James Goodwin, a young black boy living peacefully with his family in a small farm in St. Louis, Missouri. He never knew the danger that one day may awaits him.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 3|Farm Raided]]
James turned back to his old self again all gloomy and depressed. Although the mystery woman's identity is revealed it wasn't going to be a great ending for Miranda. John the big mouth of all slaves told the head slave master that the one who was severely hurting the slaves was Miranda. Angry, George decided that there was only one thing left for him to do, his was to assassinated Miranda on the highest hill in Missouri.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 12|Miranda is Captured]]
As he rescued Miranda they expressed that love for each other and decided to live their lives together as well. He and all the slaves left the factory and lived there lives in peace and harmony once again.\n\nTHE END
James unsually was a quite person, he never got into fight. Normally because no one ever talked to him and that he always isolated himself from everyone. Until one day, a slave master named George told him to go and pick out the wheat but refuse to since he had other work to do. The slave master told him to go and began hitting him with a wip. James started to get angry and began thinking about the time his father got killed and just snapped. He beat up the slave master so severely until other gaurds came along.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 6|Running for his Life]]
One night James was remembering the woman who helped him from not getting beaten up by those slave master, day and night he would ask the other slaves, look in the forest every once in a while but didn't get a single clue. James started to lose hope of founding the mystery lady, but he couldn't lose hope. This woman save his life and he wasn't going to give up just yet.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 9|Search of the woman part 2]]\n
He had no choice but to run away and try to make sure that he wasn't harmed. He had one option to do, one was to enter the forest, he didn't have the advantage at his side.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 7|Saved by a Mysterious Woman]]
James Goodwin has been seperated from his family and has went through depression and great pain ever since his father died in front of his eyes. He is no longer the 10 year old boy he was eight years ago. James has no friends, no one to talk to and has done it alone for all the time.\n\n[[James Goodwin page|James vs Slave Master]]
A white man screaming outsides yelling to get out of the house in the middle of the night told James's Family to leave and come with him. He didn't know what was going but his father told him to stay in his room. As he looked through the window he saw his father getting his ass kicked by the white man's henchmens. Furious of what he saw James ran out not scared and tried fighting but couldn't even lay a finger on him. James fell on the floor, he woke up and saw his father shot by the white man who harrassed his family. James was traumatized, and told the white man "I will get my revenge". The white man laughed and took James and his family to different camps across Missouri seperating them for 8 years since the incident....\n\n[[James Goodwin page 4|8 years later]]
Miranda was cleaning out her shelter when all of the sudden six slave master barged in a captured Miranda and took her out to the forest. John saw the whole thing and he knew that he had to tell what was going on. John around to every shelter and told every slaves that George is taking Miranda and he is going to kill her. James found out the truth, so feeled with emotions James decided to rescue Miranda from being killed.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 13|James enters battle]]
James stole uniforms from the slave masters closet to disguise two slaves, John and Michael so they are able to lure the mystery woman to their trap. As it got dark James gave out the single to start acting him (but not to actually caused real pain but to make it look realistic). The mysterious woman arrived, she quickly took out John and Michael but as she was disctracted James took off her mask and her face was revealed. The mysterious woman was.......\n\n[[James Goodwin page 11|Mystery Woman Revealed]]
James was starting to be friendly with Miranda, the care taker for the head slave master George. She was always kind and always gave James a couple of food whenever he was hungry. There bond grew stronger by the minute. Soon slaves in the factory realized that this mystery woman appeared all the time she was always helping the slaves, the slave master were getting angry of this mysterious woman for causing trouble. James had a plan, he was going to lure the mystery woman to a fake rescue so he and the other slaves can find out who it is.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 10|Search of the woman part 3]]
In the 1960's, discrimation against black people have been continuing in America for years. But this was just only the beginning. African-Americans were just at first looked upon as an inferior race to white people. Although this was painful it got worse. \n\n[[James Goodwin page 1|Intro]]
James told all the slaves that he has to do this one alone, respecting his wish he set off to the greatest challenge of his life. Taking out all the slave masters that were in front of him James finally came to the top of the hill. He witnessed Miranda being hanged ready for her assassination. James quickly ran but was punched by George. George stood before him with a man that James knows very well. It was the man that ruined his life, who separated him from his family, and the man who killed his father right n front of his eye. It was the Ryan.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 14|Ryan]]
Soon black people were used as slaves for the white men and their lives changed from then on. Dealing with racism nothing was the same.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 2|James Goodwin]]
It was MIRANDA!!! She was the one who disguised herself to protect the slaves. James was shocked in fact he was happy but as he was to say a word she vanished. James wondered why she left, why did all of this? ? He felt angry because he thought that Miranda and him were close, really close but it turns out that all of his feelings for her was a lie.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 11|George's Wrath]]
Ryan looked at James and remembered that it was the boy who tried to save his father. James said " Where is my family." " I don't know, oh wait, there all DEAD!" Ryan replied. James eyes popped open and he jumped up and tried to hit Ryan but once again failed to do so. On the ground in pain George and Ryan started to laugh at James, "You are pathetic, you and all your kind, living in the dirt like animals, this is why you will DIE!!" Soon a gunshot was fired right through George. It was the slaves from the factory they all came to save Miranda and James. As more slave masters came they all fought back. Tired of being treated unfairly they took everyone out. Only to see James and Ryan to be the last people standing.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 15|James vs Ryan]]
James Goodwin was cornered in the forest by three big slave masters not knowing where he was going to go next. with all hope lost James was saved by a mysterious woman. As he got up from the floor he wanted to thank the mysterious lady but couldn't because she vanished. As he vanished she she left a scarf that was surrounding her neck, James picked it up and decided to keep it in order to find the remarkable woman who saved his life.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 8|Search of the woman part 1]]
James and Ryan began to fight, throwing fists, kicking and shoving. James seemed to have the upper hand but was stabbed by Ryan, on the ground weeping in pain. Ryan told him that you should just quit, stop fighting back the inevitable, and start facing the truth. James refused to listen and with a pistol right in his hand he shot Ryan right in the chest and left him there to die.\n\n[[James Goodwin page 16|Happiness Once Again]]