Cinderella rode to the ball in a [[sparkling]] white horse-drawn [[carriage]].
As Cinderella was running out of the palace, one of her glass slippers slipped off her foot. The prince found the shoe, but Cinderella was [[out]] of sight.
Luckily, right as he was leaving Cinderella managed to escape, and the Prince was easily able to slip the slipper right in Cinderella's [[foot]].
Cinderella was always cooking and cleaning up after her evil step-mother and step-sisters. She wished for something [[good]] to happen to her.\n
Once upon a time...\n\nThere lived a girl named [[Cinderella]]. She lived with her father, step-mother and [[step-sisters]].
One day her household received an invitation to the Prince's ball. Her step-mother told her she must [[stay]] and clean the house.Cinderella did [[not]] want to.
The step-sisters, as well as the step-mother were [[evil]], and were not very nice to Cinderella. They were jealous of her.
Conderella lived a sad life and her step-sister ended up marrying the Prince.
The prince searched far and wide for Cinderella, who he had danced the night away with. He brought the slipper to every girl in the town to see if he could find the right [[fit]].
He reached Cinderella's [[house]], but the evil step-mother had hidden Cinderella [[away]].
While Cinderella was obeying her step-mother's orders and cleaning, she heard something from the [[backyard]].
Sadly, the prince never rediscovered Cinderella, and married Cinderella's evil step-sister, who had painfully [[squeezed]] her foot into the slipper.
Cinderella arrived at the ball, and everyone stared in [[awe]] at her as she entered the room.
Cinderella ended up having to stay home from the ball and hear her evil step-sisters [[talk]] about it for the next week.
The end.
One day, the step-sister received an invitation to attend the Prince's [[ball]]. They did not want Cinderella to go.
Cinderella sadly stayed [[home]] during the ball.
The prince took Cinderella away from her evil step-mother and step-sisters and they got married and lived [[happily]] ever after
A fairy god-mother had appeared and magically turned Cinderella's rags into a [[beautiful]] gown. Cinderella was warned that when the clock struck twelve her gown would turn back into rags.
The prince immediately came over to her and they danced the night away until Cinderella had to leave..the clock was two minutes away from strking [[twelve]]!
The fairy god-mother had transformed a pumpkin from the backyard into a luxurious carriage for Cinderella.
The end.
The end.