Welcome TUCKER, ERIN.\n\nPlease enter your PASSCODE.\n\n[[Trinity|jtermmain]]
You are not human [[anymore|break door]].
You sigh. One more station hopped. You can [[do this|jbay6]].
You pull from something within you, and the symbols on your hulking arms flare into light.\n\nJust one more time, you tell yourself.\n<<if $remembrance1 != 1>>\nYou are a [[monstrous|remembrance 1]] flashlight.<<endif>>\n\nYou giggle in your respirator.\n\nYou see a [[locked cell door|door discovery 3]].\n<<if $nothanks1 != 1>>\nYou don't want to think about [[tomorrow|no thanks]].<<endif>>\n
The door is old. It could easily be [[ripped open|rip]] with your [[hulking limbs|hulking]].
Thank you TUCKER, ERIN.\n\nBeginning jump procedures.\n\nPlease enter the Jump Bay.\n\n[[Exit|jbay2]]
You've long grown used to the coughing fits and wracking pain. \n\nYou don't think that fumbling with your respirator device would help.\n\nRegardless, it still [[hurts.|door discovery]]
You don't want to think about what would happen if the respirator broke. \n\nThere's not enough air in here for a normal human, let alone you and your [[grotesque machineries|arms1]].
Welcome TUCKER, ERIN.\n\n[[1. Begin Jump Procedure|jbay1]]\n\n[[2. Exit|jumpbay]]
You look in the mirror.\n\nThere is nothing of [[value|bathroom]].
.passage { width: 400px !important }\n\nbody {\nbackground-color: #191919;\n\n}\n\na { \ntext-decoration: none !important }\na.internalLink { color: DarkGreen !important }\na.internalLink:hover { color: Green !important;text-decoration: none !important }\n#storyAuthor { font-size: 75% !important; }\n#credits { padding-top: 0em !important; }\n
You are so tired of [[destruction|break door]].
The outgrowths of ancient metal and bone that weave criss-cross over your skin are glowing with wires, tubing and sinews, grisly and fearsome.\n\nYou are a monster, but you are an old monster. You are too late for this world now.\n<<set $medtable = 1>>\nYou used to be [[stronger|medbay]]. Now you are just [[falling apart|medbay]].
Her body is human and she will die a normal death. She may already be dead.\n\nYou are [[jealous|photo3]]. You are [[dying|photo4]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $firstchoice = 0>>\n<<set $airmask = "on">>\n<<set $nothanks1 = 0>>\n<<set $doorchecked = 0>>\n<<set $remembrance1 = 0>>\n<<set $hallwayinit = 0>>\n<<set $medtable = 0>>\n<<set $windowscene = 0>>\n<<set $photoscene = 0>>\n<<set $havekey = 0>>\n<<set $havecode = 0>>\n<<set $blood1 = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>\nThe cell door is slammed down. That wasn't expected- this station is supposed to be deserted. \n\nYou are in darkness. \n\nYou are so close.\n\n<<if $choice1 eq 0>>\n[[Your air mask is cracked.|broken air mask]]\n\n[[You feel a pain in your chest.|coughing fit]]<<endif>>\n\n[[It is too dark to see.|door discovery]]\n\n
Hello TUCKER, ERIN.\n\nPlease select from the following options.\n\n[[1. List of Tasks|tasklist]]\n\n[[2. Current Trajectory|traj]]\n\n[[3. Correspondences|corr]]\n\n[[4. Current News|news]]\n\n[[5. Jump Bay Access Request|req]]\n\n[[6. Power Off|poweroff]]
List of Tasks for TUCKER, ERIN\n\n\t- Maintain station order\n\n\t- Contain inhabitants\n\n\t- Facilitate evacuation procedures\n\n\t- Coordinate Jump Loading\n\n[[1. Back|terminalmain]]
You wish you could [[sleep|bed]] just for a moment.
You cannot save yourself. She never could have saved you.\n\nYou look [[under the photo|photo5]].\n
You find a [[keycard|medbay central]].\n<<set $havekey = 1>>\n<<set $photoscene = 1>>
Your boots are heavy in the deserted station.\n\nAs you pass by the lights in the hallway, they flicker on, their long-dead motion sensors coming back to life.\n\nReluctantly, sadly. Like so much out here.\n\nYou see the [[medbay door|medbay central]].
There is a table on one side of the medbay. \n\nThere's a chance there is a spare respirator mask in the [[cabinets below|cabinets]].
Current News for TUCKER, ERIN\n\n\tERR: TIMEOUT\n\n[[1. Back|terminalmain]]
The door is [[boarded up|living quarters]].
Now you can [[rest|credits]].
TO: TUCKER, ERIN\n\nFROM: REGION 4 HEALTH DISPATCH\n\nTEXT:\n\n\tThis is an emergency medical emergency dispatch from Station 032. Your station is in danger of breaching regional health safety standards and is advised to proceed immediately with evacuation protocols.\n\n[[1. Back|terminalmain]]
The door to the bay hisses open.\n\nYour arms are heavy. You are in [[pain|jbay3-1]] still.\n\nYou are getting [[closer|jbay3]].
You cough. No, [[not yet, not yet|door discovery 2]].\n\n<<set $nothanks1 = 1>>
The bathroom is sparse, typical of a station this size.\n\nThere is a [[mirror|mirror]] and a [[sink|sink]].\n\nThere is [[more|apartment]] in the apartment.
The cabinets are [[locked|cabinets2]] and you are [[tired|cabinets2]].
Made by Dante Douglas, the last day of Global Game Jam 2014.\n\nBasically as an experiment. Hope you like it. \n\nBlog link is on the left.
You turn away from the window.\n<<set $windowscene = 1>>\nYou don't want to [[think about yourself|medbay central]].
You do not see any starships in the window. \n\nYour arms are heavy and long. They are [[not part of you|window3]].
Welcome TUCKER, ERIN.\n\nPlease enter your PASSCODE.\n\n[[Trinity|terminalmain]]
"Dear Erin,\n\n\tThe passcode is 'Trinity'. It's the name of the station. We don't exactly expect people to forget that.\n\n\t- John"\n<<set $havecode = 1>>\nThe note was not very [[personal|apartment]].
The door is open. \n\nYou are in a [[hallway|hallway]].
The old metal bolts screech as you tear them from their casing. This is easy. It used to be [[easier|easy]].\n\nYou are [[in pain|pain1]].
The note looks [[personal|note2]].
The window looks out into the black. \n<<if $windowscene eq 0>>\nYou wonder if there is anyone else out there [[like you|window2]].\n\nBut sometimes you'd rather [[just forget|medbay central]].\n<<else>>\nThere is nothing in the black.\n\nJust [[turn away|medbay central]].\n<<endif>>\n
Everything was much easier [[before|break door 3]].
The photo is of a smiling young woman in a doctor's coat. She is holding a tablet device. She is standing next to a small boy, her other arm is around his shoulder.\n\nShe is [[nothing like you|photo2]].
chrononaut\n\nthe first
It is bright [[red|bathroom]].<<set $blood1 = 1>>
<<if $hallwayinit eq 0>>\nThe air is cold here. You're sure that there's not enough oxygen in the area to power your various circuitries and cybernetics, so you should probably keep your mask on.\n<<endif>> <<set $hallwayinit = 1>>\nTo your left you see signs for the [[medical bay|medbay]].\n\nTo your right there is a large locked door marked [[JUMP BAY|jumpbay]].\n\nIn front of you is a path to the [[living quarters|living quarters]].\n\nBehind you is your old cell door. No reason to go back there.\n\n<<if $havekey eq 1>>\nYou have a keycard.\n<<endif>>
It is eating [[you|blood5]].
There is [[blood|blood6]] in the sink.
There is not much [[left|blood5]].
You have broken [[many|blood5]].
Welcome.\n\nPlease enter your NAME.\n\n<<if $havecode eq 1>>\n[[Erin|jtermlogin]]\n\n[[Exit|jumpbay]]\n<<else>>\nYou don't know any [[names|jumpbay]].\n<<endif>>
You initiate the [[jump|jbay7]].
The medbay is small. It seems to be mostly cleared out, but maybe you can get something to fix your respirator. \n\nAt this rate you don't know if it's going to fail on you anytime soon, it would be best to find a replacement.\n<<if $medtable eq 0>>\nThere is a [[table|table]] in the corner.\n<<endif>><<if $windowscene eq 0>>\nThere is a [[window|window]] looking out into the black.\n<<endif>><<if $photoscene eq 0>>\nThere is a [[photograph|photo]] on the ground.\n<<endif>>\nThere is no dust in the air.\n\nThere is very little oxygen.\n\nYou can always go [[back|hallway]].
The terminal is active, clicking softly to itself. The screen is dark.\n\nReach with your long arms to [[turn on|terminal1]] the terminal.\n\n[[Nevermind|living quarters]].
The door to the jumpbay is locked.\n\nThere is a [[terminal|jumpterm]] at the door.\n\nYou can always [[turn back|hallway]].\n\n
Correspondences for TUCKER, ERIN\n\n[[1. EMERGENCY DISPATCH|emerdis]]\n\n[[2. Back|terminalmain]]
You [[grasp the handle|break door 2]] of the door.
You step through the small threshold to the apartment. The door is slid ajar, and the room looks as if the inhabitant had just left.\n\nThere is [[blood|blood]] on the walls.\n\nThere is a door to the [[bathroom|bathroom]] to your right.\n\nThere is a [[lovely bed|bed]].\n\nThe [[door|living quarters]] is still ajar.
There is blood in the sink.\n<<if $blood1 eq 0>>\nYou are full of [[blood|blood2]] and [[bones|blood3]] and [[sickness|blood4]].\n<<else>>\nIt is bright [[red|bathroom]].\n<<endif>>
It is too dark to see anything well.\n\nYou should use some of your [[remaining strength|door discovery 2]] to do [[the thing you have vowed not to do.|door discovery 2]]
The soft tiling beneath your feet is cool and cold. \n\nA disembodied piano tune wafts through the foyer.\n\nTo your right there is a [[small apartment|apartment]].\n\nTo your left there is a [[cafeteria|cafe]].\n\nIn front of you there is a [[data terminal|terminal]].\n\nIf you turn around you see the path back to the [[hallway|hallway]].
Only a few more [[jumps|jbay4]] before you can rest.
You grasp the card gingerly and swipe it through. \n\nThe terminal comes to [[life|jterm]].
Hello.\n\nWelcome, please enter your NAME.\n\n<<if $havecode eq 1>>\n[[Erin|terminallogin]]\n<<else>>\nYou don't know any [[names|living quarters]].\n<<endif>>
There's a crack in your goggles. You're not sure how much longer they're going to last. \n\nThere should be some more in the station's med bays, but you're not sure if you'll have the strength to get there.\n\nMaybe the jump gate is more promising.\n\n<<set $choice1 = 0>>\n\n[[The door is closed still.|door discovery]]
Small, rectangular, easy to [[lose|jumpterm]].
You hope she lived a happy life.\n\nYou hope she is happy now.\n\nYou look [[under the photo|photo5]].
You have made it this far. You are almost [[finished|jbay4]].
It is warmer inside the jump bay.\n\nThere are three [[bodies|bodies]] in the corner.\n\nYou may [[initiate|jbay5]] the jump.
[[Goodbye TUCKER, ERIN|terminal]]
The bed looks comfortable and warm. \n\nYou wish you could [[sleep|sleep]] just for a moment.\n\nThere is a [[note|note]] on the bed.\n\nThere is [[more|apartment]] in the room.
Current Trajectory:\n\n\tERR: TERMINAL NOT GRANTED\n\n[[1. Back|terminalmain]]
Nothing does not hurt. Some things just hurt [[more|break door 3]].
You will soon enough remember what it was like to be young.\n\nIt will be temporary, and then you will ready yourself for then end. \n\nYou are ready for this.\n\nYou [[cough|door discovery 2]].\n\n<<set $remembrance1 = 1>>
by <a href="http://www.video-gamesman.tumblr.com">dante douglas</a>
You pry open the cabinets with your [[metal limbs|cabinets3]].
There is no respirator in the cabinets.\n\nThe air is [[cold|cabinets4]] and the crack is [[spreading|cabinets4-1]].
Your breath is fogging up the inside of the mask. The [[ancient machinery|arms1]] in your arms calls for more air than you think you'll have. \n\nYou close the cabinets.
You approach the terminal.\n\nIt appears not to power unless there is a [[keycard|keycard]] inserted.\n<<if $havekey eq 1>>\nYou could [[use yours|jumpterm1]].\n<<else>>\nYou should probably [[find one|jumpbay]].\n<<endif>>
They look sick. They are dead. They were human.\n\nYou may [[initiate|jbay5]] the jump.
It is in the shape of a handprint.\n\nYou [[turn back|apartment]].