\nFanatically religious and studious, \nbut not intelligent ... HAH! \n\n\nShe can be domineering at times \nand is extremely sensitive regarding her religion and God. \n\n<html><a href="http://s231.photobucket.com/user/boizboiz1993/media/photo3.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee76/boizboiz1993/photo3.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo photo3.jpg"/></a></html>\n\n//That insolent fool once made MY daughter kneel in front of the altar to repent for cursing her tablemate, who kept borrowing her stationaries, without her permission.//\n\n\n//Whatever, I shall continue to watch her.//\n\n\nYou put down your book and a waiter came over.\n\n[[//“Miss, would you like anything to drink?”//|order drink for mag]]\n\n
M: Do you happen to have a patient by the name - Mary Mcspicy? \nShe should be about 20 this year.\nP: My god, yea her name does ring a bell. How do you know she is my patient?\nM: Just giving it a shot. She’s a friend’s kid and my friend knows her daughter goes to a psychiatrist for help and her daughter doesn’t tell her all her problems. Just trying to help a friend understand her kid.\n\nWhat would you like to know?\n\n[[Where she stays?|her location]]\n[[Why is she seeing a psychiatrist?|talk more about her]]\n
It was half past 7 in the evening when you arrived at her estate.\n\nYou parked your car three blocks down from Mrs McWings’ apartment and covered the remaining distance on foot. \n\nIt’s a decent condominium; \n\nthe school //must// pay her well.\n\nYou:\n\n[[Decide to pick the lock.|paper clip]]\n\n[[Knock on the door.|inject syringe]]\n
A woman in her 40s opened the door. \n\nYou ignored her puzzled expression and pushed her into the apartment, \none hand muffling her screams. \n\nYou pull out a syringe and inject it swiftly into her neck.\n\n//That should do it.// \n\nIt only took a few seconds for the drug to kick in.\n\nYou waste no time and carry out the transplant.\n\nWith your new face, you:\n\n[[Explore the house.|explore master bedroom]]\n\n[[Head straight to the study and get down to business.|straight to study]]\n
//“Mary McSpicy”.// \nYou could not help but grin as you read her name off the list. \n\n//“Here”.// \n\nHearing her voice for the first time after years send chills down your spine. \n\n\n[[You|pop quiz]] notice a written comment beside her name. \n“Release at 3pm every Wednesday for therapy session.”\n\n\n
You head to the master bedroom. \n\n//Single huh. //\n\nOpening her closet, \nyou find branded lingerie of all sorts. \n\nYou picked one up, \nonly to reveal something hard beneath the pile. \n\n\n\n\n [[A box.|inside box]]\n\n\n\n\n
I stood up and gave her a firm handshake. \n//I had to. It has been so long since I last touched her.//\n\n//"So how have you been since last week?”//\n\n“Good… I suppose… I can control my mood swings a little better than before. But recently…. I’ve been having these dreams, they were so real… I can’t sleep as my mood would plummet to hit rock bottom. I feel depressed and angry suddenly, and I dont know why! My heart is aching like crazy! \nWHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!”\n\nYou touched her hands. \nHeld them tightly, rubbing your thumb against her hands trying to calm her down. \n\n//“ Calm down Mary. Take a deep breath. Hold it in. Exhale now, together with all your anger and sadness.”\n\n\nThank god I watched their recorded sessions over and over again.\n\n\n“Now shall we…”//\n\n[[start with you telling me about these dreams?”|talk about dreams]]\n\n[[begin with hypnosis?”|hypnosis]]\n
You wait till the last customer leaves and pretend to be sending her home. You dump her in the back seat of your car and tape her mouth. \n\n*******************************************************************\n \n\n\n\n\n\n\n [[Begins face transplant.|psy new face]]
You watch as she down the shots one after another. \n\nYou are about to start your mini questionnaire when her head drops to the tabletop with a //thud//. \n\nDamn it, \n\nyou over-estimated her tolerance\nand now, \n\n//you’ve lost your chance.//\n\nYou\n\n[[Ditch work and risk being fired to bring her home for transplant.|body transplant]]\n\n[[Keep an eye on her until you knock off. You still need your job to support yourself and your plan.|obey your boss]]\n
A woman in her 30s walks up to a lounge and the scent of her perfume hits your nose...Chanel No. 5… then she spoke as she walked towards the empty seats in front of me.\n\n<html><a href="http://s231.photobucket.com/user/boizboiz1993/media/photo1.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee76/boizboiz1993/photo1.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo photo1.jpg"/></a></html>\n\n"Hey babe, get me a whisky on the rocks"\n\nShe doesn’t reply me.\n\n“Stinky old bastard left me. His wrinkly body makes me sick and I even accompanied him to his boring balls and seminars. And now he’s off with a stupid vixen who claims to be a Victoria Secret model. Pssshhh.”\n\nI reply:\n\n[[Men. They’re all bastards. Why didn’t you threaten to tell on him to his wife?|teach him a lesson20A]]\n\n[[You should have took money from his wallet girl. Why so stupid ?|offending psy20B]]\n\n[[Do not reply her. Let her blabber on.|knock out 20C]]\n\n\n
You hurried over the meeting place and you see Mary standing there with her hands crossed, her face was fuming red. \n\nShe looks really pissed.\n\n“What in the world Marg! YOU ARE SO DAMN LATE! You know how I value punctuality!!!\n\nYou felt apologetic and had already apologize multiple times. You tried hard to appease her but it doesn’t seem to help. You remembered that when Mary was a kid, her Daddy would always cringe his face in that funny contorted way and present her with a coconut ice cream cone with a cherry on top. She would laugh and hug her daddy so tight. \n\n//You desire that special bond she had with her daddy.//\n\n“Hey Mary I kind of need to use the bathroom now. Meet you in front of the Bird Tong Chay shop in 15mins.” After a long search, you found a ice cream truck selling coconut ice cream. You bought the ice cream and ran to where the both of you promised to meet, making sure you are not late again.\n\n You see her standing there. \n You stopped running.\n\nFrom afar you observe her. Flashbacks flooded in. \n\nImages of a small little girl in her uniform with plaid hair, carrying a school bag sitting in front of the school door. She had always patiently waited for you to come. She has always been waiting. You felt hope yet a little delusional. You walked over and made a funny contorted face at her. “Sorry for being late” You handed her the coconut ice cream with a cherry on top. Mary was taken aback but she was happy. She started to tear a little and gave you a big hug. This was the special bond you wanted with her. Mary: “ How did you know? My daddy always does this to pacify me. How did you know? I told you?”\n\nYour heart is beating fast, your face flushed red. You are so happy you need to scream it all out. \n“Mary is waiting for me. She still loves me and will forgive me. This is the place I have to be!”, your thoughts screamed.\nRiding on your hopes you have decided to …..\n \n [[Recover.|return to oldself]]\n\n [[Stay.|sane]]
Face Stealer
//“What do you mean NO?!"\n\n[["YES WE ARE GOING!”|in the cab]]// Margaret exclaimed anxiously.\n
\n\nIt contained surgery reports of transgender operations. \n\n\n\n\nHer real name is Mak Lai McWings. \n\n//Disgusting [[son of a bitch|chop body]], \nthis is the man your husband had an affair with.// \n\nYou ransacked through more drawers and found old letters from your husband. \n\n\nA suicide note. \n\n\nYou slipped it into your pocket.\n
The two of you left the coffee house.\n\nAs you had promised, \nyou offered to give her a ride. \n\nYou walked behind Margaret and took out a piece of handkerchief.\n\nYou dabbed it with chloroform and enter the car. \n\nSeizing the chance, \nwhen Margaret looked away,\nyou forced the handkerchief on to her face. \n\nShe passed out. You drove her back for the face transplant while she is still breathing.\n\n
There was a little knock on the door before a tall and scrawny young lady entered my office. What happened to my chubby baby girl? Her straight black hair reminded me of mine. When she looks at me, her eye glistens. \n\n[[//She is so beautiful it hurts.//|meet mary]]\n
The next morning as I was sipping my morning coffee and jotting down notes on my personal notebook, the phone rang.\n\n“Ms McSpicy is here for you. Can I send her in?”\n\n\n[["Yes please"|mary enter]]\n\n[["I am not ready for her yet. Uh um..I need to get something done.Send her in 5 minutes."|scared]]\n
A woman in her 40s walks towards your station in killer heels.\n\n\n\n Target spotted. \n\n<html><a href="http://s231.photobucket.com/user/boizboiz1993/media/photo2.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee76/boizboiz1993/photo2.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo photo2.jpg"/></a></html>\n\n\n\nAs she approaches, you couldn't help but notice her stunning frame.\n\n //Hell, she must be at least 170cm tall, not counting her heels. She plops down on an empty seat in front of you. As she opens her mouth to order, you cringe at her alcohol-filled breath and wonder how she is still able to walk on those things.// \n\n“I’ll let you choose the drink this time” she managed to blurt out, despite her drowsy state.\n\nYou get her a \n\n[[Harmless beer|insult]]. \n\n[[Whisky shot|she is wasted]]\n\nShe looks as if she has had enough for one night.\n
You have offended psychiatrist. \n\n“ Hey you know what! His wallet barely has $100 in it! I’m worth more than that you bitch” Psychiatrist walks away and you walk up behind her, swiftly injecting her with [[poison|psy new face]].\nYou will take her face.
You look around your half-therapeutic, half-cold room.\n\n<html><a href="http://s231.photobucket.com/user/boizboiz1993/media/tumblr_mc5kjioZlI1risrano1_500.gif.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee76/boizboiz1993/tumblr_mc5kjioZlI1risrano1_500.gif" border="0" alt=" photo tumblr_mc5kjioZlI1risrano1_500.gif"/></a></html>\n\nYou don’t know how you’ve tolerated the emptiness of this place for so long.\n\nAt first,\n\nyou were fine with being in there. \nYou didn’t really have to face anyone or do anything. \n\nBut after a while you realized that there wasn’t anything wrong with you in the first place. \nIn fact, you were //[[perfectly fine|ppl say5]]//.
You drive back to the lounge and look for the psychiatrist car. You press the button of the key and a black Maserati beeped.\n\n//Wow, this is what I call a gold digger.//\n\n \nYou step in and [[make your way to sunset avenue|attend work]].\n\n
You get off the cab and drag Margaret to a dark alley. \n\nMargaret is confused by your actions.\n\n\n“Let go it HURTS !!”\n\n\n\n//“Go to hell you witch! Stay away from my daughter! She needs no GOD! She only needs me!”//\n\n\n\n\nShe struggles and throws random things that she could reach with her free hand. \n\nYou grabbed the...\n\n[[beer bottle from the ground and smash it on her head.|grab beer bottle]]\n\n[[wooden stick lying next to you and knock her out with it.|take wooden stick]] \n
Your name is Mal. \n\nYou have a story to tell. \n\nBut not everyone wants to listen to [[you|intro2]].\n\n//I am not crazy.// \n\n
Stay as friends. \n\n Be by her side //f o r e v e r .//\n\n\n She knew that Mary was only happy around her Daddy. \n\nHe was her //all// whereas to her, you were merely a you are but a figure who was hardly there. \nYou will only inflict more pain by bringing bad memories. \n\n\n\n\n You killed her all, she will NEVER forgive you. \n\n\n\n [[This is the only way to make up to her.|cafe good]]\n\n
Wind whispered through the barred windows and your long hair slow danced in the cooling night breeze. \n\nYour thumb grazed the small [[photograph|photo3]] of the only thing in this universe that kept you going. There wasn’t a day where she didn’t stick to your mind like gum. \n\nEvery day was s l o w, and as each agonizing \n\nsecond, \n\nminute, \n\nhour passed, \n\nall you worry about is her hating you for throwing her away, even though that wasn’t your intention in the first place. \n \n
//“Pop quiz today!”// you quip as groans fill the classroom. \n\n\nYou pull out a stack of test papers you found from the study the night before and distributed it to the class, making sure to linger just a little bit longer at Mary's desk.\n\nCan't hide your lack of knowledge for long. Time to source for a safer option.\n\n[[After class|After class]]
\nYou plot to take her face. \n \nYou internalize her. \n \nTogether the two of you are one. \n\n -The End-
//Oh shit s h i t s h i t! \nWhat if she recognises me. \nWhat if she suspects something fishy going on.//\n\n\nBreathe. \n\n\n\n\nIn. \n\n\n Out. \n\n\n\n\n\n In. \n\n\n\n Out. \n\n\n\n//But I haven’t seen her in years, she would suspect right? \n\nYou will do alright. She wouldn’t suspect a thing. You have all the information you need in your notebook and that computer. \n\nBut what if something bad happens? Bad things always happen to me. Always. All the freaking time.//\n\n\nShut up. S h u t u p.\n\n\n\nI straightened my blouse, checked my make up and called her in.\n\n[["This is it."|mary enter]]\n
She brought the latte and walks over to your table.\n\n\n//“Hi, such a coincidence to meet you here. Thank you so much for that latte. I Love Angels and before I weird you out any further, may I sit here ?”\n\n\n\n“Yes please. Oh, and are you here with anyone today..., or are you alone?”\n\n\n“Hmm.. Just me. Wanted to get a cup of coffee before heading for mass. By the way, next Monday is my graduation ceremony. I’m so excited for it!”//\n\n[[“Caffeine for God? Cos those holy things bore the living hell out of me!”|Mag got offended]]\n\n[[“Oh, I used to go to church but I kinda backslided. I wished I could get restore my faith….’|mag lecture abt God]]\n
After bribing your co-worker to cover you, \n\nyou swiftly transport the body back for [[transplant.|dispose body]] \n\n\nYou dig through her purse for her identification card and found her address.\n\n
“Alright, please inform Ms McSpicy that I'll [[meet her|appointment]] at 10 tomorrow morning"\n\nThe receptionist stares at you for a good 3 seconds as if she knew something was particularly different with me. \n\n//Oh shit, did I sound too polite? Thankfully, she acknowledges me and returns to her desk without any further questions.//\n\nI scrolled through the database. \n\n_Patient number:_ 0138\n_Patient since:_ 3 June 2000\n_Name:_ Mary McSpicy\n_Age:_ 16\n_Date of Birth:_ 21 September 1990\n_Nationality:_ Thai\n_Home Address:_ Tok Nong Lai Building no. 54 #12-272 Bangkok, Thailand \n_Parent/Guardian:_ -Not Applicable- \n\n//Sigh//\n\n_Type of Disorder:_ Post traumatic stress disorder (since the age of 10) causing selective memory\n_Psychotherapy programs attended:_ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (2002-2005)\n_Medication:_ Hydrocortisone\n
She’s already wasted;\n//what’s the harm?// \n\nMaybe if you get her [[drunk enough|drinks shots]], \n\nshe would spill anything you want to know about Mary and she wouldn’t even remember a damn thing.\n
Margaret is knocked out.\nThe glass smashed all over her face, scarring the left side of Margaret's face with the glass shards. \n\n\n//SHIT! Her face is scarred!//\n\n\nYou drag her body back to start with the [[face transplantation|beer c]].\n
You enter the study and start pulling out files from the “School” drawer. \n\n\nAssignments, \n test papers, \n timetables. \n\n\n//Aha,// class namelists. \n\nYou study the faces and names of your daughter class to minimize suspicion. \n\nTheir next lesson is at 1pm on the next day. \n\n\nYou //smile// at the thought of [[finally meeting her|meet daughter as a tcher]].\n
You’ve planned this for months and tonight seemed to be perfect. You snapped the nurse cap onto your head and gave her a sorry smile. You grabbed the photograph you were holding fifteen minutes ago and you dashed out and never looked back. The keys in your pocket jingled as you ran and ran, and ran.\n\nFor your life. \n\nFor your [[d a u g h t e r|finding daughter10]].\n
After class, \n\nyou continue stalking Mary from afar. \n\n\nHer best friend is easily identified.\n\nThey stick to each other like glue. \n\nYou recognize her from the attendance list. \n\n//Margaret Lark Nai.// \n\n\nShe seems like a [[good target|goes to coffeehouse]]. It will be the closest you can get to Mary for now.\n\n
Margaret will take no nonsense from anyone who takes bad about her faith. \n\nYou have offended her. \n\n\nShe leaves the untouched coffee on the counter and left.\n\n\n\n\n//You need to stop her from leaving.// \n\n\nYou...\n\n[[Apologize and offer to give her a lift to mass.|give her lift]]\n\n[[Grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the coffee house.|grab her arm]]\n
Every time they told you that you were [[“sick”|nurse6]], \nyou chuckled and waved them off because \nyou were sure that you were okay. \n\nThey had said so many crazy and offensive things to you, \nbut you brushed them off like always. \n\nIt got to the point where you couldn’t decide which was more absurd: \n\n//them telling you that you are not fit to be a plastic surgeon, \n\nor that you’ve k i l l e d your own husband.//\n\n\nOf all things they’ve said, \nthose two were the ones that hit you the //hardest//. \n
\nYou entered a coffee house and took out your notebook, \nreading the yours observations of target. \n\nYou have followed her for a week and collected sufficient information.\n\nTarget: [[Margaret Lark Nai|more abt Mag]]\n\n//My daughter’s same aged good friend.// \n\nThey study in the same school with the same Major -- Psychology.\n\n\n
The human skin felt so foreign under your sweaty palms. How many years has it been? Eight years? Ten years? To think that you were once the most sought-after plastic surgeon but that is all in [[the past|mission9]].
The wooden stick has knocked out Margaret. \n\nYou drag her body back to your home and tied her to the chair. \n\nWhen she regained her consciousness, \nyou reveal your true identity and force her to tell you more about Mary, promising not to take her life. \n\n\nShe spilled out several [[secrets|Mary secrets]].\n\n
Well she lives just not far from...hey you would know where she stays right? If you really are her mum’s friend, unless you are nn…..*knocks out from the [[poisoned champagne|psy new face]]. \nYou will take her face.
Mary still on the other line: “ But [[I really want to shop.|research trends]]\n\nRecently I have been feeling so depressed and those dreams about my parents did not help at all.”\n \nYou want to make Mary happy so you agreed.\n\n Largely it was because you are interested in knowing more about what Mary thought of you.\n
Enraged by your preposterous discovery, \n\nyou return to the body and proceed to //stab it// profusely with a kitchen knife. \n\nYou chop the body up into multiple pieces \nand feed them to the fireplace. \n\n\n//“May you rot in hell”//, \n\nyou [[cursed under your breath|straight to study]] as you tossed in a lighted match.\n
\nYour heart ached like a sharp pin piercing through your heart.\n\nYour mind screamed sorry over and over again.\n\n\nYou: “Its ok….I’m so so sorry.”\n\nMary: “Its not ok. \n She is always too late. \n But now I am fine without her. \n Nevermind about her, lets get back to shopping.\n Have you heard Cat Nong Khai’s new album?.....”\n\n\nYour mind blanks out. \nYou can no longer hear what she is saying. \nThe urge you always had to acknowledge her disappears. \n\nThe two of you shopped and got your hair done. \n\nThroughout the entire time, \nyou have been brooding over the fact that she has yet to forgive you and may never do so. \n\nIt frightens you but you so desperately want to be with your daughter. \nWild thoughts came flooding in. \n\n\nYour thoughts screamed: \n\n[[positive thoughts|positive]]\n\n[[negative thoughts|negative]]
//Busted, again.//\n [[You will come on another day.|meet gold digger20]]\n
“Alright then lets go over to her place now. We need to help her.”\n\n//“Help who!?”//\n\n“Oh God were you not listening? She has sinned and we need to cleanse her by bringing her to see Father Abel!”\n\nMargaret stood up and grabbed your arm. \n\n\n//[[“Wait...”|in the cab]]//\n\n
Mary shifts uncomfortably in her seat but gestures for you to carry on.\n\nYou lead her into a dimly lit room and she settles herself on the bed. She seems to be familiar with the hypnosis process. \n\n“Sleep and let go of your worries.” You whisper and stroke her head.\n\nIt was barely five minutes and you hear a slight snore.\n\n“You’re in your old house. You hear a noise coming from the kitchen.”\n\n“You followed the noise and you see your Dad stab himself.”\n\n“But is that really what you see? Or was he making a midnight snack?”\n\nMary twitched and you press further, hoping that you can make your daughter forget this grisly incident.\n\n“Your Mum enters and-”\n\nMary wakes with a start. She stares at you with wide eyes. \n\n“What are you trying to do?” \n\nYou pretend as though nothing happened.\n\n“It’s a test that’s crucial for your improvement.”\n\n“No! You’re trying to- to CHANGE my memories of my parents!”\n\n“Please calm down.”\n\n“NO! I’m leaving. Had enough of this mess.”\n\nYour attempt to make Mary forget that incident failed and you face no longer has its use.\n\nYour only option now is Mary’s friend, [[Margaret|After class]]. \n\n
//She will never forgive me but I am her mother. \n\nShe has to. \n\nI have to acknowledge her, \nlet her know that I am her mother. \n\n\nTell her I am sorry and that I love her. \n\n I always will. \n\n\nI cannot back down without trying;\n\nfurthermore I have nothing to lose except her.//\n\n\n\n\nYou have decided to [[acknowledge her|cafe bad]] when an opportunity arises.\n
You pull out a [[paper clip|crack lock]] and get down to work.
\nShe dragged you out of the coffee house and flagged for a cab.\n\nIn the cab,\nshe continued to preach, \nnot allowing anyone or anything to interrupt her.\n\nYou didn’t want to offend her thus you kept silence, \npretending to listen. \n\nYour mind switched off and you [[screamed in you head|screamed in your head]] while giving her the occasional smile.\n\n
You study the faces and names of your daughter class to minimize suspicion. \n\nTheir next lesson is 1pm on the next day. \n\n \n\n\n\n You //smile// at the thought of [[finally meeting her.|hear voice first time]]\n
The photograph \n\n<html><a href="http://s231.photobucket.com/user/boizboiz1993/media/ScreenShot2013-11-08at11038pm.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee76/boizboiz1993/ScreenShot2013-11-08at11038pm.png" border="0" alt=" photo ScreenShot2013-11-08at11038pm.png"/></a></html>\n\nthat was in your hand was taken six or maybe eight years ago, you can’t really remember. \n\nAll you know is that she’s probably grown up now. \n\n//Probably prettier//,\n//probably happier// than when [[you left her alone|room4]] \nfor all those years.\n
A few weeks passed and with some help, \nyou found the neighborhood your daughter lived in. \n\nIt was miles away from where you ran away from and you hope that this [[bustling city|become bartender11]] would hide you long enough. \n\nBack in that cold cell, \nyou wrote letter after letter despite having no replies\nand you’ve begun to suspect that something was //amiss//. \n
After learning so much about your daughter, \nand \nevery time you see Mary you have the sudden urge to acknowledge her.\n\nMary called you up.\n“Hey Marg! Let’s go shopping and do our hair for graduation. We need to buy booze too for our houseparty. Are you free on Saturday?”\n\nYou replied:\n[[“Yes, I’m in.”|research trends]]\n\n[[I’m sorry I can’t. Down with a flu.” Actually you are just lazy to shop.|still wna shop]]
Night has fallen. You secure your nametag to your uniform and walk out to the front counter. \n\nThe counter was spotless. \n\nYou pretend to wipe off a speck of dust as you scan the lounge for your first target.\n\n\n[[Look left|meet gold digger20]]\n\n[[Look right|meet teacher]]
“I don’t remember these dreams... its something about my parents and my dad’s death. It felt so different from how my aunt described the incident to me… I know its just a dream but it felt so real… Maybe its a memory…. I don’t remember much in detail, but if those were memories, my mum wasn’t the murderer! I know she wasn’t the one, I can feel it in my gut!”\n\n\n"You felt an ache in your gut and your heart burned." \n\n\n\n//“No, those were dreams… They were not memories… Your mum has… admitted to kil.. murdering, slaughtering, drained him of life! She has sinned and now she must pray for forgiveness or burn in eternal hell..!!"//\n\nYou trailed off too far and [[freaked|freak]] Mary out.\n\n
Margaret with a stern face started to lecture me about God and how one should never lose faith or they will burn in hell. \n\n//“Why not start by attending today’s mass with me and today Father Abel will be preaching about…..”// \n\n\nYour mind started to trail off and you are completely not listening to what she is blabbering about.\n\n\n\n//“Hey are you listening to me ? \n\nSo is it a yes or a no?”//\n\n\n[[“Errr…Yes?”|find mary]]\n\n[[“Errr…No?”|still go]]\n
//She will never forgive me. \n\nI cannot even forgive myself for what I have done. \n\n\nI will only inflict her more pain by being with her. \n\nBut for a long time, \nI only wanted to be with Mary. \n\nI need her... \n\nShe was the only hope I held on to, \nand the thought of reuniting with her helped me to keep my state of mind sane all this while. \n\nWithout her, \n\n//I will go crazy.//\n\nI will acknowledge her for I have \nnothing to fear, \nnothing to lose...\n//except her.// \n\n\nIf I can't have her...\n\n \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n *Your mind continued to trail on.*\n\n\n[[Entertain sane thoughts|sane]]\n\n[[Entertain insane thoughts|insane]]\n
“Is this an insult? Bah, this bar sucks.” \n\nShe stands up to leave. \n\n//Not so fast. //\n\nGlancing around quickly to ensure that no attention is on you two, you slip out a syringe and stick it into her neck.\n\nYou chuckle, you knew this would prove handy. \n\nHer body gave in to the drug before she could make a noise.\n\n\nAfter requesting to be excused, you half-drag, half-carry her outside to hail a cab. \n\nFollowing the address found on her identification card, you arrive at a decent apartment.\n\n\nYou\n\n[[Explore the house.|findings in bedroom]]\n\n[[Head straight to the study and get down to business.|findings in study]]\n\n\n
Margaret is extremely delighted to see the latte and asks the waiter which [[kind soul|Mag thanks Mal for latte]] have gifted her this lovely latte.
You enter the study and start pulling out files from the “School” drawer. \n\n\nAssignments, \n test papers, \n timetables. \n\n\n//Aha//, [[class namelists|face and names]]. \n\n\n
You attend work and using the patient database, \nyou tracked down all the records of her daughter. \n\nYou would watch the recordings of some of their session over and over again. \n\nJust as you were about to shutdown your PC, \nthe receptionist walks in and notifies you that Mary McSpicy wants to arrange for an appointment tomorrow morning.\n\nYou\n\n[[Arrange for daughter to meet in the office|talk to receptionist]]\n\n[[Arrange for appointment at patient’s (daughter’s) house|go to house]]\n
Enter the apartment. It’s a very small apartment.\n\n\nThe living room is small, with only a 2 seater couch and a tv console. \n\nThe kitchen sink still has a pile of unwashed dishes. \n\nYou enter the bedroom and the door hangs a sign - Mary Mcspicy. \n\nYou look at the photographs pasted on the walls and pick one up one, keeping it in your pocket. \n\nYou look through her books and found her diaries. \n\nYou scan through some of them and found an entry regarding her dad’s incident. \n\nYou take out your iPhone and took a snapshot of it. \n\n<html><a href="http://s231.photobucket.com/user/boizboiz1993/media/photo.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee76/boizboiz1993/photo.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo photo.jpg"/></a></html>\n\nIn this instance, \nyou heard footsteps nearing and the sound of keys cluttering. \n\nYou put down the diary and swiftly walk back into the living room and sat on the couch. \n\n[[Daughter|meet mary]] enters the apartment and asked how you got in. You lied saying the door wasn’t locked. \n\n“Sorry it must be my stupid roomie, Debby. She always forgets to lock the door.”\n
“Let go, it HURTS !!”\n\nYou rebutted, //“Shut the hell up, you insolent crazy Devil’s child!”//\n\n\nYou dragged her into your car and locked the door. \n\nYou slapped her so hard she kept quiet.\n\nTaking out a handkerchief from your pocket,\nand dabbing it with chloroform,\nyou forced it onto Margaret’s face. \n\n\n\n //She has passed out.//\n\n\n\nYou drive her back for the face transplant. Reaching back, Magaret woke up.\n\nYou will [[poison|give mar drink]] her now.\n\n
\nYou learn more stuff about Mary.\nMargaret trambled saying " Mary is bisexual. She was confused over her sexual orientation but I did try to change her. She has been in love with her psychiatrist for a long time. But recently, her psychiatrist did a very bad thing by trying to erase her memories. Mary didn't want to forget the last moments of her Dad. However I felt it was best she forgot about that horrible incident because her Mum was no good for her. Many times she resented her mum but there are times I feel she still cares for her mum in some ways. She would wonder what her mum is doing in the mental institution."\n\n[[Following after,|give mar drink]]\n\n
“Mabel Goong”?\n//"here."// \n\n“Margaret Lark Nai”? \n//"here."//\n\n\n\n“Mary McSpicy”...?\nYou could not help but grin as you read her name off the list.\n\n//“Here”//. \n\n\nHearing her voice for the first time in years send chills down your spine. \n\nYou notice a written comment beside her name. \n\n“Release at 3pm every Wednesday for therapy session.” \n\n[[Interesting.|plans to visit her psy]]\n\n
After much snooping around...\n\n\nyou found out that your daughter’s //favourite teacher// and //psychiatrist// frequents one of the quietest lounge in your neighborhood and one of her good friends lived nearby;\nso you thought it would be a good opportunity to get closer to your daughter...\n\n//through them//.\n\n\nYou wonder how it feels like to be in their shoes. \n\n\nTo see her everyday. \n\n\nBut first you need a job at the bar;\nso you begged the manager to take you in \nand after much reluctance, \n\nhe gave you [[the job|cleaning counter]]. \n
You give Margaret a drink that had been spiked. \n\n\n\n -Margaret is unconscious- \n\n\n\nPlacing her on the operating table, \n\nyou begin with the face transplant... \n \n\n\n\n [[-Next-|next]]
Follows the address found in the database. \n\n\nDaughter lives in the suburbs and the environment she lives in poorly maintained. \n\nThe apartment building looks old, even the paint on the walls have faded and corroded. \n\n<html><a href="http://s231.photobucket.com/user/boizboiz1993/media/DSC_0032.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee76/boizboiz1993/DSC_0032.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo DSC_0032.jpg"/></a></html>\n\nYou walk up to the door and rings the bell.\n\n\n Nobody answers the door.\n\n\n[[There’s a paperclip on the floor. You use it to unlock the door|open door]]\n\n[[Calls daughter, she was held up in school. You make your way to the lobby.|lobby]]\n
“Doctor? You are freaking me out?! Why are you acting like this?”\n\nYou have scared Mary and lost her trust.\nYou now have to find a new identity as Mary had ran out/chased you out, and you know she will never arrange another appointment with Miss Old Digger.\n\nYou go on to search the database and came across your husband’s name.\nHe was a patient of her’s previously and you went through his records. \nName: Marcus McSpicy\nblah blah blah\nAs if I don’t know him well enough\nblah blah blah\nyeah maybe I don’t\nPatient is confused over his sexual orientation. Gay partner: Mak Lak McWings\n\nYou keyed his name into the database system and what a coincidence, he happens to be [[Mary’s class tutor|meet teacher]].\n\nYou target the next victim, your daugther's class tutor.\n
You decide to make a “visit” to her psychiatrist before you take further actions.\n\n\n\n//“Pop quiz today!”// you quipped as groans fill the classroom. \n\nYou pull out a stack of test papers you found from the study the night before and distributed it to the class, making sure to linger just a little bit longer at Mary's desk.\n\nMeanwhile,\n\nYou track down the [[pyschiatrist's|meet goldigger20]] clinic through relevant documents Mary had submitted to the school. \n\n
..you immediately crept behind her and smothered her with a piece of cloth and while she attempted to scream for help you stuffed the cloth into her mouth, almost choking her. Before she could further react, you pinned her down to your bed and bound her [[hands|skin8]] to the top of your bed with the zip ties she was given in case of an emergency.
With your new face, \nyou’re now ready to face your daughter. \n\nYour heart palpitates with the thought of you seeing her once more. \n\nYou walk to the basement and the body of the psychiatrist greets you. \n\nYou take her watch and necklace. \n\nShe won’t be needing it no more.\n\nYou\n\n[[leave for psychiatrist office|drive off]]\n\n[[clean up basement|cut into pieces]]\n
While waiting for Saturday to come, \nyou researched on recent fashion trends and what do teenagers talk about. \n\nYou helped your neighbours with their lawn and walked their dogs to save money.\n\n\n\n Saturday came. \n\nYou wore a yellow flowy shirt and a long blue skirt. \n\nYour heart trembled at the thought of spending time with Mary that tear beads formed at the corner of your eye.\n\nYou arrived the meeting place\n\n\n[[15 minutes earlier|early convo]]\n\n[[right on time|early convo]]\n\n[[20 minutes late|late convo]]\n
You head to the master bedroom. \n\n//Single huh. //\n\nOpening her closet, \nyou find branded lingerie of all sorts. \n\n//Kinky rich bitch. //\n\nYou casually picked one up, \nonly to reveal something hard beneath the pile of undergarments. \n\n\n\n A box. \n\n\n\n\nIt contained surgery reports of transgender operations a few years back. \n\n\nHer real name is Mak Lai McWings. \n\n//Son of a bitch.//\n\nYou dig further and find old letters from your husband. You cringe at the contents until you come across a particular piece of paper.\n\n\n A suicide note. \n\n\n\n\n[[You slipped it into your pocket.|findings in study]]\n
You see Mary standing there waiting for you already. Her face seemed relieved to see you. \n\n\nYou: “ You are early.”\n\nMary: “Yes, you know how I HATE people being late.”\n\nYou: “Why?”\n\nMary: “Didn’t I tell you before? \n *Sighs* \n My mother was always late. \n She was never once on time in picking me up from pre-school. \n\n There was once she totally forgot to pick me up. \n Thank god there was always Daddy, but now not anymore….”\n\n\n\n[[She starts to tear. |your heart aches]] \n\n
You walk up to the lifeless body. \nA body without a face is no longer a person. \nYou reach for a cleaver and start chopping up with no further ado. \n\nYou take the pieces and throw them into the furnace. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[[Your job is done.|attend work]]\n
The minutes drone on as you you divide your remaining time between glancing at your watch and your target in the corner.\n\n//“Mal, could you go to the back and bring some more beers out?”//\n\n\nAs reluctant as you are, \nyou obey your boss’ instructions and head towards the storeroom. \n\n\nWhen you [[re-emerge|bald man take her]], \n\n\n //[[your target is gone.|drinks shots]]//\n\n
You hand the psychiatrist the next drink that would [[knock her out|tape her]].
You see her sitting by the window at a cafe, sipping some hot tea while hanging on to the words of the book in her hand. With each step you take, the haze of fear that is imminent got heavier and heavier. Your legs are nothing but lead. As much as you want to get close to your daughter, those legs just wouldn’t budge an inch. You stand rooted to the ground. \n\nShould I tell her or should I not? What will happened if I told her the truth? Will she hate me? A myriad of scenarios start to overwhelm you.\n\n"Hey Mary," your voice quivers a little. \n\nShe looks up slightly annoyed but her pursed lips soon turn into a smile as she close her book and waves at you. \n\nYou smile and sat down.\n\nMary suddenly grabs your arm.\n\n“Did you see what Ellen did last Sunday? I didn’t know she would do that!” she exclaimed excitedly.\n\nThat hand. It feels warm. Just one simple touch brought tears to your eyes. \n\n“Hey, are you alright?” Mary wipes away your tears with her fingers.\n\n\nYou hesitate, thoughts ran through your mind. \n \n[[Tell|tell bad]]\n
//One ice tea and a latte for that lady over there please//\n\n\n*points to where Margaret is sitting.* \n\n//Oh and can you do one of those latte art in the shape of an angel, please?//\n\n\n[["Sure."|mag receives latte]]
You recovered your face and lied to her about you being released from the mental institution. \n\nApparently you bribed the mental institution will all the gold digger psychiatrist's money. \n\n[[Acknowledge her when an opportunity arises.|cafe good]]
You called out for the nurse, who was doing her routine night patrol alone. On the contrary, fellow inmates there weren’t really threatening or violent, as anyone would’ve assumed. They were more or less harmless, especially after taking their meds at night after dinner. When the nurse came, you called her to your bedside and pretended to be unwell. [[She turned on her heels to get you a warm drink...|nabbing nurse7]]\n\n\n\n
"Crap. Dust got into my eyes.” You laugh it off and hope she buys it. \n\n Mary laughs along. Her voice has a mellifluous ring to it. \n\nIt is beautiful.\n\nMary…\n\n“Have you eaten? Let’s go this stall downtown, I heard they have really good and cheap tom yum goong and phad thai!”\n\nI…\n\n“OKAY!” \n\n We link arms and make our way down. \n\n This proximity makes my heart palpitate. \n\n She will never know.\n\n //I Love you.//\n\n\n\n -The End-
"Whatever I'm going to say now is the truth and I really hope that you would understand me." You say in a serious tone. \n\n"I'm... your mother…" You pause for a few moments and finally pluck up your courage and confess. At this moment, Mary turns stunned, "What are you talking about?" \n\nMary…\n\nYou look down at the table and start relating the truth to her from her dad's death to the ordeal you had went through to be where you are now. \n\nYou sigh. Your eyes are fixed on the cafe table. What would I see in her eyes? Anger? Fear? Love? You force your head up to look at her and realise that her face grew ashened. \n\nThere’s a pregnant pause. \n\n"I will never hurt you. Please believe me...please, I love you." \n\nYou are so afraid that you will lose this daughter of yours. \nShe is all that’s left for you on earth.\n\nPlease...\n\n"You’re mad and seriously sick. Go away and don’t you DARE follow me." Mary’s voice cracks and tears streaked down her face.\n\nShe grabs her bag and rush out of the cafe. \n\nYou watch as she ran further and further and further...until she was no more.\n\nLove me.\n\n\n -The End-
After disposing the body, you drive to her estate.\n\nWhat a decent apartment she has. \n\nYou\n\n[[Explore the house.|findings in bedroom]]\n\n[[Head straight to the study and get down to business.|findings in study]]
You sweep interior only to catch a glimpse of her being led out of the bar by a balding man. \n\nAfter requesting to be excused, \n\nyou follow them outside. \n\n\nThe old fart has no intentions of returning your target. \n\nThere is no reasoning with a drunk man.\n\nYou punch him right in the jaw without thinking. \n\n//Ouch. You feel like it hurt you more than it did him.//\n\nYou watch as his already rosy face bloom into a shade of crimson red as rage engulfed him. \n\n\n//[[Wrong move.|busted again]]//\n\n\n\nWithout even blinking, he slips out a gun and pulls the trigger.\n
You pass by the neighbours and they seem to know you. \n\nYou give them a small smile and hurried yourself to the lobby.\n\nYou caught a reflection of yourself in a mirror. \n\n//My face has changed. But my soul has not...you’re disgusting, your daughter will hate you...No! I’m doing this for her. She’ll understand...if you say so…//\n\nYou force yourself away from your reflection, just in time to see your daughter arrive.\n\n“Hey Mdm Anders! Sorry for the hold up.”\n\n//“Oh it’s alright dear. [[Let’s proceed shall we?”|meet mary]]//\n\nMary looks at you with a slightly bewildered look on her face. Oh crap this gold digger won’t say stuff like that. But Mary merely brushed it off and they both arrive at the apartment.\n\n
You have scarred Margaret’s face and you I have tried using surgical methods to recover her face but it needs time to heal. You stayed home for a week to recuperate. \n“ I can’t let Mary see Margaret’s face in this state. Another annoying thing is I have to live in that dumb kid’s home. It would raise too much questions and suspicion if her parents find her missing.” \n\nYou went over to Margaret’s place and lied about the scars. “Daddy Mummy, Father Abel said it was God’s punishment.” “Oh dear my poor child, run along and pray for forgiveness.”\nOMG all these crazy people.\n \nYou missed Mary’s college graduation ceremony. You decided to sit around for your face to recover and plan your next move to meet Mary. You planned a fun-filled day where you and Mary can go [[shopping|research trends]], do your hair and nails next Saturday.\n
Before you could crack the lock, \n\na neighbouring resident just happens to leave his apartment and spots you. \n\n//“What do you think you’re doing?”// \nHe questions sternly as he pulled out a card from his pocket. \n\n\n[[A cop|busted again]]. \n\n\nYou backed off slowly and bolted in the opposite direction, but he was too fast for you.
That kid. Her whole family is sick. Her Mum murdered her Dad and now she’s bipolar and needs help to maintain her erratic emotion changes. She comes every Monday with her prude friend - Jane Fillet O’fish. Tells you more about her blah blah blah. (what she really thinks about the incident where her dad died) After all the blabbering, psy suddenly feels tired and [[knocks out|tape her]] \n
"Tok Nong Lai Building no. 54 #12-272, please."\n\n\n\n//WHAT IN THE WORLD!! She didn’t even answer my question. And the funny thing is... this address rings a bell. \n\nWhere have I heard it from?//\n\n\n\nThe cab stopped in front of Mary’s apartment building.\n\n\n//The friend she has been blabbering about is Mary?! I can’t see her now! This face of mine has already freaked her out. I need a face transplant [[urgently|drag margaret]]...!”
You see her sitting by the window at a cafe, sipping some hot tea while hanging on to the words of the book in her hand. With each step you take, the haze of fear that is imminent got heavier and heavier. Your legs are nothing but lead. As much as you want to get close to your daughter, those legs just wouldn’t budge an inch. You stand rooted to the ground. \n\nShould I tell her or should I not? What will happened if I told her the truth? Will she hate me? A myriad of scenarios start to overwhelm you.\n\n"Hey Mary," your voice quivers a little. \n\nShe looks up slightly annoyed but her pursed lips soon turn into a smile as she close her book and waves at you. \n\nYou smile and sat down.\n\nMary suddenly grabs your arm.\n\n“Did you see what Ellen did last Sunday? I didn’t know she would do that!” she exclaimed excitedly.\n\nThat hand. It feels warm. Just one simple touch brought tears to your eyes. \n\n“Hey, are you alright?” Mary wipes away your tears with her fingers.\n\n\nYou hesitate, thoughts ran through your mind. \n \n[[Do not tell|do not tell good]]
Yeah I should ! Thanks babe, that stinky old fart needs to be taught a lesson. If you ever need my help, let me know. I have zero work ethics. If you need information, I will let you have it if the next drink is on the house? *winks*\n\nYou pass her a glass of champagne and ask her a [[question|ask about Mary]].\n