As the figure gets closer you can start to make out some features and you see that its a man with long hair and spectacles resting upon a long, pointed nose. As he's passing you, you make eye contact and realize that you're sharing the side walk with none other than John Lennon. You then decide to say something to him because it's freaking John Lennon.\n\n[[Continue|Yes]]
You are James, a pool cleaner who has no direction in life whatsoever and you're ok with that. You take each day as it comes, and you've gone through life always taking the easy route and avoiding any type of involvement with the world around you.\n\nOne day you're cleaning someone's pool when you happen to look into their garage and notice a strange device tucked away in one of the corners. You decide to...\n\n[[check it out]]\n\n[[get back to work]] because after all it's not your house and you're getting paid to clean the pool
So you're curiosity got the better of you! You enter the garage and approach this machine and you immediately draw the conclusion that this object is unlike anything else you've ever seen before. This machine has a button that is facing towards you as if to say, "What are you waiting for man? Push me!"\nWhat do you do?\n\n[[Push the button]] to see what happens.\n\n[[Walk away]] before the owner of the house sees that you're in there.
The year is 1776. You look around and see bunch of old buildings and guys wearing white wigs and realize that you must be somewhere in the pre-revolutionary period of the United States.\n\nYou stop someone on the street to ask them where you are and what year it is, and they give you a peculiar look and reply, "Well sir, you're in Philadeplhia and the year is 1776. What other year could it possibly be? And what on earth are those rags that you're wearing?" \n\nYou quickly dismiss the man and notice that you're standing right in front of a pub. You decide to [[go inside]].
You find yourself in New York City somewhere on West 72nd Street near Broadway. It's a cold, dreary night and it feels almost as if the street is giving off a sense of foreboding. You're outside of a building called //The Dakota// when you see a figure approaching you.\n\n[[Continue|Next]]
John Lennon being the extremely nice guy that he is says, "Yeah, sure why not?"\n\nHe takes you to his favorite bar which is only a couple of blocks away where you then discuss a variety of different topics ranging from religion to musical influences. After a while he decides to turn in and you go you're separate ways, but as he's walking away he turns to you and says, "Don't let the world change you, change the world," a message that will definitely stick with you for the rest of your days.\n\n[[Continue|congrats]]\n\n
No sense of adventure!\n\nJames gets back to his dead end job and proceeds through life without ever having any meaningful experiences. \n
No matter how hard he tries, Paine is never able to rewrite his book the way that it was the first time and as a result it never gets published and the American Revolution never fully gains the support of the American people. \n\nBecause of a lack of support from citizens and leaders to break away from England we in turn never actually do and we remain a British colony until present day. \n\nYou're a disappointment to us all.\n\nStart over or travel to another year\n\n[[1933]]\n\n[[1980]]\n
Once you've entered the pub you see more men wearing wigs and virtually no women. You decide to make the best of your predicament and approach the bar and ask the bartender for a beer. You've been sitting there for about twenty minutes when all of a sudden the man next to you, obviously intrigued by your dress attire, begins a conversation with you.\n\nAfter a while you exchange names with the man and he tells you that his name is Thomas Paine and that he's a writer. \n\n[[Continue]]
Interacting with History
After a nice, polite exchange you let him go on his way and as he rounds the next corner you hear a series of gunshots being fired off. The gunshots trigger something in your brain to remember that it was around this time that John Lennon was assassinated. You then peer around the corner to see that your worst fears have been confirmed and he has in fact been shot.\n\n[[Continue|too bad]]
What the hell are you thinking? How could you pass up the opportunity to kill Hitler?! You are now an accessory to the Holocaust... the HOLOCAUST! Good luck sleeping at night, asshole.\n\nStart over or Travel to another year\n\n[[1776]]\n\n[[1980]]
Now you must live with the reality that you were one of the last people to see John Lennon alive. This will be a hard pill to swallow, but at least his death will bring just as much beauty into the world as his life did.\n\nStart over or travel to another year\n\n[[1933]]\n\n[[1776]]
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You successfully wiped Hitler out, but little did you know you also wiped yourself out because you're great grandfather was in the front row of the political rally and you killed him thus you were never born. Oh well, you're still a hero only now no one will know.\n\nStart over or travel to another year\n\n[[1776]]\n\n[[1980]]
You continue to throw back round after round with this key revolutionary figure and you're loving every minute of it. After a while he is obviously starting to become slightly intoxicated and he pulls from his bag a copy of a book that he says he has just finished writing and is about to publish. The title reads //Common Sense// which you recognize right away despite the fact that you pretty much slept your way through high school. \n\nYou then decide that you will...\n\nGet Thomas Paine drunk and [[steal]] his book, //Common Sense// and publish it as your own.\n\nIgnore the urge to steal his work and just [[continue to drink]] with him.
Congratulations!\n\nYou've successfully taken Hitler out before he even got elected as Chancellor and avoided the extermination of six million jews and countless others. Give yourself a pat on the back because you're a hero.\n\nStart over or travel to another year\n\n[[1776]]\n\n[[1980]]
You press the button and the machine turns on. A screen lights up and says, "You have activated the Time Jumper 2000, what year do you wish to travel to?"\n\n[[1933]]\n\n[[1776]]\n\n[[1980]]
You continue to drink with your new friend and you get him so hammered that he ends up passing out so with the help of a few bar patrons you escort him upstairs to a room with a bed so that he can recover.\n\nThe next morning he wakes up and can't remember anything that happened the night before. In addition to this his book, //Common Sense//, is nowhere to be found. \n\n[[Continue|next]]
There is a man standing before a crowd of people giving a very passionate speech. He has a small mustache that is centered above his upper lip. He is screaming out to the crowd and you have no idea what he's saying, but you recognize this man to be Adolf Hitler. Next thing you know someone approaches you, noticing that you're obviously out of place, and starts to whisper about a plot to assassinate Hitler. Knowing what kind of monstrosities Hitler has committed you decide to...\n\n[[Help]] this stranger out\n\n[[Refuse]] to get involved
The year is 1933. You look at your surroundings and you notice that all of the signs and buildings are marked with a language that you at first don't recognize but soon realize to be German. You draw the conclusion that you're no longer in America and that you are now in Germany. There is a political rally going on nearby so you decide to [[see what's going on]]. \n
You follow the stranger into a building across the street and up several flight of stairs. Eventually you end up on the roof where there is a rifle perched on the edge of the building and a detonator that is rigged to explosives that have been strategically placed under the stage. He then instructs you to choose how you will pull the plug on Hitler.\n\nUse the [[rifle]] because it's more of a personal statement\n\n[[Detonate]] the explosives and wipe out the first couple of rows along with the target
You get back to work and finish the job. A couple of days later you get a call from one of your clients asking about something that went missing from their garage the other day. They tell you that they saw you walk out of the garage and that they are suspicious. You quickly deny any allegations of theft, but your client, acting on the safe side, decides to fire you anyways. Besides there are plenty of pool cleaners in the neighborhood.\n\nYou are now not only boring but also jobless.
Congratulations!\n\nYou inadvertently saved John Lennon's life. Because James was able to step out of his comfort zone and speak to Lennon, his assassination will now never happen and he will continue to bring beauty to the world until he dies of old age.\n\nStart over or travel to another year\n\n[[1933]]\n\n[[1776]]
by Tyler Oswalt
Once you get his attention, you tell him that you're a huge fan and that //Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band// changed your outlook on life which basically means that it influenced you to try a bunch of psychadelics in college. You're not surprised at all to find out that he's extremely friendly. You then think to yourself how awesome it would be to get a drink with him and continue your conversation. You...\n\nask him to [[grab a couple of beers]] with you at the closest bar\n\nor\n\nnot push your luck and [[let him carry on about his business]]
After a long night of drinking with your new friend you say you're goodbyes and leave with the only existing copy of //Common Sense// overjoyed with the idea of your name being etched into the history books.\n\nYou publish the book as your own and quickly rise to fame, but Thomas Paine and his buddies are pissed and they come after you and kill you and expose you to be a liar and a thief. As a result you go down in history as one of the most infamous traiters in American history right next to Benedict Arnold.\nThat's gotta suck.\n\nStart over or Travel to another year\n\n[[1933]]\n\n[[1980]]