You choose not to go to war, but it seems as if the war has chosen you anyway.\n\n[[riot]]
You have chosen to go to war. You enlist in the Union Army and head out to the front lines.\n\nFrom the trenches, you wait each day for news from home. When you left it seemed like others were not too happy about the draft.\n\nTo find out your fate, click here:\n\n[[Killed on the battlefield or return home a hero?]]\n\n\n
The time is July 1863, right at the height of the Civil War. You live in New York City.\n\nPick a character:\n<<actions "Nat Reel" "Ian Doyle" "John Smith" "Albro Lyons">>
<<set $Doyle = true>>\nYou are Ian Doyle. You are a 24 year-old immigrant from Ireland You live in a tenement apartment with your sister, two brothers and elderly mother who is very sick. You work in a steel factory to pay for your mother's treatment. You get paid 40 cents a week and work 60 hours a week. \n\nYour Inventory:\n<<set $inventoryDoyle = ['Wooden plank', ' torch', ' big stick', ' rocks', ' brick', ' ten dollars']>>\n<<print $inventoryDoyle>>\n\nOne day as you are walking by the docks, you hear a great commotion. You ask a man what's happened, and he tells you...\n\n[[Newsflash]]
<<if $Smith>>That was a close one -- you almost ended up on the front line! But you bought yourself a replacement just in time for dinner. The servants have prepared a lovely roast duck. \n\nBut just as you sit down at the table with your family, you hear a ruckus outside. Go investigate the [[riot]].<<endif>>\n\n<<if $Doyle>>But you don't have $300! Nice try. [[Go to war]] or [[Check inventory and do something else]]<<endif>>
<<set $Doyle = false>> <<set $Reel = false>> <<set $Smith = false>> <<set $Lyons = false>>\n\nPick another character:<<actions "Nat Reel" "Ian Doyle" "John Smith" "Albro Lyons">>
You know better than to stick around these parts as the ignorant mob takes over. \n\n<<if $Doyle>>\nWhile those rioting are your friends and countrymen, you know that you are not safe in New York. You head to the harbor and try to catch the first ferry to Williamsburgh, you have to fight for space with the hundreds of others that have lined up for safe passage off New York island.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $Smith>>\nYour father arranges for you to take a chartered ferry over to Brooklyn with some family and close friends, but the river is choppy today, and on the way over your coach has to avoid the hordes of ruffians causing mayhem in the streets.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $Lyons>>\nThe mob is going after African-Americans. The city is not safe for you. You gather with your family in a police station for the night, hoping that in the early morning you'll be able hitch a ride on a ferry to Brooklyn. You've heard there is a community called Weeksville out there where free African-Americans have their own land and live together safely.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $Reel>>\nYou hear the mob gathered outside of your orphanage. They are chanting and shouting. Before you know it, you smell smoke. Policeman break down the door to your room, and hurry you and the other children out into the hall. Everyone is confused and scared. Some of the younger kids start to cry. Everyone makes it out of the orphanage through the back door alive, and is hurried to a police station for the night for safety. The caretakers at the orphanage said that in the early morning you'll be able hitch a ride on a ferry to Brooklyn. You've heard there is a community called Weeksville out there where free African-Americans have their own land and live together safely.<<endif>>\n\nDo you make it?\n\nLearn your fate, [[escaper]].
<<if $Doyle>>\nYou squeeze onto a ferry with hundreds of others, bound for Brooklyn, narrowly escaping the hordes. Hopefully you'll be able to return soon -- your job and livelihood is there.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $Smith>>\nYour father's ferry arrived in Brooklyn Heights without much difficulty. You have been spared, for now. Those low-class ruffians really gave you quite a scare. At least you don't have to go to war. Though to be patriotic, maybe you should.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $Reel>>\nYou are scared, but you have made it to Weeksville safely.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $Lyons>>\nYou are scared, but you have made it to Weeksville safely.\n<<endif>>\n\n[[Play Again?]]
[<img[]] The Union has announced a draft!\n\n-All white men 20-35 must join the war or pay $300 to hire a replacement.\n\n-African-Americans are not allowed to join the army at this time. They can choose to volunteer to help out at the front lines or stay at home in New York City.\n\n\n\n<<if $Doyle>>\nMake a decision:\n[[Go to war]]\n[[Pay $300]]\n[[Check inventory and do something else]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $Smith>>\nMake a decision:\n[[Go to war]]\n[[Pay $300]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $Reel>>\nMake a decision:\n[[Volunteer]] on the front lines\n[[Stay in New York City]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $Lyons>>\nMake a decision:\n[[Volunteer]] on the front lines\n[[Stay in New York City]]\n<<endif>>
Survive the Draft
You go out with your torch and club and start terrorizing the streets of Manhattan. You find it unfair that the white men of New York City are being called on to fight and die in a war for Black men in the south. You fear that if the slaves are freed, they might come up North and take your job. And you make next to nothing working hard in the factory anyway -- why isn't anyone fighting a war to help you?\n\nYou decide to riot, but do you make it?\n\nLearn your fate, [[rioter]].
You head to the nearest conscription office and ask where you can find the new all-Black regiments. You'd like to do what you can to help the war effort and free the slaves in the south. You head to the front lines.\n\nTo find out your fate, click here:\n\n[[Killed on the battlefield or return home a hero?]]\n
Poor immigrant white factory workers are rioting in the streets.\n\n[<img[]] \n\n"Telegraph poles - hacked down! Rail tracks - yanked up! Wooden fences-ripped apart! With planks, crowbars, bricks, broadaxes, knives, and guns, a whirlwind of mobs went wild... During four days of savage rage, mobs assaulted officials and police officers. They attacked mansions on Fifth Avenue and elegant townhouses elsewhere in the city. They dragged blacks from streetcards, chased them down broad avenues and skinny cobblestone streets and cornered them in alleys. One mob torched and looted an orphanage for black children."\n\n<html><i>--From Maritcha: Nineteenth Century American Girl</i></html>\n\n\n\n\n\nYour decision:\n*[[Join the rioters]] \n*[[Fight the rioters]] \n*[[Try to escape]]
<<set $diceRollOne = (Math.floor(Math.random())+1)>>\n\n<<if $diceRollOne eq 1>>You fight with much valor on the battlefield, and through some stroke of luck, make it home alive.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $diceRollOne eq 2>>You fight with much valor on the battlefield, but are pierced with a bayonette during the Battle of Gettysburg and you pass on.<<endif>>\n\nFind out what happened back in New York. \n<<set $Doyle = false>> <<set $Reel = false>> <<set $Smith = false>> <<set $Lyons = false>>\nPick another character:\n<<actions "Nat Reel" "Ian Doyle" "John Smith" "Albro Lyons">>
The men rioting in the streets are an ignorant mob! Not only are they unfairly persecuting African-Americans in New York, but they are refusing to fight in a war that will lead to a more equal nation. They must be stopped. \n\nYou head to the police stations to try to help them contain the violence.\n\nLearn your fate, [[fighter]].
<<set $Reel = true>>\nYou are Nat Reel, a 12-year-old African American boy who lives in the Colored Orphan Asylum in Manhattan. Your mother died in childbirth and your father passed away in a terrible factory accident when you were 5 years old.\n\nYour Inventory:\n<<set $inventoryReel = ['Picture of Family', ' Diary', ' Shoes', ' one dollar ']>>\n<<print $inventoryReel>>\n\nOne day, as you are doing your chores, you overhear the caretaker of the orphanage mention some news he heard from the paperboy.\n\n[[Newsflash]]
<<if $Doyle>>\n<<set $diceRollTwo=Math.round(Math.random()* 3)>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $diceRollTwo eq 1>>You joined the hot-headed rioters on the streets of New York, but were caught by a policeman, who threw you right in the can.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $diceRollTwo eq 2>>During the chaos of the bloodbath on the streets of New York, you were trampled by the angry mob, and died.<<endif>>\n\n[[Play Again?]]
You have in your inventory:\n<<print $inventoryDoyle>>\n\nSeems like there's only one thing to do...\n[[riot]]
You try to stop the mob, but the masses overpower you. You are trampled, but not before you are beaten up by ruffians who call you a sympathizer.\n\n[[Play Again?]]
<<set $Smith = true>>\nYou are the 22-year old son of a man who made his fortune in the oil industry. You like reading and playing the piano. You have gone to the best schools and wear the finest clothes money can buy. Your father has always said that money is no object. \n\n\nYour Inventory:\n<<set $inventorySmith = ['A pistol', ' five-thousand dollars']>> <<print $inventorySmith>>\n\nOne day, your servant delivers the morning paper to the breakfast table, and you learn some quite interesting news...\n\n[[Newsflash]]
by Sara Vogel, based on a board game by Man Cheung, Melissa Salama and Sara Vogel
<<set $Lyons = true>>\nYou are Albro Lyons, 35 years old. You and your partner keep a boarding house in downtown Manhattan which hosts African-American sailors passing through New York. Your house has also served as a secret stop on the Underground Railroad to help escaping slaves from the south make it safely to free territory. You have a wife and three children to support.\n\nInventory:\n\n<<set $inventoryLyons = ['A rifle', ' one-hundred dollars in savings']>> <<print $inventoryLyons>>\n\nOne afternoon, as you are tallying up the day's earnings, one of the boarders tells you some interesting news.\n\n[[Newsflash]]