<<set $pages = $pages + 1>>\nWhoof, made a link. That's kinda cool. Still kinda worried though.\n<<display 'Step 2'>>
<<silently>>\n\nLooks like I put a "silently" tag in double bracers up top, but forgot to "endsilently." Good thing Twine shows me error things!\n\n[Time to make some pages|Step 2]\n\nOh wait, no double brackets. Duh. The below one should work...\n\n[[Time to make some pages|Step 2]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $pages = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>\nWe're making a Twine story for the first time. Scary.\n\n[[WHAT DO WE DO NOW?|Step 2]]\n[[Or... maybe we should just give up|Giving up]]\n[[Let's just make a bunch of errors. Whee!|Error]]
Oh! We make a link and make a new passage. Cool! I should probably make three.\n\n[[Let's link and make a new page!|Link page]]\n[[I think I'm ready for my story now...|Run story]]
Twiney Whiney
You decide to give up. Bye bye!\n\n[img[chompy.gif]]
Mr. Biggles
<<if $pages gte 3>>Hot dang, I made a story and boy is it kickin'!\n<html><br><b>MY ADVENTURE IS COMPLETE</b></html><<else>>Man, this story is kind of lame-o. Maybe I need to [[add more pages|Link page]].<<endif>>