You're driving slowly down the quiet road, ready to pull into a seedy motel room for the night. You're tired, it;s been a few days now since your last hunt and you've been hearing a few words about strange stuff going on near here and maybe it would be good to check things out--an easy hunt for once.\n
You're sitting in your quiet room, fingers dancing quietly over the keys of your old laptop. Such is your average Saturday evening, sitting alone or blogging, it doesn't really matter.\n
Would you like to proceed as a [[human|Human1]], [[hunter|Hunter1]] or a [[monster|Monster1]]?
Supernatural Choose Your Own Adventure
Man, does it feel good to stretch your bones again in this meatsuit. You're back and ready to roll, this is going to be fun. Hopefully, no hunters are going to be in your grill, you're all good to feed a bit and live a little. It's so much better than the musty gruffness of Purgatory.