you die and see your past self geting smacked by god.
you run and fall down and die in heaven you see a baby boy and you are verry hungrey.\n[[eat the baby boy and get smacked by good with his spoon|bad]]\n
you never can win ha ha boo hoo wa kik like you lop you lose the game kikoba
you are going to die in 39 seconds what are you going to do. \n[[run an panic and die|die]]\n[[go back in time|time]]
you are getting smacked by god with his big spoon.\nyou are crying like a baby boy then a baby boy pops out your mouth and says"bad boy" then god congratulates and gives him baby bam bam comics and gives you rock you cry.\n[[you lose|lose]]\n[[you lose|lose]]\n[[or you lose|lose]]\n[[or you win|lose]]\n
well done you just won a baby boy.\n[[take the boy|steal]]\n[[die|death]]\n
baby boy
you take the bay and find a appel you eat and die.