Do you think you're in a horror movie? [[Start over and make good decisions this time!|Start]]
<<if $key1 eq "no">>\n[[It's locked|Room1-1]]\n<<else>>\n[[It's open!|Room2]]\n[[Back to room|Room1-1]]\n<<endif>>
There are holes in the cushions.\n\n[[Pull out stuffing|CouchInt]]\n[[Move cushions|CouchBottom]]\n[[Move Couch|CouchFloor]]\n[[Back to room|Room2]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $key1 = "no">>\n<<set $key2 = "no">>\n<<set $key3 = "no">>\n<<set $lighter = "no">>\n<<set $wood = "no">>\n<<set $Samulet = "no">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou are in a dark room. [[Look for lightswitch|Room1-1]] or [[stumble around in the dark|Idiot]]
There's something caught on the shade. You reach up, but can't quite reach.\n<<if $wood eq "yes">>\n[[Use wood|BrokenLamp]]\n<<else>>\n[[Ask Dean for a boost|Argument]]\n<<endif>>
<<set $wood = "yes">>\n[[Wood taken.|Room2]]
The paint is peeling. "Would it kill her to do basic upkeep?" Dean complained. "Seriously."\n\nYou have to agree.\n\n[[Examine lamp|Lamp]]\n\n[[Back to room|Room3]]
\n<<if $Samulet eq "no">>\nIt's oblong with long arms coming off the sides. "That looks really familiar," Dean says.\n\n"It fits your amulet," you say bluntly.\n\nDean's hand goes up to his chest, where it hung for years. "Oh."\n\n"Useless, huh?" you say bitterly. "Come on. Let's see if we can find something else to use."\n\n[[Back to room|Room3]]\n\n<<else>>\n\nYou fit the amulet into the indent, and a panel clicks open.\n\n[[Examine panel|Panel]]\n\n[[Back to room|Room3]]\n<<endif>>
When you bend over him, Dean comes to. "Sam!" he says.\n\n"Hey, Dean."\n\n"What's going on?"\n\nYou shrug. "We're trapped somewhere. The paintings talk, so I'm guessing witch."\n\nDean whistled. "Powerful witch."\n\n"Maybe a coven. Anyway, we need to get out of here."\n\n"Yeah."\n\n[[Back to room|Room2]]
<<set $wood = "no">> [[The wood catches.|Room2]]
<<if $key2 eq "no">>\n[[It's locked|Room1-1]]\n<<else>>\n[[It's open!|Room3]]\n\n[[Back to room|Room1-1]]\n<<endif>>
The rug is the color of old blood. Looking closer, you can see that there is, in fact, blood on the carpet. \n\n[[Nope into the sun|Room2]]
"No," she says, looking horribly disappointed, "that's not right." [[Try again|Puzzle1]]
The linoleum is peeling in several places.\n\n[[Peel it up more|BareFloor3]]\n[[Leave it be|Room3]]
This room is much the same, except there is only one door - leading back the way you came. It has a wooden floor with a maroon rug, an empty fireplace, and a tatty green couch, upon which lies your unconscious brother.\n\n[[Examine Dean|DeanIntro]]\n[[Examine couch|Couch]]\n[[Examine fireplace|Fireplace]]\n[[Examine rug|Rug]]\n[[Leave|Room1-1]]
You and Dean enter the third room carefully. There is a mural covering all three walls that seems to tell a story. The floor is linoleum, the ceiling plaster. The light bulb flickers.\n\n[[Examine mural|Mural]]\n[[Examine floor|Floor3]]\n[[Examine ceiling|Ceiling3]]\n[[Leave|Room1-1]]\n
"Gee, that looks familar," you say. Even the leather cord is intact.\n\n[[Back to room|Room3]]\n
Upon closer inspection, the fireplace isn't empty - there's a little bit of wood left.\n<<if $Wood eq "no">>\n[[Light wood|Fire]]\n<<else>>\n[[Take wood|Wood]]\n<<endif>>\n[[Back to room|Room3]]\n
There's nothing but fluff.\n[[Back to couch|Couch]]
"Oh, great," you say with a groan. "Another riddle."\n\n"Fantastic," Dean grumbles.\n\nOn the back of the wall is written, "My son is six. In eight years I will be three times his age. My wife is four years older than I am, and our daughter is now exactly half my wife's age. How old will my daughter be when I am 60?"\n\nThere's a keypad below for you to input the answer.\n\n[[30|Wrong2]]\n[[35|Wrong2]]\n[[40|Wrong2]]\n[[45|PanelRight]]\n[[50|Wrong2]]\n[[55|Wrong2]]\n[[60|Wrong2]]
It's a woman in a pink dress. She appears to be moving.\n[[Talk to her|Puzzle1]] \n\n[[Go back|Room1-1]]
That's better! You flip the lightswitch to see a door to the north, the east, and the west. There is a painting behind you.\n\n[[Try north door|NorthDoor]] \n\n[[Try east door|EastDoor]] \n\n[[Try west door|WestDoor]] \n\n[[Examine painting|Painting1]]
<<set $lighter = "yes">> There is a [[lighter|Couch]].
The keypad beeps. [[You were wrong.|Panel]]
It's done in red; looking closer, you realize it's blood. "Why is it," Dean asks, "that every witch is obsessed with spewing bodily fluids everywhere?"\n\n"Got me."\n\n[[Back to room|Room3]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $key3 = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nThe back of the panel opens, revealing a key with an inscribed 'N'.\n\n[[Take key|Room3]]
<<if $key3 eq "no">>\n[[It's locked|Room1-1]]\n<<else>> \n[[It's open!|Exit]]\n[[Back to room|Room1-1]]\n<<endif>>
<<set $key1 = "yes">> "Good job!" she says enthusiastically, swinging forward to reveal a key with an engraved 'W'. [[You take it.|Room1-1]]
"Hey, Dean, there's something on the lamp. Can you give me a boost?"\n\n"Why don't you boost me?"\n\nYou roll your eyes. "Because I'm taller. I need one inch, you need five."\n\n"I'm older."\n\n"Congratulations, you've been older for thirty-five years. Boost?"\n\n"You're a stupid little bitch, you know that?" Dean grumbles, but he kneels down for you. You step on his knee, putting as little weight as possible on it, and snag the dangling piece.\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $Samulet = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n[[Examine piece|Samulet]]\n[[Back|Room3]]
"No way," Dean breathes. "This chick painted us."\n\n"What?" you blurt, looking closer. Sure enough, it's all there. "Great. A fangirl."\n\n"Becky all over again, huh?" Dean jokes.\n\n"Hey, there's an indent here," you say. "Something's supposed to fit."\n\n[[Examine indent|Indent]]\n\n[[Back to room|Room3]]
There's a devil's trap painted on the ground, but nothing else.\n\n[[Examine trap|Trap]]\n\n[[Back to room|Room3]]
<<if $key1 eq "no">>\n"It's been so long since I've had a visitor!" she trills happily. "I'm sure you've realized by now the doors are locked. The key to one of them is behind my painting, but you need to solve a puzzle to get it."\n\n'Great,' you think, 'I haven't done a puzzle since before law school.'\n\n"If I'm on a farm with only sheep and chickens and I count 13 heads and 46 legs, how many chickens are there?"\n\n[[1|Wrong]]\n\n[[2|Wrong]]\n\n[[3|Key1]]\n\n[[4|Wrong]]\n\n[[5|Wrong]]\n\n[[6|Wrong]]\n\n[[Come back later|Room1-1]]\n\n<<else>>\n"Hello, dear! Sorry I can't help you anymore. Good luck getting out!"\n\n"What's the layout?" you ask.\n\n"Sorry, dear, I only know this room."\n\n[[Back to room|Room1-1]]\n<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $Samulet = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou throw the wood, knocking the thing off. It hits the ground and you pick it up.\n\n[[Examine piece|Samulet]]\n\n[[Back to room|Room3]]
You made it out with Dean! Congratulations!
<<set $key2 = "yes">>\nYou find a key with an engraved 'E'.\n[[Back to couch|Couch]]