you just smoked some weede. life is good

smoke more weede
you have sobered up. you have remember how much your life sucks.
<<set $thc = 50>>\n\nyou just smoked some weede. life is good\n\n[[smoke more weede|weede]]\n[[relax|relax]]
<<set $thc = $thc - 10>>\n\nyou are chill. you relax as your mind clear up a bit and you are at peace with the world. <<if $thc lte 20>> you are remembering how much life sucks. maybe you should smoke more weede<<endif>>\n\n[[smoke more weede|weede]]\n<<if $thc lte 20>>[[relax|sober]]<<endif>><<if $thc gte 30>>[[relax|relax]]<<endif>> \n\n
you have smoked 2muchweede. whole nation mourns tragic death
\n<<set $thc = $thc + 10>>\n\nyou feel a warmth come over you . your thoughts become more fuzzy and you can't help but smile<<if $thc gte 90>> you have zoned out completely at this point. the world around is just your thoughts. you cannot move<<endif>>\n\n<<if $thc gte 90>>[[smoke more weede|2muchweede]] <<endif>><<if $thc lte 80>>[[smoke more weede|weede]]<<endif>>\n[[relax|relax]]\n\n