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You board the bus and give the driver your money.\nYou take a seat and offer Arceli the seat beside you but she looks around at the people on the bus,shakes her head, and walks to the back of the bus with a feared expression, This confuses you. Well, now you have no one to talk to. No one on the bus seems very interested in chitchat. Then, you see her. There is a girl anxiously tapping her feet and listening to music across from you with a smile on her face. [[She could be a good chat partner!|Tammy]]\n\n
The whole class is staring at you. It seems like there is already a seating arrangement up on the screen.\n\n"Ah, you are....Merz, Ulan...correct?" The old teacher, Mrs Wells looks at you.\n\nYou nod your head enthusiastically.\n\nShe looks up at the screen.\n\n"Ms. Nakao-Lenza, please raise your hand."\n\nThe class goes silent as a dark haired girl in the back of the class raises her hand reluctantly.\n\n"Ms. Merz, take a seat next to Ms. Nakao-Lenza."\n\nYou smile as you walk towards the back of the class, everyone else is just staring. \n\nYou take your seat next to her. Ms. Nakao-Lenza looks at you, but really doesn't seem to care.\n\nHow rude!\n\n[[Start Conversation|Youta]]\n\n
You wake up in your bed as you normally do every morning, though today, it is your first day of fancy silly rich people private school. You have been waiting for this day for a very long time. The lovely all girls school, Nerida Academy. All you're life you have spent at a silly public school, hoping Nerida would one day notice you, and the day has finally come.\n\nYou put on your best outfit and throw your purse over your shoulder. You are ready to start sophomore year with all your new friends.\n\nHuh? What's that? Your phone is ringing!\n\n[[Pick it up!|Pickup]]\n
Well, you are already ready, and there are still a few minute's 'till it's time to go. You pick up your phone and answer it, it's you're best friend, Ida.\n\n"Ida! Oh my goodness!" You exclaim. She's the one person you know at Nerida.\n\n"Ulan, you should be going to school right now, but I have to make sure you meet me behind the school at lunch, alright? Alright!" \n\nShe...\nShe hung up before you could say anything.\n\nWell whatever, she's always been like that anyways. Well, it's time for you to [[get to school|Leave]]!\n
You exit her office and begin running like a child, as you always do. \n\nYou zoom right out the school building, to see your mama's bright colored Toyota.\n\nShe honks at you to hurry up and run over to her.\n\nYou dart right over to the car, throwing the door open.\n\nYou throw your backpack to the feet of the passenger's seat and hop in, slamming the door.\n\n"So, sweetie, how was you're first day at private school?"\n\n"Wonderful, Mama, wonderful."\n\n[[End|End]]
"Ah, Ms. Rowland, I really like this school! I met Christina Cornett today? I think that's her name... Yeah. She's real smart, So I think I'll have a good educational experience. "\n\n"Ah yes, Christina, our star student. I'll have you know not to get your hopes up. Though I am confident in Nerida to provide you with a good education, not everyone is a Christina."\n\n"I'm very glad you're here, Ulan, we need more energy like yours in our school. If that is all you have to say, you are free to go. All this was was a check in. If you have any questions, I will most likely be busy, but I reccomend talking to one of the ladies at the front desk."\n\nShe begins to type. That was fast.\n\nWelp, that's over. You need to get home! Your mother should be here.\n\n[[Leave The Office|Exit]]
"Ah, Ms. Rowland, I really like this school, but... There was a specific student who doesn't give me good vibes...Her name is Youta Nakao-Lenza. She don't have much respect for those around her!"\n\n"Ah yes. Youta. She's a classic troublemaker here. Don't worry, we already have our eye on her."\n\n"I'm very glad you're here, Ulan, we need more energy like yours in our school. If that is all you have to say, you are free to go. All this was was a check in. If you have any questions, I will most likely be busy, but I reccomend talking to one of the ladies at the front desk."\n\nShe begins to type. That was fast.\n\nWelp, that's over. You need to get home! Your mother should be here.\n\n\n[[Leave The Office|Exit]]
"So...uh...how's your d-"\n"Fine. Like always."\n\nYou really can't get a word in edgewise without her interrupting you.\n\n[[Stand up to her|Stand up]]\n
You burst open the doors and start running towards the office. You hear a few voices tell you not to run in the hall, but do you care? No.\n\n"Ulan Merz, Sophomore." You say over the desk.\n\nThe lady flips through many pages until handing you a sheet of paper with your name and schedule printed on it. Your first period is History with Mrs. Wells. Before you know it, the bell has rung. \n\nThe lady behind the desk urges you to get to class. You burst out the office doors, but the flood of students is confusing.\n\nAfter several minutes of stumbling through the student filled hallways trying to find your class, you open the door, you are panting. "Sorry I'm late."\n\n[[Continue|Mrs Wells]]\n
Here it is. The moment you've been waiting for. Your first day at Nerida. There are lots of girls all over campus, none with uniforms yet. You believe there are too many cute girls for one lady to handle, but you will manage. You scoot through to see if you can find Ida, but she is nowhere to be found. Well, you may as well go up and [[get your schedule|Schedule]].
Those first 3 classes were ...interesting. \nSecond period Geometry was a little difficult for you, you've never been the best at math, and they did give you a first day worksheet.\n\nFirst period History was definitely awkward...\n\nAnd Third period English was relaxing.\n\nBut now here you are. At the fancy rich person cafeteria, eating your food.\n\nDidn't Ida want to meet with you somewhere?\n\nOh right! Behind the school.\n\nYou haven't seen her ALL day, so you start rushing eating your food. Though, it is some good rice, you must meet with your best friend!\n\nYou rush with your tray to the trash can, and very quickly dump out all the food, and set the tray down to the side.\n\n[[Head out|CHARGE!]]\n\n\n\n\n
"Hey!" You shout over to the girl across from you. She looks up and removes her earphones.\n\n"Ah! Hey there!" She said, her face practically glowing.\n\nShe wore a very light pink headband in her light blonde hair. Her clothes had a blue theme to them, a light colored cardigan over a white shirt and a royal blue mini skirt over grey leggings. She seems to be the embodiment of happiness.\n\n"Ha! Are you going to Nerida? It seems like you are." You say with a laugh, the answer is obvious, since her binder has "Nerida Academy written in big letters.\n\n"Haha, I like you! And hell yeah, I'm going to Nerida! Starting sophomore year there, Freshman year was...eh, iffy." She goes on and on in her excited high pitched voice. "Anyways, my name's Tamarice Peyton, you can call me Tammy though! And I never saw you last year? Is this gonna be your first here?" She questions, tilting her head.\n\nShe talks more then you do, and that's new. You don't exactly want to go over where you spent freshman year.\n\n"Name's Ulan, Ulan Merz! And, yeah, I wasn't at Nerida last year...It's kind of a funny story..."\n\nYou continued chatting with someone even chattier then you for the next 15 minutes until the bus stops, and here you are. [[Welcome to Nerida Academy|Welcome]]!
Maybe she's just nervous, a good chat can help that sometimes!\n\n"So, my name is Ulan. Ulan Merz, are you a student at Nerida?" You ask with excitement. "Only a Nerida student would be up this early at this stop, that's what Ida told me."\n\nIn a still quiet voice, she replies to you.\n\n"Um, yes I am...." She says with a nervous laugh. \n\n"Great! I um, I'm gonna be new there.......and I've never really transferred schools before, my freshman year was at public school." You say halfheartedly, not taking much pride in your past school.\n\n"Oh...so you are a sophomore...?" She says, slowly turning to face you more directly.\n\n"I um, I suppose I sh-should introduce myself, since we may be in the same classes...My name is Arceli Dominguez..." She spoke slightly louder then her normal speech volume. \n\nYou can see a slight smile on her face. You are going to enjoy being in classes with her.\n\n"It's great to meet you, Arceli!"\n\nYou both chatted for what felt like hours, but was really 5 minutes. [[The bus is here|Aboard2]]!\n\n
"Yo, let me talk and quit cutting me off." You say strictly to her. You will let no one cut you off like she does.\n\nThe whole class gasps and turns to you two.\n\nYouta widens her eyes towards you.\n\n"Who said you could tell me what to do?" She says with a smile, turning to face you.\n\nYou laugh a little.\n\n"Who said you could cut me off? I mean, what if I was saying something really important like...your ponytail is on fire!" \n\nSome giggles are heard in the classroom.\n\n"That ain't that important. It's fixable. I think you should just mind your own business, new girl."\n\nShe turns her head away from you.\n\nYou don't make eye contact for the entire class period.\n\n[[Time Skip!|Lunch]]\n
Welcome to Nerida
Nothing is wrong with a bit of friendly conversation. You turn to the girl sitting next to you and tap her on the shoulder.\n\nThe girl jumps, it seems you have startled her.\n\n"Hey there! Sorry if I shocked you!" You say with a smile.\n\nShe looks a little nervous.\n\nHer face had a golden tan color to it, and her hair ran long and dark in a braid to the side. She wore a large grey hoodie over what seemed to be a long dress. She was very cute, you had to admit to yourself.\n\n"Oh...um...it's fine." She said quietly.\n\nYou feel a little bad...\n\n[[Continue making conversation|Arceli]]\n\n\n\n
"Ah, Ms. Rowland, I really like this school! All the students are great, and I think I'm gonna absolutely love it here."\n\n"I'm very glad, Ulan, we need more energy like yours in our school. If that is all you have to say, you are free to go. All this was was a check in. If you have any questions, I will most likely be busy, but I reccomend talking to one of the ladies at the front desk."\n\nShe begins to type. That was fast.\n\nWelp, that's over. You need to get home! Your mother should be here.\n\n[[Leave The Office|Exit]]\n\n\n\n
"I was invited to um...meet this girl right? Well...If you do have a clock, then you can see that lunch will be over within 5-7 minutes and I can't be late for fourth period!"\n\nThe girl standing next to you two is quite obviously a senior. Even if she doesn't have a school uniform, her clothes are very professional looking.\n\nYou and Ida part awkwardly.\n\n"Ohm uh, sorry Christy, I forgot you have a tight schedule. Anyways, Ulan, this is the really great upperclassmen I told you about."\n\nThe senior holds her hand out professionally for you to shake, you take it, A little confused.\n\n"Christina Cornett. Senior. I am here to help you in all things related to studying and school."\n\nShe shakes your hand roughly. A sweet smile crosses her face.\n\n"Uh, Ulan Merz..Sophomore... And I'm completely new here! I'll um...I'll remember to come to you if I need any help? Yeah!"\n\nYou are definitely more intimidated by her than anyone you've met today.\n\n"Alrighty then, Ulan! You're energy is amazing, you'll be great in P.E. Well, I'm going to head off now. Better early then late. Even if it is the first day...I've broken habit over the summer, it's time to get back into it!" \n\nShe darted away.\n\nIda scratches her neck nervously and looks back up at you.\n\n"I swear... she's lots sweeter when you get to know her."\n\nYou giggle to yourself.\n\n"I think she's just fine, Ida!"\n\nYou and Ida Chitchat until the end of lunch.\n\n[[Continue|Timeskip]]\n
You pick your key up from the nail in hung on and run out the door (of course locking it beforehand!).\n\nYou skip down the sidewalk with great energy until you reach your bus stop. Wow, that was some calorie burning skipping!\n\nYou plop yourself down with force onto the bus stop bench.\n\nYou're legs kick in anticipation of the bus. There is a sleepy looking lady sitting next to you. Looks like someone didn't drink their morning coffee.\n\nWhat should you do to pass the time?\n\n[[Check your texts|Check]]\n\n[[Wait patiently|Patience]]\n
Since it's the first day, and Advisory, there isnt much to do.\n\n"Hey! You know, there's no need to call me Ms. Merz. Name's Ul-"\n"Ulan, I know, It's on the screen."\n\nWow...this girl is tough.\n\n"Uh...yeah...um..."\n\nYou look up to the screen for your desk partner's name.\n\n"...Youta! That's a great na-"\n"I know it is."\n\nShe smiles smugly.\n\nHer hair's in a messy black ponytail and the rest of her clothing is just...dark and upsetting.\nHer voice has a slight Brooklyn accent to it.\nShe doesn't seem like one to be messed with, but knowing you, I don't think you care.\n\n[[Stand up to her|Stand up]]\n[[Casually continue|Casually]]\n
Though your 4th period Science was awfully dificult, Art was enjoyable, and you got to work with a very nice lady, Ms. Pavan, during Study Hall.\n\nThough it's the end of the day, you have been called to the principle's office.\n\nYou take a seat at a table in the office.\n\nA strongly built, long haired woman is sitting behind the desk in front of you.\n\n"Hello, Ulan. My name is Eyota Rowland, but you may call me Ms. Rowland. I am your school principle. I just wanted to meet with you to see how your first day was, as I want to make this environment as comfortable for you as possible."\n\nYou smile at her.\n\n[[The day went well|Good Day]]\n[[Bring up Youta (negative)|Good Day1]]\n[[Bring up Christina (positive)|Good Day2]]\n
"I haven't seen you for months, It's so good to see you!"\n\nIt's nice to see Ida excited, she's normally a cooler, calmer person.\n\nShe wore a gold colored pendant around her neck wherever she went, and it definitely sparkled in the sun.\n\n"Hey Ulan, I have a joke for you."\n\nOh boy, here we go. \n\n"Alright, alright, here it is. Why couldn't the skeleton go to the party?"\n\nYou smile and roll you eyes.\n\n"Why?"\n\n"Because he had NO BODY to go with." She said straightfaced.\n\n"God, I've missed you so much." You hug her again.\n\nA different girl, much taller, and looking much older walked forward.\n\n"Um...am I interrupting something..?"\n\n[[Who's the tall one?|Christina]]
Are you kidding? Patience and waiting quietly gets you no where!\n\n[[Talk to the girl|Quiet Girl]]\n\n[[Check your texts|Check]]\n
Adri K
With your normal energy, you CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE outside through the door. \n\nMany classy looking girls are sitting together on benches or at tables, eating their lunch carefully.\n\nYou question how you got into this school again.\n\nYou begin charging north, to the back of this large school.\n\nYou'd expect the back of the school to be more of a place to meet Youta.\n\n"ULAN!"\n\nYour closest childhood friend begins running towards you. Even though you are out of breath, you can't deny your best friend a giant hug.\n\nIda jumps into your arms, all this moment is missing is romantic reuniting music.\n\n[[Here we go|Ida]]\n\n
What's a better way to pass the time then see if you're friends have been messaging you?\n\nYou pull your phone out of your pants pocket and turn it on.\n\n"2 new messages from: Ida Bice."\n\nThe first one says the following:\n\n"I'm sorry, I had to hang up, Mom was rushin' me, but basically, here's the deal"\n\nThe second one says the following:\n\n"I need to introduce you to someone! She's really sweet! I just know you two will get along great."\n\nA smile grows on your face as you read this. Ida is always caring for you.\n\nThere's still time to pass, do you want to...\n\n[[Wait Patiently|Patience]]\n[[Talk to the girl|Quiet Girl]]\n