try {\n version.extensions['macrodemoMacro'] = { \n major:1, minor:0, revision:0 \n };\n macros['macrodemo'] = {\n handler: function(place, macroName, params, parser) {\n new Wikifier(place, "Hello World!");\n },\n init: function() { },\n };\n} catch(e) {\n throwError(place,"macrodemo Setup Error: "+e.message); \n}
<<silently>><<set $throwup = $throwup - 1>><<set $arivedock = 1>><<endsilently>>\nYou are up and out of the car.\n\n"Oh, no.." you say to the ferry worker, starting to walk around to where your partner is vomiting onto the ferry's wooden platform, "I'm so sorry about this- he's not a boat person- or a ferry person- or a car person- or-"\n\n"Hey, hey, it's okay, just don't worry about it- happens all the time. Go ahead and hop back in the car and take care of your guy there," says the ferry worker.\n\nYou lose balance slightly as the ferry hits the dock- the ferry worker smiles and nods toward your car. He turns to the dock, grabs a rope, and goes ashore. \n\n<<timedinsert 5s>>You watch him tie the boat up, he shakes hands with another worker (this one is wearing a light weight jacket and no hat; both look teen-aged and friendly) Together they pull up the shore gate and then the ferry gate.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>> The [[driver|jdriver]] of the car directly behind yours honks his horn at you.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\nYou get back into your car and shut the [[door|arrival]].
<<if $partner_direction eq 1>>"Thank you, honey" you say.<<set $partner_love = $partner_love + 1>><<endif>>\nYou take a left turn. The road leads you slightly up hill for a few minutes and then, when you get to the top, you see a small grid of street lights.\n\n"Here we are!" says your partner, he's holding your old map open and gently resting his index finger on it. "and we don't have to turn off this road to get to the hotel. The [[bed & breakfast|arivebb]], i mean-"\n\n<<if $partner_direction eq 0>>"Hmm. I guess i still know the way," you say.<<set $calm = $calm + 1>><<endif>>\n\n"Were there so many street lights when you came as a kid?" Your partner asks you.\n\n"I don't remember.."
<<silently>><<set $time = $time + 1>><<endsilently>>\nThe last time you were here (on this water) you rode in the cabin of the ferry. There were only a few cars and they were allowed to stay running. The //first-mate// handed you a hot chocolate. You were wearing a thick wool coat and as you drank the hot chocolate you felt sweat gather under your arms. You felt embarassed, like the //first-mate// could see through your coat, see under your shirt at the sweat, sweat gathering under your arms, sweat coming out of your body- from an invisible place-\n\nYou remember where you are- the car is very stuffy.\n\n<<if $time lte 1>>\n[[comfort your partner|comfort]]\n[[speak w/ your daughter|daughter]]\n[[roll down your window|window]]\n<<else>>\nThe ferry worker knocks on your [[window|downwindow]].\n<<endif>>
You squeeze your partner's knee with one hand while you crack the window open with your other. A strong sea-breeze rushes in through the gap.\n\nThe [[ferry worker|ferryworker]] leans down so he is talking directly into the small opening in the window-
You're amazed now, looking back, that you have lived such a long time since then.\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>[[(...)|memnightswim4]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
//"Where are we going?"\n"Swimming!"//\n\nYou hear the voices of two people in the darkness behind you, sneaking away from the party- You squint but you don't see any movement.\n\nYour partner, your daughter- are still in the car. You walk back across the beach, sand clings to your wet <<if $shoes eq 1>>shoes, it makes them heavy.<<else>>feet.<<endif>>\n\n"Did you have a nice moment?" your partner asks. You shut your door as softly as you can.\n\n"Yes, thank you," you say, "let's get back on the [[road|turnback]]."
When you were thirteen you stayed on the island with your Grandmother the entire summer. (your sister had just been born) During the days your grandma would take you to the beach, but the crowds bothered you and you felt uncomfortable with your skin showing. Wrapping a towel around your shoulders, you'd leave your grandma to read under her umberella and walk back towards town.\n\nLate in June, while sitting on a bench in front of the library, a girl sat down next to you. She was wearing khaki shorts with a white button up tucked in. She had light-brown hair, a //boy's// haircut, and tan skin.\n\n"Done swimming?" She asked. You were wrapped in your towel.\n"I didn't go."\n\nHer name was Andrea. She was looking for a friend and you //weren't not// looking for a friend, [[so-|memnightswim2]]
<<if $beercan eq 1>>You walk back to the car, still holding the <<timedreplace 7s>>[[beer can|beercan]]<<replacewith>>beer can<<endtimedreplace>>.<<else>> You toss the beer can into the sand.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $beercan eq 1>><<timedinsert 5s>>You grab the handle and climb into the [[car|backcarc2]].<<endtimedinsert>><<else>>You grab the handle and climb into the [[car|backcarc2]]<<endif>>
(jaws)\n\nIt's Saturday June 28th, 1975. The last ferry (from HYANNIS to AMITY-IS) is half full, two sedans, one station wagon, a van. The summer sun is still high, far behind you--\n[[ferry]]
//The night you and your partner met, he had his hair tied back into a short ponytail, he had an untrimmed beard. He was wearing a jean jacket, or a suade jacket- with a cotten tee-shirt that said "The Cubs." His shoes were untied and the laces were tucked into the side. He asked you twice where you went to high school. Later that night he told you his mother had just recently died. The way he said it made it sound like it had happened a long time ago, but he had said 'recently'.\n\nYou learned later that she had died that day.//\n\nYou lean over and kiss your partner on his moustace, on his mouth. You rest your hand on the top of his head and rub his scalp where the hair has disappeared.\n\nThe cassette tape reaches the end of the side and clicks.\n\n"Let's go find the hotel," he says. "I mean- the [[bed & breakfast|turnback]]."\n<<silently>><<set $partner_love = $partner_love +1>><<set $calm = $calm + 1>><<endsilently>>
The road leads away from the dock but stays along the coast. Your partner puts in a cassette with various songs from the radio; between some songs there is a half second cut of a disc jockey starting to talk.\n\nYour partner sings along for one song:\n\n//Hurry tomorrow...\nTomorrow I need you now//\n\nYou drive along. The beach leaves your sight sometimes, and then returns. You glance in the mirror and see your daughter is asleep, her head lulled forward- some whispy hair lose from her ponytail is dancing.\n\nUp ahead is a stop sign with a road intersecting from the [[left|ariveleft]]. The road you're one continues along the coast, [[straight|arivestraight]].\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>>Your partner opens the glove compartment and starts looking for the map.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 20s>>The cars from the ferry pull around you. One goes left, a sedan and a van go straight.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 25s>>"Ahh here it is," says your partner. He unfolds the map carfully- it's old.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 30s>>"Now hold on a second..."<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 40s>>"Okay- i think we want to go left. The Bed and Breakfast is near the main street in town... I think"<<set $partner_direction = $partner_direction + 1>><<endtimedinsert>>
daughter love <<print $daughter_love>>\npartner love <<print $partner_love>>\ntime <<print $time>>\ncalm <<print $calm>>\n\nthrowup <<print $throwup>>
<<silently>><<set $partner_love = $partner_love + 1>><<set $time = $time + 1>><<set $partner_window = 1>><<endsilently>>\nYou ask, “Do you want to take your seatbelt off? I don’t remember the ferry moving so much... Do you think that could help, taking your seatbelt off?”\nYour partner turns toward you and shakes his head no; his face is white.\nYou ask,” Would you like the windows rolled down?"\nHe closes his eyes and shakes his head again. \nFrom the backseat, “Dad’s gunna puke."\n\n<<if $time lte 1>>\n[[speak w/ your daughter|daughter]]\n[[roll down your window|window]]\n[[remember...|ferrymemory]]\n<<else>>\nThe ferry worker knocks on your [[window|downwindow]].\n<<endif>>
You roll down the window and the sea-breeze rushes in-\n<<if $partner_window eq 1>>\n<<set $partner_love = $partner_love - 1>>\nYour partner moans in annoyance and puts his hands together over his face.\n<<endif>>\nYou catch the eye of the [[ferry worker|ferryworker]], he is leaning against the gate in front of the car. He pushes off and walks around the front of the car to your open window. His baseball cap has a spreading sweat stain, starting at the band.\n\n<<set $time = $time + 1>>
You sit down on some dune grass at the top of the ridge and watch the guy give up on his sweater. He tries to take off a shoe and falls backward onto the sand. \n\nThe girl sticks one leg out of the water and lets it sink under.\n\n//Dun dun.// (your heart is beating so loud)\n\nThe girl gets smaller as she swims further and further out. Light from somewhere is shimmering on the waves around her; the moon must've appeared.\n\n//Dun dun. Dun dun.// (you're just going to sit and wait for your heart-rate to slow before you make your way back to the car)\n\nFor a second you can't see where the girl went.\n\n//Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun.// (it's like your heart won't slow down)\n\n<<timedinsert 20s>>There is a [[scream|jaws1]].<<endtimedinsert>>
<<if $partner_direction eq 1>> "I actually think it's straight- I don't remember a turn before we //saw// town," you say.\n"Okay..." says your partner.<<set $partner_love = $partner_love - 1>><<endif>>\nYou drive straight, through the intersection, and continue along the beach.\n\n//god only knows what i'd be without you\ngod only knows what i'd be without you\ngod only knows...//\n\nAll of the trees dissapear on the coast side of the road and after a few minutes you see a small light up ahead, on the beach. The road ends and now you're driving in a parking lot. At the end of the lot there are a dozen cars parked haphazardly. On the beach, about half way to the water is a bonfire with dark shapes sitting and standing and dancing around it.\n\n"Looks like it was the left," says your partner.\n\n[["Yeah, i guess so..."|turnback]]\n[["Can we just sit here a minute?"|stay1]]\n[["I want to walk up to the beach."|walkup1]]\n
"I am very strong," you say.\nYou walk ahead, up the brick path that leads to the front of the [[bed and breakfast|bb1]]. Your partner laughs, enjoing your sence of humor.\n\n<<set $calm = $calm + 1>>\n<<set $verystrong = 1>>
<<silently>><<set $shoes = 0>><<endsilently>><<display walkup1>>
<<set $beercan = 0>>"Yeah, me neither- i'm from Connecticut," he says, "my family has a cottage here, on the North side of the island."\n\n"Where did, uh.. you come here from?"\n\nHe takes a sip from his cup; it says FALSTAFF on the side. As he sips, he scans the party. You do the same. Everyone looks at least 10 years younger than you are.\n\n"Indiana," you say.\n"No ocean in Indiana, huh?" He says.\n"Just a lake," you say.\n"Ah, well- hey- do you want a beer?"\n\n(a beer sounds great)\n\n"That sounds great," you say.\n"Hold on," he says.\n\nThe redhead steps away to get you a beer. While you're waiting, you notice two blond kids at the edge of the party, whispering. After a minute they sneak off together.\n\nYou feel [[curious|tomchris1]] about where they are going.\nYou also still would like a [[beer|beer]].\nYou remember your partner is still waiting in the [[car|backcarb]]..
<<if $carcrash eq 1>>Your daughter's face contorts into a deep frown, her eyes close, she begans to wail.\n"Watch where you're going- why didn't you watch where the fuck you were going!" your partner yells at you, pulling at his seatbelt. He frees himself and gets out of the car, leaving the door to swing open into the ditch. He starts walking back toward the docks.\nYou sit in the car, holding the wheel with both hands, your daughter crying and hollering. You look out the windshield as the shadows outside get deeper and the stars start to come out. \n\n((to be cont.))\n<<set $partner_love = $partner_love - 1>><<set $daughter_love = daughter_love - 1>>\n<<else>>\nShe is laughing at her own joke. You turn back to the [[road|arivedrive]]. You say, over your shoulder, that there is no one funnier than your daughter in the world.\n\n"Not even Steve Martin?" she says.\n"Let's not say anything we're going to regret later," your partner says.\n<<endif>>
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<<set $andrea = 1>>On the Forth of July you met up with Andrea at the pier to watch the fireworks. They shot them off a boat in the bay and the night was so calm you could watch the explosions reflected on the still water.\n\nAfter, Andrea climbed down the side of the pier and beckoned you come after her. She ran down the beach and you followed until the christmas lights strung around the pier weren't visible anymore.\n\n"Where are we going?" you said.\n"Swimming!" she said and still in her t-shirt and white shorts she turned sharply toward the water and ran in. She dove under and reappeared a few yards out. You hesitantly followed, the water soaked into your shoes and socks, cold against your exposed knees, a few waves lapped higher on your legs.\n\nAndrea sunk into the water so only her nose and her eyes and her //boy's// haircut were showing. You walked through the water to her, the water up to your belly button, your armpits. Andrea took a deep breath through her nostrils and ducked under, disappearing. You followed her under. The pure darkness was like nothing you'd ever experienced. Floating. (waiting? the opposite of waiting) Time slowed down. It seemed to [[halt.|memnightswim3]]
html {\n /* Vertical colour gradient */\n background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, azure, lightblue, mediumaquamarine, silver, darkseagreen);\n background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, azure, lightblue, mediumaquamarine, silver, darkseagreen);\n background-attachment: fixed;\n\n /* Fallback colour */\n background-color: papayawhip;\n}\nbody {\n /* Remove default styles */\n background-color: transparent;\n margin: 10% 0 0 0;\n font-size: 100%;\n /* Used to center the box */\n text-align: center;\n}\n\n#passages {\n /* Box background (white with 70% opacity) */\n background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7);\n\n /* Border */\n border: 2px solid white;\n\n /* Rounded corners */\n border-radius: 1em;\n\n /* Box width */\n width: 60%;\n\n /* Center the box */\n display: inline-block;\n min-height: 40%;\n margin:auto;\n margin-bottom: 5%;\n padding: 0px;\n}\n\n.passage {\n margin: 0px;\n /* Inner margin within the box */\n padding: 2em;\n\n /* Text formatting */\n color: black;\n font-size: 75%;\n text-align:justify;\n}\n\n/* No sidebar */\n#sidebar {\n display:none;\n}\n\n/* Links */\na.internalLink, a.externalLink {\n color: brown;\n}\na.internalLink:hover, a.externalLink:hover {\n color: maroon;\n text-decoration: none;\n}\n\n/* Shrink the page when viewed on devices with a low screen width */\n@media screen and (max-width: 960px) {\n .passage { font-size: 90%;}\n #passages { width: 70%; }\n}\n@media screen and (max-width: 840px) {\n .passage { font-size: 87.5%; }\n #passages { width: 80%; }\n}\n@media screen and (max-width: 720px) {\n .passage { font-size: 75%; }\n #passages { width: 90%; }\n}
<<if $arivedock eq 0>> The ferry bumps into the dock, rocking the car slightly. <<endif>>\n<<if $throwup gte 1>> Your partner retches dryly.\nYour daughter asks him, "You okay?"\nYour partner says, breathily, "I'm alright, thank you, honey."\n<<endif>>\nAs you drive off of the ferry the worker tips his baseball hat at you, slightly. <<if $throwup eq 2>>He seems unconcerned about the throwup.<<endif>> You raise your hand as to say <<if $throwup gte 1>>'sorry'.<<else>>'so long'.<<endif>>\n\nYou start down the road, inland, the sky ahead of you dark, the sun in the rearview mirror, tiny, falling.\n\n"I feel a little better," says your [[partner|arivepartner]].\n"I feel better too," says your [[daughter|arivedaughter]].\n\n[[drive on|arivedrive]]\n
"Shut up!" You say.\nYour partner laughs to himself and starts up the brick path that leads to the front of the [[bed and breakfast|bb1]]. You follow closely behind, carrying the luggage and laugh in spite of yourself.\n\n<<set $partner_love = $partner_love + 1>>
You stand on the beach watching a small patch of calm water for who knows how long.\n\nAfter that, you look down at your <<if $shoes eq 1>>soaked shoes.<<else>>bare feet.<<endif>>\n\nThen you look over at the young man passed out next to you.\n\nYou sit down next to him -the waves slide under you and soak your pants- and you wait.\n\n((to be cont.))
You step away from the bonfire. You leave the redhead behind (holding a beer for you) and follow the two blonds as they run along a ridge.\n\nYou stay a little ways behind, you walk on top of the dune grass (<<if $shoes eq 1>>it crunches under your shoes<<else>>it's sharp, it kindof hurts your feet<<endif>>) you are crouched low next to the sand fencing.\n\nThe guy is to the rear and is saying things:\n\n"Slow up, slow down! I'm not drunk"\n\nHe stumbles as he jogs, he is very drunk. \n\n"Wait, slow up!"\n\nHe pulls his sweater over his head, it gets stuck, he stumbles off the ridge.\n\nAhead of him, running near the water, the blonde girl is now naked. She takes four running steps into the water and then she dives horizontally and starts [[swimming|tomchris2]].
Before the redhead returns with your beer, you slink back towards your car. On the way you grab your shoes from where they're sitting on the ground. You climb into the car-\n\n"Did you have a nice moment?" asks your partner; he seems very tired.\n\n"Yeah- thank you honey, i'm sorry," you say.\n\n"It's okay.. Let's just [[turn back|turnback]] now."
As you turn the car around in the parking lot the headlights sweep across the party, illuminating the large group of youths in sweaters, jackets, most with drinks in their hands, a few of them are holding guitars. Some look up toward you but most stay focused on their conversations. <<if $andrea eq 0>>For a moment the headlights glace upon two figures sneaking away from the party, further down the beach.<<endif>>\n\nAnd then you're back on the road, back at the intersection. You take a right and drive over a small hill, from the top of which you can see the streetlights in town.\n\n"Ah," says your partner. <<if $partner_direction eq 1>>He is tracing his finger along your old map-<<endif>>\n\n"The [[B&B|arivebb]] must be down there," he says.
<<set $beercan = 0>><<display backcarc>>
"We should really get to the bed & breakfast-" says your partner.<<set $partner_love = $partner_love - 1>>\n"Just give me like- three minutes," you say.\n\nYou leave the engine running and get out. The wind tosses your hair around and causes your eyes to water but it's crisp and refreshing, you feel very awake as you step from the paved parking lot and onto the sand. (<<if $shoes gte 1>>your [[shoes|shoes1]] sink, your steps are awkward<<else>>the sand is cold on your feet! but it's easier to walk<<endif>>)\n\nAt first you walk in the path of the headlights with the car behind you. To your left you see the [[bonfire|bonfire]], no one there seems to be paying any attention. To your right is darker, [[secluded beach|seclusion]] and the slow churning of the waves.
There are some small splashes out in the water and screaming.\n\n<<timedinsert 5s>>You see the girls silhouette moving back and forth, disturbing the water and creating small waves.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 8s>>You can't see her anymore.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 11s>>The nearby bouy rocks slightly<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 11s>>, then violently.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 16s>>//"Oh! God help me! God! God help!"//<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 22s>>You can see the girl is torn away from the bouy-<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 27s>>//"It hurts! It hurts! Oh my god! God help me! God please help!" she screams.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 32s>>She disappears. The water goes still.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 38s>>[[(...)|death1]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $throwup = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>\n"In about 3 minutes we're going to pull up to that dock you might see ahead, please don't start your car until the gate is all the way raised, you're going to be the first car off- that's a lot of responsibility, people might honk if you take too long- but if you're quick it'll really make my day," he says, his eyes obscured by the top of the door frame.\n"Thank you," you say.\n"Thank //you//" he says.\n\nThe ferry worker walks off and you roll the window back up. \nSilence overtakes the car as the ferry pulls closer to the [[dock|arrival]]-\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>>You feel like something bad is going to happen.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 22s>>Your partner rolls down his window<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 24s>> leans out<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 26s>> [[throws up|throwup]].<<set $throwup = 2>> <<endtimedinsert>>
<<silently>><<set $daughter_love = $daughter_love + 1>><<set $time = $time + 1>><<endsilently>>\nYou unbuckle your seatbelt and turn around to look at your daughter. She is sharing her car seat with a doll of the ape-scientist Dr. Zaius. He is buckled in her lap. His bright yellow hair is brushed to one side and held in place with your daughters saliva.\n“Do you see Gully?” She asks.\n"Sure do," you say.\n\n<<if $time lte 1>>\n[[comfort your partner|comfort]]\n[[remember...|ferrymemory]]\n[[roll down your window|window]]\n<<else>>\nThe ferry worker knocks on your [[window|downwindow]].\n<<endif>>
<<set $partner_love = $partner_love + 1>>\nYou glance at your partner. He is smiling, for the first time since you entered Massachusetts, coming through New York.\n"I'm glad. We have a week until you'll have to do that again," you say.\n"I am //hungry// now," your partner says. He puts his hand out the window and makes waves with it.\n\nYou hold the wheel with both hands and continue up the [[road|arivedrive]].
<<silently>><<set $jdriver_yell = "yes">><<set $calm = $calm - 1>><<endsilently>>\n(the driver is a young man with curly, dark hair, he has silver reflector shades on his crown. he is driving a //japanese// sedan)\n\n"Hey, //Fuck You//!" you say, pointing at him.\n\nYou get back in your [[car|arrival]]\n
<<set $calm = $calm + 1>>You step out of the headlights of the car and walk away from the bonfire, across the dark beach and up to the edge of the water.\n\n//Take any path you please, and ten to one it carries you down a dale, and leaves you there by a pool in the stream//\n\nYou watch the water until your eyes adjust fully. Far out there is a row of white bouys, each with its own small tower, rocking gently- they look like a line of swaying telephone towers.\n\nYou stand where the waves crawl onto shore, where the water spreads thin, <<if $shoes eq 1>>it washes around the rubber sole of your shoes.<<else>>it washes over your feet- sending a chill up your body!<<endif>>\n\n<<if $calm gte 2>>You remember [[night swimming|memnightswim]] as a kid..<<else>> You start to worry about your partner and your daughter, they are probably tired, you should probably walk back to the [[car|turnback]].<<endif>>
You drive around to the back of the bed & breakfast where there are spots marked to park.\n\n"Oh-two" says your partner- you pull into that spot. (it's the only empty one)\n\nYou get out and pop the hatch of your car. You put your daughter's backpack on your back and grab yours and your partner's travel bags. Your partner unbuckles your daughter and holds her against his chest. She drapes over his broad shoulder, still asleep. Your partner adjusts his hold, bouncing her tiny body- she stays asleep. He grins at you.\n\nYou smile back, shut the hatch. You grunt, picking up the travel bags from the ground.\n\n"Good grunt, honey," says your partner.\n\n[["i am very strong"|verystrong]]\n[["shut up"|shutup]]
You open the envelope. There is a warded-lock key and a note that says:\n\n//first doorway on the left, take the stairs, [[room|roomnight1]] with '02' on the door//\n//-hillary//\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>The handwriting is very neat, each letter has a slight tic where the pen would have left the paper.<<set $calm = $calm + 1>><<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>>"Honey, let's go up-" says your partner, waiting in the doorway.<<endtimedinsert>>
You ring the bell- much louder than you meant to.\n<<if $envelope eq 1>>"Why did you do that?" Your partner asks in a yelling whisper. He shakes the envelope at you.\n"I'm sorry" You say back in the same tone.\n"I see you found the letter," says a voice from behind. \nYou turn around: the old man standing in the dark doorway does not match the voice, the //old woman's// voice you recognized from the phone. He's in a striped night gown with a matching cap. (like Ebenezer Scrooge)\n"I- yes, sorry. Uh- Mr- Hillary. I found it."\n"Your [[room's|roomnight1]] up that way-" he gestures into one of the black doorways, "Good night."\n<<else>>\n<<timedinsert 5s>> An old man wearing striped pajama's and a matching cap (like Ebenezer Scrooge) appears from the dark doorway behind the desk.<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 9s>> When he speaks, you're surprised to hear what you had //thought// was an old woman's voice over the phone.\n"There's an envelope on that table over there for you- it's got you're key. You're [[room 02|roomnight1]] if I remember correctly. Find your way okay?"<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 14s>>"Yeah," you say, "we got it."<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<endif>>\n<<set $hillary = 1>>
"I should- get back-," you say, but the redhead doesn't seem to be paying attention. He has turned his head back toward the fire and is bobbing his head along with the closest guitar player.\n\nYou take a few steps backwards and then turn around. You walk towards the light from the headlights of your [[car|turnback]].\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>Before you climb back through the driver's side door, you remember to grab your shoes.<<set $shoes = 1>><<endtimedinsert>>
You head up the stairs, trying not to stomp. Without turning the lights on, you help your partner lay your daughter in the twin bed (she ducks her head under the blanket as soon as you let her go)\n\nThen you and your partner climb into the king bed <<if $partner_love gte 2>>(he clutches you)<<endif>> and you fall asleep.\n\n((to be cont.))
<<set $tom_jones = 1>><<set $beercan = 1>>The redhead comes back with a can of FALSTAFF for you. You pull the tab off, take a drink, burp, laugh, take another drink.\n\n"I never let my partner hear me burp..." you say.\n"Your partner? Are you a cop??"\n\nYou give the redhead a hard look.\n\n"What's your name?" You ask.\n"T-tom Jones."\n"Is that your real name? Like the singer?"\n"Yeah, it's kindof a bummer."\n"Don't say that. Thanks for the beer."\n\nYou finish the beer and head back to your [[car|backcarc]].\n
<<if $beercan eq 0>>"Hey honey, how was the beach?" your partner asks.\n"It was pretty good-" You //burp//. You put your hand over your mouth. Your partner's solemn face cracks, he laughs at you. You laugh too.\n"I'm ready to head back down the [[road|turnback]] you say."\n"Great, I'm actually getting pretty tired," your partner says.<<else>>You sit in the driver's seat and set the beer can between your legs.\n"Is that a beer?" Your partner asks.\n"I- yeah," you say, "one of the kids gave it to me."\n"Oh.." your partner says.\n[[(...)|turnback]]<<endif>>\n
You step out of the headlights of the car and walk towards the group around the bonfire. Suddenly the cold wind on your exposed neck seems to be restricting your breath- or- well, actually you're feeling anxious about approaching the youths. You laugh quietly, uncomfortably.<<set $calm = $calm - 1>>\n\nSpotting you, one of the young men near the fringe of the group (holding a drink, his free hand tucked in the pocket of his flared jeans) takes a few lazy steps over (he is barefoot<<if $shoes eq 0>>, like you... you become self-conscious about your feet<<endif>>)\n\n"Howdy, how's it going? Welcome.. to the party!" he says. He is intoxicated. (he has short red hair- his cheeks, nose, forhead, eyelids are covered in freckles)\n\n"You live on the island?" He asks you.\n\n"Hi," you say, "no, I don't.\n\n[[Talk more with the redhead...|redhead]]\n[[Head back to the car.|backcar]]\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $partner_love = 0>>\n<<set $daughter_love = 0>>\n<<set $calm = 100>>\n<<set $time = 0>>\n<<set $partner_window = 0>>\n<<set $arivedock = 0>>\n<<set $partner_direction = 0>>\n<<set $shoes = 1>>\n<<set $andrea = 0>>\n<<endsilently>> \nA seagull lands on the hood of your car and your daughter, from the backseat, tells you to look. She laughs, she names it gully. Your partner is seasick -or carsick- and irritable, he moans quietly, pushing his forehead against the window. He has his seatbelt tight against his chest. (the car is very stuffy)\n\n[[comfort your partner|comfort]]\n[[speak w/ your daughter|daughter]]\n[[roll down your window|window]]\n[[remember...|ferrymemory]]\n
<<set $daughter_love = $daughter_love + 1>>\nYou laugh at your funny daughter and turn back to quickly see her [[face|dface]].\n\n<<timedinsert 20s>> "Hey- watch-" your partner starts to yell, you turn back to the road as the car veers into a ditch at the side of the road.<<set $carcrash = 1>><<endtimedinsert>>
The front door to the bed and breakfast is unlocked, your partner pushes it open for you. You turn sideways and pull the bags inside. You set them down and look around.\nThe lobby lights are on but the doorways into other rooms are all very dark. There's a painting of a scene from Moby Dick. (you assume, because of the giant, white whale talking up most of the frame)\nYou spot a brass bell on top of an unstained-oak writing desk. It's a miniature ship-bell on a stand, with a dangling hammer. You reach out to [[ring|lobbyb]] it.\n\n<<timedinsert 5s>>"Oh, there's an [[envelope|lobbye]] for us.." Says your partner. He holds it out toward you, still clutching your sleeping daughter in his other arm. <<set $envelope = 1>><<endtimedinsert>>
You pull the car up to the egde of the parking lot so the lights point out toward the sound. You sit quietly with your partner and listen to his cassette. More //Beach Boys//. A //Cat Stephens// song.\n\n"I never liked Cat Stephens, until we <<if $partner_love gte 1>>[[met|met1]]<<else>>met<<endif>>," your partner says.\n\nThe song ends and your partner suggests you should start heading toward the bed and breakfast.\n\n[["Okay, I'll turn us around"|turnback]]\n[["Hold on, I want to walk up to the beack|walkup1]]\n