it's dark. very dark. [[dark|why is it so dark?]]
maybe it's [[always been|always been this way]]. maybe [[what|you don't know]].
it's all really confusing. you don't like it. the dark is strange. something is in your hand. you [[light|turn it on]].
the dark is almost comforting. you like the dark. it's simple. you hear [[something|something]] move in front of you.
there is a click. then a tiny point of light. the light keeps moving. it shines on the [[the floor|something]] below you.
a ball of light the size of your head is in your hands. it had a switch at the bottom, which you pressed. you could [[move|move]] it around. or you could turn it [[off|off]].
something is holding the tiny point of light. there's not enough to see what it is. [[speak|speak]] to it. [[stare|stare]] at it.
you turn the light off. it's dark. you can't see the floor of the [[cave|cave]] anymore.
you lift it up high. you can't see the floor anymore. gosh, this [[cave|cave]] is huge.
the thing turns the light off. it's dark again. guess it was [[nothing|nothing]].
" w h a t a r e y o u ? " you ask. your voice [[echo|echoes]] across the cave.
you fell down in this cave and someone shut the entrance above and behind you. all you had was the light. suddenly, a horrible low boom of a voice in some other language [[echo|fills]] the cave.
the voice reverberates off the walls. quiet falls again. the silence waits to be broken. [[break it|break]] it. [[leave it|leave]] it.
something was holding the tiny point of light. there wasn't enough to see what it was. [[speak|speak]] to it.
how do you break it? first, do you [[hold|hold]] the light? do you [[love|love]] the dark?
you leave it. you leave the world to the [[end|dark.]]
of course you love the dark. " w h a t a r e y o u ? " you ask [[again|again]].
of course you hold the light. maybe it's best if you keep it on. you press the switch to 'on' again, to be safe. "[[hello|hello]]?"
there is a soft hum, like whatever it was answered in some other language. speaking will get you nowhere, it seems. neither would anything else. maybe you should [[leave it|accept]] it. leave it be. maybe you should sleep. [[Start|start]] again.
no reply. there's nothing more you should do, really maybe [[leave it|accept]] your fate. leave the world be. maybe sleep. [[Start|start]] again.
the end.