And then it was epically long. Tragedy, as only the Russians knew how to do at the time, it all [[Ended in Tragedy]].
We love closure, and we love a happy ending. Or do we? Happily ever after is only the [[Start]]...
There is a finality to those two words, appearing on the last page. We pick a point and say, this is finished. But is it ever really finished, or only abandoned? \n\nA work is never completed except by some accident such as weariness, satisfaction, the need to deliver, or death: for, in relation to who or what is making it, it can only be one stage in a series of inner transformations.\n'Recollection, Collected Works, vol. 1 (1972), tr. David Paul\nVariant: A poem is never finished; it's always an accident that puts a stop to it—i.e. gives it to the public.\nAs attributed in Susan Ratcliffe, Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (2011), p. 385\nVariant: A poem is never finished; it is only abandoned.\nWidely misquoted, this is a paraphrase of Valéry by W. H. Auden in 1965. See W. H. Auden: Collected Poems (2007), ed. Edward Mendelson, "Author's Forewords", p. xxx\n\n\n\nEven when we abandon something, however misquoted, it always leads us back to a [[Start]] of something new.
Anyplace you [[Start]], any place you [[finish|The End]], is all abitrary. And it can always [[start again|Never Ending]]. \n\nThere will always be stories, even if people aren't here to record them, they still exist, they still make sounds, imprints, traces, records. \n\nSo just go back to the [[Start]].
A creation myth. You can't go further back than nothing. But, is there really nothing? Can we ever really reach back to ultimate zero? Conversely, can we ever definitively declare that this is [[The End]]?
\nYou want to write a fairy tale? Can we even tell a fairy tale anymore? You believe in [[Happily Ever After]]?\n\n
How do you start a story?\n\n[[Once Upon a Time]]\n\n[[In the Beginning, there was Nothing]]\n\n[[It was a dark and stormy night]]\n\n[[It was the best of times, it was the worst of times]]\n\n[[You just do]]
Even death couldn't finish this story. It lives on in syndication, for generations, just simply turning back to the [[Start]].
Death. The unhappy ending. The catharsis. But you, you go on. Learn something. [[Start]] again.
[img[Snoopy.png]]\n\nIt is a story that kept beginning, and one that was never done, or perhaps is [[Never Ending]].\n