This forest path seems to be almost identical to the one next to it, to most people. They're right, of course. It isn't your fault that you only know one way to make a path.\n\n<<if $visited_turtle eq "no">><<display 'pick up turtle'>><<endif>>\n\n[[Go southwest|tall trees]].\n[[Go northeast|sage forest]].
[img[]]\n\nYou come to a massive, massive tree. The foliage around it, while also gigantic, does not detract from its beauty. Someone could probably hollow it out and live in it, but that person isn't going to be you. Besides, it's too pretty to waste.\n\n<<if $visited_big_oak_tree eq "no">><<display 'pick up acorns'>><<endif>>\n\n[[Go northeast|forest path]].
page no longer exists. pretend there are really big mushrooms here. like shittake mushrooms. that kind
[img[]]\n\nThe forest opens up into a wide meadow.\n\n<<if $visited_overlook eq "yes">>This is the place you remember seeing from the overlook. It's much better looking in person, you think.<<endif>>\n\nThere are a large number of deer here. They don't seem to mind your presence as they cutely walk around nibbling at the bushes.\n\n[[Go northwest|mushrooms]].\n[[Go northeast|birch forest]].\n[[Go southeast|berry bushes]].
Ah, you're getting closer to home now.\n\nYou can hear the rushing of the river that separates your village from the rest of the forest.\n\n<<if $visited_mushrooms eq "no">><<display 'pick up mushrooms'>><<endif>>\n\n[[Go west|bridge path]]\n[[Go southwest|birch forest]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $visited_sage_forest = "no">>\n<<set $visited_turtle = "no">>\n<<set $visited_mushrooms = "no">>\n<<set $visited_big_oak_tree = "no">>\n<<set $visited_bench = "no">>\n<<set $visited_berry_bushes = "no">>\n<<set $visited_overlook = "no">>\n<<endsilently>>\nDaylight.\n\nYou must have fallen asleep out here. It's starting to happen so often that you aren't surprised.\n\n[[->|1]]
The bridge's planks creak as you tentatively walk across it. It is quite narrow, and long enough to straddle the canyon with the river below. The view from here is amazing. You should probably get someone to draw it someday...\n\n...\n\nAh, this bridge is really, really long...\n\n[[->|almost home]]
[img[]]\n\nThe sparsely planted trees give way to a small area populated entirely by... birch? This was probably done on purpose. The thin, tall trees let lots of light in for the grasses below. Their whitish colour really helps to make the area nice and bright, too.\n\n[[Go northeast|mushrooms]].\n[[Go southeast|sparse forest]].\n[[Go southwest|deer]].
You arrive at the village. There's still a few people here, you think, but they're probably sleeping.\n\n...\n\nThat was a really good nap...\n\nAh, there's your house.\n\n[[->|home]]
You push open the door to your house. It's standard to make the front door of a home only able to be opened by the people who live there, which is nice. There are still some people who carry around keys, though. \n\n...\n\nYour house is nice and clean. That's surprising. Hardly anything in this village is "clean". You usually don't tidy up that often, but all your stuff is here, so it's definitely still your house. That's nice, you suppose.\n\nAh, well, time to see what you've collected....\n\n<<display 'Inventory>>\n\n... yup, that should be good enough, you guess. It could always be better, but it could <html><i>always</i></html> be better, you know?\n\n<<if $visited_turtle eq "yes">>Uh, also, you brought that turtle back to the lake, right? Um...\n\nWell, you'll run out of water again eventually, you guess.<<endif>>\n\nAnyway, it's time to get to cooking! <<if $visited_mushrooms eq "yes">>Some nice mushroom soup,<<else>>Some nice salad, maybe,<<endif>> and then some more pleasant dreams...\n\n[[->|end]]\n\n
<<set $visited_bench = "yes">>\n... You haven't had a chance to sit on this bench for a while.\n\nThe seat still feels warm, thanks to the sun.\n\nFrom here, you can truly appreciate the way the branches filter the sunlight, almost as if they were grown to do this. You know it's not magic, though. It doesn't have the same magical feel, even if it does feel, well, magical.\n\nAfter resting for a while, you realize that you've probably been here too long, and it'd probably be good to continue.
<<set $visited_turtle = "yes">>\nIn the middle of the path, you notice a turtle sitting there. Why is there a turtle so far from its home? Poor thing. You should probably bring it back to the lake...\n\n"Hey, are you lost? Do you want to go back home?"\n\n...\n\nThe turtle blinks and turns around. That seems like a yes, you suppose. You unceremoniously scoop it up and dump it in your [[magical bag|Inventory]].\n\n[img[]]
The end of the bridge is in sight. You don't remember it being this long the last time you crossed it. How strange. It's probably just residual magic, the land is sensitive to such things...\n\nAha! The end posts. Your home is in sight.\n\n[[->|village]]
Oh yeah, weren't you supposed to put the turtle back in the lake?\n\nYou hurriedly dump out your bag without thinking. The magic means that it only ever gives you what you're searching for, which is great, but...\n\nThe turtle falls into the water on its tummy with a plop. Luckily, there weren't any sharp objects underneath, so nothing bad happened to it except the disorientation of being dropped from such a height.\n\nYou watch it rejoin with its other turtle friends. They look a lot happier now. It's adorable.
<html><i>You have reached the end of this adventure. To play again, press the "Restart" button on the sidebar to your left.</i></html>\n\nThanks for playing :)
[img[]]\n\nOh, your favourite! You remember swinging a lot on this swing when you were little. If you looked straight down over the edge, you'd see the wide river below, but you've never felt safe enough doing that without being on the swing. \n\nUnfortunately, the swing is way too small to sit on comfortably or even support your weight now, so you'll just have to content yourself with looking at the mountains beyond.\n\n[[Go west|wide forest path]].
[[Go west|mushrooms]].\n
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<<set $visited_overlook = "yes">>\n\nYou come to a small clearing on the edge of a cliff.\n\nLooking down over the wooden railing, you see a meadow below that has a fair few animals in it mulling around, as well as some bushes <<if $visited_berry_bushes = "no">>that appear to be well-laden with berries. Delicious<<endif>>.\n\n[[Go northeast|ferny glade]].\n[[Go east|signpost]].
[img[]]\n\nYou are at the lake.\n\nThe water is a deep blue, reflecting the morning sky. The sound of the nearby brook feeding the waters burbles along nicely. If you squint, you can see fish swirl about in the depths.\n\n<<if $visited_turtle eq "yes">><<display 'put down turtle'>><<else>>A few turtles are sitting on the shore. They look kind of upset, but you don't really know. You don't speak turtle.<<endif>>\n\n[[Go east|strange forest]].
[img[]]\n\nThe path here ends with a great cleared-out circle with a bench at the far end. You have distant memories of gatherings happening here, but those people are long gone.\n\n<<if $visited_bench eq "no">><<display 'sit on bench'>><<endif>>\n\n[[Go southwest|mountain forest]].
The soft trickling of the creek besides you slowly wakes you from your reverie. You have no idea how long you've been asleep.\n\nThe nearby lake is the only place you can get water from, as you don't have a well, so most days you make the long trek out to get some water. \n\n[[->|2]]
\nYou're always surprised at how heavy the jugs are before you manage to fit them into your [[magical bag|Inventory]].\n\nIt was the cheapest bag on offer and as such is a bit small, but travel to the city takes much preparation. Perhaps, next month, you might be able to get a new one. (but that's what you always say.)\n\nYou get up, dust off your bottom, and decide to survey your surroundings.\n\n[[->|lake]]
Big ferns cluster among the roots of trees in this part of the forest. Some of them still have their seeds on the underside, for some reason. \n\n[[Go northwest|sparse forest]].\n[[Go southeast|signpost]].\n[[Go southwest|overlook]].
The Glittering Forest
this page isn't supposed to exist anymore. pretend it no longer exists. imagine that there are very tiny round white mushrooms here, the kind you slice up and put in stir fry. yes.
This crossroads is... used to be one of the major dividing points in the forest.\n\nThe signpost that marks the path was put here because so many people were getting lost, even though it's not really that hard to get around...\n\n[[Read the signpost]].\n\n[[Go west|overlook]].\n[[Go northwest|ferny glade]].\n[[Go east|wide forest path]].\n[[Go southeast|sage forest]].
You come to the foot of a mountain. It's quite rocky, and you aren't sure if you can balance on these natural steps. There doesn't appear to be a path up, but there is a fork in the road...\n\n[[Go northeast|bench]].\n[[Go east|tall trees]].\n[[Go southwest|birdbath]].
[img[]]\n\nThe trees here aren't as thick as they were to the south. Grass and flowers choke the path, but that doesn't matter. It's kind of cute, anyhow. \n\n[[Go northwest|birch forest]].\n[[Go southeast|ferny glade]].
[img[]]\n\nA long, winding path greets you around the corner. It looks like it's been well-used, mostly by you. The twigs and leaves on the path make nice crinkling noises, and you can barely resist the urge to run around in them.\n\n[[Go northwest|sage forest]].\n[[Go southwest|big oak tree]].
<<set $visited_berry_bushes = "yes">>\nOh well, no point dwelling on that. The berries are probably all delicious, anyway. You take a few to try, gingerly placing them into your [[magical bag|Inventory]]. These kinds of berries are super delicate, you know.\n\n[img[]]
<<set $visited_sage_forest = "yes">>\nThat reminds you, you'll probably need some of this. Not a lot, just a little. You decide to pick a few leaves and store them in your [[magical bag|Inventory]].\n[img[]]
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Aha! Now you're on the right track. This path goes directly back to your house. It's kind of sad that you have to leave the forest alone again, but it is getting pretty late<<if $visited_bench eq "yes">>, especially because you spent all that time sitting down over there<<endif>>.\n\nYou suppose you could go home if you wanted to, but... hmm... are you sure you've explored everything?\n\n[[Cross the bridge]].\n\n[[Go east|mushrooms]].
You come to a large wooden wall-\n\nWait. .... No, that isn't a wall. Whoa.\n\nYou look up and try to see the height of these massive trees, but they're just too big. Somehow, light is able to shine down, even though the thick canopy shouldn't really let that happen.\n\nYou'd try to figure out why, but your neck is starting to hurt from looking up at all these things.\n\n[[Go west|mountain forest]].\n[[Go northeast|turtle]].
You go up close to the deer to get to the bushes. There's lots and lots of redberry bushes, a few blackberry ones, and some strange ones with pink leaves... you haven't seen those before. Where did they come from?\n\n<<if $visited_berry_bushes eq "no">>\n<<display 'pick up berries'>><<endif>>\n\n[[Go northwest|deer]][[.|bunnies]]
Huh? What's that noise?\n\n...\n\nYou peek under the bushes.\n\n.......\n\nWow.\n\nThat's a lot of cute buns. maybe too many cute bun\n\n<html><a href="">9000 cute bun</a></html>\n\nsuch bun\n\n many wiggle\n\nso fluff\n\n(wow you found an easter egg congrats! the game doesn't track these unfortunately for u)\n\n[[Go east|berry bushes]].
You follow the path to the left.\n\nAfter a sharp bend in the path, you notice that there's a weird fountain blocking the middle?\n\nNo, wait. It's just a really run-down birdbath. You're beginning to wonder if that "nap" really screwed with your brain. \n\nA few tiny birds paddle their way around the bowl (that is inexplicably full even though it hasn't rained for quite a while), chirping loudly at you as you get close but refusing to take off. Guess that magic water is pretty good...\n\n[[Go northeast|mountain forest]].
[[Go northeast|deer]].\n[[Go east|fawns]].
This part of the forest is carpeted in all sorts of strange plants and flowers. It's mostly sage, though, partly due to your tending to this place. It tastes good in soup, and looks pretty, too. What more is there to ask for?\n<<if $visited_sage_forest eq "no">>\n<<display 'pick up sage'>><<endif>>\n\n[[Go west|strange forest]].\n[[Go northwest|signpost]].\n[[Go northeast|wide forest path]].\n[[Go southeast|forest path]].\n[[Go southwest|turtle]].
An archway of branches creates a natural entrance to this part of the forest. The branches are gnarled and twisted in strange ways. Perhaps this was caused by strong winds, or something else... ?\n\nIt doesn't really matter, you suppose. But it is pretty.\n\n[[Go east|sage forest]].\n[[Go west|lake]].
<<set $visited_big_oak_tree = "yes">>\nGlancing down, you notice a few acorns on the ground. It seems that the squirrels have already gotten to most of this season's harvest, or maybe not many of them have fallen yet? Whatever the case may be, you take these and put them in your [[magical bag|Inventory]].\n\n[img[]]
There's an arrow pointing west that says "Viewing Platform"...\n\n... An arrow pointing north that says "Bridge to the Village"...\n\n... An arrow pointing east that says "Cliffs"...\n\n... An arrow pointing southwest that says "Circle"...\n\n<<back>>
[img[]]\n\nAs you travel, you notice that the path isn't as wide as you remember... you've always thought that this path was wider for a reason, but today it seems... smaller, somehow. And a shorter trip, too.\n\n[[Go west|signpost]].\n[[Go east|cliff swing]].\n[[Go southwest|sage forest]].
<<set $visited_mushrooms = "yes">>\nYou see a few mushrooms scattered around the area. Your favourite! The ones around here should be good to eat, probably... You'll check the books when you get home.\n\nYou pick up a few that look extra delicious and put them in your [[magical bag|Inventory]].\n\n[img[]]
Catherine Bell
this page no longer exists. imagine the tiniest baby deer wobbling on its tiny stick legs trying to nibble at some tiny bushes. the cutest baby deer
You check your bag to see how many things you've managed to collect.\n\n[img[]]\n<<if $visited_sage_forest eq "yes">>[img[]]<<endif>>\n<<if $visited_big_oak_tree eq "yes">>[img[]]<<endif>>\n<<if $visited_turtle eq "yes">>[img[]]<<endif>>\n<<if $visited_mushrooms eq "yes">>[img[]]<<endif>>\n<<if $visited_berry_bushes eq "yes">>[img[]]<<endif>>\n\n<<back>>