you're not supposed to be here. you want to be here, it's very fun, but the people around you are apathetic and the [[hunter|hunter]] is scary. [[leave|leave]] [[fight|fight]]
they're the one who keeps following you up those stairs into the room, try to weed you out from everyone else [[Start|oh, okay]]
you run out of the room, pursued by the [[hunter|hunter]]. you're barely faster then they are and you try to go down to get to the car but they'll kno w they'll K NO W if you try andgothatway you S H U T the elevator doors tight just as you see them run down the adjacent stairs the glowing numbers ask you where to go [[ten|hit the glowing 10]]
no no nononononono if you fight the [[hunter|hunter]] will GET you get you good make you GONE [[leave|so RUN]]
you push the glowing ten and the elevator speeds to the top floor you can hear a party down the hall and you know the hunter will go up to search the floor eventually go, [[party|buy some time]]
the party is in full swing. full tilt. full, full of people so many people so many humans smiling as you speed p a s t you barely have time to disguise yourself when the hunter enters [[mad|enraged]]
they scan the faces of the crowd as they tell them a D E M ON is in their midst and pretending to be one of them. the people the humans look worriedly from one person to the other and you cannot help but crack a half-cr ook e d GRIN the hunter saw you run [[run away|RUN]]
you bump down the stairs, taking wild leaps further and further and further and f u r t h e r [[slam|S L A M]]
yourheadisbleedingeverythingisbleedingyoucanhearthehunterlaughing [[try|wake up]]
ithurtsithurtsithurtsithurtsithurts I T H URTS s [[again|WAKE UP]]
you wake up. you're on a couch. you're at [[my lady|her]] house.
she smiles at you from the kitchen and says something about breakfast.