your eating your food then all of a sudden there comes a tracktor that come with a bathroom with a bar atched with achole for pigs.[[you go to the bathroom and take a shower with a surprised gust|uhoh]]\n[[drink all the alchole you can drink now|imdrunk]]
you find out a it is not a nice secret you find yourself in a slaughter house and find food on a handshape object.
you are a sleep in a tree were your bed is.You are very scard abought tomorow mornig abought top secreat place.\n[[escape to your mama tita and tell her abought top secret place|mama]]\n[[or wake up and and go to top secret place|secret]]
you are a pig who lives in a farm in hampshire.\n\n\n[[eat your food silently|bathroom]]\n[[go to bed and think abought farmer hampishire disopintment birthday|scarydreams]]
youre in the shower when the surprised gust revels himself."hi i am brute i am 10 you are comeing home with me".\nyou won a 10 year old brute the presto fin good job the end
you find mama tita sinning "la la la la la la" you are safe you win
you are so drunk that you can see 400 things that are really one thing.You heare a crack a snap then a BANG and you fall down dead "da da da d a donnn ggg" you lose better luck next year ha ha ha ha ha