You leave the coffee shop satisfied and head down the street to the Dollar Den Discount Store. You've worked there for almost as long as you can remember. Your co-worker is a grouchy teenager with a lip piercing whose name is Evan. You don't mind working alongside him, but sometimes his loud music gets on your nerves.\n\n[[I'd better put on my nametag.]]
You take your nametag out of your bag and read it before pinning it to your shirt. It always feels a little strange to you, reading your name; it's almost as if it's not really your name. Oh, well. No time to question it. You've got work to do.\n\n[[Avoid going into existential crisis mode by selling cheap items to my fellow townspeople.]]
You enter Big Mikey's and order a slice of pepperoni pizza. It's delicious, as always.\n\n[[Leave Big Mikey's]]
As you leave Dollar Den, the building sort of flickers. You almost remember a time when you used to question things like that, but it's just a regular part of your life now. It doesn't matter, anyway. Your stomach rumbles.\n\n[[I think I'll eat at Big Mikey's Pizza 'n' Subs.]]\n[[I think I'll eat at Cap'n Joe's All You Can Eat Seafood.]]
You change out of the yellow shirt and shorts you had on and climb into bed. You have work tomorrow. You can't believe you spent your day off sleeping on a bench.\n\nTo be continued...
You plunge into the water. You didn't expect to sink, but you begin to anyway. You shed your clothes, but it doesn't help. You're not scared, though. The water seems to care about you, caressing you lovingly as you descend. It coaxes its way into your lungs and [[you don't need to breathe anymore.]]
It's pretty warm outside. You decide to get in the water. You walk to the edge. The water is ominously deep, but you want to go in anyway.\n\n[[Jump into the water.]]
You throw your backpack over your shoulder, leave your small apartment by the quay and head to We Can't Even Come Up With a Clever Pun for the Name of This Coffee Shop (which you always thought was a really clever name, anyway). Angela, the barista, is waiting for you at the counter as always.\n\n[[I'll have a lemon juice frappucino and a tobacco turnover.]]\n[[I'll have a dishwater macchiato with extra soap.]]\n[[I'll have a tomato smoothie and an ostrich egg biscuit.]]
Cap'n Joe's is mediocre as usual. Most of the food has been out under buffet lights for hours, so it's a little tough.\n\n[[Leave Cap'n Joe's|Leave Big Mikey's]]
You hear a shrill beeping.\n\n[[Turn off the alarm clock.]]
Good choice. Purple always was your favorite color.\n\n[[Thanks.]]
That's a nice sweater.\n\n[[Thanks.]]
You turn off the alarm clock.\n\n[[I need to get out of bed.]]
You brush your teeth. The toothpaste tastes vividly minty, almost too much for your taste, but not quite. You pick up a hairbrush and start to work on your hair. You've been meaning to get a haircut for a while, but you've never had time to go to Deb's to get it done.\n\n[[There. It looks fine now.]]
Good thinking. It's a quiet day, as usual. You keep taking out your gold pocketwatch and checking the time. You don't remember where you got the pocketwatch, or why. You used to think one of your relatives gave it to you, but you haven't got any relatives, as far as you know. Maybe you got it at Auntie Margaret's Antique Clocks & More.\n\n[[I'm distracted.]]
Mmmmm. They've outdone themselves.\n\n[[I've got to get to work.]]
You get up and walk across your bedroom to your closet. You have a bigger wardrobe now than you did when you first moved here. You don't remember much about when you moved here, but you remember that you didn't bring much with you. You select your favorite jeans, and think about which shirt you'll wear.\n\n[[I think I'll wear a purple tee shirt.]]\n[[I think I'll wear a blue polo shirt.]]\n[[I think I'll wear a green cable-knit sweater.]]
You decide to ignore it and enter your apartment. You enter the complex only to find that you've locked yourself out of your apartment. You try to call a locksmith, but the 411 operator tells you that there is no such thing as a locksmith. Maybe it was something you dreamed. Whatever. It's nice outside, so you decide to go out and sit on the bench at the quay until you can come up with a plan.\n\n[[Sit down.|Sit down]]
You put on your shirt and jeans and leave your bedroom. You enter the bathroom.\n\n[[I need to brush my teeth.]]
Truths: Utopia, part 2
Sorry. Nobody's really come in and bought anything in a while, though. Occasionally, a traveler will come through. You can tell the travelers from the citizens because their eyes look different, less calm, somehow.\n\n[[My shift is over. Let's go get lunch.]]
The water is a vivid, near-opaque blue. You see what looks like movement in the depths.\n\n[[Maybe I should go for a swim.]]
You leave the restaurant and go back to your apartment. The quay appears to flicker as you walk past.\n\n[[Ignore it.]]\n[[Check it out.|Sit down]]
That was refreshing.\n\n[[I've got to get to work.]]
You sit down on the bench at the quay. The water is impossibly blue and equally impossibly deep. You find yourself mesmerized.\n\n[[Stare into the water.]]
You wake up on the bench at the quay. You're soaked head to toe. It hasn't rained, though; everything else is dry. You go back inside the apartment building. Your door is unlocked. "That's unusual," you think, "I usually lock it."\n\n[[Oh well.]]
Neat. You look nice today.\n\n[[Thanks.]]
Delicious, as always.\n\n[[I've got to get to work.]]