your fingers tighten in her hair; you grit your teeth and grunt when she slides it firmly against your clit.\n\nYour toes curl so tight they almost cramp as your thighs press against her head. You're pretty sure she growls against you when you accidentally pull her hair, though it certainly doesn't make her stop.\n\nShe does stop, though, when you swear you're only moments from what had to have been the most intense orgasm of your twenty years on this earth.\n\nYou open your eyes and look down at her quizzically. You don't feel her head between your legs anymore.\n\nShe's staring at the window.\n\n"Oh shit," she says.\n\n"What?"\n\n"Look," she says as she turns to look at you. "I'm sorry about this. I was going to tell you, but..." She shivers and clutches her arms around herself. You notice that her fingernails are [[definitely longer|werewolf 1]].
Izzy smiles back. She gestures towards the door. "C'mon, it's gonna start soon. Let's get good seats."\n\nShe holds the door open for you, even. You hurry in and sigh as the warm air washes over you from the vents overhead. God, that feels pretty good.\n\nThe box office doesn't look too crowded. You each get your own tickets - only $4 each, one of the primary reasons to even come here - and enter the small theater.\n\nThe theater, it turns out, is mostly empty. A handful of people who look like film students sit in the middle rows, leaving the front and back rows empty.\n\n[[Back row, duh. This is a date after all.|DATE 3A]]\n[[Front row seats are the right choice here.|DATE 3B]]
Yeah, you were pretty spot on with that particular prediction.\n\nYou aren't far off at all. When Izzy's head lifts from you and adjusts, settling down to press her muzzle on the other side of your neck, you shiver in anticipation.\n\nPleasepleasepleaseplease-\n\n//Fuck// yes.\n\nYou feel that familiar spike of pain as her teeth bite down, making your entire body shudder. Ultimately, it's what pushes you over that plateau and straight into [[climax|werewolf 9]].
"<<print $Name>>," you say.\n\n"<<print $Name>>. All right, cool." She smiles at you and it looks like sunshine. "I'm Izzy. You wanna meet up tonight, then? They're doing a showing of Breakfast at Tiffany's in the campus theater at 8."\n\n"Sure," you say. That does sound kinda nice. You like that movie. "I'll see you there."\n\n"Yeah," she says. She's quiet for a few seconds and then she remembers something. "Oh! Right. Duh." She rummages around in her totebag and brings out a small notepad and pen. She tears a sheet of paper in half and scribbles something on one half before sliding both halves over to you along with the pen.\n\nIt's her number. Of course.\n\nYou manage to write your number down on the blank scrap and pass it back to her. You put her number in your bag.\n\n"Cool," she says as she does the same. "I'll catch you tonight, then."\n\n"Yeah. Catch you later," you say as you watch her walk out of the room. She flashes a smile at you in the doorway before she disappears into the halls.\n\nYou look down and realize you're still holding her pen. It's pink and glittery.\n\nYou're pretty sure you're dreaming at this point. You pinch yourself just to make sure. It actually hurts, which you think means you aren't dreaming.\n\nThis is [[really happening|GET READY]].\n\n
Well, this is it. The very moment you've been waiting for, aching for. Izzy eyes your prone form like she's sizing up prey, complete with a draw of her tongue across her lips. Her bare skin gleams in the darkness of the room, a silhouette that slides up against you, torso between your legs.\n\n"Izzy," you breathe, eyes wide. She doesn't reply, just kisses softly between your breasts. Your hands drift down to slide into her hair, twining the soft locks around your fingers as her kisses begin to trail downward.\n\nHer hands press against your sides and slowly slide down along your waist until they reach the flare of your hips. They reach there just as her kisses do, warm breath flowing over your groin.\n\nHoly //fuck//.\n\nYou shudder as you feel that first touch between your legs, her lips pressing a warm kiss at the junction where your thigh meets your mons. It's followed by another, this time on the other side, and then a third at the very top. Each is accompanied by a faint puff of warm breath that sends a thrill up your spine.\n\nWhen her tongue slides slowly against you from top to bottom, you bite your lower lip and let out a muffled, gasping yelp.\n\nTurns out it feels //[[really good|sex 5]]//.
"God, I'm so sorry, I totally forgot to tell you," you admit sheepishly. "It's <<print $Name>>."\n\nShe laughs. It sounds like the good kind of laugh, which actually makes you feel a little better.\n\n"It's okay," she says. "I'm Izzy. Nice to meet you, by the way." She holds out her hand.\n\nYou stare at it for a moment before realizing what it's for. You hurriedly reach out and shake it. Her grip is surprisingly strong.\n\nShe gestures towards the coffee shop behind the glass doors of the entrance. "Let's go. It's warmer inside."\n\n"Yeah, hopefully," you say with a small grin.\n\nShe grins back and you [[head inside|Coffee shop 2]].
[[You're going to do it this time.]]
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Overall, it seems to work pretty well. Her climax is proceeded by a whimper as she buries her face against your neck, shivering against you as you hold her. Her hips buck as you feel that first throb inside you, followed by many more.\n\nShe's sort of productive, it seems. You guess that makes sense? She's a werewolf, after all. They're uh... Whatever. It's not a big deal, you're pretty sure.\n\nIn any case, her orgasm doesn't last as long as you expected. It's over pretty quick, your mixed juices dribbling down from your sex to make a wet spot on the bed.\n\nAs she slides out of you, you relax your aching legs and groan. She gently nudges you over, away from the wet spot, so she can [[climb up onto the bed next to you|FIN]].
Yeah, fuck it. You've had a good day and you've earned some relaxation, damn it.\n\nYou close your eyes and relax as you get comfortable. You've gotten used to the ambient noise of the dorms by now.\n\nYou wriggle out of your underwear and pull the sheets up to lock out the cool air of the room. Your right hand drifts between your legs as your hips shift; the touch of your fingers is familiar by now.\n\nYour breathing evens out as you let your mind drift and fingers stroke against the sensitive skin of your outer lips. Your body responds with a flushing warmth and increasing slickness as your imagination settles on the object of its general focus when you tend to do this: [[Izzy|masturbate 2]].\n\n
Well, you do like this movie. And besides, the seats here don't always provide a decent view from the back. Front row it is.\n\n"C'mon," you murmur as you gesture for her to follow. You settle into the front row, right in front of the small screen. You have to crane your necks a little to see, but the seats to tilt back a little here.\n\nThe first portion of the film is uneventful. Not that you really pay a whole lot of attention to it, as much as you enjoy it. You've seen it before. Your attention is more on Izzy.\n\nYou notice her occasionally glancing your way, though when your eyes meet she quickly turns back to look at the screen.\n\nYou glance down at how close your arms are on the armrests. If you reached over a little, you could... But do you dare?\n\n[[Yeah, you do.|DATE 4B]]
Clearly, the empty back row is the most obvious choice for something like this.\n\n"C'mon," you murmur as you gesture for her to follow. You settle into the far corner of the back row, partially hidden by a thigh-height dividing wall above the theater entrance.\n\nThe first portion of the film is uneventful. Not that you really pay a whole lot of attention to it, as much as you enjoy it. You've seen it before.\n\nIt's about halfway through when you notice movement. You glance down and watch, as if in slow motion, as Izzy's hand slides over and presses against yours. Your fingers spread reflexively, allowing hers to [[intertwine and squeeze|DATE 4A]].\n
You're caught completely offguard. Your heart skips a beat as your eyes go wide, your brain having trouble comprehending what's happening in the second that it occurs.\n\nThe kiss itself is light and airy, just warm brushing of her lips against yours. She parts away and exhales slowly, her lips just the barest distance apart from yours.\n\nAnd then you press in for another, and she does the same, and she releases your hand to slide her arms around your waist. You reach up, as if by reflex, and curl your arms around her shoulders.\n\nYour head swims in disbelief as your lips slide against hers, your breath mixing as you feel her heart pound against yours. She kisses you hungrily, her hands pressing against your back as your fingers slide into her hair.\n\nTime stretches as you slowly lose yourself in her touch, only to be jerked out of your reverie by her [[parting away from the kiss|inside 1]] with a gasp of breath.
The silence is deafening. You catch yourself rubbing your hands together and do your best to make them go still. It's not very successful. You're a tight bundle of nervous energy.\n\n"So, um-" you begin just as she starts to say something.\n\n"Sorry-" you both say at the same time. You blush again and clear your throat. "Go ahead," you say.\n\n"I was just wondering, um..." She hesitates again. "If... maybe you'd like to, I don't know... like, go out sometime?" She stares at you as she bites her lip.\n\nOkay, so, you're pretty sure you're going to die.\n\nYou're going to just lay down on the floor and burst into flames and die because that just happened and wow. Wow. Wow.\n\nWow?\n\nWow.\n\n"Uh," is your first answer, eyes wide. \n\n"[[Yeah|Coffee shop 6]]!" is your second answer. You realize you can't stop grinning.\n\n
Her hair was the first thing you noticed.\n\nSpecifically, the way she streaked bright pink through the black and tied the whole thing into a ponytail.\n\nThe hairband had a skull on it.\n\nIt was the sort of hair that made you weak in the knees and that dreamy sort of jealous, but like, in a good way.\n\nThen there was the fact that she was really pretty, of course, subjective as that is. \n\nAnd the tattoo that poked out of her collar, black ink on light brown skin, that looked like it was maybe some kind of wolf but you weren't quite sure.\n\nAnd the way she dressed, in t-shirts with bands that you never really recognized and denim jackets overtop.\n\nShe has the same sort of look today, with the addition of black leggings and some wicked-looking black boots with steel studs on the toes.\n\nYou want a pair.\n\n[[Shit, you're staring again.|You're going to do it this time.]]
First off, the basics:\n\nYour good bra. The black one.\n\nThe black underwear that sorta looks like it matches your good bra.\n\nAnd then the actual outfit:\n\nLong-sleeve turtleneck shirt. Black, flattering, chic, one of the few things you own that isn't trash.\n\nYour nice jeans, the ones that don't have any holes in them. They're skinny jeans, too, so you can show off what little you have. You mean, honestly speaking.\n\nThe dinosaur socks. An absolute must for any special occasion.\n\nYour red-and-gold Converses. You don't wear them much so they're fairly clean.\n\nYour coat. You only have the one. It's beige and reaches down to your knees.\n\nOverall, not a bad outfit [[considering the circumstances|GET READY]].
"Um, okay, cool." She smiles at you and it looks like sunshine. "You wanna meet up tonight, then? They're doing a showing of Breakfast at Tiffany's in the campus theater at 8."\n\n"Sure," you say. You like that movie. "I'll see you there."\n\n"Yeah," she says. She's quiet for a few seconds and then she remembers something. "Oh! Right. Duh." She rummages around in her totebag and brings out a small notepad and pen. She tears a sheet of paper in half and scribbles something on one half before sliding both halves over to you along with the pen.\n\nIt's her number. Of course.\n\nYou manage to write your number down on the blank scrap and pass it back to her. You put her number in your bag.\n\n"Cool," she says as she does the same. She pauses and just kind of stares at you. You aren't sure what to say next.\n\n"So... I guess I should, like, get some studying done. I'll catch you tonight, then?"\n\n"Yeah. Catch you later," you say as you watch her walk out. She flashes a smile at you before she hurries quickly into the library's lobby, disappearing past the turnstiles.\n\nYou look down and realize you're still holding her pen. It's pink and glittery. You quickly stash it in your bag.\n\nYou're pretty sure you're dreaming at this point. You pinch yourself just to make sure. It actually hurts, which you think means you aren't dreaming.\n\n[[Probably|GET READY]].
"English," she says, "with a minor in Queer Studies."\n\nYou perk up a little in surprise. "No way," you say. "I'm doing the same thing."\n\nHer eyebrows rise and she grins. "That's awesome."\n\nYeah. Yeah, it //is// awesome.\n\nYou chat as she slowly drains her cup. You can't seem to stop staring at her face. This is the first time you've felt like you could, especially this close.\n\nThe conversation ends up being about the usual topics: classes, home, parents, music. You find out she's not really that into metal, she just likes the t-shirts.\n\nSecretly, it's sort of a relief.\n\nThings are actually going really well. You're actually starting to relax when she finally drains her cup and sets it down on the table. She leans forward and then back, crossing an arm over her chest and reaching a hand up to toy with her hair.\n\n"So, like, this might be a weird question, but..." She hesitates. "God, this is awkward. Do you... like girls? I mean uh... Ah, jeez."\n\nUh?\n\nUH??\n\n//UH???//\n\n[[YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES OH MY GOD|Coffee shop 4]]
The inside, of course, is warmer than outside. It's also not crowded at all, for which you silently thank whatever deities might be listening. You don't bother being specific.\n\nThe barista at the counter is a tall, gaunt, bored-looking guy with a scruffy goatee that you think you have a class with. He doesn't seem to recognize you, or care if he does, though. That's fine with you.\n\nYou order a plain coffee. She gets a mocha latte.\n\nYou find an empty table, away from any other groups, and settle in with your drinks. You take a sip of the coffee and barely suppress a grimace. Hot and bitter. You think you burned your tongue a little and you totally forgot to, you know, sweeten it. You set it aside.\n\n"So," she says, staring at you with interest past the rim of her cup.\n\n"Um," you reply. "So... what's your major?" That's a good starting point. [[Yeah|Coffee shop 3]].
So far, this is shaping up to be //basically// the coolest day of your life so far. Which, let's be fair, isn't really saying a whole lot. But still.\n\nIt's past five in the afternoon and you are way too excited to actually get any work done in the next few hours. You've already showered (though you don't exactly feel any cleaner) and clothes are strewn over your bed and desk. You think you've decided [[what to wear]].\n\nYou stare at the number in your phone. You're pretty sure it's bad form to call or text before the first date even happens. You're like, eighty percent sure. Probably better not to risk it.\n\nThe sun filters in through the window, casting orange light throughout your dorm room. You can hear the chatter of other students in nearby rooms and the tinny jangle of music from laptop speakers. Your [[roommate]]'s a workaholic and is barely ever in the room. You don't expect to see her until you get back home tonight.\n\nWell, you've got time to kill.\n\nYou still haven't shed the excitement from today, either. You figure you're safe to [[get yourself off|masturbate 1]]. You usually feel better afterwards.\n\n[[Then again|No masturbate]], you'd probably have to shower a second time.\n\n
You close your stiff legs with a wince and press up against her. She's soft and warm, \n\n"That was fun," you murmur. You feel her nod in reply.\n\n"We should totally do it again. Like... a lot." She nods again, a little more energetically this time. Her hand comes up and begins to run through your hair.\n\nYou glance over and notice a dark streak on your shoulder. Is that blood?\n\nIt's a little sore, but you figure it's [[probably nothing|END]].
"I LIKE YOUR SHIRT. IT'S REALLY, UH... NICE."\n\nYeah. Yeah, that's it. Loud and awkward. The louder and more awkward, the better. The crack in your voice near the end really makes it.\n\nIdiot.\n\nShe glances down at her shirt. It's an unreadable black metal logo with a Baphomet printed below it, done entirely in silvery shades of gray.\n\nIt is a pretty nice shirt, actually.\n\n"Uh, thanks?" she says, looking kind of confused and more than a little concerned. "Listen, I should probably go-"\n\nShit.\n\nGet yourself together, for fuck's sake. You're an adult now. You're supposed to be, like... mature, right? In control of yourself. Not as awkward.\n\n"Wait!" you blurt out. She glances towards the door as she lifts her tote bag up, but she actually does wait.\n\nOkay. Okay. Calm. [[You can do this.]]
two people on couch sharing liquor bottle, faces lit up as if from a tv that you don't see and don't bother hearing\n\n[[who CARES|inside 2]]
It's 7:30 and you're really, really excited.\n\nYou are fresh, dressed, out of the dorm and standing in front of the doors to the campus theater. You even managed not to screw up your makeup too much, which is kind of amazing for you.\n\nIt's kinda chilly out here now that the sun's down, though. Your coat and beanie help, at least when the wind's not blowing too hard.\n\nA couple of frat boys give you the eye as they pass by in their car but - miracle of miracles - don't try to shout you down. Today really is coming up <<print $Name>>.\n\n"Hey!"\n\nYou practically leap out of your skin when you hear her voice behind you. Shit, you thought you'd spot her from here.\n\nYou turn around and give her your best hi-yes-it's-cold-can-we-please-go-inside smile. "Hey," you say past suddenly-dry lips.\n\nShit, it's [[really happening|DATE 2]], isn't it?
Her entrance is smooth, aided by the slick moisture you've accumulated. Your hand slides away from between your legs as her shaft pushes into you. It slides up and curls into the thick ruff of fur that travels from the top of head down her back, joining your other hand in clutching her for dear life.\n\nWell, this is it.\n\nYou're fucking a werewolf.\n\nAnd, frankly, it's god damned incredible. The shape of it is unlike anything you've felt, especially that weird bulb at the base. It pushes against your entrance as you clench around her member, but doesn't enter. You're not entirely sure if it would fit.\n\nBut the rest of her sure does, and the feel of it makes your toes curl. Izzy soon begins to roll her hips against yours of her own accord, her muzzle dipping down and pressing kisses against your neck.\n\nYour body feels infused with warm, excited energy from the pleasure radiating out from your groin and wow are [[those teeth sharp okay wow|werewolf 7]].
"Sorry," you say with your best sheepish grin. You're pretty sure you're blushing with embarrassment.\n\nShe actually seems to relax.\n\n"I just get nervous sometimes," you admit. Which is true, though sort of an understatement considering the circumstances.\n\nIzzy actually smiles at you. That's good, right?\n\n"It's cool," she says with a shrug. The class is emptying out, though a couple of lingering people are giving you the side-eye as they try to chat up the tired-looking professor.\n\nTime to just get this over with.\n\n"Got a class after this?" you ask.\n\n"Nah, this is my only class for today." She shrugs.\n\nCool.\n\n"Um," you say. "So like, what I meant to ask is, um."\n\nShe stares at you patiently. You glance nervously over at the students and professor. They seem to be ignoring you now.\n\n"Um."\n\n[[Just ask her out. Just do it you piece of shit. You wanna be single forever?]]\n[[Keep it casual. Ask if she wants to grab some coffee.]]
"Do you maybe wanna get some coffee or something?" You're kind of impressed. Your tone actually sort of sounds casual even though you currently feel like you're going to explode.\n\n"Sure," she says with a smile.\n\nWell that was easy. You blink slowly.\n\n"So uh." You glance over at the professor and students again. She tilts her head at you with a raised eyebrow before glancing over her shoulder as well. You quickly turn back to her and clear your throat. "We could walk over there now, if that's cool."\n\n"Yeah, okay," she says with a grin that makes your heart jump.\n\nYou scramble your things together and stand up hurriedly, making your desk jump and thud against the floor. You wince as the others glance your direction before going back to ignoring you.\n\n"Yeah!" you blurt out. "Let's, like, [[go]]."
"YES!" you almost yell, practically leaping in your seat. You immediately clap your hands over your mouth as you feel the blush creep across your face. That was way louder than you intended. You look around the room in a momentary panic but nobody seems to be paying much attention besides a brief glare.\n\n"I mean, y-yeah, I-I do," you whisper, taking your hands away from your mouth. You're still blushing furiously.\n\nAnd, you notice, so is she. \n\n"Oh," she says.\n\n"Yeah," you say.\n\n"Wow."\n\n"Yeah." You laugh nervously. She follows suit as she tugs on her hair sharply and glances around the room.\n\n[[Well, that happened.|Coffee shop 5]]
What is your name, anyway?\n\n<<textinput $Name>>\n\n[[Okay.|Coffee shop]]
Outside, the campus sidewalks are mostly cleared out. It's the middle of the week and there's little reason to be out this late.\n\nAbove, the dark gray clouds that drift through the lit sky part for a moment to reveal the partial glow of the full moon.\n\nIzzy presses against you and shivers. Is she cold? You actually sort of hope so.\n\n"You okay?" you ask.\n\n"Yeah," she says, gazing up at the sky. The night darkens a little as the moon passes back behind cloudcover. You feel her groping for your hand again and are more than happy to oblige.\n\nShe squeezes your fingers firmly.\n\n"You hungry?" she asks.\n\n"I could eat," you say.\n\n"Cool," she says as she grins at you. "So, hey, um." She hesitates, scuffing her boots on the ground. She's still pressed against your side. "Listen... You don't have to, but..." She bites her lip.\n\n"Well, my place is just off campus. It's a bit of a walk and I could use some company, y'know? I got some stuff there we could eat, if you want."\n\n"[[Yeah, sure,|DATE 7]]" you say as your heart starts pounding out of your god damn chest.\n\nEverything's coming up <<print $Name>>.\n
You figure she's nice enough. Her name's Grace.\n\nYou rarely see her; she's some kind of straight-A double major. You aren't sure what her majors are but she takes a lot of classes and spends a lot of her free time at the library or in study groups.\n\nWhen you see her, she's usually asleep. If she's awake, she's reading a textbook or something.\n\nShe sleeps like the dead.\n\nA pretty good roommate, [[overall|GET READY]].
You're among the last to leave the theater, waiting until after the credits are over to even stand up.\n\nYou and Izzy's hands part for a moment and end up staying that way as you both fidget and then hurry [[out of the theater|DATE 6]].
The walk to Izzy's place is mostly quiet. The wind is breezy but constant, causing the cool air to feel even colder.\n\nYou end up sniffling a little on the way there. Izzy doesn't really seem to be affected by the temperature, at least not in a way that you recognize. Though she does sometimes shiver and press up against your side when the clouds part.\n\nIt's sort of weird but you figure it's just a quirk. Or maybe you're just imagining things.\n\nIt's probably nothing.\n\nHer house is just a couple of blocks from the campus entrance, part of an unassuming set of townhouses. Hers is an end unit, about three stories high.\n\nYou both walk up to the door and face each other. You figure this is where you'd say goodbye. You open up your mouth to do just that when she leans forward and presses up against you, squeezing your hand so ahrd that you're afraid it's going to break.\n\nAnd then she [[kisses you|DATE 8]].
Ugh. High school. \n\nYou can't believe you were dumb enough to think Jessie wasn't straight, would be interested in someone like you and wouldn't blab to the whole fucking school about how you were a total dyke bitch if either of those first two weren't true.\n\nWait. [[Weren't you trying not to think about this?|You're going to do it this time.]]
That grinding coil of tension in your groin finally releases, letting that buildup of pleasure start to wash over you. It increases in waves as Izzy keeps thrusting atop you, your insides clenching and releasing around her as you gasp loudly and shudder.\n\nHoly fuck. This is a doozy. Your hips buck against hers as your orgasm peaks, grinding against the fuzz of her hips and the engorged bulb at the base of her dick. It's only after that peak that you begin to relax, breathing hard as climax is replaced by bone deep satisfaction.\n\nOf course, there's still that one lingering question, its presence brought home by that bulb grinding desperately against you.\n\nOn the one hand, you kind of [[want to see what it feels like|KNOT]].\n\nOn the other hand, it might be best [[not to try|NO KNOT]]. It's kind of big.
"Is that... you?" Okay, sort of an obvious question, but you figure it's best just to make sure.\n\nIzzy - and let's just face facts and admit what we're dealing with here - rises to her feet. Your eyes follow her up and up... and up.\n\nWell then.\n\nShe's got a good six inches on you now, and while her general body shape is sort of the same, there's muscles that you're pretty sure were not there before. Quite a few, in fact.\n\nPlus, that thing between her legs is not a //human// dick. Human dicks definitely are not that shade of pink and do not have veins like that. Also, they aren't pointed, don't have bulges at the base, and don't come out of what looks like a fuzzy sheath.\n\nYou think that they might actually come in about that size, though. It's definitely not... commonplace.\n\n"Um," you say. You're staring at it.\n\nYou don't know what the fuck is going on or what's happening or if you're actually awake right now, but you do know one thing.\n\nYou are so totally into this.\n\nA determination seizes your heart.\n\nYour name is <<print $Name>> and you are going to [[fuck this werewolf|werewolf 4]].\n\n
Izzy's orgasm seems to continue for some time, extended (as you discover) by you gently squeezing your sore muscles around her knot. Eventually, she relaxes against you and begins to gently lick against your neck and face with her tongue.\n\nYou laugh and push at her playfully, which only makes her redouble her efforts until she runs out of energy and just sort of pauses with a gruff sigh.\n\nYour hands release her fur-ruff and glide slowly over her shoulderblades, making her rumble quietly.\n\nIt's about that time that you feel her begin to deflate inside of you. With that deflation comes a definite sense of swollen soreness and a gush of fluids that make a hell of a wet spot beneath your hips.\n\n"I'm not sleeping in that," you say.\n\nShe just kind of shrugs as she pushes you further onto the bed so that she can [[lay on her back next to you|FIN]].
"Izzy," you say as you stare her down. Her golden eyes shine above the muzzle that caps her face as she gazes back, looking almost ashamed. Practically the same look that Gambit gives when he's done something he shouldn't have.\n\nYour heart pounds. Are you really going to do this?\n\nYes.\n\nYes you are.\n\nYou pull your hand away from your chest and reach out towards her. You watch her jerk as your fingers slip around the bizarre penis bobbing in front of you. You turn your hand, cupping the tip with your palm as your hand slides along it.\n\nIt throbs against your touch. When your palm presses against the underside of the pointed tip, she actually whimpers and takes a step towards you. You pull your hand towards you, slowly guiding her back towards the bed as you slide backwards across the sheets.\n\n"Let's take care of our problems," you murmur.\n\n[[She seems down with that.|werewolf 5]]
To be honest, it wasn't until the past five minutes that you ever thought of werewolves as something to fuck but now that you're thinking about it...\n\nWell, college is when you're supposed to, like, experiment, right?\n\nSo why not.\n\n"Izzy," you murmur as you feel one of those thrills go up your spine. "C'mere."\n\nShe does.\n\nHer weight settles atop you, much heavier than before. Your hand stays around her member even as your other arm curls around the back of her neck. Your touch appears to spur her on; it's not long before she's finally settled between your legs, the furry swells of her breasts pushing against yours.\n\nYou guide her between your legs with your hand, sliding that pointed tip along your sex until it nestles into the slick warmth of your entrance.\n\nYou release her as she [[slides inside|werewolf 6]].
Check that off the list of things you had no idea you were so into, you guess. Werewolves, weird dicks, being bitten on that place where your neck meets your shoulder.\n\nYou're pretty sure it didn't break skin, just delivered a sharp, surprisingly pleasant ache that throbbed when her teeth parted away from your skin.\n\nYou can feel her breath washing over that spot as her hips start to roll more aggressively against yours, rocking you back and forth atop the mattress as the bed creaks. There's a certain pleasure in that feeling of fullness you get every time she pushes all the way into you.\n\nWhat feels the best, though, is the way that bulb pushes up against your clit. Now that feels pretty great. It makes your toes curl and your legs quiver against the thick, coarse fur that covers her. You bury your face against the fluff of her neck and just breathe.\n\nYou feel those tendrils of pleasure squirming their way through your groin and you're pretty sure you're [[gonna cum soon|werewolf 8]].\n\nYou're cool with that.
In hindsight, what you find most impressive is how you manage to actually stay sort of calm during the whole thing. Well, you're freaking out, but at least you aren't doing anything. Just kind of staring as Izzy's skin splits open neatly along her spine.\n\nThere's no blood, which you only realize in remembrance. There is, however, fur, and a lot of it. As her skin parts, she shudders and gasps on the floor. Her limbs elongate as the skin stretches and splits, accompanied by the sound of popping and creaking ligaments. You can't see her face, but you do see two ears appear on the top of her head as the split skin reaches her skull.\n\nA tail unfurls limply from the base of her spine.\n\nHer skin dissolves into wisps of smoke as it falls from her body, disappearing as if sublimated. What's left kneeling in front of you isn't human anymore. At least you don't think so.\n\nMore wolf than anything.\n\n"Izzy?" you ask, your voice quavering.\n\n"Ugh," [[the thing says|werewolf 3]] in a gravelly, barking voice.
"You okay?" you ask. This is sort of worrying.\n\n"No," she says.\n\nYou sit up on the bed and cross your arms over your chest as you watch her. What the hell do you even do in a situation like this?\n\n"Promise you won't freak out," she says. Her voice cracks midway.\n\n"I promise," you say. It's a lie. You're already freaking out.\n\nThe room is lit by the bright disc of the full moon. It illuminates her form as she hunches over and gasps, a shudder quaking through her body.\n\nThen her [[skin splits open|werewolf 2]].
Following your impulses against your better judgements has served you well so far. Might as well continue the trend.\n\nYou reach your hand over towards hers, doing your best to act casual. Fingers find hers and press in - and when you do so, you feel her jerk in surprise.\n\nBut she doesn't pull away. Instead, her fingers spread apart, letting yours intertwine. You squeeze her hand gently to test the waters before glancing away from the screen to see her reaction.\n\nShe's smiling at you. It makes your heart skip a beat for the brief moment it focuses on you before turning back to the screen. You do the same, but you don't let her hand go.\n\nShe [[doesn't let yours go|DATE 5]], either.
Your gaze moves up from your hands to her face. She's looking right at you, smiling in the darkness. You feel your face flush.\n\n"Wh-" you begin, though you weren't sure what else you were really going to say.\n\n"Shh." She squeezes your hand again for emphasis and, still smiling, turns back towards the screen.\n\nOkay. Okay, you can work with this.\n\nYou don't really pay attention to the [[rest of the movie|DATE 5]].
You swallow. Your mouth feels sort of dry, for some reason.\n\n"H-hey," you croak, reaching your hand out awkwardly. It doesn't touch anything, thank god.\n\nBut she does turn around curiously.\n\nYou blink in a moment of silence.\n\n"Yes?" she says. She looks a little concerned.\n\n"Um, hi," you say. Smooth.\n\n"Hi," she says.\n\n"Um," you say.\n\nThis is going really well.\n\n[[Be awkward.]]