\nYou're behind your parents bed and that thing--THAT THING--is in the doorway.Its hissing, or making a similar sound to that of, and it chills you to the bone.\n\nThere are tears running down your face and you bite your tongue again and again when a hiccup crawls up your throat. Everything tastes like metal, like iron. Everything burns.\n\nThe phone is on the nightstand. You can call for help--who? it doesnt matter just ANYBODY. Reaching for the phone however alerts whatever it is, lets it know you're there...alive.\n\nScrew it you're [[taking that chance|Phone]] you've got no where else to go.\n\nOr...[[do you.|End1]]
\n[[If only life had a sound track|http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=zqKZ_WIK5ms&p=n]] \n\nSadly they do not.\n\n[[Open|Open]]
You try and switch on the lamp.\n\nYour fingers slip and slide, you're unable to grasp the small switch firmly because you had wiped at your tears earlier.\n\nScrew the light you know your room by heart anyways.\n\n[[You swing your feet over to the side and make your way to the door.|Door]]
Oh god. Oh god.\n\nYou hold onto your head, stopping for a second.\n\nEverything is spinning. Its spinning and you're certain you're gonna throw up any second.\n\nGod you feel so sick, your stomach is lurching, your intestines are in a bunch you can practically feel them knoting themselves. Gross, you feel gross and helpless [[what can you possibly do.|DoSomething]]
Its still so dark.\n\nYou cant breathe\n\nYou're shaking \n\nYou look up and let out one\n\nlast \n\n[[cry|End1]]
You throw the door open, light floods your room as you run as fast as you can through the hallway. Everything is honey tinted and inviting, calming...you pause for a second to turn around to at least get a [[glimpse--|Keep]]\n
Its pitch black you cant see a thing. \n\nIf memory serves right you're in your bedroom,in bed but not under the covers. You could reach over to the lamp that sits on your night stand and [[turn it on|Lamp]] \n\nor stumble your way through the darkness to [[your bedroom door|Door]]
YOUR PARENTS BEDROOM.\n\nAfter running aimlessly for seems like an hour but in actuality was probably 2 minutes, you decide to run to your parents room.\n\nIt was a [[safe haven of sorts.|Yes]]\n\nyou run as fast as your teeny little legs and can take you. Its still problematic--breathing--you're panting heavily and your spit tastes like iron. [[Like blood.|Room]]\n\n
........stop breathing.\n\nStop.\n\nBreathing.\n\nWhat ever had you in tears before--what ever it was that had you hyperventilating before--its here now.\n\n[[Get the hell out of there|Run]]
\nYou trip somehow while standing to reach the phone, falling back onto your hands and knees, you crawl back behind the bed.\n\nIt saw you.\n\nQuick--dial the number--doesnt matter whos number just dial a number just--\n\nWhat ever it is, its coming closer. You're sobbing, the tears cant stop and neither can the tortured, pathetic, wails that have been building up in your throat ever since. \n\n[[Someone picks up|Sobbing]]
the same thought runs through your head\n\nALWAYS THE PINKY-TOE\n\nALWAYS THE GODDAMN PINKY-TOE\n\nONE DAY IT'LL HIT SOMETHING SO HARD IT'LL BE DRIVEN INTO YOUR DAMN FOOT LEAVING YOU WITH ONLY FOUR TOES.\n\nyou dont say this outloud however in fear of being heard by something--or someone--\n\n[[anyways...|Door]]
Your legs are incredibly short.\n\nyou've reverted back into a 5 yr old. Stubby fingers attached to sweaty small palms.\n\nNo-No this is the least of your worries. \n\nYou've got to get someplace [[safe|Safe]]
Your parents room.\n\nFinally.\n\nYou're breathing even harder now, face soaked with tears and you've biten your tongue to keep from [[screaming.|Piss]]\n\nYou jump behind the bed when you feel WHATEVER IT IS [[enter the room.|DoSomething]]
Someone picks up-finallythankgodthank-\n\nYou stop blubbering. Taking in a shaky breath you explain quickly to your savior on the other line what is happening. Too bad they dont understand because you're still blubbering--louder this time around.\n\nYou try again, sobbing and wailing at the same time.\n\nits so hard to breathe.\n\nIts coming closer and closer but god why cant you form words--[[COHERENT SENTENCES|Breathe]]
NO.\n\nyou havent turned around fully and your heart is beating fast.\n\nPounding against your chest, threatening to break the bones that make up your ribcage.\n\nScrew catching a "glimpse" you'd rather be safe than sorry--run--JUST KEEP RUNNING.\n\n[[Hold on.|Wait]]\n
You pray the floor hasnt given way when you jump down. The wood creaks under your feet.\n\nIts still intact thank god.\n\nYou tiptoe towards the door, stubbing your foot [[(only your pinky toe)|Toe]] several times on objects you didnt even know you had??\n\nYou finally get to the door and you open it just a crack, holding your breath while you do so. The damn thing is just as noisy as the floor, hinges whining as you pull the door open--[[stop|Stop]]
You take in a deep breath. It was all a dream.\n\na nightmare
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You're thrashing around, waving your arms wildly as well as your legs. You refuse to be eaten alive or killed or--\n\nWait.\n\nYou sit up. Its not dark...in fact its rather well lit. \n\nYou rub at your eyes, wet--tears--but not as much as...before.\n\nYour legs are normal, hands are now adult sized--sweaty but not so stubby--of course.\n\n[[Of course.|Dream]]
Your face is wet.\n\nYou rub at your eyes to make sure that yes, you are crying. You dont remember an awful terrifying build up leading to these tears, or why you're breathing fast...and hard.\n\n[[You take a look around|Around]]
Ayehune Lisanework
Ah yes, you remember sleeping in between both your mom and dad...\n\nCrawling under the covers and eventually throughout the night, kicking your father off the bed.\n\nYour mother too\n\nand games you used to play with your baby sister--WAIT NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO REMINISCE\n\n[[GET TO THE ROOM--RUN|Room]]
You open your eyes with a start. Or at least you think you do. Its dark, nearly pitch black and the only thing you can see for sure are your hands. And thats only when you [[place them ontop of your face.|Tears]]