Angel of God, my guardian dear\nTo whom God's love entrusts me here\nEver this day be at my side\nTo light and guard\nTo rule and guide.\n\n[[>Amen|P9]]
@@color:red;"Why don't you just alternate?"@@ I ask. @@color:red;"//You// rip off the clothes and go second one time, and then the next time you can fuck first?"@@\n\n"Stay out of this, cocksucker," Holkins and Krahulik say in perfect unison, and get back to their business.\n\n[[>Next|P9]]
I have lied.\n\n[[>Next|P9]]
There's a massive struggle going on--she's an athlete and the two are giants. If I get down, I'm likely to be crushed and that would probably kill me with all of the blood loss I've suffered. I must be in shock by now, after all. Isn't that what happens when you get tortured, you go into shock, or Stockholm Syndrome or something?\n\n[[>Next|P9]]
Okay!! I eat!!\n\nThis is delicious!!\n\n[[>Next|F3]]
Okay!! I get fucked up!!\n\nNow-that's-more-like-it!!\n\n[[>Next|F4]]
<<if $auto eq true and $about eq true and $fuck eq true and $pass eq true>>\n<<display "cheevo">>\n<<else>>\n<<display "menu">>\n<<endif>>
@@font:50px arial,sans-serif;color:red;''THE RICHARD GOODNESS''\n''TRILOGY''@@ @@font:40px arial,sans-serif;color:blue; ''SPECIAL HD EDITION''@@\n@@font:25px arial,sans-serif;color:red;''by Richard Goodness''@@\n\n[[>Play "Richard Goodness's Autobiography: A Videogame"|autobio]]\n[[>Play "Richard Goodness Gets Fucked Up: A Romance"|fucked]]\n[[>Play "The Passion of Richard Goodness: A Confessional Narrative"|passion]]\n[[>About|A]]
Okay!! I read a book!!\n\nThis is a very good book!!\n\n[[>Next|F3]]
[[Into Your hands I commend my spirit!|title]]
Okay!! I play a videogame!!\n\nVideogames are fun!!\n\n[[>Next|F3]]
I wish I could say I was too stunned to speak, but that would imply I didn't see this coming.\n\n[[>Next|P8]]
Hail, holy Queen, Mother of Mercy.\nHail, our life, our sweetness and our hope.\nTo you do we cry, poor banished Children of Eve.\nTo you do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears.\nTurn then, most gracious Advocate, thine eyes of mercy towards us\nAnd after this, our exile\nShow unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus.\nO merciful, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!\n\n[[>Amen|P8]]
I have taken what was not mine.\n\n[[>Next|P8]]
Okay! I get fucked up!\n\nNow that's more like it!!\n\n[[>Next|F3]]
Okay! I eat!\n\nThis is delicious!\n\n[[>Next|F2]]
Okay! I read a book!\n\nThis is a very good book!\n\n[[>Next|F2]]
Okay! I play a videogame!\n\nVideogames are fun!\n\n[[>Next|F2]]
I'm not getting down from here. That would be too easy.\n\n[[>Next|P3]]
I have committed many blasphemies.\n\n[[>Next|P3]]
And say what?\n\n[[>next|P11]]
Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.\nWhere there is hatred, let me sow love.\nWhere this injury, pardon.\nWhere there is doubt, faith.\nWhere there is despair, hope.\nWhere there is darkness, light.\nAnd where there is sadness, joy.\nO Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek\nTo be consoled as to console.\nTo be understood as to understand.\nTo be loved as to love.\nFor it is in giving that we receive.\nIt is in pardoning that we are pardoned.\nAnd it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.\n\n[[>Amen|P11]]
I can no longer speak.\n\n[[>Die|P12]]
@@color:red;"Listen,"@@ I say. @@color:red;"Those two books--those go together!"@@ I instinctively move my hand to point them out--they're about to divide Gene Wolfe's //The Knight// and //The Wizard// separately--but I pull on the nail, hurt the fuck out of my hand even more, and see white-hot bolts of pain in my eye.\n\nThey ignore me.\n\n[[>Next|P3]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 1:''\nFriday, March 23, 5035, 7:30 PM@@\n\nI am nailed to a cross. Two hooded men are playing Pokemon for my possessions.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P1T]]\n[[>Pray|P1P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P1G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P1C]]
Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary\nThat never was it known\nThat anyone who fled to thy protection\nImplored thy help\nOr sought thy intercession was left unaided.\nInspired with this confidence, we fly unto you\nO Virgin of Virgins, our mother!\nO Mother of the Word Incarnate\nDespise not our petitions\nBut in your mercy, hear and answer them.\n\n[[>Amen|P3]]
And do what?\n\n[[>Next|P11]]
I have been envious and jealous of everyone.\n\n[[>Next|P11]]
I slit my wrists in the bathtub. @@color:aqua;I cry@@ because it hurts more than I expect it to.\n\n[[>Next|A5]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 5:''\nFriday, March 23, 5035, 9:30 PM@@\n\nI am nailed to a cross. The two hooded men have divided up all of my possessions and are sorting through what they've won.\n\nInside, I hear a woman talking to my roommate.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P5T]]\n[[>Pray|P5P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P5G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P5C]]
Okay. I get fucked up.\n\nNow that's more like it!\n\n[[>Next|F2]]
Okay. I eat.\n\nThis is delicious.\n\n[[>Next|F1]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 10:''\nSaturday, March 24, 3053, 12:00 AM@@\n\nI am nailed to a cross. I'm starting to fade from all of the torture I've gone through. Mike Krahulik disengages from my runner mother Samantha C, stands, gives his cock a few final thrusts, and shoots six, seven, eight bursts of watery semen in her face, over her chest--"Watch it, faggot!" Jerry Holkins says, getting a shot in his shoulder. Krahulik shudders, grins at Holkins, tags him in, grabs Samantha's wrists--although at this point if she's still even capable of resistance she's reached the point of violation where any further ones are simply redundant; if she's still alive she's probably just waiting for it to be over. For good measure, Krahulik punches her, again, in the face, mashing his semen into the cut. "Shit, man," Holkins says. "You really like pounding 'em, don't you?" He explores around his pants.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P10T]]\n[[>Pray|P10P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P10G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P10C]]
I am nailed to a cross and my mother has been raped in front of me.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P11T]]\n[[>Pray|P11P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P11G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P11C]]
[[O Khoo|P13]]
I don't know any other prayers.\n\n[[>Die|P12]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $pass = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\nMy name is Richard Goodness. This is a videogame I made. Trigger warning: //Irreversible// actions.\n\nThis videogame is dedicated to Ruben Enaje, the stupidest living man on Planet Earth.\n\n[[>Bless me, Father, for I have sinned|PP1]]
I hang myself in the bedroom. As my neck breaks, @@color:brown;I shit@@ myself.\n\n[[>Next|A5]]
Okay. I read a book.\n\nThis is a very good book.\n\n[[>Next|F1]]
Okay. I play a videogame.\n\nVideogames are fun.\n\n[[>Next|F1]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 2:''\nFriday, March 23, 5035, 8:00 PM@@\n\nI am nailed to a cross. Two hooded men are playing Pokemon for my possessions. They have divvied up the clothing and furniture and have moved on to the books.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P2T]]\n[[>Pray|P2P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P2G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P2C]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 3:''\nFriday, March 23, 5035, 8:30 PM@@\n\nI am nailed to a cross. The two hooded men have divvied up the clothing and furniture and books and have moved onto the "big ticket" items--i.e., my videogame stuff. This is an insult more than an opportunity: After all, both men already own every system and every single game that I have.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P3T]]\n[[>Pray|P3P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P3G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P3C]]
What you are now playing is an HD remake of //The Richard Goodness Trilogy//. The code has been slightly more streamlined, the presentation has changed from Twine default, and I've made an effort to correct any existing typos. I hope you enjoy these personal and powerful works.\n\nLove,\nRichard\\n\n[[>Destroy everything|title]]
I no longer believe in God.\n\n[[>Next|P2]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 6:''\nFriday, March 23, 5035, 10:00 PM@@\n\nI am nailed to a cross. The screen door opens. My mother, Guiness World Record Holder Samantha C enters and crosses herself.\n\n"A woman!" one of the men says. The other drops my lava lamp--shattering it, spilling water and wax over the brick--and runs over.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P6T]]\n[[>Pray|P6P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P6G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P6C]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 7:''\nFriday, March 23, 5035, 10:30 PM@@\n\nI am nailed to a cross. My mother Samantha C is crossing herself. She is looking neither at me nor at the two men who are rushing to her. The breeze blows their hoods off; it is Jerry Holkins and Mike Krauhlik.\n\nKrahulik, as he runs, gracefully pulls his fist back, twists his body, then untwists it and pushes his fist forward into Samantha C's face. I see individual droplets of blood spattering through the air. Her jaw breaks; after a moment a horrifying wail comes through her ruined mouth.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P7T]]\n[[>Pray|P7P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P7G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P7C]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 4:''\nFriday, March 23, 5035, 9:00 PM@@\n\nI am nailed to a cross. Two hooded men are playing Pokemon for my possessions. I recognize their voices but I can't quite place them.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P4T]]\n[[>Pray|P4P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P4G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P4C]]
What, and ruin my biggest moment?\n\n[[>Next|P2]]
Tony, Tony, look around\nSomething's lost and needs to be found.\n\n[[>Amen|P10]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 8:''\nFriday, March 23, 5035, 11:00 PM@@\n\nI am nailed to a cross. Jerry Holkins is ripping the clothing off of my mother, Guiness Record Holder Samantha C, who could have outrun them if she had seen it coming. Mike Krahulik is holding her down. He is complaining. "Motherfucker," he says. "I held her down last time. I wanna rip off the clothes next time."\n\n"Look," Holkins says, "you always get to fuck them first. You never want to take my sloppy seconds."\n\n"You like my sloppy seconds," Krahulik says, then adds, after a moment of thought, "Fag."\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P8T]]\n[[>Pray|P8P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P8G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P8C]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 9:''\nFriday, March 23, 5035, 11:30 PM@@\n\nI am nailed to a cross. My runner mother Samantha C is naked, her clothes spread in tatters around her, her mouth a mess of black blood, phlegm, and saliva. Jerry Holkins is holding her down, but he takes a momentary break and wraps his hand around her breast and squezes. It turns red. She gasps, then begins to choke on a bit of sputum. Mike Krahulik is undoing his belt; he gives Holkins an oddly embarrassed grin and then shucks his pants down, his cock perfectly straight out. He spreads Samantha C's legs apart--not an easy task, given that, as a runner, she has incredibly strong legs, but his male strength ultimately wins out.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Talk to the men|P9T]]\n[[>Pray|P9P]]\n[[>Get down from the cross|P9G]]\n[[>Confess my sins|P9C]]
I don't want to interrupt.\n\n[[>Next|P10]]
Oh my God\nI am heartily sorry for having offended You\nAnd I detest all of my sins\nbecause of Your just punishments\nBut most of all\nBecause they offend You, my God\nWho is worthy and deserving of all my love\nI firmly resolve with the help of Your Grace\nTo sin no more\nAnd avoid the near occasion of sin\n\n[[>Amen|P2]]
I have no sins left to confess.\n\n[[>Die|P12]]
@@color:red;"What the fuck took you so long?"@@ I say.\n\nThey look at each other, smile, and get back to Pokemon.\n\n[[>Next|P2]]
It's too late to get down.\n\n[[>Die|P12]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $auto = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\nMy name is Richard Goodness. This is a videogame about my life. I am queer. My mother Samantha C was a track star and my father was an engineer who died. This is my story.\n\n[[>Start|A1]]
I have been lustful towards people who were unreceptive to it.\n\n[[>Next|P10]]
div\n{\ntext-align:justify;\ntext-justify:inter-word;\n}\n#passages { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left: 0; padding-left: 0; }\n#sidebar { display: none; }\n#passages {background-color:white;}\na:Link {color:black ;}\na.Link {font:17px arial,sans-serif ;}\na.internalLink:hover,a.externalLink:hover,a.back:hover {color:black !important;}\n#passages {font:16px arial,sans-serif;}\n#passages {color:black !important}\nhtml, body { height:100%; margin-top: 0 !important; } #passages { display:table; height:100%; } .passage { display: table-cell; vertical-align:middle; }\nbody {background-color:white !important}\nbody {color:black !important}\n.blink{-webkit-animation: blink 1s linear infinite;\n-moz-inimation: blink 1s linear infinite;\n-ms-animation: blink 1s linear infinite;\n-o-animation: blink 1s linear infinite;\nanimation: blink 1s linear infinite;\n}\n@-webkit-keyframes blink{\n0% { opacity: 1; }\n50% { opacity: 1; }\n50.01% { opacity: 0; }\n100% { opacity: 0; }\n}\n\n@-moz-keyframes blink {\n0% {opacity: 1;}\n50% {opacity: 1;}\n50.01% {opacity: 0;}\n100% opacity: 0;}\n}\n@-o-keyframes blink {\n0% {opacity: 1;}\n50% {opacity: 1;}\n50.01% {opacity: 0;}\n100% opacity: 0;}\n}\n@keyframes blink {\n0% {opacity: 1;}\n50% {opacity: 1;}\n50.01% {opacity: 0;}\n100% opacity: 0;}\n}
I'll wait until this all blows over.\n\n[[>Next|P10]]
@@color:red;Holy shit! You've played all three games AND read the About section! You know all there is to know about me!\n\n''CHEEVO GET: Creepy: Learned Way Too Much About Richard Goodness''\n\nCongratulations!\n\n<html><span class="blink">NOW TURN OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO TO SLEEP</span></html>@@
@@color:brown;I shit.@@\n\n[[>Next|A3]]
They're still keeping too close of an eye on me. Hopefully something will come up to distract them.\n\n[[>Next|P5]]
I have honored neither my runner mother Samantha C nor my father who was an engineer who died.\n\n[[>Next|P5]]
<<display "title">>
@@color:aqua;I cry.@@\n\n[[>Next|A3]]
@@color:red;"Hey--who are you guys, exactly?"@@ I ask.\n\nOne of them looks at me and giggles; I can't see his face.\n\n[[>Next|P5]]
Glory be to the Father\nAnd to the Son\nAnd to the Holy Spirit\nAs it was in the beginning\nIs now\nAnd ever shall be\nWorld without end.\n\n[[>Amen|P5]]
String.prototype.unDash = function()\n{\n var s = this.split("-");\n if(s.length > 1)\n for(var t=1; t < s.length; t++)\n s[t] = s[t].substr(0,1).toUpperCase() + s[t].substr(1);\n return s.join("");\n};\n
@@color:brown;I shit.@@\n\n[[>Next|A4]]
Later that summer, I finally got over the lack of self-confidence which plagues all artists and I sat and down to write the games which would be known as //The Richard Goodness Trilogy//. Yang suggested I talk about what my life as a queer is like, and so I worked in the realm of autobiography for the first time.\n\n[[>Next|C]]
I have not kept holy on the Sabbath or on any other day.\n\n[[>Next|P4]]
I am not getting down from here. A crowd of onlookers has gathered.\n\n"Poor fucker," someone says.\n\nHe's talking about ''me''!\n\n[[>Next|P4]]
@@color:cyan;I cry.@@\n\n[[>Next|A4]]
I make my decision. I look at Jason and Matilda, take a deep breath, open my mouth, and:\n\n[[>Shit|A3S]]\n[[>Cry|A3C]]
Our Father\nWho art in Heaven\nHallowed by Your name\nYour kingdom come\nYour will be done\nOn Earth as it is in heaven.\nGive us this day our daily bread\nAnd forgive us our trespasses\nAs we forgive those who trespass against us.\nAnd lead us not into Temptation\nBut deliver us from Evil.\n\n[[>Amen|P4]]
@@color:red;"The screen on the laptop is broken,"@@ I say. @@color:red;"I hook it up to my TV."@@\n\n"Is there an HDMI cable?" one of them asks.\n\n@@color:red;"It should have been attached to the laptop,"@@ I say.\n\nThe second guard glares at the first but they begin to root through for the cable.\n\n[[>Next|P4]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 1:''\nFriday, August 64, 3049, 8:13 PM@@\n\nI am sitting on the couch. I am not fucked up at all.\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Play a videogame|F1V]]\n[[>Eat|F1E]]\n[[>Read|F1R]]\n[[>Get fucked up|F1F]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 2:''\nFriday, August 64, 3049, 8:33 PM@@\n\nI am on the couch! I am slightly fucked up!\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Play a videogame!|F2V]]\n[[>Eat!|F2E]]\n[[>Read!|F2R]]\n[[>Get fucked up!|F2F]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 3:''\nFriday, August 64, 3049, 8:53 PM@@\n\nI am sitting on the couch!! I am kinda fucked up!!\n\nI decide to:\n\n[[>Play a videogame!!|F3V]]\n[[>Eat!!|F3E]]\n[[>Read!!|F3R]]\n[[>Get fucked up!!|F3F]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 4:''\nFriday, August 64, 3049, 8:53 PM@@\n\nI-am-sitting-on-the-couch!! I-am-really-fucked-up!!\n\nI-decide-to:\n\n[[>Play-a-videogame!|F4V]]\n[[>Eat!!|F4E]]\n[[>Read!!|F4R]]\n[[>Get-fucked-up!!|F4F]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 5:''\nFriday, August 64, 3049, 8:73 PM@@\n\nCome-on-who-the-hell-are-we-trying-to-fool!!\n\n[[>Get-fucked-up!!|F6]]
@@color:green;I@@ @@color:red;do@@ @@color:blue;that@@ @@color:purple;and@@ @@color:orange;then@@ @@color:aqua;I@@ @@color:red;pass@@ @@color:green;the@@ @@color:blue;fuck@@\n\n[[out!!!|title]]
Hail Mary, full of Grace\nThe Lord is with thee.\nBlessed art thou among women\nAnd blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.\nHoly Mary, mother of God\nPray for us sinners\nNow and at the hour of our death.\n\n[[>Amen|P7]]
And get blood all over myself? I think not\n\n[[>Next|P8]]
I'm not really sure what to say. I'm not sure if telling them that Guiness Record Holder Samantha C is my mother will stop them or spur them on.\n\n[[>Next|P7]]
I have been unfaithful to partners and helped others be unfaithful to their partners.\n\n[[>Next|P7]]
It's not the right moment--the crowd is looking in Samantha C's direction.\n\n[[>Next|P7]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 1:''\nBirth@@\n\nIt is December 82, 3019. We are at Chilton Memorial Hospital in Wayne, New Jersey, and I have just been born. The doctor has snipped the umblical cord and foreskin.\n\nAs a response to this I:\n\n[[>Shit|A1S]]\n[[>Cry|A1C]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 3:''\nSchool@@\n\nI'm in school. Jason and Matilda are here.\n\n"Which one of us do you want to play doctor with?" Matilda says.\n\nI should pick Matilda, but I want to pick Jason.\n\nI give it a moment.\n\n[[>Next|A3B]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 2:''\nEarly Childhood@@\n\nI am home from the hospital. My mother Samantha C is not paying enough attention to me because she is in line for the Guiness record for Running. I cannot play with my father who was an engineer because he died.\n\nTo get Samantha C's attention, I:\n\n[[>Shit|A2S]]\n[[>Cry|A2C]]
An autobiography can never be written.\n\n[[>Next|A6]]
@@color:red;''CHAPTER 4:''\nAdulthood@@\n\nI am an adult now. I decide to go into the:\n\n[[>Bedroom|A4S]]\n[[>Bathroom|A4C]]
o Samantha C\n\n[[>Next|A8]]
A life can never be put down on paper.\n\n[[>Next|A7]]
<html><span class="blink">blink</span></html>
<<silently>>\n<<set $about = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\nIn early 2013, when Robert Yang personally told me "YOU SHOULD MAKE A GAME", I had no idea that I would be entering a new phase in my writing career: That of videogame designer.\n\n[[>Next|B]]
@@color:brown;I shit.@@\n\n[[>Next|A2]]\n\n
All of my stuff is scattered around the cross. There's no real footing to get down to. I should wait until they've cleared it all up.\n\n[[>Next|P6]]
I have wished death and pain upon my fellow men and women.\n\n[[>Next|P6]]
A crown of thorns was placed on my forehead, causing rivulets and then streams of blood into my eyes. For the remainder of my life (4.5 hours), I see through a red film; eventually, keeping my eyes open is difficult as the blood seals my eyelids shut.\n\n[[>Next|PP4]]
It fucking hurt. First they whipped me, then beat me, then took a hammer and huge, iron nails, and stabbed them through my palms, which were facing outward.\n\n[[>Next|PP3]]
@@color:red;''PROLOGUE''\nFriday, March 25, 3053, 7:00 PM@@\n\nLast night, after dinner, while getting stoned in my backyard, two hooded men came up and nailed me to a cross.\n\n[[>Next|PP2]]
@@color:cyan;I cry.@@\n\n[[>Next|A2]]
The men begin to have a series of Pokemon battles for my possessions.\n\n[[>Next|P1]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $fuck = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\nMy name is Richard Goodness. I like to get fucked up. But there aren't very many videogames about getting fucked up. So I have programmed this life simulation videogame so that I can play a videogame about myself getting fucked up. If you are not me, you can play this videogame to get an idea about what it is like to get fucked up a lot.\n\nThis videogame is dedicated to the millions of drug dealers across the nation who tirelessly and selflessly work under the threat of violence and incarceration.\n\n[[>Let's get fucked up|F1]]
Bless us, O Lord \nAnd these, your gifts\nWhich we are about to receive\nFrom Your bounty\nThrough Christ, our Lord\n\n[[>Amen|P6]]
Okay!! I-read-a-book!!\n\nThis-is-a-very-good-book!!\n\n[[>Next|F4]]
@@color:red;"You guys like what you got?"@@ I ask.\n\n"Sure," one of them says.\n\nThrough his cloak, the other gives him a look.\n\n[[>Next|P6]]
Okay!! I-play-a-videogame.\n\nVideogames-are-fun.\n\n[[>Next|F4]]
Okay!! I-eat!!\n\nThis-is-delicious!!\n\n[[>Next|F4]]