Restart Story

You give him a fake address. Weirdo. How are you supposed to just trust someone you've never even met? You can face this thing. Do you [[find a weapon|Human16]] or [[ignore the noises and stay on your computer|Human15]]?
Your best friend picks up after several rings and you nearly explode with relief as you relay everything you've seen and heard. She says that there's a number you're supposed to call for weird shit like this, that a friend of hers had something like that happen and this is your best hope. You scratch down the number just as another loud clash comes from the downstairs. Do you [[call the number|Human12]], [[go downstairs|Human11]], [[call 911|Human8]] or [[stay where you are|Human10]]
You call 911. \nThe operator answers, "Hello, this is 911, what is your emergency?"\nYou tell him what you saw and where you live and though he sounds skeptical, he claims that they'll send someone.\nDo you [[wait patiently for the official|Human10]] or [[go downstairs to investigate or fight the thing|Human11]]
You're driving slowly down the quiet road, ready to pull into a seedy motel room for the night. You're tired, it;s been a few days now since your last hunt and you've been hearing a few words about strange stuff going on near here and maybe it would be good to check things out--an easy hunt for once.\n
You dart back up the stairs to your room, reaching for the phone. Do you call [[911|Human8]] or [[Your best friend|Human9]]?
You scream at it. Loudly. Painfully. It drops your mother and you see green-yellow slits for eyes. The monster's split tongue darts between it's lips and you're frozen in fear. It seems to glide across the floor at you and suddenly it's nearly on top of you. You feel sharp fangs at your neck and the world blurs. You will not wake up from this. [[Goodbye.|Start]]
You stay where you are, putting in headphones to block out the piercing screams that come from the downstairs. Your music drowns out the noise, excepting the occasional thunk. Do you [[decide it's better to go downstairs just to check?|Human3]] or [[stay in your room? Safe, warm and you've got WiFi.|Human7]]
You creep carefully out of your room and down the stairs to the first floor, peering around the wall to see a tall man with dark hair leaned over your mother as she flails and screams drunkily. He seems to shimmer paranormally. Do you [[panic, screaming bloody murder?|Human5]] or [[run back upstairs, praying he didn't see or hear you to call for help?|Human6]]
A loud scrape of furniture across the floor jolts you away from staring endlessly at the screen and you look to the door. [[investigate, it could be something interesting (for once).|Human3]] [[stay where you are, your computer is more important.|Human4]]
You're sitting in your quiet room, fingers dancing quietly over the keys of your old laptop. Such is your average Saturday evening, sitting alone or blogging, it doesn't really matter. [[continue|Human2]]\n
You sit down slowly, trying not to make too much noise and turn on your computer. Perhaps the internet will remind you that this is all in your head and you just need a bit of sleep. \n\nMoments pass. \n\nYou hear thuds on the stairs and it feels as though your entire house is shaking.\n\nDo you [[call 911|Human8]], [[call a friend|Human9]], or [[ignore it|Human15]]?
Would you like to proceed as a [[human|Human1]], [[hunter|Hunter1]] or a [[monster|Monster1]]?
Your fingers shakily put in the number and you press send as a loud clattering comes from downstairs. A gruff voice picks up the phone, "Who the hell is this?"\n\n"You've got to help me. There's a thing downstairs, my friend said to call you. It doesn't sound human."\n\n"You don't happen to be in Ackley,Iowa, do you?"\n\n"Yeah, that's where I am--"\n\n"Shit," you hear the voice say, "Sammy?" he seems to be calling to someone on his end.\n\n"It's downstairs. Can you help me or not?"\n\n"What's your address?"\n\nDo you [[decide to trust him and give him your address|Human13]] or [[give him a fake address. You can handle this, who does this guy think he is?|Human14]].
You stay in your room. More screams emanate from the downstairs and loud noises that really don't sound human. Do you [[call 911|Human8]], [[call your best friend|Human9]] or [[go back to your blogging|Human10]]?
You trust him, giving him your address and a few directions quickly as you stare at the door, hearing thuds from the other side. Do you [[find a weapon|Human16]] or [[ignore the noises and go to your computer|Human15]]?
You walk warily down the stairs, eyes catching every shadows' movement as you sight the monster. It's rather creepy, you can see in a bit of the light greenish scaled skin and thin fingers on the long arms it's currently using to hold down your father. You hear it inhale a bit of breath, and suddenly it is flipping towards you, eyes inches from yours. It hisses and attacks, and you do not recover.[[Goodbye.|Start]]
Supernatural Choose Your Own Adventure
You survey your room, there's [[a hammer|Human17]] from the shelf you were building with your father. You could take a bit off your bed and have [[a metal bar|Human18]]. Or you could break your window and use [[the glass|Human19]] from that?
You ignore it. It will all be fine, right? You're just going to play on your computer. Everything is fine. \n\nIt's not fine.\n\nThe door bursts open, cracking you over the side of the head and knocking you out. When you come to, there's a blurry figure with its teeth pressed deep into your neck. \n\nYou won't survive this. [[Goodbye.|Start]]
Man, does it feel good to stretch your bones again in this meatsuit. You're back and ready to roll, this is going to be fun. Hopefully, no hunters are going to be in your grill, you're all good to feed a bit and live a little. It's so much better than the musty gruffness of Purgatory.