Well there really isn't anything cool in here, aside from a door that leads underground.\n\nWanna enter that door too? \n\n[[YEAH PARTAY|woot]] [[Nah. I'd rather go back to the before times. When I was in that one room.|Inthehouse]]\n\n
Holy shit... What is that thing? \nYou stare at it, horrified.\n\nThe other guy simply stares at it, as if in a trance.\n\nIt's like... Some... Mutant...\n\nYou have absolutely no idea. There is really no way to describe it, either.\n\nThe scientists collectively look up at you and the other guy.\n\nThey all look like zombies, pieces of flesh hanging off of their face, blood pooling out from their mouths, some missing eyes, having tears in their ears.\n\nYou hear a whisper.\n\n"Why not... Join them?"\n\nThe thing touches you.\n\nYou blank out.\n\n[[Retry pls|Start]]
There is two doors and a table with a beer bottle on it.\n\nDoor 1- The door on the left.\nDoor 2- The door on the right.\nBeer bottle on Table- Straight ahead.\n[[Go to the first door|door1]] [[Go to the second door|door2]] [[examine beer bottle|beer]]
You decide to exit the machine.\n\nThe guy decides not to come with you since it may be dangerous.\n\n[[Convince him to come.|Convince]] [[Then decide to stay|stayin]]
You open the door and step out.\n\n"Go on. Kill me. I have no means of escape. I welcome death."\n\nThey mercilessly attack you.\n\nNighty night! :3\n\n[[Restart?|Start]]
Yeah... It might just be a mirage.\n\nYou look up at the sky. The rays from the sun are relentless. Tis the desert.\n\n[[=10 minutes later...|10]]
Suddenly you are mauled by sandbears.\nWow.\n[[Start]]
You look elsewhere.\n\nYou notice nothing, because the rest of the town is stupid and boring.\n\nYou investigate the one house from before.\n[[Investigate the one house from before.|Lookat]]
The town is rather small.\nThe houses are very sandy, due to this being the desert.\n\nOne of the houses catches your eye, a large house that has a strange sign out front. You can't read the writing on it.\n\n[[=Investigate the House.|Lookat]] [[=Look elsewhere|Noo]]
Door 2 was the door on the right.\n\nYou think about this before unlocking it.\n\nWhat if this one kills me?\n\n[[Not this one please|beer]] [[Yes, unlock it.|unlock2]]
Suddenly, it rains so much in the desert that you drown.\nThe end.\n\n[[Start]]
You attempt to see what the scientists are crowded around, you notice they are only one side of the thing.\n\nYou walk around them and see what it is.\n[[it is.|itis]]
Fine then.\n\n\n\nAre you having fun here?\n\n\n\nJust... Sitting here...\n\n\n\nI can't wait for you forever, you know. Come along, it's for the best.\n\n\n\n[[=Fine, I will|Okay]] [[=Yeah no thanks|Naw]]
You decide not to drink it.\n\nYou know, it could be alchohol, and in the desert, alchohol would be bad.\n\nAnyways, it's partially gone. What if someone who was diseased touched their lips to that? Eugh. Diseases.\n\nWell.\n\n[[Explore that room.|Inthehouse]]
You yell at the guy;\n"Get the hell in the machine, you fucking idiot!"\n\nHe runs to the machine and slams the door shut.\n\n"So... Um... What do these do?" He looks at the various levers, etc.\n\nThe Zombies break in through the door and he randomly presses a button in shock.\n\nYou both watch [[time warp|either ("Fitf" , "bitp" , "rfitp")]]
In The Sand
A unicorn leaps out of the sand and pierces your heart with its horn.\nYay unideath.\n[[Start]]
You say nevermind. He stares back at the hole you came through.\n\n"Really, when did that even get there?"\n\n[[*Stares at scientist*|thedude]]
You stare at him.\nLol. He's ded.\n\nWell, yolo. Right?\n\n[[look at other scientists|scienceguys]]
You stop and rest.\n\n"Wow, this is bad." You say quietly.\n\nOff in the distance you see a cactus. \nYou remember you have a knife with you.\n\nBeverages?\n\n[[=Go towards cactus|Cactus]] [[=I'd rather wait...|Waitstill]]
You see 5 men in lab coats.\n\nScientists.\n\nWell. Why are they here?\n\n[[Ask them why they're here|ask]] [[Grab the nearest thing and bash the nearest guys head with it|wow]] [[yell: HEY YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES TAKE THIS and throw the nearest thing at them|rlly]]
You look at the other guys. \n\nThey are literally all just... there, crowded around something...\n\nWhat are they crowded around? \n\n[[Go investigate|seethething]]
You both run inside and slam the door shut.\n\nThe other guy looks terrified.\n\n"Wh-Why... Why were they..."\n\nYou look around the room.\n\nThere is a large machine that you can get into. There are no other doors besides the entrance to the machine.\n\n"Oh god no. What does that thing do?" He looks stressed.\n\nYou shrug.\n\n[[Investigate Machine.|machine]] [[Comfort the guy|comfort]]
You sit in the couch.\n\nIt is rather comfortable.\n\n[[Get up|Up]] [[Sleep.|Sleep]]
\nWell fine. Since you're so determined to stay here, just let yourself rot.\n\nCome on. You know you wanna see if it's a mirage or not.\n\n[[=Fine.|TTT]] [[=Answer's still no.|Nopes]] \n
You unlock the door on the right.\n\nWow! You're still alive! How amazing are you? \n\nGood job! :3\n\nAhead, is a ladder.\n\nThat's it.\n\nWow.\n\n[[Go up the ladder|ladder]]
Alright, here's the thing.\n\nIn a few of my conversations with people, I have stated; \n"Choose the one on the right first. Always choose that one."\n\nIf you had payed attention to that, you wouldn't be dead right now. \n\nIf I don't know you personally, I hadn't told you that, and I appoligize about this. \n\nSorry for killing you.\n\n[[Start anew.|Start]]
There is a couch, a fireplace (probably just for night time, since night gets cold in the desert), a small table with various items on it, and a mirror on the wall.\n\n[[Sit on couch|Sitdown]] [[Examine Fireplace|Fireplace]] [[Examine Table|Table]] [[Examine the mirror|Mirror]]
You bash the nearest guys head with a <<print either ("hammer" , "sciency vase thing" , "weird mutant creature">>\n\nHe falls to the ground, his skull cracked and his brain exposed, there is a conciderable amount of blood pooling on the ground. The other scientists don't even notice.\n\n[[look at him|him]] [[look at the other scientists|scienceguys]]
Behind you there is a <<print either ("man" , "face" , "doll")>>\nYou quickly turn around.\nThere is nothing behind you.\n[[Look again|Examine2]] [[Get away from mirror|Goaway]]
You walk towards the town.\nOh my god, it's real.\nIT'S NOT A MIRAGE. IT'S REAL!\n\n\n[[=Explore?|Explore]] [[=I feel untrusting...|Wowrlly]]
You both decide to stay in.\n\n"Oh, by the way, we never really stated our names, did we?" He says.\n\n"Nope." You respond.\n\n"My name is Paul." He said. "Last names aren't exactly necessary."\n"What's yours?"\n\n[[Tell your name|tell]]
Door 1 was the door on the left.\n\nYou think about this before unlocking it.\n\nWhat if this one kills me?\n\n[[Not this one please|beer]] [[Unlock it|unlock1]]
"Well... Alright I guess... I mean, what's the harm in knowing?"\n\n[[See what it is|itis2]]
You throw a glass beaker full of chemicals at them.\nOne of them melts to the ground, while screaming: "IT BURNS. IT BURNS. HELP. HELP ME."\n\nThe other scientists don't even bat an eye.\n\n[[Examine puddle of melted flesh|fleshy]] [[Examine other scientists|scienceguys]]
You wake up in the sand, you don't know what you were doing.\n\nYou get up and begin to walk.\n\n[[Go on.|Start]]
You don't move.\nThis... Does nothing.\n\nWell, it's either die slowly or be murdered.\n\n[[Sit there until dead.|ded]] [[Go be killed|kill]]
You get up.\n\n[[Examine|Inthehouse]]
In here...\nIN HERE...\nTHERE ISSSSS...\n\n[[???|???]]
One of the scientists turns around in surprise.\n\nHe has messy black hair and looks quite sick.\n\n"How did you get here?" He asks.\n\nYou simply shrug and point at the hole in the ground where the ladder is.\n\n"Oh. Well then" He looks confused. "When did that get there...?"\nHe snaps his attention back to you.\n"So you had a question?"\n\n[[Nevermind.|nvm]] [[Yes, actually.|yups]]
He walks away from you slowly, only to bump into one of the other scientists.\n\nThat other scientist turns around slowly.\n\nThe other scientist has no eyes, and flesh hanging from his face. His mouth is bleeding and his skin is gray.\n\nHe attacks that one guy and then, when the one guy you were staring at is dead, he turns back to what he was looking at before.\n\nWow. Wait what are they doing?\n \n[[Go investigate|seethething]]
"What was that noise?" Paul looked out the window.\n\nA person resembling the Zombie-Scientists was there.\n\nPaul turns to you.\n"We have to get out of here."\n\nYou nod and press a random button.\n\nYou both warp through time again.\n[[warp|warp]]
You head towards the town.\nIt doesn't fade away. IT'S REAL! \nLet's go aroud the small town for a bit.\n[[=Explore|Explore]]
No... That can't be a real town.\nThen again... Maybe it is and they have water?\n[[=Go towards the town.|GoThere]] [[=I am still untrusting of it|Untrusting]]
You examine the mirror.\nHey, look, it's you. Wow. \n\nWhat's that behind you? \n\n[[Examine|EXAMINE]]
Well. He is most certainly dead.\n\nHaha, wow. \nYou are now a murderer. Good job.\n\nBut... The other guys just... Don't seem to give a shit.\n\n[[Examine other scientists|scienceguys]]
There is <<print either ("a pair of glasses" , "a hunk of metal")>>\n\nHow strange.\n\n[[Go examine again|Inthehouse]]
"Well, so? Do you think it's a time machine?" You ask.\n\n"Possibly." He responds.\n\n\nYou decide to pull a random lever.\n\nThe machine <<print either ("screeches" , "beeps")>>\nand you watch time warp again.\n\nYou end up next to the town, at current time possibly?\n\n[[Leave machine|leaveit]] [[Stay in for a bit|stayin]]
You are lost. Very lost.\n\nYou are in a desert. Far away from any civilzation, you believe.\nWhat will you do?\n[[=Continue walking|Walk]] [[=Stop and rest|Rest]] \n\n\n(You've visited this passage <<print visited()>> times.)\n*Subtract one from that, and that's probably how many times you've died. Heheh.
Okay. You're at the town. \n\nNow stop screwing around and explore.\n[[Explore.|Explore]]
You arrive at a very ancient destination.\nOh yes.\nVery ancient.\nThere are fucking DINOSAURS HERE.\n\nYOU ARE NOT EVEN KIDDING.\n\nDINOOOOOSSSSSSSS. WOW.\n\nYou and the guy look around, confused.\n\nIs this a time travel device you're in?\n\n[[Talk to guy about device|Speak]]
You are both... Is this the far future?\nYou believe so. Mostly everything is metal.\n\nYou aren't even kidding. Almost everything here is metal. It also seems there are no people.\n\nYou and the guy look around, confused.\n\nIs this a time travel device you're in?\n\n[[Talk to the guy about device|Speak]]
You examine the beer bottle.\n\nIt seems there is a note inside, and a key.\n\nYou dump out the contents.\n\nThe note says;\n"Dear reader, both doors can be unlocked, yet one will lead to your demise, and the other will lead to something else. The door you came in from is now closed and locked. There is no escaping from this. Good luck."\n\n\n\n[[Take the key and unlock the first door|door1no2]] [[Take the key and unlock the second door|door2no2]] [[Try the door you came in from|nouse]] \n
You begin to float until you reach space and you die from Oxygen deprivation.\n[[Start]]
You examine the fireplace.\n\n\nWell.\n\nThere's soot in here.\n\nWait. What's that shiny thing in the corner?\n\n[[Look at shiny thing|shiny]]
<<set $name to prompt("Enter first name" , "Name")>>\n\n"Ah, that's a nice name." He nods. \n"I probably won't remember it, though." He laughs.\n\nThere is a loud bang outside of the machine.\n\n[[Speak about it|about]]
You appear to be... In the past?\nYes, probably. \n\nWait yes! There's you, over there! Was this... These events didn't happen very long ago.\n\nYou and the guy look around, confused.\n\nIs this a time travel device you're in?\n\n[[Talk to guy about device|Speak]]
Well you obviously are not feeling very trustworthy of the town right now. \n\nAre you sure you want to stay out here? It's a town, I mean, come on. A town. When you're dying of dehydration and hunger as we speak. \n\nCome along.\n[[=Okay.|Okay]] [[=Naw.|Naw]]
You ask why they're here.\n\n"I... I don't even..."\nHe looks up.\n"I don't even remember how I got here myself. I feel like I was just... Asleep. I want to know why I'm here as well"\n\n[[Ask about the other scientists|ask2]]
You both end up in a remote location in the desert.\n\nYou open the door and step out.\n\nThe time travel and thirst both take their toll and you collapse in the sand.\n\n[[?|?]]
You walk up to the door. It is slightly ajar.\n\nYou cautiously push the door open.\n\nInside- Oh. What a nice little house.\n\nIt is a surprisingly nice house.\n\n[[Look Around|Inthehouse]]\n \n
You try that door.\n\nIt's no use. It doesn't work. It's locked. Like the note said.\n\n[[Back.|beer]]
10 minutes pass.\n\nYou see a town in the distance.\n\nHmm...\n\nTempting isn't it, reader?\nYou want to go see it, don't you?\nI know you do.\n\nCome along.\n\n[[=Okay.|Okay]] [[Naww/|Naw]]
"I... What?"\nHe turns around.\n"When did they get there? Were they here?" \n\nHe stares at them for a long while.\n\n"I don't feel like what they're doing over there is good, though. We should find a way out of here."\n\n[[Agree with him and try to escape|lezzgo]] [[Suggest investigating what they're doing|investigation]]
You drink the water...\nWas that...\nWas that alchohol?\n\nThe alchohol drains away the remaining water in your body.\n\nLol ok wow you failed. Good job.\n\n[[Begin Anew|Start]]
You keep walking.\nOh god, you're so thirsty and tired... If only there was some ideal place to...\n\nIs that a town? \n\n[[=Walk Closer and Examine|Examine]] [[=It's just a mirage, move on.|Fakeyouthink]]
You go closer to the town.\n\nWow, it- is it a legit town? \nYou stare in surprise.\n\n[[=Go to the town.|GoTo]] [[=I don't approve of this town.|Stay out.]]
Holy shit... What is that thing? \nYou stare at it, horrified.\n\nIt's like... Some... Mutant...\n\nYou have absolutely no idea. There is really no way to describe it, either.\n\nThe scientists collectively look up at you.\nThey all look like zombies, pieces of flesh hanging off of their face, blood pooling out from their mouths, some missing eyes, having tears in their ears.\n\nYou hear a whisper.\n\n"Why not... Join them?"\n\nThe thing touches you.\n\nYou blank out.\n\n[[Retry pls|Start]]
You sit there.\nUntil you die.\n\nNighty night. \n\n[[Restart?|Start]]
You go2dadoor.\n\nDa door is unlocked.\n\nR u rdy. R U FCKING RDY 4 HTIS?\n\n[[hel yeh i m 100 percnt rdy|yeh]] [[nah.|Inthehouse]]
Why would you risk getting your hopes up?\n\nWell. Maybe you should check it out... Wow. You are very indecisive.\n\n[[=Toward the town?|TTT]] [[=Elsewhere.|E]]
Wow you have got to be kidding me right now. Are you really serious.\n\nWell. Go ahead.\nDo what you like.\n\nHere. These things aren't even relevant to this story. Enjoy.\n\n[[=THING|1]] [[=THING|2]] [[=THING|3]] [[=THING|4]]
You end up collapsing in the sand, far off from where you were.\n\n[[?|?]]
You look at the mirror again.\n\nThe thing wasn't there this time.\n\nYou notice a door off in the corner of the room.\n\n[[Go to door|go2dadoor]] [[I still must do other things.|Inthehouse]]
He glances back at you.\n\n"Can you- can you please stop staring at me. It's weirding me out."\n\n[[*Keeps staring*|stares]]
You pet the guys hair and say: "Shhhh. It'll be okay."\n\nHe begins to cry.\n\nYou do this for a while.\n\nThe Zombie-Scientists break open the door with a hammer.\n\nThey attack you both.\n\nYou are dead. Wow. Nice one.\n\n[[Retry omfg|Start]]
You open the door and sit down.\n\nThere are multiple switches and levers and you do not have any idea what a single one of them does.\n\nThe Zombie-Scientists begin to hit the door of the room with the hammer that was in the other room. That door is pretty fucking fragile, too. They'll be in soon.\n\n[[Yell to the guy to get in|getin]] [[slam the door shut and pull some random levers|machinery]]
You get away from that mirror.\n\nOh god that was... <<print either ("terrible..." , "scary..." , "terrifying...", "traumatic...", "interesting...")>>\n\n[[Examine room.|Inthehouse]]
For whatever reason you decide to sleep.\n\nIn your dream you were a <<print either ("red" , "blue" , "green" , "purple" , "yellow")>> <<print either ("bird" , "lizard" , "kitten" , "fox" , "frog")>> and you were being chased in the <<print either ("desert" , "swamp" , "tundra" , "water" , "big city")>> by a <<print either ("giant rat", "diseased dog" , "zombie" , "ghost" , "demon")>>\n\nWell. It was interesting, at least.\n[[Get up|Up]]
You pull some random fucking levers.\n\nYou watch that one guy get murdered by the Zombie-Scientists.\n\nYou really don't know how you feel about his death.\n\nYou watch the [[time warp|either ("start" , "ydmit")]]
You continue walking.\n\nAnd walking.\n\nAnd walking.\n\nAnd walking.\n\nAnd walking.\n\nAaaand walllkingggg.\n\nUntil you die of dehydration.\n\nThe vultures pick at your decaying corpse.\n[[Restart|Start]]
You go to the town. \nYou touch the wood on a house.\nIt's... A real thing. How...?\n\n[[Explore|Explore]]
You climb the ladder.\n\nWhen your eyes adjust to the blinding light, you see...\n\n[[continue|continue]]
You attempt to convince him to come.\nHe doesn't.\n"Fine." You say, as you open the door.\n\nYou walk out and shut the door behind you.\nYou begin to walk.\n\n[[walk|walks]]
Hailey Megiveron
You attempt to open the door.\nIt is locked.\n\n[[Back|?????????]]
You agree to help him find a way to escape.\n\nHe hurriedly glances around, occasionally looking over at the other scientists.\n\n"Over there!" He points at a door.\n\nThe scientists collectively look up at you and make growling noises, they start to come after you. Are they... Zombies?\n\nYou both run towards the door and open it.\n[[Gogogo!|Go]]
You attempt to open the door.\nIt is locked.\n\n[[Back|?????????]]
Wow. Who leaves so much stuff on one little table?\n\nThere is a bottle of water on the table, most of it was gone, but still, water.\n\n[[Drink the water|Muchthirst]] [[Refrain from drinking water|Ehhno]]
THERE ISSSSSSSS...\n\n[[??????|??????]]
You head towards the cactus.\nAs you walks towards it, you realize it fades away.\n\n"A mirage cactus. Of course." \nYou sit down in the sand.\n\n[[=10 minutes later|10]] \n