Tromos teleports behind the Gantor, grapping him by the head, and slicing his throat. He falls flat on his face with blood spilling out profusely onto the floor.\n\nTromos turns around.\n\n*[[Continue down hallway]]
\nTromos and Deong walk into a massive suite where more than a dozen Raibaru gang members along with their leader turn their attention. \n\nDeong runs toward their leader while drawing his sword from the decorated sheath attached to his belt.\n\nTromos tears through several gang members with his jagged knife as he follows [[behind Deong]].
Tromos appears behind Kwon through teleporting, but Kwon swiftly grabs him by the neck out of the air after turning around. Tromos kicks Kwon in the chest to break free of his grip.\n\n*[[Throw knife]]\n*[[Roundhouse kick]]
\nTromos and Deong journeyed across all sectors of the city while eradicating many of the notorious street gangs. \n\nTheir work struck a surging concern throughout all of the remaining street gangs in the city eventually stirring them into a frenzy of violent turf wars. \n\nMany territorial battles were fought... \nThere were hundreds of casualties... \nGang members, Civilians, Law Enforcement Officers... \n\nThis drastic transformation to the city's lifestyle became known as [[The Underground Purge War]].
"The Raibarus' Hideout. We sneak in, kill their leader, and hurry out before we can get surrounded." Deong suggests. \n\n[["You make it sound simple; it wont be"]]\n[["Have you lost your mind?"]]\n
Vicinity:\nThe Retribution of Tromos & Deong\n
\n"My men had infiltrated The Raibaru for months before you and your partner messed everything up for me!"\n\nKwon sturdily lunges at Tromos with the 'kwon-dao', but as Tromos dodges the attack... he lands a powerful kick to Tromos's mid-section.\n\n"They have your friend now... Who knows what they'll do to him... You'll never see him again!"\n\n"Deong..." Tromos says under his breath.\n\nKwon follows up by punching him in the face. Tromos falls to one knee, dazed...\n\n"How touching... Do you even realize how much the two of you cost me? How much you both cost my empire?!"\n\nKwon pulls his 'kwon-dao' back behind him... then unleashes a powerful swing toward Tromos... \n\n*[[Teleport now]]\n*[[Use Jagged Knife]]
A giant smiles grows on Red-Mage's face, "excellent."\n\n"What do you need me to do?"\n\n"Before we get into any of that, there is one ability that you will need," Red-Mage pauses, "the ability to teleport."\n\nTromos' eyes light up. "You're going to teach me how to teleport?"\n\n"It will not be easy, but you must know. Once we start down this path there is no turning back."\n\nTromos nods his head in agreement and it seems that his injuries are no longer a factor in his mind. "When do we start?"\n\n"You need your rest if we are going to do this. We will start first thing [[tomorrow morning]]."
The first gang member is immediately neutralized by the quick right hand of Deong. Another gangster attacks from the back with a knife, but Deong ducks beneath the strike, causing the gangster to flip over his back. While on the ground Deong pummels his gauntlet into the gangsters chest. \n\nThe final gang member, after witnesses Deong's skill tries to make a run for it. Deong quickly wrips the dead gangster's knife out of his hand and throws it at the fleeing target, striking him in the back.\n\nTromos slices up the three gang members that attacked him and rushes over to Deong, but their moment of relief is quickly washed away when several more "Jungle Bugs" show up. Tromos and Deong are forced to retreat.\n\n[[Retreat to Deong's Apartment]]\n[[Retreat to Bar Domei]]
Tromos moves to the side, but the Gantor swings around with his sword, cutting Tromos in half.\n\n[[Game Over- Try Again!|previous()]]
Three of "The Jungle Bugs" circle Deong. They all are wielding weapons and have them directed at Deong. Deong crosses his arms together and stands up tall, inviting the gang members attack. Before he can blink the gangsters lunge towards him and begin.\n\n[[Wield gauntlets]]\n\n[[Fend off attackers]]\n\n[[Rampage Mode]]\n\n
~A couple hours later... Tromos wakes up while still laying in the dumpster with trash on top of him.\n\n"Ulch! I think I'd rather be dead"\n\nTromos picks up his knife, and crawls out of the dumpster, landing on his side.\n\n"Ahh! Yeah, definitely would rather be dead right now."\n\nTromos [[makes his way]] out of the area, heading home. \n\n
Tromos takes his knife, and cuts off the necklace with a hard slash... slitting his throat in the process.\n\n*[[Return ice-gem]]
Tromos kicks one of the gang members in his stomach, and punches the other two directly in the side of their heads. The three of them hit the ground.\n\nDeong throws one of them against a brick wall, and punches another down to the ground.\n\nSeveral more 'Jungle Bugs' show up forcing Tromos & Deong to retreat from the area.\n\n[[Retreat to Deong's Apartment]]\n[[Retreat to Bar Domei]]
Tromos turns to the door, "It is no use!" He walks away. \n\nRed-Mage shakes his head and walks over to Tromos. "You have to want it. Here, do you have anything sentimental on you?"\n\nTromos pulls out a pocket watch, "It was my fathers. He kept it as one of many antiques in his store, before The Gantors burned it to the ground."\n\n"Excellent! That's perfect!" Red-Mage grabs it from Tromos and disappears. Tromos panics for a moment, but just as quickly as he left, Red-Mage was back. This time without the pocket watch.\n\n"What did you do with it?"\n\n"I placed it inside of that room," Red-Mage tells him, "the only way you will get it, is by teleporting into it."\n\nTromos stares at the door as sweat begins to glide down his forehead.\n\n"Focus on the watch," Red-Mage says.\n\nThen, in a quick gust of wind, Tromos is gone. Red-Mage looks around the room until he hears a door opening. It is Tromos walking out of the bedroom, holding his [[father's watch]].
All of the surrounding gang members attack Deong with their swords, but he rapidly deflects and counters their strikes until finally piercing their leader's chest with his sword.\n\n"For my family!"\n\nDeong removes his sword from the leader of the Raibaru's chest, and finishes him by slicing his head off.\n\nTromos continues to fend off [[The Raibaru]].
Tromos throws his knife at Kwon, but he knocks it away prior to throwing his weapon... impaling Tromos with the spear end...\n\n\n[[Game Over- Try Again!|Teleport inside]]
Tromos scoffs. "You realize that 'The Raibaru' are a lot more impressive than 'The Jungle Bugs', right? Their headquarters won't be easy to get out of with them swarming in. We should stay cautious, as usual, and save 'The Raibaru' for last."\n\n"I don't think so." Deong snaps back. "I'll go after them myself if I have to. I'm not waiting until they leave the city in fear. Not before I can make them pay with their lives!"\n\n"I'm not going to let you go after them alone. You'll get killed." Tromos says.\n\n"I know how to handle myself, Karl. After all, I taught you most everything you know." Deong responds with a smirk.\n\n[["We're a team, Eoli- We'll take them all out together"]]\n\n
<<nobr>>\n<<set alert("~ LATER ON...")>>\n<<endnobr>>\n\n
Deong breathes a sigh of relief. "I'm glad to hear that. I've been waiting a very long time for this. We'll recuperate for now, but be here early tomorrow night so we can prepare."\n\nTromos pats Deong a couple times on his back. "Tomorrow then."\n\n[[Go home]]\n\n
Tromos throws himself flat on the floor with enough time to evade the fatal swing from Kwon. Tromos promptly hops back to his feet, and stabs Kwon in the stomach with his [[jagged knife]].
Tromos kicks him down to the ground, and crushes down on his windpine with his foot as he walks past.\n\n*[[Continue down hallway]]
"They're sending a welcoming party," Tromos says.\n\n"Then let's welcome them," replies Deong.\n\nThe two nod and rush up the stairs. As they turn the corner, they catch the gang members off guard. The two jump back as Tromos and Deong leap forward.\n\nTromos pulls one of the gangsters head into his knee while Deong lands a string of punches on the other.\n\nWithout skipping a beat, Tromos and Deong keep running up the stairs.\n\n"Some party," says Deong.\n\n"At least there was punch," Tromos replies.\n\n"Terrible joke."\n\n"Hey, shut up. We're almost [[there]].
Tromos and Deong make their way into the Raibaru's headquarters. Two gang members turn toward them in the hallway. \n\n"Hey, who the fuck--"\n\nDeong tosses a throwing dagger into the gangster's mouth. He holds his neck in agony.\n\n"Holy shit!"\nThe other gangster pulls out his sword.\n\n*[[Trip him]]\n*[[Hit him]]
Tromos walks toward Kwon.\n\n"You're not going to make it this easy on me, are you?"\n\nKwon leaps toward Tromos, and sweeps his legs with his 'kwon-dao'.\n\nTromos falls to the ground.\n\n*[[Teleport now]]\n*[[Roll, and attack]]
Deong enters behind Tromos, and flying kicks the other standing gang member to the floor.\n\nDeong takes the gang member's sword, and impales him with it by wedging the sword into the floor.\n\nTromos triggers the [[elevator]] switch.
<<nobr>>\n<<set alert("Red-Mage teaches Tromos the ability to temporarily freeze his opponents in exchange for the retrieval of the ice-gem.")>>\n<<endnobr>>\n\n*[[~I~ Track the decorated stone]]\n*[[~I~ Track the kinetic orb]]\n*[[~I~ Go after 'The Gantors']]\n
\n"What's in it for you?" Tromos asks.\n\n"Each of the gangs around here have all stolen something from me. One way or another, I will get them all back."\n\n"[[One way]] or [[another]]?" Tromos repeats.\n\n\n\n
Karl Tromos's apartment...\n\nTromos enters his studio apartment. He sits down on his recliner chair and turn on the [[TV]].\n\n\n
Tromos teleports directly over in front of Kwon to kick him in the chest, knocking him down.\n\nKwon stands back up.\n\n"Very good. I underestimated you... It's no wonder how you and your partner were able to devastate The Raibaru so easily."\n\n[["How do you know about that? What do you know about Deong?!"]]
"I want 'The Raibaru' dead. I want them gone! Don't you ever think about what 'The Gantors' did to you?" Deong asks.\n\nA moment of silence passes.\n\n"I think about it everyday, Eoli. It's the reason we even do this." Tromos answers.\n\n[[Talk about specific haunting memories]]\n[["What'd you have in mind?"]]\n\n\n\n\n\n
"So, what else is there?" Tromos asks.\n\n"An [[ancient decorated stone]]."
Tromos takes the men by surprise by running directly toward them.\n\nHe slides on the floor while tripping one of the Gantors, as he quickly bounces back up to slice at another one's arm as he reaches for his blade. Tromos stabs him in his chest, and kicks the third Gantor away after turning around.\n\nSword in hand, the third Gantor runs toward Tromos.\n\n*[[Teleport]]\n*[[Try to dodge]]
Tromos peeks up the stairs and sees hands grasping the railing as they descend.\n\n"I count two soldiers."\n\n"That'll be easy!" Deong says. \n\nDeong rises to the next level and crouches in a dark corner. Meanwhile Tromos waits halfway up the stairs until he is spotted. He turns and runs down.\n\n"There is one here!" says a gang member. \n\nThe two begin to rush after Tromos and raise their weapons, failing to notice Deong who pounces from the shadows and kicks one over the railing.\n\nAs Deong quickly quiets the other gang member with a powerful right hook, Tromos catches the falling gangster with an uppercut to the jaw.\n\n"See?" Deong pounds his fist into his palm. "Simple.\n\n"You and I have very different definitions for the term 'simple'."\n\n"Whatever. We are almost at the [[top floor!"|Top floor]]
"How will you know the stone? Or the gem?" Red-Mage asks.\n\n"You're not really making me confident that I can find your stuff for you." Tromos responds.\n\n"Here..."\n\nRed-Mage hands Tromos a red ring.\n\n"Wear it... It will lead you toward anything that belongs to me." Red-Mage continues.\n\n"You're shitting me, right?" Tromos says.\n\n"Absolutely not! I am a sorcerer, remember? Once you put the ring on, you'll have to ignore my refuge... obviously, it will be the strongest signal. Try to focus on the weaker ones."\n\n"I have to admit, you're pretty damn cool, sorcerer!"\n\n"Just remember to return here should you come across one or all of these artifacts. You will be glad you did."\n\n"And, you will be grateful... Gotcha."\n\n"Indeed."\n\n*[[Track the ice gem]]\n*[[Track the decorated stone]]\n*[[Track the kinetic orb]]\n*[[Go after 'The Gantors']]\n
~Tromos's apartment \n\nTromos appears back within his own apartment.\n\n"I could get used to this..."\n\nTromos changes clothes to a new pair of the same exact outfit. He adds armored kneepads, and attaches another belt holding an even larger customized jagged knife.\n\nTromos grabs an energy drink off of the countertop, and downs the entire can in just a few seconds.\n\n[["Alright, Time to finish this!"]]
Tromos lunges at Kwon by trying to stab him. Kwon blocks the attack, and cuts Tromos's head off...\n\n[[Game Over- Try Again!|Teleport inside]]
Tromos steps out into the main room. Are you ready?" Red-Mage asks.\n\n"I am," Tromos answers.\n\n"Good." Red-mage uses his powers to shut the bedroom door. "Now go back into that room."\n\nTromos looks confused, but begins to walk towards the door. Red-Mage swipes his legs out from under him. "No, no," he says to Tromos, "teleport."\n\nTromos glares back at Red-Mage with an eyebrow raised. "How?"\n\n"All it takes is focus," Red-Mage tells him, "see yourself in the room."\n\nTromos concentrates on the door for a few seconds, but nothing happens. He turns away in frustration, "I can't do it."\n\n"That is because you are not trying hard enough. You must focus."\n\nTromos yet again turns to the door, but it is the same outcome.\n\n"Why must you go into that room?" Red-Mage asks.\n\n"Because you told me to."\n\n"You shouldn't do it because I told you to, but because you want to."\n\n[[Try again]]
Tromos teleports behind Kwon, but he quickly turns around while swinging his 'kwon-dao', cutting Tromos...\n\nTromos falls down into two halves...\n\n[[Game Over- Try Again!|Teleport inside]]
<<nobr>>\n<<set alert("~12 HOURS LATER")>>\n<<endnobr>>\n\n"Excellent! Very well done! You have mastered the art of teleportation much faster than anyone else I have trained."\n\n"Will I be able to teleport inside buildings?" Tromos asks.\n\n"Yes. But, it is always more of a risk when traveling to a place unknown. On the safe side, try to restrict yourself from teleporting anywhere unless you know the area very well."\n\n"How often can I do this?"\n\n"Only once at a time for every few moments." Red-Mage responds.\n\n"This helps [[immensely]]." Tromos says.
Tromos limps his way through the alleyways while holding his arm and side. He can barely move as he sluggishly drags along down the side of another building. \n\nMembers of 'The Gantors' approach Tromos while he is too injured to fight. \n\n"Look at this. It must be our lucky day."\n"Tell me you're not dumb enough to hobble through our turf without your buddy to back you up." Gantors taunt Tromos.\n\n"You're right. It is your lucky day, because normally you'd be dead by now." Tromos barely responds.\n\n"Look at this cripple try to talk shit! Time to die asshole!"\n\nOne of the Gantors pulls out a long [[dagger]].
<<nobr>>\n<<set alert("It takes a few moments before Tromos can teleport again... But, when he does... He returns the stolen ice-gem necklace back to Red-Mage.")>>\n<<endnobr>>\n\n"Excellent! ... Now, it will be even easier to teach you this ability now that you have returned my ice-gem." Red-Mage says.\n\n"That one was simple."\n\n"Well, let us be starting then..."\n\n[["Starting?"]]
"Excellent! Very well done! You have mastered the art of teleportation much faster than anyone else I have trained."\n\n"Will I be able to teleport inside buildings?" Tromos asks.\n\n"Yes. But, it is always more of a risk when traveling to a place unknown. On the safe side, try to restrict yourself from teleporting anywhere unless you know the area very well."\n\n"How often can I do this?"\n\n"Only once at a time for every few moments." Red-Mage responds.\n\n"This helps [[immensely]]." Tromos says.
An older man covered in tattered red clothes blasts the gang members against the wall with a wave of fire.\n\nThe gang members fall to the ground unconscious.\n\n"Hurry now, [[follow me]]."
Tromos walks up slowly behind the gang member as he walks.\n\nThe Jungle Bug turns around, but Tromos teleports next to him with his hand on the necklace.\n\n"Hey!"\n\n*[[Rip it off]]\n*[[Slice it off]]
"The Raibaru Headquarters are going to be flooded with their headcount. The only reason we've been so successful so far is because of how cautious we've been in approaching our targets." Tromos shakes his head. "What happened out there today should be proof that we aren't ready to take on 'The Raibaru' head on. They are a lot tougher than 'The Jungle Bugs', and there are a lot more of them too."\n\nDeong gives Tromos a murderous look. "I think we both know that I lost my mind a long time ago, Karl. I'm getting started tomorrow night, whether you're with me or not."\n\n[["We're a team, Eoli- We'll take them all out together"]]
\t\t\t\t\t\t\tPrologue\n\nNew York City... \n\nGang violence has become too overwhelming for the manpower offered by the local Law Enforcement.\n\nThe severity of specific gang activities has brought the city to its knees... \n\nuntil Tromos & Deong took it upon themselves to track down any gang members they could find. \n\nTogether, they cautiously eliminated hundreds of gang members by force over the duration of [[several years]].
Tromos quickly kicks the guy up against the wall, but he swings his sword and cuts the side of Tromos's leg.\n\nDeong comes up from behind, and uppercuts the gang member in his jaw with his gauntlet. \n\n"What are you doing? Why didn't you just take care of him?" \n\n"I know what I did wrong. Let's just go."\n\n"Are you sure you're ready for this?"\n\n"I'm sure, let's go."\n\nTromos reaches for the elevator switch.\n\n"No, not the elevator," Deong says, "It's not easy to defend yourself in a small box if they catch us."\n\n"They're not going to catch us," Tromos says.\n\n"And if they do?"\n\nTromos hesitates. "It's either the [[elevator]] or the [[stairs]]."
"Yes. I am going to teach you a few things I know that will help you down the road." Red-Mage answers.\n\nTromos looks at Red-Mage with an intrigued look on his face. "You're going to teach me to do what you did to those guys at the alley?"\n\nRed-Mage nods. "It will not be easy, but in order for me to help you, you are going to have to help me."\n\n"[[Anything]]."
"As I said before... The remaining gangs here have each stolen a sacred artifact to me. If you retrieve these items for me, I will reward you with a new ability for each one of them." Red-Mage explains.\n\n"What kind of artifacts are we talking about here?" Tromos asks.\n\n"There is a chain I have with an [[ice gem]] attached to it."\n
<<nobr>>\n<<set alert("~ Tromos TELEPORTS back into THE RAIBARU HEADQUARTERS...")>>\n<<endnobr>>
The sun just begins to peek through the window shades of the room Tromos is in. Not too long after, footsteps make their way towards the bedroom door. Red-Mage pushes the door open and yells for Tromos to wake up.\n\n"Rise and shine, Tromos." Red-Mage says as he pulls open the broken blinds, "Your teachings begin now."\n\nTromos pulls himself out of the pile of blankets he laid in and rubs his eyes.\n\n"Meet me in the main room," Red-Mage says as he [[leaves]] the room.
~Red-Mage's refuge\n\n"How did you do that to them?"\n\n"I am a sorcerer."\n\n"Who are you?"\n\n"People refer to me as The Red-Mage."\n\n"I thought you said you were a sorcerer."\n\n"I am only known by what people call me. There is not much of a difference. A mage is an ancient title, I am a sorcerer. \n\nWhy did you [[help me]]?\n\n
~City Streets\n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html><html>\n\nKARL TROMOS & EOLI DEONG are currently battling members of "The Jungle Bugs" gang. The two of them are outnumbered by 7.\n\nOne of the gang members tries to make a quick move at them, but Deong uses his gauntlets, and breaks one of their faces by punching them in the face. Leaving...\n\n3 of the gangsters surrounding [[Tromos]].\n\n3 of the gangsters surrounding [[Deong]].
Tromos swings another hook at Kwon, but he grabs his fist, then throws him to the ground. Kwon pins Tromos to the ground with his 'kwon-dao' after prodding it into the floor through his stomach.\n\n[[Game Over- Try Again!|Teleport inside]] \n
\nDeong says, "Y'know Karl, how ever we get outta here... I appreciate what we've been able to accomplish together."\n\n"That's what brothers are for, Eoli."\n\nDeong opens the door to the [[Top floor]].
The elevator opens, and Tromos and Deong walk inside.\n\nDeong hits the button for the [[Top floor]].\n\n~In the elevator-\n\nDeong says, "Y'know Karl, how ever we get outta here... I appreciate what we've been able to accomplish together."\n\n"That's what brothers are for, Eoli."\n\nThe elevator door [[opens... |Top floor]] \n\n
Tromos swipes his knife, and cuts two of their arms. He stabs the third in his stomach, and throws him to the ground.\n\nDeong breaks one of the gang member's neck.\n\nSeveral more 'Jungle Bugs' show up forcing Tromos & Deong to retreat from the area.\n\n[[Retreat to Deong's Apartment]]\n[[Retreat to Bar Domei]]
Later...\n\nTromos and Deong enter Bar Domei... Tromos and Deong sit down at their normal seats at the bar.\n\n"Bring it in, Ted." Tromos says to the bartender.\n\n"We should've gotten more of them. We need more experience! We barely lost them before we got here." Deong says.\n\nThe bartender brings them two full mugs of beer. They take a sip.\n\n"More experience? We've been doing this for several years. We're the most infamous people in the city. We've taken out hundreds of those pieces of trash. [[What more experience do you want?]]" Tromos replies.
<<nobr>>\n<<set alert("~ Tromos TELEPORTS back to RED-MAGE'S refuge...")>>\n<<endnobr>>\n\nTromos hands the 'kwon-dao' to Red-Mage.\n\n"What is this for?" Red-Mage asks.\n\n"It's a token of my appreciation. Without your help... I would have never fulfilled my retribution so soon. So, thank you..."\n\nRed-Mage bows his head.\n\nTromos nods his head.\n\n"I need to go." Tromos states.\n\n"I know." Red-Mage responds.\n\n"Thanks again."\n\n"You as well."\n\nTromos teleports out of Red-Mage's [[refuge]].
Tromos is chased by several Raibaru onto the rooftops where Deong is becoming surrounded. \n\nDeong cuts through and punches down several Raibaru.\n\nTromos fights off as many gang members as he can heading toward Deong until he is also overwhelmed by them. He backs himself up toward the edge of the building while using his knife to keep them away. \n\nTromos falls off the the building, and lands in a dumpster after tumbling through an old awning to break his [[fall]].\n
<<nobr>>\n<<set alert("~ LATER THAT NIGHT...")>>\n<<endnobr>>\n\n~The Gantors Hideout\n\nTromos makes his way inside the building without being seen.\n\n3 Gantors are talking amongst themselves as Tromos looks around the corner.\n\n*[[Run toward them]]\n*[[Teleport between them]]
Tromos lays back in his recliner, smiles, and closes his eyes.\n\n"Fortunately, the city has finally been promised many transfers and reinforcements for our Police Department. Many branches of the government, who prefer to be unspecified, will be helping our law enforcement put an end to these atrocious criminal activities."\n\n[["We'll see about that, New York"]]
"I'd prefer the stairs," Deong says.\n\n"Isn't it hard to defend too?"\n\n"Not as hard as a box."\n\n"Fine."\n\nThe two locate the stairs and head up.\n\nDeong stops suddenly.\n\n"Why did-" Tromos begins, but Deong motions for him to be quiet.\n\nThe faint sound of footsteps rushing up or down stairs meets their ears.\n\n"Great," Tromos says, "Couldn't have taken the elevator."\n\n"Just shut up and kill something."\n\n[[Prepare trap]]\n\n[[Rush gang members]]
Tromos and Deong approach the entrance from both sides. As they run up to the door, the Raibaru gang sentry pulls out his sword and swipes it at Deong. \n\nDeong ducks the attack, and punches him in the stomach. Deong follows it up with another punch with his gauntlets to the side of the gang member's head.\n\nTromos kicks the door in, and stabs the first gang member he sees in the back of his neck. \n\n[[Enter further]]
I just need a little more time due to working close to full time outside of class hours...\n\nI am really sorry for the inconveniences I have caused.\n\nThank you all so much for understanding...\n\n
<<nobr>>\n<<set alert("~ LATER...")>>\n<<endnobr>>\n\nTromos finds his way into 'The Jungle Bugs' territory.\n\nHe sees only one member walking down a sidewalk.\n\n"Are you kidding me? This guy has it? Good... I owe them for the last time anyway..."\n\n*[[Take the ice-gem necklace]]
I just need a little more time due to working close to full time outside of class hours...\n\nI am really sorry for the inconveniences I have caused.\n\nThank you all so much for understanding...\n\n
Tromos appears in front of the 'Nobody' in possesion of the decorated stone, and stabs him with his jagged knife while taking the stone out of the guy's pocket...\n\n"Hey!"\n\n"You motherfucker!"\n\nTromos manages to only kill a few of them before getting jumped, and beaten to death by the others.\n\n[[Game Over- Try Again!|previous()]]
The three gang mambers try to circle around Deong, but they are not given the time to set up. Deong immediately charges at the three gangsters, ripping them apart with his gauntlets. It takes him no more than twenty seconds.\n\nMeanwhile, Tromos has not even engaged his attackers. Tromos dodges his first attacker and jabs his dagger into his neck. The second attacker lunges towards Tromos. They fall to the ground and Tromos manages to impale him through the chest. The third attacker sees that Tromos is vulnerable and tries to catch him by surprise, but is met with a not-so-pleseant punch to the face by Deong.\n\nTromos and Deong regain their ground, when several other "Jungle Bugs" enter the area. Deong, steaming with rage starts running towards them, but is stopped by Tromos. They are forced to retreat.\n\n[[Retreat to Deong's Apartment]]\n[[Retreat to Bar Domei]]
~The Raibaru Headquarters\n\nTromos and Deong approach the entrance to the massive hideout. Just one gang sentry guards the entrance. \n\n"Why would they only have one person covering the entrance?" \n\nDeong responds, "Because, they don't think anyone is stupid enough to come through here."\n\n*[[Help Deong break through the front]]\n*[[Try to fool the gang sentry]]\n
"That can't be all. This will be easy." Tromos responds.\n\n"No, it's not all. The most valuable of all these artifacts is an orb that can absorb any kind of kinetic energy from it's vicinity."\n\n"How will I know this [[orb]]?"
"Agggh!"\n\nKwon SCREAMS in agony... Drops his weapon...\n\nTromos rips the blade out, and Kwon falls down to the floor with his blood spilling out.\n\nTromos leans down, and picks up Kwon's [['kwon-dao']].
Tromos rips the necklace off of the gangster, and elbows him in the face.\n\nThe Jungle Bug pulls his gun out, and shoots Tromos in the face.\n\n[[Game Over- Try Again!|previous()]]
Tromos teleports in the middle of their crowd of three, and swings his knife as he spins, slicing two of the men's throats.\n\n"What?!"\n\nThe third gang member kicks Tromos in his stomach, and pulls out his small sword.\n\nHunched over and on one knee, Tromos tosses his knife into the Gantor's foot. \n\n"Aggghh!"\n\n*[[Take small sword]]\n*[[Kick him]]
Later...\n\nTromos and Deong enter the apartment... Tromos heads over to the window to peek out the blinds.\n\n"We should've gotten more of them. We need more experience!" Deong says.\n\nTromos turns around.\n\n"More experience? We've been doing this for several years. We're the most infamous people in the city. We've taken out hundreds of those pieces of trash. [[What more experience do you want?]]" Tromos replies.
The three gang members all attack Deong from the front. Deong is forced to go on the defensive and deflect each man's attack. He manages to neutralize one gangster by breaking his forearm. The other two join up with with the three gangsters attacking Tromos so they can use their numbers. Deong and Tromos are must work together to \n[[fend them off]].
"You couldn't possibly have made it back to \nwherever you might've been headed in your condition."\n\nTromos leans on the edge of the table next to him before Red-Mage shows him to a more comfortable place to sit.\n\n"It appears to me that you could use some more weapons."\n\n"What do you mean?"\n\n"A little firepower might help."\n\nRed-Mage ignites a small flame in the palm of his hand.\n\n"In case you didn't notice already, I'm not exactly a sorcerer."\n\n"It's ok. You don't have to be."\n\nTromos looks back up at Red-Mage with a [[curious]] look on his face.
Tromos pushes past one of them, and trips another. He steps away from the gangsters, and the third one runs toward him. Tromos leans toward him, and throws him into the air with his own momentum. The other runs behind him, and Tromos elbows him in the face. \n\nDeong catches up to Tromos, and throws another one of the gang members over his shoulder as they run up to him.\n\nSeveral more 'Jungle Bugs' show up forcing Tromos & Deong to retreat from the area.\n\n[[Retreat to Deong's Apartment]]\n[[Retreat to Bar Domei]]
A news station plays on the television. \n\n"Gang violence has reached an all-time high in the city. It has now gotten to the point where no one is safe anywhere. When will this 'Underground Purge' stop? Who will be able to [[stop it]]?"
Tromos sits up in his recliner.\n\n"The gang faction known as 'The Raibaru' are by far the most feared street gang in the city. Even their rival gangs tremor in unease knowing that they are considered subordinates in the gang universe surrounding the Raibaru. The city needs to be liberated. Are the mysterious vigilantes who are responsible for 'The Underground Purge War' going to be our [[savior]]?"
<<nobr>>\n<<set alert("ACHIEVEMENT! ~~Story Time!~~")>>\n<<endnobr>>\n\nTromos closes his eyes.\n\n"Everyday. Everyday, I wake up to the memory of watching my father's antique store burn to the ground. It was already falling apart before the police and fire trucks got there. His body was recovered in... more than one piece." Tromos says.\n\n"You see? 'The Gantors' deserve what we have coming to them. Just like 'The Raibaru'... Those bastards who forced me to watch as they mutilated my parents in front of me." Deong clenches his fists tightly. "They will suffer for what they did, The Gantors AND The Raibaru."\n\nDeong places a hand on Tromos' shoulder. "We should be the ones to make them suffer."\n\n[["What'd you have in mind?"]]\n\n
Tromos continues down to the end of the hallway toward a larger door. Tromos finds that it is locked when he tries to open it.\n\n*[[Teleport inside]]
Alexander Travis Read
Tromos rolls out of the way when Kwon swings downward with his 'kwon-dao'. Tromos springs back up with a quick kick, and swings his knife. Kwon blocks the knife.\n\n*[[Punch him]]\n*[[Teleport kick]]\n\n
Tromos walk right up to the door without acknowledging the gang sentry. \n\n"Hey! Who the hell do you think you are?"\n\nThe gang member stops Tromos by pulling out a knife. \n\n"What's your problem, player? The boss man asked me personally to come down here. He's already been waiting."\n\nTromos glances over the gang member at Deong.\n\n"C'mon, E.D."\n\nThe gang sentry turns to only see Deong's fist hitting him in the face. \n\n"E.D.?" Deong asks.\n\n"It was the first thing that came to mind."\n\n[[Enter the building]]\n
Tromos looks Kwon directly in his eyes...\n\n"Consider us even now."\n\nTromos [[twists]] the blade...
Tromos turns around to see several gang members chasing Deong into the stairwell.\n\nSeveral other Raibaru members enter the suite and start chasing Tromos. \n\nTromos heads for the [[stairwell]].
Tromos dashes upstairs after Deong while the Raibaru pursue them toward the [[rooftops]].
Tromos leaps toward Kwon with a quick roundhouse kick to his face.\n\nKwon is knocked off balance. \n\n*[[Teleport kick]]\n*[[Stab him]]
Tromos takes the Gantor's small sword from him while he is pinned to the floor. Then he uses it to impale him in his stomach.\n\n*[[Continue down hallway]]
Tromos appears within a large dojo with only one person in the room. \n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html><html>\n\n"It's you... you're the bastard that torched my father's store! How are you the leader of this gang?"\n\n"I am Kwon!... If you come over here, you will find out for yourself."\n\nKwon picks up his 'kwon-dao' sword/staff...\n\n"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this!" \n\n*[[Step toward Kwon]]\n*[[Teleport behind Kwon]]\n
Three of "The Jungle Bugs" surround Tromos. Tromos stands strong and sizes the gang members up. They all converge in on Tromos at the same time.\n\n[[Use jagged knife]]\n\n[[fend them off]]\n\n[[Gain some distance]]
Tromos trips the gang member, and he falls to the floor. Tromos follows up by stabbing him in the chest.\n\nDeong triggers the [[elevator]] switch.
<<nobr>>\n<<set alert("~ A LITTLE LATER...")>>\n<<endnobr>>\n\nTromos makes his way into gang territory occupied by the faction known as 'The Nobodyz' when he hones in on the ancient decorated stone in the possesion of one of the gangsters grouped together. \n\nAs Tromos gets closer, he realizes there are 16 of them.\n\n*[[Engage Nobodyz]]\n*[[Teleport in]]\n*[[Track the ice gem]]\n*[[Track the kinetic orb]]\n*[[Go after 'The Gantors']]
Tromos uses his other hand to punch Kwon in the face.\n\nKwon staggers.\n\n*[[Punch him again]]\n*[[Stab him]]\n*[[Teleport kick]]\n*[[Throw knife]]