Crew Cabin<<set $visitCabin to 1>>\n\n<<if $inspect == 0>>An array of tall [[pods|Crew Cabin][$inspect = 1]] lines each wall.<<else if $inspect == 1>>The pods are cylindrical with no visible openings of any kind. On the ground near one of the pods is a [[green substance.|Crew Cabin][$inspect = 2]]<<else if $inspect == 2>><<if $green == 0>>This green stuff sort of retains its shape even if I grab it by one end.\n\n[[Eat it.|Crew Cabin][$green = 1]]<<else>><<if $suit == 1>>My HUD identifies the substance as belonging to Zxiat.<<else>>Let's hope this doesn't kill me.<<endif>>\n<<endif>><<endif>><<if $inspect != 2>>\n<<else>> <<endif>>\n[[Go back.|UFO Hub][$inspect = 0]]
<<if $message == 0>>@@color:red;letter-spacing:3px;font-size:1.5em;Incoming Transmission@@<<else if $message > 0>>@@color:red;letter-spacing:3px;font-size:1.5em;HECTROS@@<<endif>>\n\n<<if $message > 1>>@@color:red;letter-spacing:3px;font-size:1.5em;Docile lifeforms. Inhabit small colonies across Adastra. Average Height: 3m, Technological Advancement: Crude Weaponry@@<<endif>>\n\n<<if $message > 2>>@@color:red;letter-spacing:3px;font-size:1.5em;Task: Elimination@@<<endif>>\n\n<<if $message < 3>>[[->|HUD][$message += 1]]<<else>>[[->|End]]<<endif>>
<<if $punch == 1>>I give the grey a solid right hook that rips the grey's head clean off his shoulders and sends a shockwave from my fist.<<endif>><<if $die == 1>>The needle barely touches the armor before the grey is shockwaved across the room.<<endif>> The blast sends him into the control console. A bright flash is emitted. The ship is speeding towards a teal and lavender planet. My HUD attempts to instruct me on piloting this thing, but the controls are too broken.\n\n[[->|Wreckage]]
On Encounters
The needle penetrates my chest, so I keel over. You'd think they'd want me alive. The humming is louder than ever as my head reaches the cold, hard, metallic floor. I want to [[try again.|Cockpit]]
I flail my arms and legs around in a violent attempt to find footing or deter any possible assailants; the struggle causes me to get a bloody nose. I can't feel anything in any direction, but I realize I could smack something hard and inanimate, so I stop flailing. I no longer know which way is up. My vision is returning to me slowly, and my body is guided to footing on the cold, hard, metallic floor.\n\n[[Look around.|UFO Hub]]
I'm in the middle of a crater so wide I can hardly see the edge. You'd think an alien ship would have an autopilot. My HUD indicates that the environment is hazardous. My HUD also indicates there is life here. I'm going to [[follow|HUD]] where the suit points me. I've nothing better to do.
Cockpit<<set $visitCockpit to 1>>\n\n<<if $run == 1>><<if $suit == 1>>The grey stands before me with the huge needle.<<else>>The grey catches me and throws me to the [[ground.|Die][$run = 0]]<<endif>><<else>>There is a single pilot's seat facing a huge window. <<if $visitArmory == 0>>Outside I can see the sun rise.<<else>>Outside I see we are flying toward a distant galaxy.<<endif>> The pilot of this ship notices me enter and gets up. Seriously, it's a grey. His almond eyes pierce me, and he approaches me while readying a handheld device with a huge needle. In any case, at least my options are clear.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $run == 0>><<if $suit == 1>>[[Punch his head off.|Crash][$punch = 1]]\n[[Stand there and "die."|Crash][$die = 1]]<<else>>[[Run.|UFO Hub][$run = 1]]\n[[Stand there and die.|Die]]<<endif>><<endif>>
"Let this be the living proof that I have succeeded where all others have failed."\n//On the Documentation of Moatilliatta//\n - E. Wexler\n\n[[->|Bedroom]]
To be continued.
<<if visited() < 2>>I'm in the middle of a huge, well-lit room. The ceiling is so featureless I can almost not tell that it's dome-shaped. I'm alone. You'd think being abducted by aliens would be a little less cliche. In any case, at least my options are clear.<<else>>Hub\n\nI think I'll be seeing this place a lot.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $visitCockpit == 0>>[[Take the door in front of me.|Cockpit]]<<else>>[[Take the door to the Cockpit.|Cockpit]]<<endif>>\n<<if $visitDeck == 0>>[[Take the door to my left.|Observation Deck]]<<else>>[[Take the door to the Observation Deck.|Observation Deck]]<<endif>>\n<<if $visitArmory == 0>>[[Take the door to my right.|Armory]]<<else>>[[Take the door to the Armory.|Armory]]<<endif>>\n<<if $visitCabin == 0>>[[Take the door behind me.|Crew Cabin]]<<else>>[[Take the door to the Crew Cabin.|Crew Cabin]]<<endif>>
<<if $time == 0>>@@color:green;letter-spacing:3px;font-size:1.5em;12:00AM@@<<else if $time == 1>>@@color:green;letter-spacing:3px;font-size:1.5em;1:00AM@@<<else if $time == 2>>@@color:green;letter-spacing:3px;font-size:1.5em;2:00AM@@<<else if $time == 3>>@@color:green;letter-spacing:3px;font-size:1.5em;3:00AM@@<<else if $time == 4>>I'm lying here in bed, restless, waiting for it to come back. The sound I mean. It's been every night, so far. It starts as a dull humming but grows till its rattling the whole house. I haven't slept in three days. I've nothing better to do.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $time < 4>>[[->|Bedroom][$time += 1]]<<else if $time == 4>>[[Stay awake.|Abduction]]<<endif>>
Spotlights shine through the window. The humming is back, only this time it's so close I can feel the sound resonate in my skull. I'm suddenly only able to see white light. About to freak out.\n\n[[Freak out.|Weightless]]
- J.B.
<<if $visitArmory == 0>>The ship jolts to life and takes off, leaving Earth behind.\n\n[[->|Armory][$visitArmory = 1]]<<else>>Armory\n\n<<if $inspect == 0>>Crates and crates of equipment. <<if $suit == 1>>My HUD indicates I am fully stocked on ammunition.<<else>>The centerpiece is a suit of high-tech [[armor|Armory][$inspect = 1]]. It looks like it might fit me.<<endif>><<else if $inspect == 1>><<if $suit == 0>>This suit would cover my enire body and, from the looks of it, make me a perfectly equipped killing machine. It's slim, but has some protection. A green substance seems to power the thing.<<else>>I hear the computer booting up my HUD. Sensors are reading my surroundings. My arms and legs feel surges of energy. I am God in this thing.<<endif>><<else if $inspect == 2>>Electric shocks repel me away from the suit. I guess I should have expected that.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $inspect == 1>><<if $suit == 0>><<if $green == 1>>[[Put it on.|Armory][$suit = 1]]\n<<else>>[[[[Put it on.|Armory][$inspect = 2]]\n<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>[[Go back.|UFO Hub][$inspect = 0]]<<endif>>
Totally weird colored trees zip by in the instant before the ship crashes, hard. A white flash engulfs my vision for a several minutes. I can see again, there are no more trees and no more ship.\n\n[[Exit wreckage.|Crater]]
Observation Deck<<set $visitDeck to 1>>\n\n<<if $open == 0>>There's just a large wall covered in shutters. Oh wait, here's a [[button.|Observation Deck][$open = 1]]<<else>>The shutters reveal a huge window. <<if $visitArmory == 0>>I'm overlooking my neighborhood. The sun is just about rising.<<else.>>We are passing a galaxy. From this angle, all I see is a column of light that smites the universe. <<if $suit == 1>>My HUD reveals our previous destination was at //a 12:46:05.492, b -41:01:21.03.//<<endif>><<endif>><<endif>>\n\n[[Go back.|UFO Hub]]